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Newsbriefs – 4/1/10
By Samuel Lubell

In an effort to keep WSFA up to date on all the latest news, The WSFA Journal institutes the first of a series of updates of interest to science fiction fans.

Last Independent SF Publishers Merge

The merger of Putnam/Berkley/Penguin/Ace/Roc/Old Earth with Macmillan/Holt/St. Martin/Tor/Forge/NESFA Press places all science fiction presses are under one ownership. This of course means the end of the WSFA Small Press award as there is no longer any small press.

Amazon to Stop Selling Paper Books

Recognizing that paper books were competing with the eBooks sold for Amazon's Kindle machine, the online store has stopped selling them. "You wouldn't expect us to sell eBooks for B&N's Nook, right?" said Berry Jozios, manager of the eBooks division of Amazon. "Well, we see paper books as just another competitor. Besides people who are so old fashioned as to read books on paper are probably a bunch of Luddites who wouldn't order through the Internet anyway."

Internet Down for Recharging

The Internet will not be available from 10pm, Thursday April 1 to 8am Friday April 2nd for a recharge and refreshening. Apparently some users have finished looking at every page so the people who run the Internet are shutting it down temporarily so they can put some new stuff up.

Ghostwriters Demand Right to Impersonate in Person

Not content with having their prose pretend to be the work of Marion Zimmer Bradley, V.C. Andrews, and other dead but prolific writers, ghostwriters now want to be able to attend conventions as their alter egos. "No one wants to see me as me," said somewhat known collaborator Gentle Li. "But as Arthur C. Clarke, I'd have them lined up for miles." This will, however, create a problem when female ghostwriters dress up as men and vice-versa.

New Doctor Who to Be a Kid

In an effort to attract a younger, more advertising friendly audience, and to separate this version of the venerable Doctor Who television show from previous editions, the BBC announced the new Doctor Who would be played by a ten-year-old kid. "We wanted the guy who played Harry Potter," said BBC executive Arthur Andrews. "But he's too old now." When a reporter in the audience asked how a ten-year old could be a Doctor, Andrews said, "Well, you Americans swallowed Doogie Howser, didn't you?"

3D Movement Hits Books

Ever alert to major trends, SF publishers have been observing the success of movies like Avatar and experimenting with ways to bring the 3D experience to books. "Pop-up books have the reputation for being children's fare," said Marty Dee III. "And wearing the polarized lenses while reading does not seem to create the desired effect." Scientist I. Max Thetero said, "We have the technology to embed a 3D projector into every book." He frowned. "But for some reason, no one wants to buy a $30,000 paperback."

WSFANs Not Complete Idiots

The February 19th, 2010 WSFA meeting was called to order at 9:29 pm. President Judy Newton presided and Secretary Sam Lubell took notes. There was a quorum (after some debate and a couple of people paid their dues. There was no meeting first Friday due to a blizzard. Steve said, "No one showed up, as people were not complete idiots." Judy said the meeting was called off due to act of god.

Report of officers. Judy said that we have new officers. We had an election. New secretary and two new trustees since Chris Abel resigned. New treasurer, Steve Smith. Steve reported that at beginning of evening we had 23 paid members, now have eight more (31). WSFA Checking: $6471.94; Capclave checking: $2953.17 ; Merchant: $2416.38; Total: $11841.49 plus CDs. The previous treasurer Tina has not yet transferred signature authority. The blizzard got in the way.

Reports of committees: Colleen said that we have more trustees than I realized. We do have full set of trustees. Will now gather and start finding candidates for new elections in May. Intertivities - Sam explained the history of merging committees. Sam suggested the Percy Jackson movie, people said it wasn't good. Is anyone interested in taking committee over? Publishing - Can people get together and see me after the meeting.

WSFA Press - Sean said Jeff VanderMeer agreed to reprint a novella from Songs from Dying Earth, and he will take care of everything. Novella would be expanded. Design, would do the intro and afterward. Basically similar to Turtledove, 96 page hardcover. Would do only 500 signed and numbered. No trade edition. Jeff is ready to hit the ground running. Sean has numbers and passed them around. The other project is Connie Willis, waiting for publisher to get back to us so not ready to report. Someone asked about Turtledove. Gayle said it made $3,000 profit and still have books to sell. We sold all of the trade Turtledove but have 80-90 of the signed and limited. We are now in the black. Colleen said that what we did last year is a good model. It did well. Got us good publicity. A number of authors said it was good that we are doing this. Jeff is very hot right now. I saw someone reading City of Saints and Madman on the metro, lots of people read him. He's not a little name anymore. Talked her into going to Capclave.

