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This list is provided courtesy of MOONSTONE BOOKCELLARS, your local science fiction store.

Aldiss, B (ed)--Galactic Empires, #2--2.25
Asimov (ed)-Asimov Presents, Vol 1--2.25
Bensen, D--And Having Writ...--1.95
Blair, K--Meaning in Star Trek--2.25
Bova, B (ed)--Best of Analog--2.25
Bradley, MZ-Falcons of Narabedla--1.75
Brown, F--Nightmares and Geezenstacks--1.75
Chandler, A-Into the Alternate Universe-2.25
Davidson, A-Kar-Chee Reign/Rogue Dragon-1.95
DeCamp & Pratt-Land of Unreason--1.75
Donaldson, S--The Power That Preserves--2.50
Dvorkin, David--The Green God--1.75
Farmer, Philip J--Inside-Outside--1.75
Foster, R--Comp. Guide to Middle Earth--2.75
Gaskell, Jane---Atlan---1.95
Gotlieb, Phyllis--O Master Caliban!--1.95
Goulart, Ron--Hello, Lemuria, Hello--1.50
Grant, CL-The Hour of the Oxrun Dead--1.75
Howard, RE--The Hills of the Dead--1.95
Janifer, L--Knave in Hand--1.75
Jones, Diane---Dogsbody---1.50
Lord, J-Dimension of Horror: Blade #30-1.50
Manning, L-The Man Who Awoke--1.75
Monette, P--Nosferatu the Vampyre--2.25
Moorcock, Michael---Gloriana---5.95
Moorcock, Michael-Masters of the Pitt-1.50
Morressy, J--Frostworld & Dreamfire--1.75
Niven, Larry--Convergent Series--1.95
Norman, John--Explorers of Gor--2.25
Norton, Andre--High Sorcery--1.95
Norton, Andre--Year of the Unicorn--1.95
Offutt, Andrew--The Iron Lords--1.75
Onopa, Robert--The Pleasure Tube--1.75
Randall, Marta-A City in the North-1.75
Shaw, Bob---Nightwalk---1.75
Sheckley, R-Untouched by Human Hands-1.75
Silverberg, R--The Book of Skulls--1.95
Silverberg, R---Thorns---1.95
Simak, C--They Walked Like Men--1.95
Smith, E.E.---Best of...---1.75
Susann, Jacqueline---Yargo---2.50
Tolkien, J.R.R.---The Silmarillion---2.95
Walker, Hugh--Messenger of Darkness--1.50
Walton, Evangeline--Witch House--1.75
Wilgus, Neil--The Illuminoids--2.25



THE FOUNTAINS OF PARADISE, by Arthur C Clarke; HBJ, hardback, $10

To begin with, THE FOUNTAINS OF PARADISE is a good read. The values which make it so, however, are not the ones associated with your run-of-the-mill bestseller. The protagonist, Dr Vannevar Morgan, is described as a master bridge builder, a mover and a shaker, and withal, a small, vain man, obsessed with his desire to immortalize his name. Ah ha, you think, a feisty bantam rooster, a scrapper, somebody to stir things up, right? Wrong. Morgan is as bland and passionless as library paste.

Well, then, the story of building a tower 22,400 miles high, that is surely a wonderful thing, no? No. A story of a smoothly run barn raising may be the stuff for technical manuals, but it lacks the conflict that makes a good story.

What TFoP has is an almost other-worldly perspective of man as a rational animal who is at his best building heroic structures. The imagined process on the great tower is told parallel with the engineering feats of the first century where King Kalidasa seeks to build first Paradise, and then Heaven itself. The remains of Kalidasa's achievement enrich the setting and provide a human scale for Morgan's mighty tower. There is beauty,there us cool intellectual excitement, and the story moves, if a bit contrivedly. If you want passion, revenge, and character development, go see 2001-A SPACE ODYSSEY, where Clarke let it all hang out. ALEXIS GILLILAND


Notes on unofficial meeting of February 16, 1979. Held at Bill Berg's: Alexis Gilliland, presiding.

in attendance:
A Gilliland, Bill Berg, Joe Mayhew, Doll Gilliland, Dave Hastie, Walter Miles, John Epperson, Ginny McNitt, Rosa Oliver, Bob Oliver, Wayne Dionne, Larry Herman, John Novak, Kenn Dunn, Lucille Ennis.

As it was determined that a quorum was not present, no business could be conducted.

Bill Berg reported that the treasury had fallen to $2,281.86.

