september 78


Change of Address:

Scott Dennis, Bob Lovell and Lee Smoire have moved to 1754 Park Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21217. Tels: (301) 728-2366 and 366-4794




On the fifth Friday of the incumbent moon, the party will be at JANET PRATO's residence.


Take Beltway (495) to Exit 6, Braddock Road. At the first light, go right: Ravensworth; then take the first left to Kalorama. At the first stop-sign, turn Right: Killebrew. At the 2nd left, Oreana.
Go right at the Deadend: it is the second house on the right.

The Gillilands will be giving an official GILLILAND ANNUAL HALLOWEEN PARTY on the last Saturday of October.

The Meetings for the month of October are as usual: First Friday, Gillilands; third Friday, Bergs.



August 18, 1978 at the Olivers', Alan Huff, presiding.

The meeting was called to order at 9:21:07 p.m. The minutes of August 4 were read and approved. No treasurer's report, as Bill Berg was absent.
***Membership. Walter Miles said that he might find it necessary to resign from membership soon.
***Entertainment. Doll Gilliland said that 20th Century Fox were not sponsoring the NATIONAL STAR WARS CON, which is to be held in NYC in December, and that, contrary to the con-ads, STAR WARS will not be shown there, neither will any of the cast appear at the con. Doll also noted that the film THE LORD OF THE RINGS is coming to the Dupont Circle Theater and asked if the club were interested in having a club outing to it. When general enthusiasm was expressed, she said she would look into it. Rosa Oliver proclaimed Cheese, Crackers, Beer and Soda-pop after the meeting. Kim Weston brought a box of STAR BARS. (cf. Unicon TV)
***DC in 84. Kent Bloom said that $1.00 pre-supporting memberships had been agreed upon and the bid treasurer, Bob Oliver, would accept $ and give receipts. Plans for the IggyCon party were underway and Alexis had designed attractive flier. Kent had received a receipt for the motion to amend the WSFS constitution rotation. . . (which would include Overseas bids, to begin with an Overseas Bid in 1983, and an East Coast one in 1984.)
***Library. Joe Mayhew noted that the WSFA fanzine collection contains many duplicates. It was suggested that he bring them to a WSFA meeting.
***Disclave. Alan Huff had contacted the Washington Hilton, and would look into other possible sites for DISCLAVE, as he hoped we might get a better deal than the Sheraton Park offers. The following Committee Appointments were announced:

PROGRAM: Dave Bischoff. Dan Joy will help Dave & also do program book. ART SHOW: Joe Mayhew. Tom Schaad, asst. REGISTRATIONS: Lee Smoire. HUXTERS: Mike Walsh. FILMS: Kim Weston, Kim needs help also suggestions.
***Old Business/New Business. None.
***Announcements. Lee Smoire (Iguanacon staff) announced that, despite personnel changes, the con was on. Sue Wheeler requested Tim Kyger be sent kumquats in support of his allegation that he'd rather work with kumquats than his (now-decimated) staff. Charlie Ellis revealed that the InterGalactic SF Show has been contracted to Intercontinental Films. Prints of Mike Jittlov's ANIMATO and TIME TRIPPER KEN are available from the film-maker at $100.00 each. Jack Lechner hyped his own film, TOKYO SHOESHINE BOY, and said it is soon to be seen in finished form, with the sequel already underway. Kim Weston is going on sabbatical. Pat Kelly lamented that the hotel for his Richmond, VA con had released the rooms it had been holding for him. The fate of the con hangs in the balance.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:55, followed by general muching, card-playing and memorable intercourse.
              (Sharon Harris/Joe Mayhew)




The Club Year begins with the Annual Meeting, which is held on the first Friday in May. At that time, the WSFA treasury balance was: $ 1,677.82.

May 5, 1978 (the Annual Meeting)
INCOME: Dues: $24.00. OUTGO: To A. Gilliland for Food and Beverages (F&B): $56.00
May 19, 1978
INCOME: Dues: $ 4.00. OUTGO: To A. Gilliland for F&B: $ 85.00. To A. Carol for THE INVISIBLE FAN: $10.00.
June 2, 1978
INCOME: Dues: $ 4.00. OUTGO: To A. Gilliland for F&B $29.50.
June 16, 1978
INCOME: Dues: $ 1.00. OUTGO: To A. Gilliland for F&B $75.00. To A. Carol for Additional postage: $ 6.00.
July 7, 1978
INCOME: Dues: $4.00
July 21, 1978
INCOME: Dues: $22.00. Profits from Disclave: $ 3131.48. OUTGO: To P. Kelly for F&B: $50.00. To R. Oliver for 5th Friday F&B: $50.00. To B. Berg for F&B at Jan 20 meeting $50.00.
BALANCE ON HAND BEFORE MAY 5, 1978 : $1,677.82
INCOME MAY-JULY                       3,190.48
OUTGO MAY-JULY                          411.50

            --Statistics supplied by W. Berg,
                  WSFA Treasurer.