Cathy said I think the numbers look good and as we saw with Turtledove, yes it would have been nice if could have hand sold more, but we now have a relationship with a distributor, with the VanderMeer book, if we cannot sell at con, we would be able to go back to Diamond and ask if they can take it on. There is a perfect storm with Jeff, people guest-blogging for him. Book tour, he's hot now and there are fanatic VanderFans. Colleen said Jeff will promote it. We'll have to be careful to save some for people at the con. Sean said I don't think we'll need to use Diamond. Colleen said all Jeff has to do is go on Facebook and sell it. He's an amazing phenomenon. Mark said he likes the bookmarks. It might be reasonable to do generic boookmarks for Capclave. We could print up a bunch without a date. After some discussion, it was suggested that we do 5,000.

Judy got us back on topic. Colleen pronounced herself a big fan of VanderMeer, does anyone have a feeling? Gayle said there is a big divide in age, younger people know him. People who know Connie, don't know/care about him and the other way round. Colleen said he came out of the small press. He's still small press but he sells. Barry confessed that he didn't know him. Adrienne said he makes frequent appearances on John Scalzi's blog. Cathy said he was GoH at World Fantasy. Colleen said that copies will sell. It will be a chance, much like when had Jeff Ford, people got confused with Jasper Fforde and John Ford.

Judy said that we need a motion for club to put up $4,000. But Paul raised a point. The bylaws say that money earned by WSFA press stays in WSFA Press account. Should we roll our WSFA press surplus into the new book? Brian asked if we could have a little extra? Gayle said that $4,000 would cover everything. Colleen asked about accounts and Judy asked, how much trouble will we be in if don't have separate accounts? Cathy said there would be no problems tax-wise, as long as the in and out are right, it doesn't matter that separate accounts. Brian said, at one point all the funds of WSFA had to come from WSFA. But members said this was a long time ago.

Colleen moved that the money to publish the Jeff VanderMeer book, $4,000 be put forth. Brian suggested a provision that as much as possible comes from profit from previous book, but this was not accepted. Treasurer said we have WSFA press as a separate line item. Tito Daley, a real author said that fandom is greying. If it is the case that Jeff VanderMeer atttracts new readers, I'm all for it. Motion passed with one abstention.

Daley suggested that we should think about how to market Jeff to younger base of fandom. I'm sure a lot of 30-somethings would be interested if can find out about it. Gayle spoke about all the ways doing it, including Jeff blogging.

John Madigan said he is involved in meet up and suggested putting the meeting on meet up. Colleen said, if you are offering, I'm seconding. John asked if this be done by someone not in the club? I'll do it.

WSFA press - Paul gave Steve an envelope with the money and also a bill that almost cancels out, but still a small profit/surplus. Is that the end of WSFA Press? Well, the end of the report.

Paul said, We're working on the new website and hope to have it by the end of the decade. Colleen said that Gayle has been posting to Facebook. Gayle said, that has been kept up. The WSFA calendar, when people send me things. If something is going on, you gotta send me email. In response to a question about friends, Colleen said she thought it was into double digits on facebook.

Paul said our turtledove book was 10077 thousand rank on amazon

Bill for Capclave 2009 said it took 2 f-ing hours to get here. The east-west highway was a parking lot. Gayle for Capclave 2010- Put up pages for each of the guest of honors, will put up lists of workshops soon. We'll have reviewing workshop, two writing workshops (one by VanderMeers), and two others. Contacting people to be panelists. Making arrangements to get GoH here. Eva asked, "Do you want a person to do signings at bookstores and other things?" Gayle: Peggy Rae is GoH liason and we're interested in having someone do military liasion, so ask around. Position that needs filling. Colleen said that we try to get military to come to WSFA. Gayle said, that military SF is a subgenre. Last year, we had quite a few people who showed up and got a special rate. Capclave 2011 had nothing to report.

