wsfa journal

december 1978

vol 2 no.5



Of the regular meeting held at Bill Berg's on November 17, 1978. Alan Huff presiding.

Present: Alexis Gilliland, V.P., Bill Berg, Treas., Sharon Harris, Sec., Joe Mayhew, Trust., Rex Conn, Kevin Lockwood, Betty Lockwood, Dave Hastie, Walter Miles, Bill Mayhew, Kent Bloom, Tom Schaad, Mike Harris, Mike Walsh, Sue Kerry, Doll Gilliland, Charles Gilliland, Lee Smoire, Carol Fowler, John Ellis, Scott Dennis, John Novak, Bob Oliver, Rosa Oliver, Lisa Peoples, Steve Smith, Scottie Robinson, Bruce Miller, Dan Joy, Somtow Sucharitkul, Jack Chalker, Eva Whitley, George Nyhen, Barry Newton, Mike Riley, Jackie Riley.

The meeting was called to order at 9:58 (after Star Wars Special). The minutes were read and approved with the note that the Bride of Paracon is in College Station. The treasury stood at $3,868.55.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Three new members joined at the last meeting: 1) Bobby Baum, 2) Ginny McNitt, and 3) Peter S. Alterman. (All were absent).

ENTERTAINMENT: Lord of the Rings party was scheduled for the 2:50 matinee. The Gilliland's tree trimming party is being held on the 15th. Their Winter Solstice dinner is on the 16th. Doll is asking those who plan to attend the dinner to tell her what they are bringing as soon as possible.

DISCLAVE COMMITTEE: The report is being printed in the Journal (last month's). There will be a committee meeting at Joe Mayhew's on Sat., Dec. 2 at 2:00 pm. (6000 67th Ave. Apt 104, East Pines, Md., 20840 Phone: (301) 459 5634). Lee Smoire reported that P.O. Box at the Main P.O. is $14.00 for 6 months, and there is at least a month's waiting list.

PUBLICATIONS: The Journal, delayed due to paper shortage, will be distributed at Dec. 1 meeting. Somtow will be away in Dec. Dan Joy will edit Dec. issue.

OLD BUSINESS: John Sapienza will provide us with an explanation of the options he outlined to the ad-hoc committee on incorporation questions. He will answer any questions about his report at that time. Discussion and other questions will be deferred to next scheduled meeting of the ad-hoc committee. All members of WSFA are encouraged to attend the ad-hoc meeting, which will be scheduled at the Dec. 1 regular meeting.

NEW BUSINESS: None transacted.


BRUCE MILLER has been acknowledged by SEACON. JOHN ELLIS is writing a script for NO TIME FOR HEROES. DAN JOY announced that FANNY HILL #5 will be out at Dec. 1 meeting. LEE SMOIRE announced that 1) she got drunk, and 2) the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW is playing in Baltimore. WHERE WILL THE FIFTH FRIDAY PARTY BE? The meeting broke down at 10:28. It was totalled.


NOTE: Somtow Sucharitkul, regular editor of the WSFA journal, is in Thailand for the month of December. This issue can be entirely blamed on Dan Joy, Interim editor.

Of the regular meeting held on DEC 1, 1978 at the Gillilands'. Alan Huff presiding. Present were: Alexis Gilliland, V.P., Bill Berg, Treas., Joe Mayhew, Trust., John Epperson, Tom Schaad, Dan Joy, Walter Miles, Larry Herman, Doll Gilliland, Charles Gilliland, Mark Owings, Pat Kelly, Mike Shoemaker, Michael E. Harris, Lucille Ennis, Bobby Baum, Simon Forrest, Fran Buhman, Jim Landau, Scott Dennis, Judy Newton, Janet Lynch, Kim Weston, Beverly Brandt, Mike Kurman, Ginny McNitt, Sandra Carvey, Janey Brauninger, Rich Dixon, Mike Walsh, Lee Smoire, Janet Prato, Helen Pease, Ken Dunn, Bob Lovell, Steve Smith, Lisa Peoples, Dave Hastie, Kent Bloom, Bruce Miller, Phil Cox, Richard Thompson, Debbie Cox, Nancy Handwork, John Ellis, Dick Roepke, Pete Alterman, Avedon Carol, John Novak, Mike Tuchman, Jack Lechner, John Sapienza, Scottie Robinson, Denny Carroll, Bob Oliver, Rosa Oliver, Judith Judson, Sue Wheeler, Judy Fetter, Edie Williams, Rick Jacobs, Eva Whitley, Jack Chalker, Paavo St. Dennis, Bill Marlow, Dan Steffan, Ted White, Elaine Normandy.

