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December 2007 - January 2008

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From the Editor

[taptaptap ... is this thing on?] Hi! I'm your new editor. This letter is where I reveal all of my Great Plans for the Journal. That's easy; I don't have any. My job is to get this thing put together. I'm a doctor an editor, not a writer. Fortunately, a lot of you folks out there reading this are writers, and artists, and many other interesting things. Tell us about them!

This issue doesn't have much except minutes. We have a fair number of reviews, and one short story in the queue. They'll be up in the next issue. Thanks, and keep 'em coming. I'm willing to publish just about anything that isn't defamatory, illegal, or obscene. Stories (no fanfic, please — that's one hot wire I don't want to touch), artwork, reviews, reports, essays, reminiscences, and stuff I'm forgetting about, all welcome.

The Journal format is plain ol' HTML, with no frames, no tables, and a small style sheet to control what it looks like. I may play with it (try and stop me!), but it should always be readable anywhere. The exception is e-mail addresses, which are obfuscated for the obvious reason.

Anyway, here it is. Suggestions and submissions are always welcome.

— Steve


December 2007, First Friday

WSFA December 1st Friday Minutes (December 7, 2007) by Adrienne Ertman, WSFA Secretary

Meeting called to order at 9:17 PM.

Minutes read.

Treasurer's report: No report.

Capclave Past: Colleen Cahill reported that she did not have a final report, but gave some statistics: 323 total memberships, 257 paid memberships, and 66 comp'd members. With a $11,560 gross, the con is in the black!

Capclave Present: The con already has 62 preregistered members and its first online registrant. The first concom meeting will be on the first Saturday in January.

Capclave Future: Sarah Mitchell read Bill Lawhorn's report via email:

Capclave future is in Boston learning about Revolutionary new ways to run a con … um conventions? Every minute, men … well and women … will learn new ways to bring in people, dig into the hills, bunker or otherwise. Well actually right now I am probably in the con suite preparing to massacre a few snacks … but tomorrow I promise to avoid the tea parties, bad accents, and clam chowder and actually learn something constructive so that 2009 can avoid the problems of the big dig. Because truly that is the fen way …

Paul Haggerty moved that someone should smack Bill; the club passed this motion with many yeas, one nay, and one abstention.

Datclave: Off enjoying SMOFcon; Sam Lubell reported that fliers were available at Philcon. Several club members asked about room rates, saying they'd gotten better rack rates than the con rate; this is because the con rooms have jacuzzis.

Entertivities Committee: The Beauty and the Geek wrap show was discussed; a one-man Star Wars is coming to the Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company; the Trans-Siberian Orchestra is playing next week at the Verizon Center.

Publications Committee: Owes the club a Journal (mea culpa maxima). The webmasters were challenged to get rid of frames on the website by the new year, and bribed with cookies if they could do this.

Awards Committee: Planned to hold a meeting after the business meeting.

The Committee to Actually Discuss Science Fiction planned to discuss Asimov's 30th anniversary edition after the meeting.

Trustees: No news.

Old business: None

New business: Lee Strong planned to donate money to Pfeiffer University's library fund and asked if he could do so in WSFA's name. Colleen Cahill moved that Lee spend his money. The motion passed with many ayes, no nays, and one abstention.

New people: WSFA welcomes Emily Whitten to her first meeting and Dan Prewitt to his third.


  • Drew and Cat Bittner are vacationing in New Jersey from Christmas to New Year's, and are looking for a cat-sitter.

  • Judy Newton is selling her last six raffle tickets for her quilting guild raffle; $1.00 each or six for $5.00.

  • Elizabeth Twitchell took the CAE professional exam today, and later caught The Golden Compass onscreen. It's a relief to have the test over and the movie is worth the price of admission for the animated ice bears.

  • Will Frank reminded WSFA that tonight is the fourth night of Hanukah.

  • Gayle Dixon asked people to recommend science fiction books for the Department of Homeland Security library. Email gayle dot dixon at gmail dot com with suggestions; she is looking for 20 to 30 books. She also brought two bottles of wine she'd produced; the first WSFAn to guess the name reference would get a bottle.

Meeting unanimously adjourned at 9:41 PM.

Attendance: Mike Bartman, Drew Bittner, Colleen Cahill, Steven desJardins, Gayle Dixon, Adrienne Ertman, Will Frank, Cathy Green, Paul Haggerty, Sam Lubell, Sandra Marshall, Sarah Mitchell, Dan Prewitt, Judy Scheiner, Sam Scheiner, Steve Smith, Lee Strong, Gayle Surrette, Elizabeth Twitchell, Emily Whitten, Ivy Yap.

