Disclave is a many-faceted weekend-long conversation among mature readers (which can include a lot of people who arenít legally adults yet).

We encourage parents to leave children too young to read science fiction at home with grandma. We do not charge a membership fee for children 5 years of age and under, but require that they are always in the company of an adult care-giver.

Simulated weapons are not permitted at Disclave and you may not circumvent this policy by carrying the real thing. "Boom Boxes" are unwelcome anti-conversation weapons.

Other than seeing-eye dogs, pets are not be permitted in the Disclave hotel.

Disclave is staffed entirely by volunteers who work for nothing more than the fun and satisfaction they get by making Disclave happen. You, too can share in the fun and satisfaction by helping out. Helping could be an effort as small as just picking up after yourself and keeping your friends out of trouble as only you can. What you pay to attend Disclave only pays for those things Disclave must buy.

We want everyone to have a great weekend with no regrets on Monday.

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