Thursday at Disclave '97

And you thought the con starts on Friday!

Actually, DISCLAVE is more than a year in the making. This year's con chair was elected more than two years ago and conscripted, well, chose his staff shortly after election. A lot of advance work has been done to select our guests of honor, put together a program, arrange the art show, register members, and a lot of other jobs that may seem small or insignificant unless you've been to a con where that job didn't get done.

Cons run on volunteers and on Thursday, DISCLAVE volunteers are already hard at work. Once DISCLAVE was a simple con that got set up on Friday afternoon, but we got ambitious. So Thursday is now the day DISCLAVE begins to move into the hotel and set up. Art show hangingings are pulled out of storage and trucked to the hotel. Walls are built for the art show and anywhere else we need display space or want to make little rooms out of big. Tables arrive for the Huxter's room. The sofas, refrigerators, and soda machine for the con suite are brought in. So before most of our guests have started their trip to DISCLAVE, our local volunteers have put in a full days work.

Surely somebody had time to take some pictures?


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