December 2007, Third Friday

WSFA December 3rd Friday Minutes (December 21, 2007) by Adrienne Ertman, WSFA Secretary

Meeting called to order at 9:19 PM.

Treasurer's report: Bob McIntosh reports $12,188.09 in checking.

Capclave Past: Collen Cahill reports that the Con Chair must pay the club treasurer and then she is done. The con finished about $3,000 in the black, so we've proven Capclave can make money.

Capclave Present: Sam Lubell reminded club members that the first concom meeting will be at the Scheiners' house on the first Saturday in January.

Capclave Future: Bill Lawhorn is almost done with home renovations, which means he'll soon be able to devote more energy to his convention.

Datclave: The Datclave committee wants people planning to attend to reserve hotel rooms, please. Tell the hotel you're with WSFA even if you're getting a room outside the room block.

Entertivities Committee: Barry and Judy Newton went to see the latest recut of Bladerunner and got a cool keychain!

Publications Committee: New WSFA Journal!

Awards Committee: No news.

The Committee to Actually Discuss Science Fiction: No news.

Trustees: No news.

Old business: Lee Strong reported that he had donated $1,000 in WSFA's name to Pfeiffer University as discussed at the December First Friday meeting.

New business: Colleen Cahill suggested a motion to use $250 of the Capclave surplus for cash prize addition to the WSFA Small Press Award. A cash prize "adds to the luster to the award" in the eyes of small press publishers. Steve Smith asked about using a similar sum for travel expenses instead. Sam Lubell asked about funding in years when the con is not running in the black. Colleen notes that impinges on future budgets, so it might be advisible to get future Capclave chairs involved in planning, and that in years where the con or the club doesn't have a lot of money, the prize is modest enough we could probably cover it with a "bake sale". Ernest Lilley disagreed with Sam's suggestion we can't back down on the monetary part of the prize in future years. Erica Ginter suggested that the club could raise the money somehow, possibly through donations. Colleen made a motion to add $250 to the WSFA Small Press Award from Capclave funds; Adrienne Ertman interrupted to ask if the vote should be held immediate or on First Friday, since people attending only the Virginia meeting might want to weigh in. Since the amount of money is fairly modest, and a sizeable number of WSFAns present, it was decided this wasn't necessary. The vote was held and the resolution passed with many ayes, one nay, and one abstention.

New people: WSFA welcomes Charles Abel to his first club meeting, and welcomes Christopher Neumann, Laura Somerville, and Terry Somerville to their second meeting.


  • Colleen Cahill announced that the Library of Congress "What If?" forums would resume with February and March sessions.

  • Madeleine Yeh brought apricot dodo beer to share with club members, provided they pledge to (essentially) not die after consumption.

  • Eva Whitely invited WSFAns to her 45th birthday party, which will be held the second Saturday in January.

  • Elizabeth Twitchell bought a llama through Heifer International in WSFA's name.

  • Colleen Cahill noted that December 21st is Phineas Fogg Wins a Wager Day (see Jules Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days).

  • Bill Lawhorn asked for comments about George R. R. Martin's presence at Technicon. He is "kind of" back in his mostly-renovated house; work remains, but the microwave works and the water is on.

  • Erica Ginter has a celestial-themed shower curtain available for the asking.

  • Candy Madigan reported that fan Evan Philips' apartment building suffered a fire in two units, but neither was his.

Meeting unanimously adjourned at 9:48 PM.

Attendance: Mike Bartman, Colleen Cahill, Steven Chalker, Adrienne Ertman, Erica Ginter, Cathy Green, Chris Guildemeister, Sam Lubell, Bill Lawhorn, Rich Lynch, Nicki Lynch, Candy Madigan, John Madigan Bob MacIntosh, Sarah Mitchell, Chris Neumann, Barry Newton, Judy Newton, Sander Olsen, George Shaner, Steve Smith, William Square, Laura Somerville, Terry Somerville, Lee Strong, Elizabeth Twitchell, Michael Walsh, Eva Whitley, Ivy Yap, Madeleine Yeh.

January 2008, First Friday

WSFA January 1st Friday Minutes (January 4, 2008) by Adrienne Ertman, WSFA Secretary

Meeting called to order at 9:15 AM.

Treasurer's report: Bob McIntosh reports $12,308.03 in checking. 2008 dues are due and payable! WSFA dues remain a modest $10 a year.

Capclave Past: Final numbers are in; the con was $2,934.08 in the black! Detailed information is available on the Capclave website and WSFA mailing list.

Capclave Present: The first concom meeting will be at the Scheiners' house tomorrow, the first Saturday in January, at 1 PM.

Capclave Future: Looking for a programming director; please talk to Bill Lawhorn if you're interested.