New members: Warren Rogers joined at the previous meeting.

ROSA OLIVER requested that the March 16 meeting be held at her place because she would be able to arrange for a passport photographer to be present and take pictures. It was agreed to by Bill Berg, and the meeting was scheduled for her place.

After the non-meeting, the film Shampoo was put on the tub. Some watched, some scoffed.


Minutes of the March 2, 1979 WSFA Meeting:

List of those attending the meeting:
Alan Huff, Alexis Gilliland, Bill Berg, Sharon Harris, Joe Mayhew, Chris Callahan, Sue Wheeler, Mark Owings, Michael Harris, John Epperson, Tom Schaad, Vicky Smith, Wayne Dionne, Charles Gilliland, Doll Gilliland, Dan Pierson, Dick Roepke, David Millsom (of Melbourne, Australia), Janet Prato, Avedon Carol, Lucille Ennis, Ray Ridenour, Rich Miles, John Novak, Kent Bloom, Lee Smoire, Dan Joy, Helen Pease, Ken Dunn, David Hastie, Somtow Sucharitkul, Joanna Dionne, Walter Miles, Barry Newton, Carol Fowler, Richard Thompson, Judy Newton, Phil Cox, Bob Oliver, Rosa Oliver, Bonnie Dalzell, Jim Saklad, Leo Sands, Edie Williams, Jackie Bill Riley, Mike Riley, Steve Smith, Fran Buhman, John Sapienza, Jack Chalker, Eva Whitley, Scott Dennis, Jack Lechner, Scottie Robinson, Paavo St Dennis, Bob Lovell, Tom Joll, Denny Carrol, Kathy Lydick, John Ellis, Judy Fetter, Raccoona Byrd, Nancy Handwork, Bill Marlow, Beverly Brandt, Dan Steffan, Ted White.

The meeting was at Gillilands' with Alan Huff presiding. The minutes of the previous meeting were "unavailable" and will be read at a later meeting.

The treasury stops at $2170.66.

Entertainment: there will be an April Foolishness at Jack Heneghan's, on March 31st. Come to the party if you are not at LUNACON.

DISCLAVE: has about 300 members preregistered.

PARTYCON: The 5th Friday Party next year in February will be the last one of this century! A committee was formed to try and get a little foolishness started. Don Pauley reminds us of this. We will look into a suitable hotel or other facility.

CONSTITUTION: Kent Bloom and Joe Mayhew are circulating proposed constitutions and soliciting your thoughts on the matter. We will be taking the matter up formally at some later date.

OLD BUSINESS: Rosa Oliver has arranged for a passport photographer (see Feb 16th minutes). The cost for 2 color photographs will be $6. Rosa will deliver the prints at a later meeting. No 5th Friday party has been scheduled for March.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: UNICON has been moved to July 20-22. The room rates will be SINGLE, $36; DOUBLE, $40; TRIPLE, $44; QUAD, $48. GoH, Robert Bloch.

JACK CHALKER will be getting a "fairly sophisticated" offset press and a quick thermal binder. He solicits business. His book WAR OF SHADOWS is out.

BILL SIMMONS of BSFS is organizing a flight to SEACON. Call: (301) 661-2422.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 p.m.



BILL BERG has, in reality, a different zip code, and has only now spoken up. The real zip code Is 20031. This is also John Huff's, since he lives in the basement.

New Member: Jeff Schalles. [censored] Arlington, VA 22203. (703) 525-9718

Kleeo Hondros: phone numbers: work, 202-686-2756 home: 301-864-9339



Meeting of March 12 [sic -- 16], 1979, held at Bob and Rosa Oliver's. Alan Huff presiding.

In attendance were:

Alexis Gilliland, Bill Berg, Sharon Harris, Joe Mayhew, Joanna Dionne, Wayne Dionne, John Epperson, Michael Harris, John Novak, Ginny McNitt, Kleeo Hondros, Pat Kelly, Jack Chalker, Eva Whitley, Tom Schaad, Avery Davis (of Georgia), Dave Hastie (not all there!), Dona Gause, Beverly Brandt, Bob Oliver, Rosa Oliver, Walter Miles, Barbara Vrtacnik, Kenneth Vrtacnik, John Ellis, Nancy Handwork, Fran Buhman, Phil Cox, Lee Smoire, Sue Wheeler, Jack Heneghan, Edie Williams, Ray Ridenour, Regina Cohen, John Sapienza, Mike Walsh.

