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April 2009

Steve Smith, Editor
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April 3, 2009, First Friday

Minutes by Adrienne Ertman.

Meeting called to order at 9:27 PM by President Cathy Green.

Minutes waived.

Treasurer's report:

$9,033.27 (plus about $4,100 in the Capclave fund). CDs are unchanged. Maryland state tax forms mailed to Sam Lubell; Chris Neumann will take them to Christina Abel (treasurer) on Saturday. Bob McIntosh reported that Capclave insurance will cost $500 again. Insurance will be billed in or around May. This provides $2 million coverage for the convention.

Someone raised a question about quorum. Since the meeting didn't have quorum, business can be discussed but not voted on.

Capclave present:

Bill Lawhorn reports things are moving along; Barry Newton reported 86 or 87 members. Capclave fliers are in the works. Weekend discount rates will be available to veterans and students. Bill reminded people who would be at Ravencon and Balticon to talk it up.

Capclave future:

George Shaner reports on negotiation with the Doubletree and Hilton, and budgeting for the hotels. The Bethesda Doubletree has a corporate suite, or if that's out of reach, the con can rent a regular suite for ops or readings (plus, helps us meet the room block). The Doubletree bar is licensed to stay open “quite late”; it generally closes about midnight, but can stay open later if people are still buying. Nothing's in writing yet, though.


“As WSFA's mailman” Sam Lubell received a letter soliciting original filk for a songbook. The letter included one “inspiracy” and one “planet of love” patch. Lee Strong suggests giving the original letter to the temporary secretary to pass to the permanent secretary.


All the journals the Webmasters have are up on the website. Paul reminded WSFAns that neither webmaster regularly reads the WSFA forum mailing list, so any items that members want on the website calendar need to be emailed directly to the webmasters.

Award committee:

Is reading the submitted stories. Gayle Surrette needs a full list of paid-up WSFAns for voting — get from Christina Abel?

Committee to Actually Discuss SF:

Planned to discuss the current issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction after the meeting.


First, John Pomeranz says we're waiting on the feds for a voluntary compliance / amnesty on the 990 annual tax form. He thinks that the odds of being audited are “almost nil” since the club doesn't have “a large bundle of assets” (in Barry Newton's words) and John added “owed to the IRS”. In other news, Lee Strong announced the trustees slate for general elections. Bill Lawhorn asked as a point of information: what would happen if we don't have quorum at the May First Friday meeting? John said elections would be held at the next (May 3rd Friday) meeting, Lee Strong agreed. So get the word out to please attend; the WSFA forum is not read by all members.

The slate is:


Has amassed data, and asks for a brief committee meeting after the meeting to decide when they will meet to sift data.

Flyer committee:

Working on it.

Old business:

Lee Strong's petition and resolution to clarify finances and create a treasurer-designate for Capclave. Bylaws only allow for one treasurer in the entire club. Barry Newton suggested amending language to clarify which treasurer (convention / club) being discussed. Lee accepted as a friendly amendment; resolution amended so that “the Treasurer” is “the WSFA Treasurer”. Petition tabled until next meeting, or until next meeting with quorum.

New business:

as a point of information, Eva Whitely was made secretary-designate for WSFA's Facebook presence; she's asked to add other administrators.


Meeting unanimously adjourned at 10:00 PM.


Adrienne Ertman, Cathy Green, Paul Haggerty, Bill Lawhorn, Ernest Lilley, Samuel Lubell, Bob McIntosh, Sarah Mitchell, Chris Neumann, Barry Newton, John Pomeranz, George Shaner, Bill Squires, Lee Strong, Gayle Surrette, Ivy Yap.

April 17, 2009, Third Friday

Minutes by Steve Smith.

Meeting called to order at 9:28 PM by President Cathy Green.

Treasurer's report:

Tina Abel

No change. She's filed an extension on taxes and needs a copy of last year's tax forms.

Capclave Present:

Bill Lawhorn

Capclave Future:

Gayle Surrette

There was supposed to be a meeting with the Bethesda Doubletree; they cancelled. It's rescheduled for Monday. There is a meeting with the Hilton (current) scheduled for Wednesday. Hopefully, there'll be a tentative contract soon. Sometime in May we should have all the info. We should be able to advertise the date and hotel at Balticon.


Sam Lubell

Capt. Chris Cristopher has set up another book signing in conjunction with the 2009 Homeland Security S&T Stakeholders Conference - East 7:30 PM on 20 May at Reiter's Bookstore

The Style section of the Washington Post featured Pride and Prejudice and Zombies with a photo of Zombie Jane Austen. Bill objects. Brian seconds the emotions.


Steve Smith (Editor), Paul Haggerty & Gayle Surette (Webmasters)

The January journal finally got to the Webmaster; others to follow.

There will be a meeting of flyer committee after the meeting.


Colleen Cahill

There will be a meeting tomorrow to come up with the Short List. Woohoo!!

Cathy makes usual bribe -- if enough people vote on the award, there will be chocolate.

Both Peter Beagle and Tom Doyle will be selling Tuckerizations for the silent auction

The Committee to Actually Discuss Science Fiction:

Bill Lawhorn


Colleen Cahill, Judy Newton, Lee Strong

Election! Next meeting. We have eleven officers to elect; we really need a quorum. Cathy points ont that parking isn't that bad, as the Israeli embassy is not really active on Friday night.

The Trustees' Slate:

The Trustees' Slate is provided to guarantee that there will be at least one candidate for each office. Nominations from the floor at the election meeting are welcome.