The meeting was called to order at 9:29. The minutes were read and approved except that Bruce Miller objected to the paternity suit. The treasurer reported that the balance stood at $3,475.55. (see report)

MEMBERSHIP: Two new members joined: Rex Conn, (absent), T. Scott Robinson (Present).
ENTERTAINMENT: Doll Requested people to bring ornaments to the tree trimming party. She will provide the hangers.
PUBLICATIONS: Somtow is in Paris, on his way to Thailand. Journal was distributed. December will be Joy.
DISCLAVE: ROGER ZELAZNY is interested in doing a non-sf reading of something by someone else.
DC IN 84: Kent Bloom reports that there will be a committee meeting after the 1st meeting in January (at Berg's). Please write any promo ideas down and give them to him. Also contact any foreign (alien?) fan friends.
OLD BUSINESS PAT KELLY offered his place for the 3rd Friday meeting in January. There being no objections, Alan approved the change and noted that he would be absent.
5th FRIDAY PARTY: 946 Montpelier ST.
JOHN SAPIENZA reported on the incorporation question. A meeting was scheduled for the Saturday after the 1st meeting in February at 4 pm at Pat Kelly's. The questions will be opened to general discussion.
JACK CHALKER has an opus coming out: THE WAR OF SHADOWS due out in Feb from ACE. Another work is a WWII novel featuring John W. Campbell as a character. BALTICON, April 13-15 has POUL ANDERSON as GoH. CHALKER'S SURPRISE PARTY IS CANCELLED. The meeting was recessed, JOHN SAPIENZA reported, then adjourned round 11 pm.         SH/JM



The second staff meeting was held at Joe Mayhew's. Present were: Alan Huff, Joe Mayhew, Dan Joy, Tom Schaad, Dave Hastie, John Ellis, Nancy Handwork, Fran Buhman, and Rosa Oliver.
It was decided that Disclave would buy a dolly. Joe Mayhew and others will investigate the equipment and the cost.
An account for "DISCLAVE" will be opened with Alan Huff (Chairman) and Joe Mayhew (Art Show) as signatories. Ray Ridenour is now writing blackouts and skits. Joe Mayhew has bought some of the new art hangings. It was decided to give change at the registration desk in $2.00 bills.
The con membership at $3.00 will be extended to the end of February.
The committee is looking for someone to coordinate publicity for the con.
It was suggested that there be an inventory of what actually belongs to WSFA?

John Ellis announces: people who are interested in participating in, supplying costumes for, or otherwise helping with the dramatic vignettes or "blackouts" should contact him at 703-820-3962.



Balance forward from November 3, 1978: $3,863.55
November 17, 1978
INCOME: Dues: $8.00. OUTGO: to B. Berg for F&B at Nov 17 meeting: $45.00. To A. Gilliland for 31 tickets to WATERSHIP DOWN, $106.00. To J. Mayhew (from DISCLAVE reserves) for Art Show hangings: $250.00

December 1, 1978
INCOME: DUES: $26.00. OUTGO: To A. Gilliland for F&B at Dec 1 meeting $61.78. To A. Gilliland for 44 tickets to LORD OF THE RINGS, $150.00

Balance on hand before November 3: $3,868.55
Income during period: $34.00
Outgo during period: $612.78 (Total decrease=578.78)
Balance on hand after DEC 1: $3,289.77.
        from W. Berg, Treas.




Get on to Route 50 from the Beltway in Virginia. Head West away from D.C. on route 50 (Arlington Blvd.) After the sixth traffic light, take the second right on to Stonehurst. Then take the first left on to Marycrest. Pat's Townhouse is 9305, on the left.
NOTE: When parking, use an un-numbered space. Parking is allowed on Stonehurst.
If in doubt, call Pat Kelly at 591-2093.

Directions to Ye Olde Wise Martha'a Menagerie (Residence of Lee Smoire, Bob Lovell and Scott Dennis) 1754 Park Avenue Baltimore

From 40 follow Edmonson Ave, which becomes Mulberry St., to Howard st (300 block W); turn left on Howard, go nine lights to Park, then left on Park to us (six blocks ahead). 3rd house from corner, orange, brown & white striped seasonal curtains.

