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September First Friday Minutes (Adrienne Ertman, Secretary)

The New Office of the WSFA Journal (Adrienne Ertman and Lee Strong)

September Third Friday Minutes (Adrienne Ertman, Secretary)

Library of Congress Dinner (Colleen Cahill and Ernest Lilley)


WSFA September 1st Friday Minutes (Sept 7, 2007)

Meeting called to order at 9:18 PM. Minutes read and approved by the club.


Treasurer's report: $12,445.14 in checking.


Capclave Present discussed the concom's hotel walkthrough; the biggest concern is the availability of the restaurant by con time (October). Con chair Colleen Cahill talked about plans for using the rooms now and in future. What CapClave really needs now are:

1.) Volunteers to oversee the silent auction on site, and

2.) MEMBERS. So tell all your friends to come!


Colleen also announced that Jeffrey Ford has given permission for CapClave to put his short story "A Night in the Tropics" on the con website. Sam Scheiner also needs volunteers for the con, including for Friday morning dealer's move-in. Setup will start at 9:30 or 10:00 AM, so please contact Sam if you're interested. Sam was asked about volunteer positions that need to be filled (gophers, con suite, dealer's room, con security?); Lee Strong said he will volunteer to be one of the "strong men". Cathy Green reports that programming is moving along; seminars are getting organized, and about a third of the programming spots have been filled. Catherine Valente will not be able to attend, but about 50 people are signed up for the workshops. Cathy is excited about panel assembly; the "Harry Potter autopsy" was a very popular on panel participant responses. Colleen adds that the Guests of Honor will interview each other Friday night; on Saturday night there will be a "formal dress optional" reception honoring the GoHs and celebrating WSFA's 60th anniversary. The Small Press Award winners will also be announced at the reception. Bill Lawhorn reports rooms still available in the room block for Thursday through Sunday. We can count members who are not in the block, if they get a better deal outside the block. Bill is also looking for people who plan to hold parties, and people willing to buffer for parties. Several people asked about parking; it should be possible to park at the metro for free on the weekend, but commuters may need to pay for Friday parking. Barry Newton reported 154 members as of First Friday. Webmaster Paul Haggerty asked Cathy about workshop information; that's still a work in progress, so the webmasters were off the hook for posting it to the CapClave website.


Capclave Future had no report.


Capclave Far Future also had no report.


Datclave posted a trip report to the WSFA-forum group on Yahoogroups; the major point discussed at the business meeting was hotel arrangements. Quoting from that report:


Our number one choice is the Eisenhower Hotel, Conference Center and Resort. ( It is located on Business Rt. 15, about half way from the nearest exit off of US 15 to the Maryland border and the center of Gettysburg. The lobby is impressive and opens to into cabana area with a pool & jacuzzi that is year-round because of a retractable roof. All rooms on the first floor have sliding doors that lead directly into the pool area. Free parking. Quoted cost are $80 per room and $110 for the suite, but they also stated that deals will be made if we are booking 8 to 10 rooms, such as the suite being free of cost. They are willing to negotiate with us. The staff we met on Saturday were nice, even though the entire Gettysburg area was plagued with tourist and a soccer tournament, the latter impeding the committee's ability to see all suites and rooms at all the properties. The lone negative to the Eisenhower is that the only restaurants nearby (mile or so) are those on the property.


Our second choice is the Hotel Gettysburg. It is part of the Best Western chain, but owned by Gettysburg College. ( It lacks a pool but has a jacuzzi in most of its rooms. The suite we saw was quite comfortable. It is located in the center of town, with shopping and eating steps away. It is a bit more pricey than the Eisenhower with quoted room rates of $109 and the suite at $139. However, if we get 8 to 10 rooms, we might be able to negotiate the rates downward a bit. The one negative is

that parking is at a garage at $8 a night.


The cheap choice is Comfort Inn. (no specific web site but can be accessed through This property is located on US 30 about half way from downtown and US 15. It has a pool and suites, but lacks anything distinctive. It looks like any of the other Comfort Inns built in the last decade. Quoted rates are $65 for the rooms and $80 for the suite. Other than a Perkins, restaurants are a car ride away. The Comfort Inn offers continental breakfasts to its quests.


Sam Scheiner moved that DatClave II be held in the Eisenhower hotel for February 29 – March 1. This was seconded, and passed with may "ayes" and no "nays". Colleen Cahill asked we can start booking rooms, and how many room nights we can expect to fill. A show of hands suggests that a room block of 10 room nights would easily be filled.


Entertivities reported fantasy writer Medeleine L'Engle's passing; reminded members that the Maryland Renaissance Festival season is on us, and recommended the pub sings; and reported on the fall television series. NBC will be showing The Bionic Woman. New shows Journeyman, Reaper and Pushing Daisies were also mentioned.


Publications reported a delay in the August / September WSFA Journal.

