Capclave '04 Art Show

Judy Kindell is in charge of the art show. Butch Honeck is the Artist Guest of Honor.

Here are some PDF files:

All forms courtesy of Bruce Miller.

Capclave Art Show Rules and Fees:

  1. There are no hanging fees. A ten percent (10%) commission (with a maximum of $100 commission per artist) will be charged on work sold in the Art Show. The Print Shop will charge no commission, but will charge a flat fee of $.25 (twenty-five cents) per print submitted.
  2. Artists may reserve one pegboard panel of 4 feet by 6 feet or one table of 1½ feet by 6 feet or a combination thereof. One-third or two-third panels and half or quarter tables may also be reserved. Floor space for free-standing works may be reserved at equivalent size.
  3. Mail-in art must be accompanied by sufficient funds to pay for the return of the artwork by whatever commonly available means are chosen by the artist. If insurance is desired, funds to pay for the insurance must be included. If the amount of postage sent is more than $3 greater than the cost of the return mailing, the excess will be refunded to the artist. If the difference is less than $3, Capclave will not refund the money.
  4. Original art and/or prints may be handled by an agent if such agent brings with him a signed letter from the artist authorizing him to serve as representative specifically at Capclave 2004. Checks for sold art will be mailed to the artist, not given to the agent.
  5. Decision of the director as to admissibility of work into the Art Show is final.
    1. All work must have a science fiction, fantasy or fannish theme and be the original product of the artist(s). Resale of work by previous buyers is not permitted.
    2. Prints in the Art Show are limited to hand pressed and limited editions where the plate is destroyed by the printing process only. Multilith, photoprints or photocopied work, even if hand colored, must be shown in the Print Shop.
    3. Fine art photography and computer-generated art will be accepted only if it meets the following guidelines:
      1. unique image -- data file erased or negative destroyed;
      2. limited edition print -- data file erased or negative destroyed; or
      3. unique image -- data file or negative archived. Other photographs and computer-generated art can be shown in the Print Shop.
    4. No kits or painted game pieces are allowed in the show. Any work using patterns or designs by others must credit the designer.
    5. Items that violate copyrights or which are judged to have libelous content in regard to known persons or well-known characters will not be permitted
  6. All pieces of art must be labeled with the artist's name and address, title of the piece, and minimum bid or price. All art must be ready for hanging or display.
  7. Artist check-in will start at 6:00 Friday evening. All art must be displayed until 11:00 Sunday morning. All art must be checked out by 2:00 Sunday afternoon. If an exception is needed, check with the Art Show Director in advance.
  8. Art will be sold to the highest bidder as of close of bidding on Saturday night. If no bids are received, art may be sold on Sunday for the after closeout price.

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