From 95 take last exit to Russell st (= BW Pkwy) which becomes Paca St. Follow Paca many blocks to Y form; bear right to the first light, then make a dogleg left up Eutaw St. Then bear right just before the first light onto Biddle, keeping to the left to turn left at the first light onto Howard; then turn left at the fourth light onto Park, Proceed six blocks...
From Parkway, see 95 instructions.

In case of emergency, call 728-2366 or 366-4794.



DAVE BISCHOFF is living in New York through March. He will be back in the Washington area once in awhile for holidays, weekends, etc, and will return permanently in about three months. His temporary address meanwhile is 102 W. 85th St.
#11D N.Y. N.Y. 10024
His phone number is 212-874-7982 in case anybody wants to get in touch with him.

6 Danforth Rd. Apt 145
Nashua, New Hampshire

(and Lynn, and Jeff Schalles)
823 Wakefield St.
Arlington, VA 22203



Jan 5-7, 1979
Sheraton, Downtown Chattanooga

Alan Dean Foster, Bob Tucker, Clifford Amos. There will be a video tape room, art show, masquerade, program book, con suite open 24 hours, hucksters room ($10 per table), buffet for $9. Rooms: $22 single, $30 double. For reservations call toll free 615-756-5150 or 800-325-3535 and tell the operator you want to be booked for the SF con. Registration is $7 until December 18, 9 bucks after that. Write: Chattacon 4, POBox 21173, Chattanooga, TN 37421

Jan 5-7
Host Town Motel, 30 Keller Ave. at US 222
Lancaster, PA.
Regs, $4, $6 at door. For reservations, call collect 717-299-5700. Guests are C.J. Cherryh and Stu Shiffman. Karass says "This is a resort hotel with many rooms having bars and refrigerators; each room has a coffee and tea maker. Hotel has indoor pool, sauna, jacuzzi, game room: skiing, ice skating, tobogganing, etc. are available." Rooms: $20 single, $27 double, $31 triple, $35 quad. You can get two good meals a day for twelve bucks. The con will feature films, parties, and art show, a hucksters' room ($15 for a table and that includes one membership. Write to: Bruce and Flo Newrock, Box 270-A, RO 2, Flemington, NJ 08822.

Jan 19-21
West Bank Holiday Inn, 2900 Jackson Ave., Ann Arbor, MI. 48103. Call 313-665-4444 for rooms, which cost $23 for a single, $35 for a room with one double bed, $29 for a double with two double beds. (That doesn't make sense to me--the info may be wrong.) Guests: Spider & Jeanne Robinson, Scott Imes. Your MC is Ro Lutz-Nagey. They will have an art show, one-shot video tape and fanzine rooms, films, program, a masquerade with a laser light show, and a Hucksters' room ($10 for a table, $7 for each additional table). Regs are $6 until Jan 1. Then they go up to $8. Write Karen Persello. 617 S. Forest #4, Anne Arbor, MI. 48104.

Feb. 2-4
The Wisconsin Center, 702 Langdon St., Madison, WI. Hotel is Madison Inn. Regs are $5 until Jan 15, after that, $7 at door only. Guests are Suzy McKee Charnas. John Varley, Gina Clarke. They are going to have masquerade, D&D, art show, movies, hucksters. This is a feminist oriented con. Write Wiscon 3, Box 1624, Madison, WI 53701.

Feb 9-11
REGS: $6 to Fortcon c/o CSU Anti-Martian society, CSU Student Center, Box 407, Ft. Collins, CO 80523. Guests: James Gunn, Tim Kyger, Ed Bryant.

Feb 9-11
Ramada Inn, 120 West Pershing, North Little Rock, AR. They've got Kelley Freas and Shelby Bush as guests. Regs: $8 in Advance, $10 at the door. Write ROC*KON, PO Box 9911, Little Rock, AR. 72219

Feb 16-18
Sheraton Boston Hotel.
Guests: Frank Herbert, Mark Chartrand, Mike Symes. Regs $8. Art show, program, games, movies, etc. Hucksters' tables are $20 for your first, $25 for your second, $30 for your third. Write: NESFA, POB G, MIT Branch PO, Cambridge, Mass. 02139.

