Issue #2: Saturday Morning

Missing in Action

The following scheduled panelists will not be able to attend:

Their panels will still go on but with some lineup changes.

Panel Changes

Bioscience (Severin: Sat 1 - 2) Add Perrianne Lurie and Sam Scheiner

25 Years of Stan (Council: Sat 2:30 - 3:30) Add Fran Van Cleave

Crossing the Genres (Severen: Sat 2:30 - 3:30) add Tee Morris

Appeal of Mars (Severen: Sun 10-11) add John Hemry

How Do You Make Fans (Severen: Sun 1-2) add Lawrence Watt-Evans and Will Ludwigsen

Reading (Assembly: Sun 1 -2) Replace Paul Levinson with Tee Morris

Fast Forward

The Science fiction interview cable television show Fast Forward can be viewed in Arlington and Fairfax counties. They now have a website. They will show the October episode, featuring Roger MacBride Allen, Saturday night in the Council Room, after the NASA Presentation.

WaterClave II

The water leaks on the second and third floors were caused by the Friday night's showing of Waterworld -- thou shall not mock Kevin Costner.

Free Magazines

Stanley Schmidt generously brought several boxes of recent issues of Analog and Asimov's magazines. They are available in the Assembly room.

Get Well Charles

Local writer, Charles Sheffield is seriously ill with a brain tumor. We will put a card in the Assembly room for people to sign.

No Hallway Hollering

Although the 7th floor is our party room, there are non-sf fans occupying some of the rooms. Please be quiet while traveling between panels.

Tip the Maids (Not the Cows)

It is customary to tip the maids $1 per person in the room.

Assembly Room Closed

Assembly Room closed 8 - 9 PM to set up for the autographing party.


The NASA Presentation on the Hubble and James Webb Space Telescopes will take place Saturday from 8 PM to 9 PM in the Council Room.