Datclave: Bob McIntosh reminds people planning to book a hotel room.

Entertivities Committee: No report.

Publications Committee: Is considering a new logo; if you have any thoughts on who the club could hire to do this, please talk to Adrienne.

Awards Committee: Sam Scheiner reports that the email announcement soliciting submissions went out January 3rd; by the afternoon of the fourth the committee had 18 nominations! The committee reminds WSFA members that they can nominate a story for the award; full rules are on the awards website (

The Committee to Actually Discuss Science Fiction will discuss the January edition of Asimov's after the business meeting.

Trustees: No news; meeting after the business meeting for election planning.

Old business: Lee Strong is following up with John Pomeranz about the incorporation situation.

New business: It was brought to the attention of several WSFA members and officers that Alexis Gilliland sent a letter to the File 770 fanzine stating that WSFA was planning legal action against Keith Lynch "to make him stop using WSFA in the name of his [email] list." Cathy Green needs to write a letter as club president stating that:

  • Alexis Gilliland is not a current WSFA member
  • WSFA is not considering any legal action against Keith Lynch

Steve Smith suggests that the first step to resolving any concerns about the overlap in mailing list names would be a phone call or email, not by starting legal action. Sam Lubell and Steve Smith said they both responded on Keith's email list denying any plans for legal action and pointing out that WSFA has never discussed any such action at a business meeting.

New people: WSFA welcomes Christina Abel to her first meeting and Charles Abel to his second.


  • Rebecca Prather will have a Christmas party at her house on January 6th, from 2 PM - 6 PM.

  • Bill Lawhorn's recent contractor SNAFU — summarized as "which Monday?" means he has no pantry, washer/dryer, or entertainment center for another week.

  • Will Frank will be a guest at Marscon in Williamsburg with fellow Beauty and the Geek contestant Joshua Green.

  • Cat Bittner reported that the National Academy Press just did a big creationism / intelligent design book; the short version is that creationism and ID are lousy, bad theories. If you want a copy, talk to Cat.

  • Bob McIntosh is retired! Congratulations to Bob.

  • Barry Newton has the File 770 with him on a flash drive, in PDF format, for curious WSFAns. Elspeth Kovar and Cathy Green both note it's also available as an e-zine.

  • Mike Walsh has Project Muse techotchke calendars available for free.

  • Madeleine Yeh brought apricot dodo beer to share with club members, provided they pledge to (essentially) not die after consumption.

Meeting unanimously adjourned at 9:50 PM.

Attendance: Charles Abel, Christina Abel, Mike Bartman, Cat Bittner, Drew Bittner, Steven desJardins, Adrienne Ertman, Will Frank, Cathy Green, Paul Haggerty, Bill Lawhorn, Sam Lubell, Sandra Marshall, Sarah Mitchell, Barry Newton, Judy Newton, Kathi Overton, Rebecca C. Prather, Judy Scheiner, Sam Scheiner, George Shaner, Richard Shrout, Steve Smith, Lee Strong, Gayle Surrette, Elizabeth Twitchell, Michael Walsh, Madeleine Yeh, Ivy Yap.

January 2008, Third Friday

WSFA January 3rd Friday Minutes (January 18, 2008) by Adrienne Ertman, WSFA Secretary

Meeting called to order at 9:19 PM. Minutes read.

Treasurer's report: $12,408.09 in checking, $16,510.52 in CDs. Dues are due!

Capclave Past: Is pretty much wrapped up, according to the Chair. Colleen Cahill reports that the con was $2,969.08 in the black!

Capclave Present: Had a meeting! It was curtailed by a Nippon mailing. The current budget was discussed (looks fine); concom positions are still available, so talk to Sam Scheiner if you're interested.

Capclave Future: Is also looking for concom people. Also, our hotel (the Hilton Washington DC/Rockville) emailed to ask about extending the contract to 2009.

Datclave: We've made half our room block; please get a room and tell the hotel you're with Disclave if you haven't. Ernest Lilley asks, :what is a Datclave?"; Chris Guildemeister asks "where Datman and Robin park the Datmobile". Five members of Datclave I (held in 1980) were present at the meeting.

Entertivities Committee: Elizabeth Twitchell mentions the trailer for the J. J. Abrams Star Trek movie is online. Ernest Lilley and EJ McClure saw the BSO sci-fi spectacular with George Takei narrating; it plays Saturday night as well. The Sarah Connor Chronicles are airing Mondays on Fox at 9 PM.

Publications Committee: Steve Smith will be the new WSFA Journal Editor; Adrienne Ertman will remain Secretary. Jokes about (photo) negatives and "accentuate the positive" ensue.