Feb 16-19.
Holiday Inn, San Francisco, CA. Rooms, $34 single, $40 double. Regs $5 until November 16 (guess we've missed that one), $6 until Feb 15, $7 at door. Hucksters' tables are $30 for a whole table and one membership, $20 for a half table and one membership. Guests are Robert Anton Wilson, Bill Breiding, Elmer Perdue. Toastmaster is Gary Farber. They are having tours around San Fran. Write: Box 9990, 537 Jones, San Francisco, CA 94102.

The above information has been taken from LAST KARASS, 38th and last issue of Linda Bushyager's famous fan newszine. If you want a copy, I'm not sure if they are available, but you can write Linda at 1614 Evans Ave., Prospect Park, PA 19076.

The current leading fannish newszine is now FILE 770, published by Mike Glyer, who can be reached at 14974 Osceola Street, Sylmar, CA 91342. Send him $1.50 for a four issue subscription.

For general fan but mostly pro news, there's always LOCUS. If any of you actually don't know about this Hugo-winning publication, you get it from LOCUS publications at 34 Ridgewood Lane, Oakland CA 94611. It's $1 per copy, $9 for 12 issues, $17 for 24.



Locals Ted White and Dave Bischoff have a new collaboration out from Popular Library. It's called FORBIDDEN WORLD and it can be had at most bookstores for $1.50, darn cheap for a paperback these days. Portions of it have been published in AMAZING over the last several years. I can't find my copy now, but what I've read of it is very good entertaining adventure. Support your local pros and buy a copy. (Hmmm... I notice there is a character in it named Daniel Steffan...)

Berkley Books has recently reissued Ted's SECRET OF THE MARAUDER SATELLITE, originally published in 1968. It's a Heinleinesque "juvenile" and very good. It's got a Mike Hinge cover and costs $1.75. Buy it too.

Dave Bischoff will have a new novel, NIGHTWORLD, coming out from Del Rey in January for 1.75. Of it, the author says, "NIGHTWORlD is basically a fun adventure story with a few meaningful undertones to it--not outrageous in any way as far as 'this is a meaningful book.' Of the books that I have written so far it is the one that is the most me. NIGHTWORLD in a lot of ways is a prototype for a lot of things that I'll be doing in the future. What I like to do is take certain neat ideas, throw them together, and wreak havoc. Along the lines of a cohesive plot I do a lot of strange things which, in the context of the story, will eventually all make sense. It's just sort of a fun ride with the emphasis on entertainment." That quote was from Dave's interview in FANNY HILL #4. In the same interview, Dave says, "My mother hated science fiction. That's probably one of the reasons I'm a writer." In THRUST 11, Dave lists some of his influences in the novel: Paradise Lost, Dark Shadows, Monty Python, the Bible, Victorian Era, The Avenger, Charles Dickens, Harryhausen, Shakespeare, Sartre, Frazetta, Medieval history and theology, all the Hammer films, various mythologies, and many sf influences. It's got a Carl Lundgren cover. I expect it to be excellent.

Charles Sheffield, another local, has an Ace novel, SIGHT OF PROTEUS (1.75), and it too is quite good.

Jack Chalker's latest book out is QUEST FOR THE WELL OF SOULS. As announced in the minutes, his novel THE WAR OF SHADOWS will come out from ACE in February.

DAN STEFFAN has done an excellent cover for the latest issue of THE UNICORN TIMES illustrating an article on the return of animation. The magazine also contains Ted White's regular album review column, "Dr. Progresso." The issue also contains an article on the Renwick gallery's display of strange instruments, for which resident Composer Somtow Sucharitkul has been doing a record, although I don't know the current status of the project. At any rate, the cover is really excellent. Dan lives in Arlington now, and you've probably all seen his other work in many fan & pro publications. THE UNICORN TIMES can be gotten at almost any store where they sell musical instruments, records, or dope paraphernalia, it's emphasis is on rock and contemporary culture in general, and it's free.

While I'm doing plugs, FANNY HILL, fanzine of the national capital area, issue #5 is out. It's the zine Somtow and I publish, and this issue features a lead article by Charles Sheffield, and more material from Darrell Schweitzer, Joe Mayhew, Somtow, myself, Steve Brown, and others. Artwork by Steve Stiles, Alexis Gilliland, Dan Steffan, Vicki Wyman, Jason Keehn, and more. You can get it for $1 from me at 3815 Whispering Lane, Falls Church, VA 22041 or at any WSFA meeting. FANNY HILL is available for Hugo nominations.