Committee to discuss SF said that first Friday in March, people should come with lists of what to nominate for Hugos. Colleen for the literary award said we're on front page of online Locus with a story about how people should submit stories. Looking at stories from 2009, small press. Check out the rules. Bring in own nominations. Stories coming soon. We have a possibility for administration. Nominations close April 1st.

Old Business: No old business.

New business: None

Tito. I'm new, this is my third meeting, we have a guest. Joe came via Metro and walked here. Joe Vasicek introduced himself. He is here on internship. Heard about WSFA from bookmark at World Fantasy. He's an aspiring writer. Graduate in April so may be sticking around. Tito is here for third meeting and ready to pay to join. He did. He wanted to raise a bit of new business, but it was too late.

Announcements: John Madigan - New couch

Tito - No committee to discuss science fact. I wanted to bring that up. I have good policy wonk credentials. Column by Charles Krammer about space program. No shuttle, no manned space program, retiring from low earth orbit. Obama budget has no access for humans in space. Colleen - Library of Congress What If, March 3rd Broad Universe. Eva - Sad to announce death of Phil Klass aka William Tenn, guest at Capclave and Disclave. Brian - According to Apple store, Ipad will debut in March. Gayle: Flyers and rack cards for putting up at conventions.

Sarah announced, "Bill and I are engaged." There was loud applause. Bill said, That's too much excitement, I'm calling it off. There was a question on rings, but Sarah said, "Some of us don't like marks of ownership."

Steve - Looking for spare copy of Quicken. WSFA treasury file is in Quicken format, need to convert. Ernest has a new job as database administrator for the National Association of Elementary School Principals.

Attendance: Colleen Cahill, Erica Ginter, Cathy Green, Bill Lawhorn, Brian Lewis, Sam Lubell, Walter Miles, Sarah Mitchell, Barry & Judy Newton, Mark Roth, Steve Smith, Mike Taylor, Sean Wallace, Eva Whitley, and Joe Vasicek.

Half of Americans Don't Read Literature

By Samuel Lubell

Did you read a fiction book last year, even one? Or a play or poem? If so you read more than half the population of the U.S. According to National Endowment for the Arts data, in 2008, just 54.3% of Americans read any book not required for work/school (and 50.2% read literature – defined as fiction, poetry, or play). Not surprisingly, there's a relationship between education level and percentage who read, with just a third of high school dropouts having read a book, compared to 41.5% of high school graduates, 60% of those with some college, and almost three-fourths of college graduates.

Did you read 12 or more books last year? The report, 2008 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts: Research Report #49, found that reading even a book a month puts you in the top 17.3% of adults. Among all adults, a quarter (26.1%) read between 1-5 books annually and another tenth (10.9%) less than a book a month. Just 13.7% read between 12 – 49 books and just 3.6% read 50 or more. After combining non-readers with the seldom-read groups, only about a quarter (28.3%) read more than a handful of books.

And if you are male, finishing a single book means you outread 58% of your fellow guys. Only 46.3% of males read a book (61.7% females) and just 41.9% read literature (58% of females). Among those who do read, half of male readers (53.1%) read five or fewer books compared to 41.2% of female readers. But 38% of female readers read 12 or more books compared to 28% of males. (Or when the non-readers are factored in, 23.5% of all females and 13% of all males read at least one book a month)

Of those who reported reading literature, a third liked mysteries, a fifth (21%) thrillers, 18% romance, 15.7% science fiction/fantasy, 23.8% other. However, the science fiction readers tended to read more books than average with 41% of the SF readers reading 12 or more books a year compared to 31.7% of those who said they did not like SF.

The most recent study also included recorded books (10% listened to recorded literature (no data on nonfiction)) and the Internet. Among all adults 41.5% read at least one article or blog on the Internet and 15% read literature (story, play, or poem) online. Unfortunately, the report did not have information on number of works read via the Internet.

