Monday at Disclave '97

"DIS 'n Dat" Soggy Mon Edition
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The amazing disappearing convention requires one Ryder truck (they do have other uses).

About 3PM the huxter's room is still in business, but dealers are disappearing faster than their wares. The walls that made the Con Suite and Registration area are already packed up.

Here's where the walls went:

The exhibit hall just keeps getting emptier.

Recognize the area that was the Con Suite...

without the people?

The last dealer packs it in ...

And drives away.

About 8PM Keith Marshall and Lance Oszko take a break from cleaning up and eat Chinese takeout; arguably the last party of Disclave '97. Lance ran this year's Con Suite, Keith is our resident soda machine Guru.

We want to do it again: Disclave '98.


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