Charles Sheffield's new novel, SIGHT OF PROTEUS, comes out this month. It is the first of a three-book contract with ACE which will include a collection and another novel. . .this second novel is rapidly being written at the moment, as it is due by Christmas!*

Alexis Gilliland has won the FAAn award which he has long deserved. The awards are a sort of hybrid mimeograph machine and beer barrel on a stand; no inscription or anything to explain what it is.

The HUGO Awards: This year they are exactly the same as the NEBULA's, to whit: STARDANCE for novella, THE SCREWFLY SOLUTION [sic - actually EYES OF AMBER --KFL, 2005] for novelette, JEFFTY IS FIVE for short story and GATEWAY for novel. This is a reflection of the growing tendency for the two sets of awards to coalesce.

Other Hugo and Hugo-type awards included Orson Scott Card, the star of ANALOG, as John W Campbell award winner; Phil Foglio as Best Artist (fan) LOCUS as fanzine, and various other predictables.

A new science and science fiction magazine, OMNI, will make its debut this month. Ben Bova is fiction editor, with Stanley Schmidt having taken over at ANALOG. OMNI will be a very flashy magazine that pays $800 to $1250 a story and may revolutionize the sf world (or it may not). I have not discovered who the new editor of GALAXY will be, J.J. Pierce having resigned a while back.

IGUANACON had over 4600 attendees (not registrees) making it by far the biggest con ever. . .

The motion to have the rotations changed so that WSFA may present a bid for 1984 was ultimately tabled, after a lengthy discussion. Kent Bloom presented an excellent case for WSFA, but LASFS is also interested in celebrating its bicentennial (or something) in the same year; it will be interesting to see what results in England.


CHRIS CALLAHAN, not Avedon Carol as previously stated, is a trustee of WSFA.

Please send any corrections to the WSFA Journal so that a retraction may appear in time for the succeeding issue!



Meeting held August 4, 1978, at the Gillilands'. Alan Huff presiding.

The meeting was called to order at 9:10 (Bill Berg time, Alan being watchless.) The minutes of the previous meeting were unavailable owing to the absence of the secretary. This meeting's minutes were recorded by the club librarian, Joe Mayhew.

***Treasurer's report: $4456.80 is presently in the WSFA treasury.
***Committee Reports:
***Membership. Two new members joined at the last meeting: Robert G Lovell (present) and Ann M Westlake, (absent.)
***Publications. Somtow Sucharitkul, editor of the WSFA Journal, reported that the first issue of the new newsletter was out and available. Those attending could pick up their copies and copies would be mailed to absent members. Two corrections were noted by the editor: (1) AVEDON CAROL was mistakenly listed as a Trustee instead of Chris Callahan. (2) The next meeting of WSFA would not be at the Bergs' but rather at Bob and Rosa Oliver's house in Clinton. AVEDON reported that additional copies of the INVISIBLE FAN were available to those who hadn't gotten their copies.
***DC in 84. Kent Bloom reports: the bid meeting held after the meeting at Pat Kelly's (7/21/78) elected new officers for the year: Kent was elected as chairman of the bid, and Bob Oliver as treasurer. An agenda for the next meeting was announced:
        (1) a discussion of the bidding structure under the WSFS constitution,
        (2) the plans for the IguanaCon party
        (3) Whether to have pre-supporting members yet
        (4) Publicity
A meeting of the bid committee was scheduled following the current meeting.
***Entertainment. Pat Kelly reports that the refreshment for the meeting at his house cost exactly the allotted $50 and there would therefore be nothing refunded. Doll Gilliland reported that there would be fruit salad for refreshment after the meeting.
***Old Business. Kent Bloom, Chairman of the DC in 84 Bid, moved that $200 be appropriated from the WSFA treasury for support of the 84 Bid Committee, to include but not limited to throwing a bidding party at Iguanacon. It was unanimously passed with no formal discussion.
***Vote for GOH at DISCLAVE. Alan announced that the vote would be tallied by Australian ballot. Which he explained. Alexis suggested that record be kept of the second, third etc choices. The President agreed and added that such had been his intention. The balloting was supervised by Joe Mayhew. Lee Smoire was asked to count the voting members: the count was 38. The ballots were counted by Robert Clifford, assisted by Rosa Oliver and Doll Gilliland. Joe Mayhew announced the results; the following writers would be approached in this sequence:
        (1) Ursula K. Le Guin
        (2) Roger Zelazny
        (3) Spider Robinson
        (4) John Varley
        (5) Fritz Leiber
        (6) A. E. Van Vogt
        (7) George R. R. Martin.