Sean's Cell Phone Volunteers

The March 3-5 First Friday WSFA meeting was called to order 9:17. President and VP had nothing to say. He Secretary is doing combined issue of the Journal because there was only one meeting last month. Treasurer: WSFA account has $ 6,697.78 ; Capclave $ 2,953.51 ; Merchant $2,411.65; so total is $12,062.94. Steve has not yet met with Tina to get the CDs so same as always been. Cathy asked permission, since Steve and Tina have not hooked up, to ask Tina to send her all the records. Steve has personal property tax from last year. This is just for records. Secretary gave Steve the 2010 tax form and he hopes this was paid since the state knows where he lives. Steve, sent email asking Tina for more details, but has not heard back. Gayle asked, for property tax, do you need an inventory of book? Bob said, they're inventory. Steve explained that neither MD nor Virginia has an inventory tax. Personal property is things like office furniture. Bob said MD is looking for anything that would be deductable on an IRS form, that have a useful life of years and could be depreciated. Vehicles, boats etc. Cathy: Been a while since thought about form 990, not sure what's relevant. Bob: Relevant as a balance sheet figure. They want to see changes.

Trustees report: Colleen said, that we just had an election but having another one. Anyone who wants to talk about a position let a trustee know, even if already in the position. And Capclave 2012. Entertivities chair is still open. Any volunteers? <A chime was heard from Sean's cell phone>. Sam offered to organize a trip to see Alice in Wonderland. But no one met him after the meeting.

Publications: There will be a combined Journal next month. The January issue is in the hands of webmaster. Sparse because put energy into other things. Ernest: Sean will live up to cell phone's promise by entertaining you with the rights of Connie. Sean: We have a contract from VanderMeers, just need signature. Judy said that the president and con chair should sign. Sean said that making the deal with Connie was complicated. She referred us to agent who referred us to Bantam who had no clue, the rights department had questions. I checked to see if they had the rights, they said oops and sent me back to Connie's agent. Agent said yes and is just waiting for a contract. First, we need approval before we do a contract. This book will be the same projections as the VanderMeer deal; 500 copies of 96 page book. Same designer and same price. Brian asked if he needs another $4,000 or was it included in the other one? Sean said he needs another $4,000. Gayle: This will be a printing of the novella Fire Watch which goes with her new book. Sean: She is also GoH for 2011 World Fantasy.

Colleen moved that we fund the Connie Willis publication based on model of Jeff VanderMeer book and that the club authorize $4,000 U.S. dollars. Brian asked if we had already spent the other $4,000? Sean answered, we just spent a $1000 advance for the author and $500 for the designer. The rest will go to the printer and will come due in November/December when the bill is submitted. Discussion about hand cramps for signing.

Bill asked if the essay idea got dropped? Sean said that we decided to focus on Fire Watch. The question was called. Vote: No nos, one abstain (Adrianne) It passed.

Facebook has nothing to report. 60 something friends. Pretty good since hard to find.

Bill for 2009 Capclave had nothing to report until Steve gets books from Tina so we can close them. Steve said that he has most of the info, but still do accounting equivalent of chasing accounts with cattlebars to get everything balanced. Judy said, "Let's try to close it out really soon." Steve: I'm working on it.

Gayle for Capclave 2010 said "We're bumbling around. See Sam if going to conventions so we can give you flyers. Everyone should bring someone to Capclave." She has ordered 5,000 bookmarks and will hand out next meeting. Front will look like rack cards and back has details on GoH. Still need someone to be military liaison.

Cathy for Capclave 2011 said she is still looking at hotels, checking out suites and getting proposals. Also considering the last week in September to avoid the NY Comic-con.

Committee to talk SF will discuss Hugo recommendations. Sent an invite to Tom Doyle to come for a future meeting. Colleen for the literary awards said we have been getting stories. Carolyn did a good job. But ran into some issues. Committee dealt with all of them, but one is in the standing rules which specifies a small press as publishing 3 – 25 titles. but Pegasus and PS do more. We looked everywhere for a definition of small press. Even Pushcart award, the only other small press award, didn't define it. We would like to remove the number of titles a year and make it subject to the committee to define. Judy: Are you sure? I see all sorts of problems. Sean: Publishers Weekly defines it as anyone making less than $300 million a year. Colleen: Our small presses don't make anywhere near that amount. Judy said, "But you'll get people claiming to be small press." Colleen: We'll let the committee decide. Mark asked, "Did you check with SFWA and Locus?" Colleen: They don't define it. Brian: Can you just add word regular? Colleen: No, because most do chapbooks. That's why I want to consider number of titles, format, how much money... Ernest: I'd like to leave the rule as it is and let committee make exceptions. Sam S: That creates the problem of bias. Ernest: But otherwise you'd have to rule on everybody. Colleen: That's in the standing rules. The web page of award says small press and gives the number again. But it will run into problems with the web publications. So what if they do several publications and a book. So if go by rules rigidly... Sam S: No, the book is its own entity. It goes by the publisher of the periodically.