New Finance:

Tina Abel

The audit in progress. Tina reports that nothing seems to be ticking suspiciously.

Old business:

Treasurer issues, from petitions submitted by Lee Strong. These resolutions simply establish current practice into the Bylaws and Standing Rules.

  1. Bylaws change to establish junior treasurer Passed with 1 abstention
  2. Standing rules change to establish a separate Capclave treasurer Passed unanimously

Eva Whitley opened a Facebook account in WSFA's name. Nobody knows what this means. Colleen offered to take over. [snicker — editor]

New business:

Note that the meeting locations for June are swapped; the First Friday meeting will be at the Madigans' and the Third Friday meeting will be at Cathy Green's

May has a Fifth Friday. The official WSFA Fifth Friday party will be at Balticon on Saturday

New people:

All oldtimers


Meeting unanimously adjourned at 10:35 PM.

Attendance: Charles Abel, Colleen Cahill, Adrienne Ertman, Lincoln Farish, Carolyn Frank, Erica Ginter, Lydia Ginter, Cathy Green, Paul Haggerty, Bill Lawhorn, Brian Lewis, Sam Lubell, Nicki Lynch, Rich Lynch, Bob Macintosh, Candy Madigan, John Madigan, Walter Miles, Zahra Miles, Sarah Mitchell, Barry Newton, Judy Newton, Evan Phillips, George Shaner, Steve Smith, Lee Strong, Mike Taylor, Michael Walsh, Eva Whitley, Ivy Yap, Madeleine Yeh.

Proposed Amendments to WSFA Bylaws

Treasurer designees

Petition to Amend the WSFA Bylaws

In order to create Treasurer designees

We, the undersigned members in good standing of WSFA, do hereby petition the club for a change to the Bylaws as described below:

Change to the duties of the Treasurer:

Strike out Article IV Part D and substitute the following language:

“D. The Treasurer shall:

1. Receive and manage all WSFA funds and maintain them in one or more accounts separate from his personal funds. Notwithstanding the existence of dedicated accounts, all monies earned from WSFA activities, donated to WSFA or supporting WSFA activities are WSFA funds and will be managed by the Treasurer directly or through his designees. All WSFA monies will be reported to the club using unified accounting procedures and reports.

2. Maintain the official membership list.

3. Pay out funds only as approved by the Board or the membership by vote.

4. Submit his records for audit whenever requested by the Board or by a petition of one-third (1/3) of the membership.

5. Appoint and supervise such subordinate treasurer designees, or finance officers, as may be necessary for the efficient management of club finances and activities. Appointment shall include specification of the designee's authority and notification to the President of the appointment.”

Change to the duties of the Convention Chairman:

Strike out Article IV Part F and substitute the following language:

“F. The Chairman of any Convention hosted by WSFA shall:

1. Be elected by the members at a regular meeting designated by the membership.

2. Be authorized to transact all necessary business, to set necessary Convention rules, and to appoint all Convention officers with the exception of the Convention treasurer designee or financial officer. The Chairman may nominate a Convention treasurer designee for approval by the Treasurer.”

Resolution to Clarify the Management of WSFA Convention Finances

Whereas, WSFA needs to clarify the management of Capclave and other convention finances; and,
Whereas, Capclaves need a dedicated financial account to pay expenses in a timely manner,
Therefore be it resolved that the WSFA Standing Rules are amended as follows:


“Conventions Hosted by WSFA Generally

“All conventions hosted by WSFA will be managed in accordance with the requirements of WSFA's Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Standing Rules and good financial management principles. See Article I Part B of the WSFA Bylaws.

[Insert the resolution to improve financial reporting]


“Capclave is authorized to maintain a dedicated WSFA financial account to provide ready money for Capclave-unique expenses. This account will be controlled by the WSFA Treasurer or his designee. The account will not exceed four thousand dollars ($4,000.00) without the approval of the Treasurer and the Convention Chairman. The membership may elect to change the amount held in the dedicated Capclave account, including abolishing the separate account, by majority vote. Notwithstanding the dedicated account, Capclave will have the right to request additional funds from the WSFA general account for convention expenses. Such requests will be reported to the membership for approval at the next business meeting. Upon conclusion of each year's Capclave, all bills and accounts receivable will be settled and a final accounting of that year's convention will be rendered to the club as expeditiously as possible. All funds surplus to the needs of Capclave will automatically and expeditiously be transferred to the WSFA general account unless the membership grants an exception. All funds remaining in the dedicated account will then be made available for subsequent years' Capclaves. All Capclave account transactions will be reported to the Treasurer and incorporated into overall club financial management and reports.

“All Capclave workers will be comped free membership in the following year's Capclave provided (1) the club votes to approve the policy on a year by year basis and (2) the member requests reimbursement for his or her membership from the Treasurer. Money equal to their membership fee will be advanced to the con by the club.”

WSFA History

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Cat Haiku

You never feed me.
Perhaps I'll sleep on your face.
That will sure show you.

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Dave Hastie's Quote of the Month

"If you take your shoe off and listen closely, you can hear the ocean."
[Perhaps he'd been watching too much "Get Smart"? — editor]


From the Editor

Yeah, one of the contested elections is the one I'm in. I still like having contested elections, even when I have to (gasp!) run against somebody. I even liked contested elections when I've been a Trustee and had to count the votes. Contested elections show that folks care about the club enough to to do some work. It's too easy for folks to just say, "OK, you do it."

— Steve Smith, Editor, The WSFA Journal

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