Issue #1: Friday Afternoon

Missing in Action

David Hartwell reports that he reluctantly will not be able to attend Capclave due to his latest collaboration with fellow editor Kathryn Cramer. He had hoped she would be able to deliver their latest joint project before Capclave, but the third party to the contract - their newest baby - had other plans.

As of Wednesday, Kathryn had not yet given birth and so David logically enough, decided this was not a good time to attend a convention. Capclave wishes them both well and hopes that congratulations will soon be in order.

Unfortunately, another guest, Dr. Dave Theison of the University of Maryland is ill and will not be able to attend. Since they obviously will not be appearing on their previously scheduled panels, Capclave will find appropriate substitutes.

Authors Read at Capclave

Science Fiction authors are multi-talented. Not only can they write science fiction, they also can read it.

Capclave is pleased to feature readings by many of your favorite authors. Readings will be held in the Assembly Room.

Sat. 1 - 2Bud Webster
Sat. 2:30 - 3:30Michael Swanwick
Sat 7 - 8 PMMichael A. Burstein
Sun 10 - 11 AMAnnette Klaus
Sun 1 - 2 PMPaul Levinson

Also in the Assembly Room, on Saturday 11:30 - 12:30, Capclave GOH Alexis Gilliland will host Saturday Morning Funnies, a demonstration of the art of cartooning.

NASA Scientist to Reveal Secret Origin

Special Panel on Finding our Origins with the Hubble and James Webb Space Telescopes

Capclave is pleased to present a special science panel on Finding our Origins with the Hubble and James Webb Space Telescopes featuring NASA space scientist John Gardner.

The panel will take place Saturday from 8 PM to 9:00 PM (plus overflow) in the Council Room.

Jonathan P. Gardner is an Astrophysicist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, and the Deputy Senior Project Scientist for the James Webb Space Telescope. The James Webb Space Telescope, scheduled for launch in 2010, will be designed to study galaxy formation and evolution in the infrared, reaching backwards in time to detect and identify the first light from stars and galaxies in the early history of the Universe.

Gardner began studying astronomy at Harvard University and earned a Masters and PhD from the University of Hawaii. He spent more than 100 nights on the frigid summit of Mauna Kea Observatory, studying cosmology and the evolution of galaxies using infrared detectors that were being tested for use in the Hubble Space Telescope.

Dealer's Room Updates Hours

The current hours for the Dealer's Room are:
   Fri: 6 PM - 8 PM
   Sat: 11 PM - 6 PM
   Sun: 11 PM - 2 PM