Awards Committee: Paul Haggerty reports 40 submissions to date; we had 37 total submissions in the award's first year. Elspeth asks if a picture of the award is on the website; Paul says it's there under "Past Winners" on the navigation bar. Ernest Lilley asks if asks if the webmasters could get better positioning for the link; Paul says, "in my official capacity, 'nag, nag, nag.' "

The Committee to Actually Discuss Science Fiction plans to discuss the January issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

Trustees: The trustees announce that elections will be held at the May First Friday meeting (May 2nd, 2008). On the incorporation front, Lee Strong has been contacted by WSFA's former lawyers (several members were heard to say, "we had lawyers?") about "a bunch of paperwork" we apparently have not paid them to hold on to. Members asked when we last received a bill from the lawyers; further investigation and clarification was requested.

Old business: Lee Strong contacted the state of Maryland about our incorporation status.

New business: None.

New people: WSFA welcomes Christine Able to her second meeting, and Charles Able, Christ Neumann, Terry Somerville and Laura Somerville to their third meeting.


  • John Madigan has a job! He is contracted with Montgomery County in a temporary GIS position.

  • Adrienne Ertman is looking for Louisiana and Tennessee quarters (look for the music notes and the fiddle, respectively) and will swap members for non-LA or TN quarters.

  • Lee Strong received a letter from Pfeiffer University, dated January 14th, thanking him for his donation to the Misenheimer Library in WSFA's name.

  • Elizabeth Twitchell has a DVD of Red Dwarf Series 1 extras for $0.25 or best offer.

  • Barry Newton mentioned the start of the second season of Torchwood in the United States; he also mentioned a NIST presentation on heritage tracing through DNA tests.

  • Erica Ginter has two ceramic dodos! These are identical to the ones featured in the December 2007WSFA Journal, and she will sell them for $25.00 each.

  • Chris Guildemeister announced that the Washington Psychotronic Film Society is showing Plan 9 From Outer Space next Tuesday, the 22nd.

  • Elspeth Kovar's cat was bred for looks, not brains.

  • Paul Haggerty reports a recent astrology magazine closing, reported on their website as "due to unfortunate circumstances". Didn't see that one coming.

  • Nicki Lynch reminds member that January 18th is A. A. Milne's birthday. Milne wrote the Winnie the Pooh books.

  • Ernest Lilley has a job! He is the Director of East Coast Operations for Trinet Internet Solutions.

Meeting unanimously adjourned at 9:59 PM.

Attendance: Charles Abel, Christina Abel, Mike Bartman, Cat Bittner, Drew Bittner, Adrienne Ertman, Carolyn Frank, Erica Ginter, Chris Guildemeister, Paul Haggerty, Elspeth Kovar, Bill Lawhorn, Nicki Lynch, Rich Lynch, Sam Lubell, Bob MacIntosh, E. J. McClure, Sarah Mitchell, Chris Neumann, Barry Newton, Judy Newton, Sander Olsen, George Shaner, Steve Smith, Laura Somerville, Terry Somerville, Lee Strong, Elizabeth Twitchell, Michael Walsh, Madeleine Yeh, Ivy Yap.


Donation to Pfeiffer University

To: Editor WSFA Journal


This letter follows up on my New Business item from the First Friday in December meeting. I have attached a copy of the letter that I sent to Pfeiffer University today transmitting my donation to the Pfeiffer Library in WSFA's name. I will also provide a hard copy to you at tomorrow night's meeting. You may wish to publish it in ye old journale so that the members can bask in our club's glory.

Looking forward to seeing you!


[ed: Nay, our glory is but a reflection of yours! Thanks!]

Leonell C. Strong, III

4901 Seminary Road, #1203
Alexandria, Virginia 22311
20 December 2007

Mr. Paul E. Clark
Director of Alumni Relations
Pfeiffer University
Office of Advancement
P.O. Box 960
Misenheimer, NC 28109-9989

Dear Mr. Clark:

Enclosed please find a personal check, #3528, dated today, which is an unrestricted donation to the Pfeiffer Library in the amount of one thousand dollars ($1,000). This gift is given in the name of the Washington Science Fiction Association, Inc. (WSFA). WSFA is a nonprofit educational organization incorporated in Maryland. While we are primarily interested in science fiction and related topics, we also support academic and nontraditional education, intellectual growth and personal freedom. Accordingly, we voted at our meeting of 7 December 2007 to make this gift to the Pfeiffer Library. Our website is ""

Happy Holidays to you and the entire Pfeiffer family from the WSFA family.

Leonell C. Strong, III
"Lee Strong"
Pfeiffer Class of 1973

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