Capclave 2004 Schedule

This schedule is subject to change, but it is in a near-final form.


Registration: 4PM start, 9PM end
(after 9PM registration will continue in the con suite)

McLean Room (Programming)

7PM Ask Ted White Anything

8PM Interesting Math

9PM WSFA 3rd Friday meeting

10PM GOH Reading

Reston 1 (Movies): 4PM start, sometime after 3:30AM end

Reston 2 (Art): 3PM setup, 8PM opening, 10PM close

Herndon (Dealer's Room): 3PM setup, 5PM opening, 7PM close

Pool: Filking, 4PM start

Gaming: 5PM start

Green Room: 6PM start, 10PM close

Con Suite: 6PM opening, Midnight close



Registration: 9:30AM start, 6PM end
(after 6PM registration will continue in the con suite)

McLean Room (Programming)

10AM New Writers Panel

11AM Strong Women in SF

12PM Hubble Slideshow

1PM Hubble Slideshow cont'd.

2PM Art GOH speech / demo

3PM NASA panel

4PM GOH speech

5PM Student Contest Reception setup

6PM Noreascon 4 Student Science Fiction and Fantasy Contest Reception

7PM Dinner break

8PM Fast Forward panel

9PM DC3 Worldcon Bid Panel

Reston 1 (Movies): 9AM start, sometime after 3AM end

Reston 2 (Art): 10AM start, 10PM end

Herndon (Dealer's Room): 10AM start, 6PM end

Green Room: 9:30AM opening, 7PM close

Pool (Kaffeklatch)

11AM Butch Honeck

12PM Nick Pollotta

1PM Catherine Asaro

2PM Brenda Clough

3PM Alexis Gilliland

4PM Bud Webster

5PM David Hartwell

6PM Scott Edelman

Gaming all day (midnight to midnight)

Con Suite: 10AM opening, until the con suite staff leaves



Registration in the con suite if necessary

McLean Room (Programming)

11A How to Run the Perfect Con

12P No Kidding, I Saw It Happen!

1P If I Ran the Zoo Con...

2P Gripe Session

3PM See you next year!

Reston 1 (Movies): 9AM start, 3PM end

Reston 2 (Art): Sales and pickup only, 10AM start, 1PM end

Herndon (Dealer's Room): 10AM start, 3PM end

Green Room: 10AM opening, 2PM close

Pool: Filking to 3PM

Gaming Room: close at 3PM

Con Suite: 10AM opening, 3PM close


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