I'm doing Disclave's program Book this year, along with any other Disclave publications. The thing will be 20-24 pages offset, have a lot of Zelazny oriented artwork, pieces on Zelazny and the other guests, program notes, a Zelazny bibliography, local restaurant listings, and hopefully lots of advertising. The advertising rates are $50 for a full page (8½x11), $25 for a half page, $12.50 for a quarter page, and on down. If you are interested in taking out an ad, or know someone who might be, please contact me (Dan) at 703-256-4080 or 3815 Whispering Lane, Falls Church, VA 22041.

Also, for those of you who are interested, STEVE STILES and ALEXIS GILLILAND have agreed to do artwork for this year's Disclave flyers.

MANY THANKS to Joe Mayhew, Somtow, and Steve Brown for help in putting this issue together.




3428 South Stafford St.
Arlington, VA. 22206


ROSA OLIVER is collecting Campbell Soup labels for her son's school. We urge you to please donate freely.

New releases: Farmer, Philip Jose: TWO HAWKS FROM EARTH 1.95 Ace; Randall Garrett: MURDER AND MAGIC, 1.95 ACE; Sheckley, Robert: TENTH VICTIM 1.75 ACE; Saberhagen, Fred: LOVE CONQUERS ALL 1.95 ACE; Dickson, Gordon: SPACIAL DELIVERY 1.75 ACE; Shaw, Bob: THE TWO-TIMERS 1.75 ACE; The 5 following are ANALOG BOOKS--they will have similar covers. Orson Scott Card: CAPITOL 1.95; Steven Robinette: PROJECTIONS 1.95; Ben Bova ed: ANALOG YEARBOOK 1.95; SAM Nicholson: CAPTAIN EMPIRICAL 1.95; Ben Bova: MAXWELL'S DEMONS 1.95. Tony Lewis, Ed: THE BEST OF ASTOUNDING 1.95... AVON BOOKS: Octavia Butler: PATTERNMASTER 1.75; Silverberg's NIGHTWINGS 1.50. DELL BOOKS: Addison Steele: BUCK ROGERS #2 1.95. Bob Shaw: COSMIC KALEIDESCOPE, 1.75. Christopher Priest: THE PERFECT LOVER 1.75. DEL REY BOOKS: Stephen R. Donaldson : THE ILLEARTH WAR 2.50. Dave Bischoff : NIGHTWORLD 1.75. Lee Killough: A VOICE OUT OF RAMAH 1.75. John Brunner: DOUBLE, DOUBLE 1.75: Stanley Weinbaum: BEST OF 1.95. Evangeline Walton: SONG OF RHIANNON 1.95 BANTAM BOOKS: Scortia and Robinson: NIGHTMARE FACTOR 2.50. Stephen Goldin: TREK TO MADWORLD 1.95 Gordon R. Dickson: TIME STORM 2.25. BERKLEY BOOKS: James Tiptree UP THE WALLS OF THE WORLD 1.95. Richard Matheson: THE SHRINKING MAN 1.95; Poul Anderson: THE ENEMY STARS 1.75. G. Bailey: SWORD OF THE NURLINGAS 1.75: FAWCETT BOOKS: Andre Norton: THE OPAL-EYED FAN 1.95. POPULAR LIBRARY: H. Schriber: THE EAGLE AND THE SWORD 1.75; INDEPENDENT NEWS: Mary Alice White: LAND OF THE POSSIBLE 1.95; George Alec Effinger: THOSE GENTLE VOICES 1.75. Harold Lamb: BABUR THE TIGER 1.95. Basil COPPER: THE DOSSIER OF SOLAR PONS #8 1.75 DAW/NAL: Chelsea Quinn YARbro: HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 1.95. R. HOldstock: EYE AMONG THE BLIND 1.75. Marion Zimmer Bradley: THE SURVIVORS 1.95. Michael Moorcock: CITY OF THE BEAST 1.50; Brian Stableford: BALANCE OF POWER, 1.75; Hugh Walker: ARMY OF DARKNESS 1.50; PENGUIN: John Boyd: THE GIRL WITH THE JADE GREEN EYES 1.95. POCKET BOOKS: Richard Cowper CLONE 1.75. Jane Gaskell: THE DRAGON 1.75.

Multiple thanks to STEVE BROWN of the MOONSTONE BOOKCELLAR for this list!

RETRACTION: The date on the last issue should have been November 1978, not 1979.