Judy: Invoked the 5 minute rule. Paul: Want it to go back to the committee. Should this be in the standing rules or let the committee decide? Sam S: You can't change the rules in the middle of a competition. So unfair to people who read the rules and said not eligible so didn't submit. Colleen: But one publisher was eligible last year but went over the limit this year, so we can't consider them. Judy: I think we should enforce the rule as we have them for this year and think about changing them for next year. Mark: Or as the committee determined for small press. Colleen: We'll have to tell the publishers of those stories that are not eligible and discuss it. Paul: Can we pull it out now for next year? Won't affect this year's contest. Colleen: Nominees must be published by small press... 3 - 25 titles per year. Change it to number shall be determined by the small press committee. Judy: But they could change it to anything. Sam S: But they would establish it for the contest. It just won't be in the standing rules. The committee is asking the club to let them define it. Colleen: If you have to keep coming to the club to change it, will be crazy. Small press is changing so fast. Mark: With the idea of it, is leave the numbers and add that clause so the number to be a guideline and the committee can decide to have a variance. Barry: Not a consensus. Can't finish it tonight. Bill: Motion to table. Judy: Anyone who feels strongly about this, make yourself known to Colleen and discuss it. Motion to table passed, one abstain. Paul: As of today, 33 stories in place.

There was no old business nor any new business.

Two new people: Ian Kaiser and Sean Kaiser. Big military SF fans. Their dad was a WSFA member 15 years ago and visited.

Announcements: Adrienne is moving to SF, last day 19th. Flying on the 24th. She is still looking for a job so if have contacts, love to hear about it. Colleen: Library of Congress had Broad Universe this week, they will repeat April 12th with different Broads. Do flash readings. Ellen Kushner is interested in coming to Capclave. SF Revu has a recap of short fiction for Hugos. Dues are due. Gayle and Paul were adopted by two feral cats who live outside.

Motion to adjourn. Unanimous adjourned at 10:05.

Attendance: Drew Bittner, Colleen Cahill, Adrienne Ertman, Cathy Green, Paul Haggerty, Bill Lawhorn, Brian Lewis, Sam Lubell, Bob Macintosh, Sandra Marshall, Sarah Mitchell, Barry & Judy Newton, Mark Roth, Judy & Sam Scheiner, George Shaner, Steve Smith, Gayle Surrett, Sean Wallace, Ivy Yap, Madeleine Yeh, Ian Keyser, and Sean Kayser.

Fighting with Sticks

By Madeleine Yeh

I will be demonstrating naginata -- the art of hitting people with a very long stick, and jodo -- the art of hitting a swordsman with a stick at two Cherry Blossom festivals in April.

The first one is at the Silver Spring Cherry blossom festival which is the first such festival for Silver Spring. I don't know when my demonstrations will be scheduled but here is a link to more information. This is on April 3.

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is downtown. I will be demonstrating on April 10th on Freedom Plaza which is the area between Pennsylvania and 14th Street. The performance will be in the afternoon between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm. More information can be found here.

10 Things WSFAns Did in the Great Blizzard of 2010

  1. Theorized that the reason why grocery stores always run out of bread, milk, and toilet paper before a snowstorm is that customers are trying to appease the snow gods by buying things that are white.

  2. Read books about how to survive in the arctic.

  3. Trained their pets to function as sled-dogs.

  4. Calculated how much snow would be necessary to completely bury the capitol building.

  5. Used cell phones and the Internet to work from home – the sad thing about modern technology is that you no longer get snow days off.

  6. Built snow aliens- well, they were supposed to be snow-men, but they mutated somewhere between the design stage and the execution.

  7. Watched the snow slowly accumulate to record levels.

  8. Joined snowball fights organized over the Internet – not quite spontaneous.

  9. Dug out cars from side streets and parking lots, while wondering what ever happened to the flying cars we were promised in the future.

  10. Drank hot chocolate with the heat cranked up and laughing at everyone outside who were getting buried in the snow.

I'll Tell People Where To Go For Free

The Third Friday 3-19-10 WSFA meeting was called to order at 9:20. Sam summarized the last meeting. Motion to accept minutes passed. The treasurer said, " We have money, all in the form of electrons. Not real money." Checking: WSFA: $ 5,697.78; Capclave: $2,953.51; Merchant: $2,411.65 Checking Total: $11,062.94. Paypal: $674.35 ; CDs: BB&T CD: $ 6000.00; M&T CD: $ 5828.39; CD Total: $11828.39

Total: $23565.68

The trustees announced the election will be first week in May. See a trustee to run [or get nominated from the floor. Intertivities lacks a chair. There were no volunteers.

Publications. February was white out. January issue is up. Ernest spoke for WSFA Press: Sean was sick. B&N placed order for ReReincarnations so we now have 0 inventory of the trade. Thanks to Ernest, Sean and everyone. There was a grammar debate, do we have less or fewer. Gayle said we have a contract out on Connie Willis, have people to do forward. People can sign up for the book when they register for Capclave. Paul: Hope to get it live by Sunday or Monday. Just waiting for info from Sean. We still have some limited edition Reincarnations for those who register.

Colleen: WSFA has 61 friends [on Facebook] Sam S asked if there was any report on asocial media.

Bill for Capclave 09 said that he will talk with Steve. He gave up on waiting for Tina. Will determine what we are missing. Gayle for Capclave 2010 said she has 5,000 bookmarks plus rack cards promoting Capclave. We're keeping up Capclave blog, Facebook page, get the word out. We are looking for ideas for publicizing Capclave. Sam L. said, if going to convention see me for flyers. Cathy for Capclave 2011 has been talking to hotels.

Bill for the Committee to Talk SF said Tom Doyle will be reading at our first Friday meeting in April. Colleen for Award committee said we have 41 stories. There I still time to nominate until March 31st. At the last meeting there was a long discussion. Committee wants to remove from standing rules the statement that defines small press by publication numbers. We want rules on the rules page, not standing rules, so we can be flexible. Committee can adjust to match what going on in small press award.

More grammar complaints. There was a long discussion on how to define small press. Colleen: Club will give info to committee and the committee will make a decision. Brian asked if the committee could come up with suggestion by a date. Colleen: We need to look at the rules and rework them. It will be something the club can give feedback on.

Sam S. Someone wants to take the motion off the table. It was. But then it was held for next meeting. Brian: I'd like to put as part of it that whatever the rules are when the announcement is made, they stay rules for that year. Paul: We're stuck with current rules this year. We want a change to fix what is FUBAR. Sam S. suggested an interim report sometime this summer as to what you want to propose.

Old business: None

New business: Cathy talked like a lawyer on tax stuff. John Madigan said, "At last meeting I was tasked with getting our name out on Meet-Up. I got to the point where they wanted $72 for six months." Many people: I'll tell people where to go for free.

Announcements: Stone Ridge used book sale April 16 – 19.

Adrienne flying out on Wednesday. WSFA bid her bon voyage.

Adjourned unanimously at 9:53.

Attendance: Colleen Cahill, Adrienne Ertman, Carolyn Frank, Erica and Lydia Ginter, Cathy Green, Paul Haggerty, Bill Lawhorn, Brian Lewis, Ernest Lilley, Sam Lubell, Bob Macintosh, Candy & John Madigan, Sarah Mitchell, Barry Newton, Sam Scheiner, George Shaner, Steve Smith, Gayle Surrette, Ivy Yah, and Madeleine Yeh.

What If Gets Broad!
By Colleen Cahill

Please join us for a reading session with four Broad Universe authors. Broad Universe is an international organization dedicated to exploring and promoting the work of women writers in science fiction, fantasy and horror. The four authors are:

Monday, April 12, 2010, 12:10 pm
Pickford Theater, 3rd Floor, Madison Building
Contact Nate Evans for more information.

LC What IF.. presentations are open to the public and require no reservations.

Hope to see you there!

Stone Ridge Used Book Sale
April 16-19
Sunday April 18 is half price day
Monday April 19 is $10 for a bag of books day