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The scoop on forthcoming cons in October, within driving distance:

October 20-22, 1978
Best Western Virginia Inn
(Exit 17 off I-95 at U.S. 301)

Con rates now $7; room rates $17 single, $22 double. Hucksters, $15. Smallish con this, run by noted WSFAn Patrick Kelly. Write to Pat Kelly, 9305 Marycrest St., Fairfax, VA   22030

On of the features of this convention is that your own humble Editor (me) will be reading his forthcoming ANALOG story, "The Thirteenth Utopia", or perhaps his forthcoming ASIMOV's SF story "A Day in Mallworld". End of self-adulatory plug. More orthodox features include Steve Stiles, GoH Karl Edward Wagner, Kelly Freas, and Steve Miller, who will also be perpetrating the story-reading shtik.

PHILCON is the next weekend. A much larger con. This is now $8. Information from Meg Phillips, 210 Londonderry Lane, Darby, PA   19023.
Geo Wash. Motor Lodge, Valley Forge, PA. Guest of Honor: MICHAEL BISHOP, author of such masterpieces as A FUNERAL FOR THE EYES OF FIRE, STOLEN FACES, THE SAMURAI AND THE WILLOWS, and AND STRANGE AT ECBATAN THE TREES. Brilliant.



Minutes: Meeting held on September 1, 1978 at Elaine and Jack's in East Pines, Alan Huff presiding.
People present at time of meeting: Alan Huff, Pres., Sharon Harris, sec., Joe Mayhew, Trust., Simon Forrest, John Huff, Elaine Normandy, Jack Heneghan, Ted Rosenberg, Jake Rosenberg, Ron Wolz, Barry Newton, Charles and Doll Gilliland, Michele Rosenberg, Elizabeth Rosenberg, Walter Miles, Larry Herman, Dan Joy, Rosa Oliver, Bob Oliver, Mike Harris. (The following showed up later: Somtow Sucharitkul, J.H. Lechner.)

The meeting was called to order at 9:15 p.m. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. There was no treasurer's report due to Bill Berg's absence.
Committee Reports:
***Entertainment   Doll reported that it was too soon, in the opinion of the Dupont Circle Theater's management, to plan a theater party for LORD OF THE RINGS. She will look into it in six or eight weeks. The Smithsonian will give no discount for groups attending its Laserium; parties can simply buy a lot of tickets from Ticketron. After the show has been reviewed. we might look into the matter. Doll also invites everyone over to her house for PUZZLECON, while Jack Heneghan tried valiantly to get a group out for the midnight showing of STAR WARS at Maryland University, and Guanocon was planned at Alan's with Charles Sheffield as GoH.
***Disclave   Alan Huff reported that the Hilton won't do for DISCLAVE and that we will probably be at the Sheraton Park, barring any better offers. He also announced the following committee appointments, omitted previously:

Gofers: Rosa Oliver, Hotel Liaison: Dave Kogelman. Still no response from Ursula Le Guin.

***Schedule of Future Meetings   Regular Schedule through November: i.e., SEPTEMBER 15 at BERGS, OCTOBER 6 AT GILLILANDS, NOVEMBER 17 at BERGS. (5th Friday Party at present uncertain; possibly Lee Smoire's.)

***Publications: The Journal will publish a membership list in the October issue. It also solicits any news, convention information and notices of interest to club members.
***Old Business/New Business  none.

***Announcements   MIKE AND SHARON HARRIS will soon be homeowners. Sept. 11 they will acquire a house in Haymarket, VA. TED ROSENBERG said he is a full time consultant now. DOLL GILLILAND said that ALEXIS had won the FAAn Award for best humorous artist.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:41 p.m., followed by darts, party and goings on up in the turret bedroom. . .

          ---prepared by Sharon Harris and Joe Mayhew

MINUTES harris&mayhew



The WSFA Journal is edited by Somtow Sucharitkul & put together by him for the benefit of paid-up members of WSFA only. WSFA, the Washington Science Fiction Association, that is. . .
Joe Mayhew, Sharon Harris, Doll Gilliland, Alexis Gilliland, Janet Prato, Dan Joy and many others helped make this issue what it is.

NEWS, etc. should be sent to Somtow Sucharitkul, 3428 South Stafford Street, Arlington, VA 22206 or called in to 703-931-5098. No responsibility is taken for members misled by erroneous party directions, which are invariably copied down word for word from Alan Huff's telephonic mutterings.

A Meeting was held on September 23rd at Alan's Apartment to discuss what options are open for filing tax returns for WSFA, based on the assumption that we will receive sufficient income to have to file returns (note that we may have to file even if our expenses are sufficient to wipe out the income, resulting in no tax) this year.

Most of the options will require preparing a new constitution and bylaws, but there is some sentiment favoring doing that, anyway. The content of the new constitution and bylaws is relatively independent of which option is chosen, so the particulars of these were left to later developments.


1. Continue as we are now, but file tax returns. This is the minimum of effort, but has the difficulty that we will have to explain why we didn't file returns for prior years.

2. Re-organize WSFA as a non-incorporated association, including DISCLAVE as a function, and file Tax Returns for the new organization. The structure could resemble the present one, but it would make it somewhat easier to explain why this year is our first set of returns.

3. Re-organize WSFA as a corporation, including DISCLAVE as a function, and file tax returns for the new organization. This does the most to make a new entity out of WSFA, thus making it easiest to explain why these are our first returns. It also would provide corporate limited liability for officers and members, although a major part of this function could be provided by taking out liability insurance to cover us against anyone being injured at DISCLAVE. Incorporation would have the disadvantage of forcing us to follow strict statutory procedures in club operations, however.

The major attraction for keeping to one organization is that it would allow us to continue to merge the financial operations of all club functions. We have charged very low dues so far, and used DISCLAVE funds to pay for a number of club activities, such as the boat trip two years ago, and the food and drink for meetings.


4. Re-organize WSFA and DISCLAVE as separate non-incorporated associations. This has the disadvantage of separating the finances of the two activities, and offers no apparent advantage in return.

5. Re-organize WSFA as a non-incorporated association, and re-organize DISCLAVE as a corporation. This would provide corporate limited liability in the function in which we deal with the largest number of people, and would create an obviously new organization filing returns. Remember the points we made in no. 3, however.

6. Re-organize WSFA and DISCLAVE as two separate corporations.

The organization so far assumes a taxable organization. Whether WSFA could be an exempt organization is questionable. We cannot be an exempt social club because more than 15% of our gross receipts come from non-members (DISCLAVE members are largely non-WSFA members, remember).

We would have difficulty with a claim that we are exempt for "literary" reasons, as BSFS is, because we do not conduct the literary activities outside our convention that they do. What we make available at DISCLAVE may not help making it more "literary" since people have to pay to get in; and one factor in an "exempt" organization is that its benefits should be made available to the community at large, whether or not members of the organization.

In any case, we would have to file as many papers as an exempt organization as we would otherwise, since they have to file information returns. More important, we could not spend our funds with the freedom that we do now---on non-literary activities.

The above notes were contributed by John Sapienza.


wsfa dilemma?




September 15, at Bill Berg's. Alan Huff, presiding.

In attendance at time of meeting: Huff, A. Gilliland, Bill Berg, S Harris, S Wheeler, J Mayhew, R Ridenour, John Novak, Tom Schaad, Sapienza, I Reddick, Pat McGuire, Janet Prato, Fran Buhman, D Gilliland, C Gilliland, W Miles, R Cohen, Judy Fetter, S Stiles, Pat Kelly, R Jacobs, Mike Harris, Tom Joll, Scott Dennis, Nancy Lebovitz, K Bloom, Edie Williams, Paul Stevens, Gregory Pochepko, E Normandy, Lucille Ennis, Steve Smith, Lisa Peoples, Mike Kurman, Lee Smoire, B Lovell, M Riley, Avedon, Jackie Bill, Jack Lechner, Paavo St Dennis, Somtow Sucharitkul, Dan Joy, J Thomas, C Thomas.

Meeting called to order at 9:15 pm. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. Bill Berg reported that the treasury balance was $4238.80 (see report).

***Membership   Five new members have joined. At meeting on Aug. 4, Lucille Ennis (pres.) Lisa Peoples (prs.) and Mike Kurman (present) and at Aug. 18 meeting, Charlie Ellis (absent) and John Novak (pres.) Charlie and Mike are not exactly new to WSFA. Walter Miles has resigned from the membership committee. Joe Mayhew is preparing an updated membership roster to be included as a special supplement to the October Journal.
***Publications   Somtow reports that the JOURNAL is not out due to problems at printers, but will be mailed to members before the 5th Friday party. Avedon's Invisible Fan has come out again (no. 6) and is available to members.
***DC IN 84   Kent Bloom reports that the rotation agreement/amendment has been tabled until SEACON in 1979. Everyone should go to Boskone in 80 where it would have to be ratified. Discussion followed. Smoire pointed out that the folks on the West Coast were upset that our motion would result in their bid always coming up in an overseas convention. Kent reported that no pre-supporting memberships have been sold, but that some of the money given by the Club for Bid Support at Iggycon was being returned.
***DISCLAVE   Alan reports that he has signed a contract with the Sheraton Park for the con. This includes the use of the same space as last year with some additions. Doll inquired whether C-640 had been secured and indicated that it should be. Room rates will be $29 for singles, $34 for doubles. We will be sharing the hotel with Lions, who will be finished eating by Saturday evening. Alan announced that the membership will probably go up to $4 or $6. Discussion followed. John Sapienza pointed out several problems relating to law and profits. Alan Huff, as a result of this discussion scheduled a meeting on Saturday, Sept 23, 1978 at 2 pm at his place. The meeting would be an ad hoc discussion of the problems and options. The results would be reported to the club at the next meeting for further discussions and eventual action. Topics would include club and/or convention incorporation and other means of regularizing our affairs.
***OLD BUSINESS   The Fifth Friday Party will be at Janet Prato's.
***NEW BUSINESS   The Ad-hoc committee will meet and report.

***ANNOUNCEMENTS   SUE WHEELER: Balticon 13 has two confirmed guests so far: C.J.CHERRYH and STEPHEN KING. LEE SMOIRE: Has several interesting publications pertaining to Iggycon. October issue of PENTHOUSE has a lot of good SF Stuff. OMNI is out. MIKE HARRIS: is now in debt for 30 years. WSFA will be invited out to Haymarket for a viewing in October. JACK LECHNER: The premiere showing of TOKYO SHOESHINE BOY would take place in Bill's basement after the meeting. BOB LOVELL: sold his first words to GALILEO, a science-fact article about asteroid mining. (entitled, tentatively, "You Bet Your Asteroid".) RAY RIDENOUR: Scientific American reports that Tektites are "moon vomit", not pantyhose for technicians. JOE MAYHEW: The club's extra fanzines will be brought to the next regular meeting. "El Ultimo Homo Sapiens", pubbed in Quito, is an example of Ecuadorian SF. ROSA OLIVER: will not die as a result of her sprained ankle, ah no. No, nurse Oliver will hobble on. Our guest from Australia, PAUL STEVENS, made a pitch for his SF publication, Australian SIFI News, also for Space Age Books in Melbourne.
***The meeting was adjourned at 10 p.m. in time to watch a Sci-Fi Film on the Toiletvision entitled "STARSHIP INVADERS". Later the Ali-Spinks fight and Lechner's film, and Poker. Meanwhile, Mayhew WENT AROUND TAKING NAMES.

              ---Sharon Harris/Joe Mayhew



Friday Oct 6 Meeting: Gillilands
Saturday Oct 7 The Best of Betty Boops   Hirshhorn Museum, 11 a.m.
Wed, Oct 11 Lecture: Fred Doyle on "The Round Earth on Flat Paper" Air & Space, 8-9 p.m.
Thur, Oct 12 FILMS: Abstract Animation Hirsh, 8 p.m. WW II Movie, "AIR FORCE" (1943) Air & Space, 7:30 "Future Visions Masquerade Wang Dang" at the Ontario Theater, 7:30 p.m. $4; $3.50 in costume
Wed, Oct 18 Robert Sharpe on "Earth's Unique Surface", A&S 8-9 p.m.
Thur, Oct 19, Experimental Films of the 1970's Hirsh, 8 p.m. WWII Movie "Fighting Lady" (1945) A&S, 7:30
Fri, Oct 20, WSFA Meeting (Bill Berg's)
Sat, Oct 21, DONALD DUCK RETROSPECTIVE Hirshhorn, 11 a.m.
Wed, Oct 25 Lecture. Grant Groff: "On A View of the Water Planet" A&S, 8-9 p.m.
Thur, Oct 26 GHOULS' NIGHT OUT Excerpts from Monster Movies, Hirsh 8 p.m. WWII---633 Squadron (1964) A&S 7:30
Sat, 28 GILLILAND PARTY 20th Annual Halloween Party
Wed, Nov 1 Lecture, Murray Mitchell "Earth's Dynamic Atmosphere" A&S 8 p.m.
Fri, Nov 3 WSFA Meeting at the GILLILANDS'   WATERSHIP DOWN opens at the Janus and the Cereberus in D.C.

--contributed by Doll Gilliland

Retractions: One really big goof, again blamable on the redoubtable Alan Huff: winner of the Novelette Category in the Hugo Awards was NOT, as previously advertised, THE SCREWFLY SOLUTION by Tiptree (alias Raccoona Sheldon). The real winner was EYES OF AMBER by Joan D. Vinge, and thus they were NOT identical to the NEBULA awards in every respect. Both the list of winners, and the sentiments about the winners being identical, came over the phone from Alan, who had got them over the phone from Ted White in Phoenix. Ah well, even Editors can err, it seems.

Alexis Gilliland is beginning to send cartoons to BIG SLICKS in enormous batches. In the next few months we should see the emergence of Alexis Gilliland cartoons in every major national magazine, if all goes well. We all wish him luck.

Pat Potts has now moved to Texas. Her address is [censored], Austin, TX 78752.

PIRANHA is the funniest Sci-Fi flick I have seen for a long time. It has thousands of fish devouring innocent kids in waterholes, a mad genetic engineer with a heart of gold, hilariously appalling acting. Recommended for the iron-stomached.

The new editor of GALAXY is Hank Stine. WSFAn slush-pile contributors should address their mss to him at 585 Caddo Street, Baton Rouge LA 70806. Rates have now dropped to 1¢ a word, but they promise to pay "72 hours after publication". . .

Partygoers should not forget the Halloween Party at the Gillilands, on Saturday the 28th. This is an annual event, apparently. (Note: This is also Philcon weekend).

West German Radio is doing a feature on Somtow, also his piece "Gongula 3" will be broadcast by the BBC sometime soon.






hi finance

Treasury balance as of August 1, 1978: $4,456.80

Transactions: August 4, 1978: INCOME: Dues, $2.00 OUTGO: to A. Gilliland for Food and Beverage, 18.00; also to P. Oliver, $200.00 for DC in 84 committee.
September 15, 1978: INCOME: Dues: $13.00; OUTGO: To R. Oliver for F&B at August 18, 1978 meeting, $50.00; $50.00 to Bill Berg for F&B at September 15, 1978 meeting; $15.50 to S. Sucharitkul for printing WSFA Journal, and $9.00 to Avedon Carol for postage of THE INVISIBLE FAN.


Balance on hand as of August 1, 1978:  $4,456.80
Income during Aug/Sep 1978                 15.50
Outgo during Aug/Sept 1978                355.50
BALANCE (Sep 15, 1978)                 $4,114.30

---statistics supplied by William Berg, Treas.


AVERY, Shirley                CLIFFORD, Robert                  DOLAN, Steve
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Baltimore, MD 21218           Arlington, VA 22204               Silver Spring, MD 20903
301-?                         (703) 931-0759                    301-439-8770

Barile, Jean                  COMERFORD, Sherna                 ELLIS, Charlie
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Takoma Park, Md 20012         Hyattsville, MD 20781             Baltimore, ND 21206
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BAUER, Fred                   COX, Jan and Phillip              ENEY, Dick
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8 Munchen 31, W Germany
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Baltimore, MD 21218

Sucharitkul, Somtow
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TARRANTS, J. Timothy
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P.O.B. 26
Sandy Spring, MD