Guide to the Capclave Hotel for the Handicapped

by Marilee J. Layman

The Handicapped Guide to the Marriott

There are three handicapped parking spots out front, with many more next to the elevators in the parking garage. The hotel will mark off a few more garage spots as handicapped parking in case we need them.

All the restaurants are accessible. The elevators are large, even with the floors, have braille next to the floor buttons, and are easy to use. The pool, hot tub, and sauna all have steps, and the shower stalls in the locker rooms are up a step and narrow. The sleeping door numbers are on small oval plaques next to the doors with the braille below the printed door number.

There are 13 handicapped rooms. One with roll-in shower (occupied, so I didn't get to see it), and twelve with tubs and lots of grab bars. The handicapped rooms are in a stack at the end of the south-west hall. They have one double bed, a couch, armchair, a TV wardrobe and dresser that are usable at wheelchair height, and the annoying double table & chair that the regular rooms have. The thermostat, peephole, and light switches are usable at wheelchair height. There is a separate sink area (open underneath and high enough for wheelchairs to fit under) between the room and the bathroom. The bathroom is large with plenty of room to move around, plus grab bars at the toilet and tub; the tub has a hand-held showerhead.

On request: TTY/TDD, flashing alarm for hard-of-hearing, shower chairs.

In general, the hotel is very welcoming to handicapped guests.

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