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april/early may


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The Washington Science

Fiction Association



Meeting of Friday, April 6, 1979 at the Gillilands', Alan Huff presiding.

In attendance: A Gilliland, B Berg, Shar Harris, Chr Callahan, J Mayhew, S Wheeler, S Kerry, Mic Harris, D Ward (from Buffalo), D Gilliland, T Joll, J Heneghan, V Smith, S Temple, D Hastie, R Thompson, M-E Kovatch, B Brandt, C Fowler, K Bloom, M Owings, Janet Lynch, Donald Duck, Tom Schaad, J Epperson, G McNitt, S Stiles, J Prato, J Novak, K Weston, B Harrison, R Higgenbotham, W Miles, L Ennis, F Buhman, D Joy, S Sucharitkul, B Newton, J Newton, J Thomas, B Baum, C Thomas, S Smith, L Peoples, A Carol, B Lovell, E Williams, L Sands, K Lydick.

The meeting was called to order at 9:30. The minutes were read and approved. The treasury has slipped to $2079.16.

ENTERTAINMENT Since so few people signed up for the icrucs, the idea was been dropped. Doll discussed several movies playing in the area. The general consensus is that BUCK ROGERS is too glossy for toilet paper, but otherwise appropriate.
DISCLAVE: Hotel cards are available, but the membership count is not. Films: Kim Weston hopes to get the following films DARK STAR, NORTH BY NORTHWEST, HIDDEN FORTRESS, 20000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA, CASABLANCA, SCARAMOUCHE, and THE SWORD AND THE DRAGON (Russian). There will also be short subjects. There will be a commemorative showing of TOKYO SHOESHINE BOY and time for other amateur films on Sunday. ART SHOW: Joe Mayhew is recruiting a merry band to help him run the art Show, please sign up.
OLD BUSINESS: The trustees were reminded to prepare a slate of officers for the coming year.
The next meeting will be held on April 20th at Bergs. The 1st meeting in May will also be held there: it will be the annual meeting of the club at which the officers for the next year will be elected. The next meeting in May will be held at the Gillilands.

Meeting adjourned at 10:03.


BEVERLY BRANDT is looking for someone to share a room with her in Brighton. It is a double room with BATH. Cost will be £ 13 (13 pounds, that is) per night for six nights. Would anyone care for this? If So, please call Beverly at (703) 573-8230. She's getting desperate!


Treasurer's Report: by Bill Berg

Treasury Report

Balance as of January 5, 1979:     $2423.56

Meeting of January 19

Outgo: to Pat Kelly                   50.00   Food/Beverage
Joe Mayhew                            16.10   WSFA Journal

Meeting of February 2

Income:                                              50¢ dues

Outgo: Gilliland                      49.57   F/B
Lee Smoire                             2.08   card guide
Dan Joy                               22.05   layout pads
Dan Joy                                2.40   postage for ad rate card

Meeting of February 16

Income:                                           $1.00 dues

Outgo: Gilliland                      64.00   tickets for FANTASIA
B Berg                                43.00   F/B
J Mayhew                               5.20   stamps (?illegible!)

Meeting of March 2

Income:                                           $6.00 dues
Outgo: Alexis Gilliland               55.50 f?b
R Oliver                              50.00 F/B advance

March 16 Meeting

Income:                                           $8.00 dues

Outgo: none

Meeting of April 6

Income:                                          $12.00 dues
Outgo: A Gilliland                    51.00    F/B
Somtow Sucharitkul                    31.62    printing two journals
Denny Carroll                         50.00    F/B

Meeting of April 20

Income:                                          $11.00 dues
Outgo: Alan Huff                       4.00    DISCLAVE
B Berg                                50.00    F/B

BALANCE:        $1,915.54


More Minutes: april 20th


Meeting of Friday, April 20, 1979, Alan Huff presiding.
In attendance:
A Gilliland, Bill Berg, Joe Mayhew, John Huff, J Novak, L Ennis, B Marlow, S Dolan, W Miles, N Bergsman, D Joy, K Bloom, R Ridenour, L Smoire, B Lovell, W Dionne, J Dionne, D Hastie, T Schaad, J Epperson, S Smith, L Peoples, J Prato, B Brandt, C Fowler, R Thompson, J Lynch, M Wise, R Oliver, B Oliver, M Oliver, B Mayhew, P Mayhew, K Weston, B Miller, J Fetter, F Buhman, J Ellis, N Handwork, P Cox. The following came in later: Sue Wheeler, Rick Jacobs, Edie Williams. . .perhaps others?)

The meeting was called to order at 9:48. The minutes were read by Joe Mayhew and approved.

Bill Berg reported that the treasury has evaporated to $1,968.54.

Two new members have joined: Victoria Smith and Suzanne Kubota (both absent).

COMMITTEE REPORTS. Lee Smoire guesses that there must be slightly less than 400 preregistered guests for Disclave. