Cuban Invasion Conquers WSFA!

On April 27, 1997, Cuban SF author and fan Bruno Henriquez visited the Washington Science Fiction Association. A barbecue honoring Bruno moved inside due to the rain, but the attending WSFAns and others hardly noticed, entranced as they were by the personable Bruno. He told stories of fandom in Cuba and invited everyone to attend the upcoming Cuban national convention to be held in December. Bruno gave us a signed copy of his first book (and shared a bottle of smooooth Cuban rum). WSFA reciprocated by giving Bruno two books, including the much-appreciated Encyclopedia of Science Fiction by Clute and Nichols.

Bruno had spent the previous evening enjoying the hospitality of the Baltimore Science Fiction Society (BSFS). Coming from Cuba, where personal computers are rare, Bruno was amazed by the clutter of aging technology littering the BSFS clubhouse.

Bruno hopes to visit the U.S. again to attend the LoneStarCon 2, the 55th World Science Fiction convention to be held this year in San Antonio, Texas. Anyone interested in helping to make that visit possible should contact John Pomeranz for more information.

What follows is our attempt to translate Bruno's fannish résumé. Watch the WSFA web site for more fannish news from Cuba including, we hope, some of Bruno's fiction and the e-zine for his club.


Bruno Henriquez

b: Holguin, 1947

Science Fiction Related Activities


Incident in the Laboratory, Editorial Oriente [East Publisher], 1987.

In Another Space (poetry booklet) Municipio de Cultura Plaza [Culture City Outlet], 1987.

By the Shortcut. Oriente, l987

Mars, Myth and Reality. Editorial Colihue [Publisher in Buenos Aires], Argentina., C-T, Cuba, l994.


"Estranged in the Crowd," in the anthology Contacts, Gente Nueva Ed. [New People]

In the magazine Juventud Tecnica [Young Techies] since l965:


"The Power in the Hand" [?; Ready Power]


"There's No Cure, Colonel"

"Five Minutes"

"Only Martha"

"Point of Contact"

"In Order to End up Ahead of the Game"

"Time Again"



"By the Shortcut"


"Next Week in Contact"

"Sneeze on Wednesday" in OtraCosa [AnotherThning] a Mexican virtual magazine, No 1, 1992.

"Speculations" in A Quien Corresponda [To whomever writes] a Mexican Magazine, 1993.

"Craker" (probably a name) in Axxion, an Argentine magazine. No. 62 and in Somos Jovenes [We are Young].

"Legend" in Axxion, No 83.

"The Signal, the Word" in Axxion, No 74.


In the magazine Union: "UFOs"

In Bohemia: "Responses"

In i+real # O: UFOs II, #1: Cosmic Contact.

In Tulan, #1: "Cuba 1 and Cuba 2"

In Juventud Rebelde [Young Rebels] magazine, supplement CT-21, Summer Science Fiction, "Sand and Shadows"

In Solaris #0 (Venezolano) "Genesis and Evolution"


"Is Interplanetary Space really empty?" Juventud Tecnica [Young Techies] July-Aug l978 (First prize, ACC [Cuban Scientific Association] Scientific article contest 1978).

"The Chemistry of the Interplanetary Void" Weekly magazine of Radio Clock, Sept. 1978.

"The Magnetic Memory of Rocks" Chemistry magazine (Third prize, ACC contest, l979).

"How Terrestrial Magnetism is Measured." Bohemia (Cuban mag.) 1977.

"Microseconds in Antiquity" Sup CT-21 of Juventud Rebelde, Summer Science Fiction.

"Unto the Red Planet", Ibid.

"Time in Old India" Duda [Doubt] magazine. Mexico, 1993.

"Robots for the First Time." Asimov's [Mexican Edition]

Conferences and Conventions Attended

ConLaredo, Mexican SF con, l992

INTERESPACIO-93. 2nd Cuban national SF festival, 1993

Festival of Electonic music in Varadero, l984

A guide of three multimedias together with 3 other SF writers.

MECYF'95, Mexican SF/F con, l995.

CubaFiccion'96 SF con in Havana, l996 (Organizer)

Quasar Dragon '95 Cuban SF Con,


Jury panelist for the Juventud Tecnica SF contest l986-l990

Advisor to Juventud Tecnica from the first issue to the present.

Founder and President of the Julian Hurtado Literary Science Fiction Workshop from 1980 to 1990.

Organizer of the first Cuban National SF Festival in 1989.

"Mars and SF" lecture, Cuban Meteorolgical Soc. 1983.

"Science, Science Fiction and Pseudo-Science" First prize lecture. Cuban Met. Soc. 1993.

First Prize in "Armando Mestre" poetry contest for "Remotest possiblities."

First Prize in "Armando Mestre" story constest for his book By the Shortcut

Honorable Mention in the "David" 1973 story contest for Incident in the Laboratory

(same in 1982 for) POINT OF CONTACT.

Director of the virtual magazine i+Real since l993.

President of the i+Real SF fan club.

President of the founding committee of the Cuban SF Assoc.

Honorary President of IBEFICCION '94

Jury panelist for "The Golden Age (Scientic Article Contest)

and for Ernest Hemingway story contest (Sea theme) l995

and for Juventud Tecnica, l996

and for Pinos Nuevosm, 1997 (Scientific books) l997.



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