The Awards committee stats: 35 stories submitted from 11 magazines and four books. 13 people were nominated by 12 editors and one author. Of the submitted works, 15 stories were nominated by one or more judges; seven stories got two or more nominations. The eight finalists were chosen from this pool. The winners will be announced at CapClave, but the committee remarked that Mike Swanwick, Jeffrey Ford, and K.W. Jeter did not make the cut, possibly showing the effects of blind voting. Twenty votes were counted, plus two invalid voting attempts; a clear winner was evident. Twenty-two is not sixty percent, so our fearless club president did not make cheesecake for the club. It was noted that 54% participation is better than some Presidential elections, so go WSFAns who did read and vote.


The Committee to Actually Discuss Science Fiction planned to review parts of the September Asimov's.


Trustees had no report.


New people: WSFA welcomes Christopher Gildenmeister and Sandra Marshall to their second meetings.


In old business, Cathy Green is still trying to contact John Pomerantz about the club incorporation status. Colleen Cahill reminded WSFA about the dinner with SF/F authors Holly Black, Terry Pratchett and Harry Turtledove following the Library of Congress book fair. Dinner will be at 6 PM at Tony Cheng's Mongolian Barbecue in Chinatown. Contact Colleen to get in on the dinner reservation. Colleen also wants to remind attendees that this is a dinner, NOT a signing, so don't bring a stack of books for their signatures. This is our thank-you event, so please make it as pleasant for the authors as possible.


No new business.




Bill Lawhorn read a list of the top ten reasons to vote for Peggy Rae's House to hold the 2010 Worldcon:

10.) Peggy Rae's 2010 potential for exponential fun.

9.) There is no way it will win, so you can vote for it!

8.) Why not?

7.) No bid should be uncontested.

6.) No kangaroos crashing the Consuite.

5.) If anyone could host it in their home, it would be Peggy Rae.

4.) The Aussies aren't throwing enough bid parties.

3.) The look on John and Peggy Rae's faces when they win.

2.) The look on the Aussie's face when they lose.

1.) The Sapienza's were planning to add on anyhow.


Will Frank suggested WSFAns would be interested in catching the premiere of Beauty and the Geek Season Four, airing on the CW at 8 PM on September 18th.


Madeleine Yeh announced a bookshelf free to good home; Mike B. called dibs.


Gayle Dixon presented WSFA with six bottles of bottled WSFA wine, and suggested club members would be interested in Right Outside Your Door: "$9 for the movie, $40 for the duct tape."

Gayle Dixon's wine with WSFA logo and dodo. Picture taken by Sam Scheiner.

Sam Scheiner quotes S.I. Hayakawa: "Only the psychotic and the gravely neurotic act out their irrationalities and their compensatory fantasies," Hayakawa wrote. "The trouble with selling symbolic gratification via such expensive items ... is the competition offered by much cheaper forms of symbolic gratification, such as 'Playboy' (fifty cents a copy), 'Astounding Science Fiction' (thirty-five cents a copy), and television (free)." [Full quote dug out of after the meeting.)


Matt Appleton announced the 12th issue of his fanzine Some Fantastic (


Meeting unanimously adjourned at 10:05 PM.

Attendance: Matthew Appleton, Mike Bartman, Drew Bittner, Colleen Cahill, Gayle Dixon, Adrienne Ertman, Will Frank, Cathy Green, Christopher Gildenmeister, Paul Haggerty, Bill Lawhorn, Bob MacIntosh, Sandra Mashall, Sarah Mitchell, Kathi Overton, Barry Newton, Judy Newton, Judy Scheiner, Sam Scheiner, Steve Smith, Lee Strong, Gayle Surrette, Michael Walsh, Ivy Yap, Madeleine Yeh



The New Office of the WSFA Journal

Pictures and text Lee Strong, text Adrienne Ertman

From: Lee Strong
To: Adrienne Ertman
Subject: New office


Clockwise from left: the latest in desk accessories; new Freon-free mini-fridge model; developments in ergonomic desk chairs.



WSFA September 3rd Friday Minutes (Sept 21, 2007)

Meeting called to order at 9:16 PM. Reading of minutes waived: many "ayes", one "nay".


Treasurer's report: $12,445.14 in checking.


Capclave Present in the person of Colleen Cahill reports that new news and information will be on the con website "now or soon"! The con still needs members – bring your friends! Distribute flyers! See the website or Lee Strong for flyers. Colleen reiterated known programming information: the Guests of Honor will interview each other Friday night; on Saturday night there will be a "formal dress optional" or "glad rags" reception honoring the GoHs and celebrating WSFA's 60th anniversary. The Small Press Award winners will also be announced at the reception. Barry reports 166 members, and attributes the jump to the last mailing. A big thanks to the August First Friday origami party! Someone asked about parties; Bill Lawhorn reports four to five at the moment.