The meeting was called to order at 9:21 pm. The minutes of the previous meeting were read, and the others were published in the journal. All were approved as cited.

Treasurer's Report; The club boodle has been pillaged down to $2071.16.

Membership: one new member, Jeff Schalles.

Publications: The February journal was distributed. The next issue will be out real soon now. (You're holding it in your hands, fellas!)

Old Business: Rosa reported that the Passport Photographer would be taking pictures after the meeting.

New Business: Alexis Gilliland moved that WSFA pay for tickets to the Circus. He suggested a party on April 19, 1979 at the 7:30 show. He noted hat with a group of 25 or more, the tickets would cost either $4.50 or $5.50. The motion was seconded. However, it was tabled pending Alexis' report as to how many people were interested in going. Alexis will be taking names.

Entertainment: Doll proposed a trip to the circus to be paid for out of WSFAn bread.

Announcements: Alan Huff will be doing jury duty after April 19; Pat Kelley is planning another Launchcon.

BALTICON has 920 preregistered, and the Hunt Valley and Best Western are both sold out.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:55, followed by a Rehearsal for the Zelazny Players, a poker game, and plotting, smoffing, eating of Rosa's cake and cheese. . .



Robert Heinlein has written a new novel, one with a "straightforward plot", he claims. The first draft ran 213,000 words but he is cutting it down to 150,000. It will be auctioned off quite soon, and it is estimated that the previous record for SF hardback rights will be spectacularly broken. That record is $127,000, for Robert Silverberg's forthcoming novel LORD VALENTINE'S CASTLE.


If any of you own any recent (1978) Putnam/Berkley SF hardbacks, they are now worth a fortune. A flood at Putnam's warehouse has destroyed their entire 1978 hardback SF! It is unlikely they'll be reprinted in this form again. Books affected include Nebula-nominated BLIND VOICES by Tom Reamy, THE WATCHTOWER by Elizabeth A Lynn and several others. John Varley's newest novel, TITAN, was unaffected because, by the sheerest chance, it was on the delivery truck on the way. . .


Ted White is now doing two radio shows; they are both in wee hours of the morning on Friday & Saturday.




ANNOUNCEMENT: Is anyone interested in sharing a $410 a month house with Somtow? In Fairlington villages? If so call me: 931-5098; available May or June.

I need help at Balticon's mimeo room of which I am "heh heh Director" (only natural for someone whose only fanzines have been offset)! The idea would be to sacrifice an hour of your time to make sure nobody steals anything. . .could you call me before Balticon? Same number as above.



Balticon 13---I'm quoting from the ad now---Poul Anderson, C.J. Cherryh, Stephen King, Mike Jittlov, Jack Chalker. . .oops! I believe Stephen King is no longer coming to BALTICON 13. Correct me if I'm wrong. Registration is now $7. Address is: PO Box 686 Baltimore MD 21203 attn. Edie Williams.

RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA, a feature-length semi-pro movie made not for commercial release, will be shown Sunday at 1 p.m. at the Con. (April 15). Limo from the airport is $6; Hunt Valley Inn Phone 301-666-7000. This might be worth watching.

MIMEO ROOM at Balticon, run by me, may be featuring a Balticon apa. Drop into the mimeo room to see what's going on Mimeoing will be limited to 100 free pages. Hunt Valley Inn and Best Western are both sold out.


Dennis Bailey's and David Bischoff's collaborative novel, TIN WOODMAN, is now out from Doubleday and available at your local bookstore (The Moonstone has signed copies). It is an expansion of their earlier, Nebula-nominated story by the same title which appeared in AMAZING in the days of Ted White.




WSFA journal: 3428 South Stafford Street,

Arlington Virginia 22206



WSFA JOURNAL is edited by Somtow Sucharitkul and is published by the Washington Science-Fiction Association, monthly, for the benefit of paid-up members only. All news should be sent to Somtow Sucharitkul, 3428 South Stafford Street, Arlington, VA 22206. Urgent news may be phoned in. The number is (703) 931-5098. Joe Mayhew is Circulation Manager and mails it out; changes of address should be telephoned in to him. . .WSFA membership is $4/yr; It's worth it just for your free monthly copy of the good old gossipy WSFA Journal. So pay up, everyone.

Any pros who are coming to DISCLAVE that Dan Joy doesn't know about would send him their bios for inclusion in some sort of blurb in the program book. Publicity never hurt anyone. Address: [censored], Falls Church, VA 22041; phone number 256-4080.