***New Business and Announcements. Eva Whitley and Jack Chalker announced that their wedding ceremony would be held at 2 p.m. on August 12, 1978 on the Millersburg Ferry with a reception following at the Liverpool Fire Co., Social Hall. Jack and Eva's address after September 15, 1978 will be:

        4704 Warner Drive, Manchester, MD 21102

Eric Lindsay, a guest from Australia, was introduced.
Maps were distributed for Denny Carroll's party held Saturday nite. Mike Walsh announced that a party for Pat Potts would be held in Baltimore Saturday nite. Pat is leaving the area for Austin TX.
Bruce Miller asked is anyone else was having trouble getting a response from the SeaCon committee. He seemed to be having trouble getting his membership.
Jack Lechner opined that the movie EYES OF LAURA MARS, despite bad reviews, was probably worth seeing because it was made by such great people.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:47, to be followed by the DC in 84 meeting and a poker game.

PEOPLE PRESENT AT 8/4/78 MEETING: Huff, Gilliland A., Bill Berg, C. Callahan, Joe Mayhew, Lee Smoire, Jack Heneghan, Bruce Miller, Sue Applegate, Mark Owings, Jack Chalker, Eva Whitley, Michael Walsh, Dick Roepke, Steve Smith, Nancy Kane, Richard Thompson, Pat Kelly, Patty Applebaum, Steve Brown, Somtow Sucharitkul, Janet Prato, Walter Miles, Robert Lovell, Carol Avedikian, Fran Buhman, Stephanie Spearman, Michael Crouch, Joanna Dionne, Wayne Dionne, Mark Ford, Cindy Topel, Lucille Ennis, Rosa Oliver, Bob Oliver, D. Gilliland, R. Clifford..

After the meeting, the following arrived: S Harris, M Harris, D Hastie, T White, S Stiles, V Miles, Mike Kurman, Charlie Ellis, Dave Weems, Susie Kuhn . . .)


People are hunting for color TV sets on Sunday, 17th, to watch Battlestar Galactica. Opinion seems mixed on this, ranging from "a science fiction ROOTS (!)" to "yet another Space-1999. . .snore. . ."


Perhaps more entertaining might be, on Saturday 16th on Channel 45, Jungle Moon Men, a Jungle Jim movie. No time was supplied, unfortunately.

List of people present at the 8/18 Meeting (for the completist)
Alexis Gilliland, Sharon Harris, Joe Mayhew, Sue Wheeler, Tom Schaad, Marianne Petrino, Bob Oliver, Rosa Oliver, Dan Joy, Walter Miles, Doll Gilliland, Fran Buhman, Patricia Kierker (?) Robert Butler, Kent Bloom, Jack Lechner, Deborah Viertel, Lee Smoire, Mike Harris, Ray Ridenour, Elaine Normandy, Scott Dennis, Janet McComaghey, Dave Hastie, Janet Prato, John Sapienza, Jean Stevenson, Kim Weston, Avedon Carol, Jack Heneghan, S Forrest, Steve Stiles, Pat Potts, Mike Kurman, Robert Lovell, Edie Williams, Lisa Peoples, Steve Smith, Judy Fetter, and others who did not bother to sign.


    3428 South Stafford Street,
        Arlington, VA   22206


The WSFA Journal appears monthly and is edited by Somtow Sucharitkul. People who have helped with this issue (wittingly or unwittingly) include: Joe Mayhew, Dan Joy, Alexis and Doll Gilliland, T.A.D. Markham, and Walter Miles.

The WSFA Journal is distributed only to WSFA Members. If you should desire a copy, kindly pay your dues to the treasurer.

Editorial Address: 3428 South Stafford Street, Arlington, VA 22206. Telephone (HOTLINE FOR NEWS) 703-931-5098. Please write to the above address, or call, with all news, changes of address, and so on. If there is any thing you would like your fellow WSFAns to know, no matter how unsavoury, here is the place to put it! Only this way can you be guaranteed to reach all members. . .whether they want to or not.