Colleen also recapped the Library of Congress Book Fair dinner information: Tony Cheng's, 6 PM, see her to get on the reservation list. Please DO NOT BRING BOOKS TO BE SIGNED as a courtesy; the authors will be tired, and already put in their signing time for the day. Terry Pratchett is having wrist trouble, and will be signing again the next day, so please especially don't bring your stack of Discworld novels.


Capclave Future not present; "we have no future" jokes ensue.


Capclave Far Future chair Bill Lawhorn will be doing parties for Capclave Present; reminder of post-book fair dinner, which Far Future Guest of Honor Harry Turtledove will be attending. There's still a few slots available for the dinner; contact Colleen Cahill for details.


DatClave is waiting on the hotel representatives; preliminary emails have been exchanged.


Entertivities also not present, but Beauty and the Geek discussion ensued.


Publications has a reminder from the webmasters that website problems only get fixed when they're brought to the webmasters' attention ("hey, lame brain, the website…"). Please contact webmasters Gayle Surrette and Paul Haggerty directly at ; the webmasters only read the wsfa-forum as time permits, which isn't as often as they'd like.


The Awards Committee has a physical award! The committee also brought up a point of information that may be more accurately be considered new business.


The Committee to Actually Discuss Science Fiction had no plans to meet after the business meeting. Because of CapClave, the October/November issue of Asimov's will be discussed in November.


The Trustees have no news.


In old business, we continue to pursue the incorporation question. It was suggested that there may be more red tape to jump through now than in the past.


In new business, Colleen Cahill announced plans for a silent auction at CapClave to benefit the SFWA Emergency Medical Fund. She is looking for donations for the auction. For example, there will be a signed copy of Ellen Datlow's Faery Reel and a signed second edition of Sir Arthur C. Clarke's second novel? Jay Lake has promised to contribute a Tuckerization.


A point of discussion: the awards committee election is currently in April, with the rest of the club elections. However, this falls in the middle of the award cycle, so it might make sense to move the awards committee elections to November, shortly after the short press award cycle has finished. The committee plans to make a motion to this effect at the next meeting (October First Friday).




John and Candy Madigan's old car died, so they bought a new Ford Prius to replace it. John is job-hunting and would love to know about any GIS-type job leads WSFAns can cough up.


Christopher Gildemeister went to the Baltimore Comic Convention, which numbered Sergio Aragonés among its guests. The 501st Legion was out in force. Verbal snapshot of the con: Woman with "I love the Dark Side" t-shirt getting her picture taken with Darth Vader.


Mike Bartman had cheap books for sale; unusually, Mike Walsh did not.


Mike Walsh did announce that Subterranean #7, guest edited by Capclave GoH Ellen Datlow, with a story by CapClave GoH Jeffrey Ford, is available online.


Steve Smith had one Ubuntu Live CD available to the first taker.


In light of Moonlight, Elizabeth Twitchell asks, "how many series about vampire detectives in LA do we need?" [The secretary-editor thinks that a series about a vampire detective in Vancouver would be a lot cheaper to produce.]


Judy and Barry Newton announce an Olney farmer's and artist's market. The market will open on October 7th at 9 AM. There will be farmers, food vendors and artists. Contact the Newtons for more details.

New people: WSFA says hi to Sander Olsen, back for his second meeting, and Christopher Gildemeister, who attended his third meeting.


Meeting unanimously adjourned at 9:47 PM.


Attendance: Mike Bartman, Drew Bittner, Katherine Bittner, Colleen Cahill, Adrienne Ertman, Christopher Gildemeister, Erica Ginter, Lydia Ginter, Paul Haggerty, Elspeth Kover, Bill Lawhorn, Bob MacIntosh, Sarah Mitchell, Sander Olson, Barry Newton, Judy Newton, George Shaner, Steve Smith, Lee Strong, Elizabeth Twitchell, Michael Walsh, Ivy Yap


WSFAns Grill Book Festival F&SF Authors
Ernest Lilley and Collen Cahill
Following the National Book Festival's events on Saturday, September 29, 2007 on the Capitol Mall, about 50 members of the Washington Science Fiction Association and a few guest met for dinner with Holly Black, Terry Pratchett and Harry Turtledove at Tony Cheng's Mongolian Barbeque a few blocks up the hill from the mall. Authors and fans enjoyed the food and mingled from table to table chatting up the authors, who were happy to talk over their books with all comers. The event was organized by Colleen Cahill, Capclave Chair 2007 as well as the Library of Congress Recommending Officer for Science Fiction and Fantasy. Also present were the Discworld 2009 Vice Chair (Emily S. Whitten) and Guest Liason, Anna M. Caggiano.

On left: authors and organizer. Left to right: Holly Black, Colleen Cahill, Harry Turtledove, Terry Pratchett. On the right: WSFAns Cat and Drew Bittner with Holly Black. Pictures courtesy Ernest Lilley (


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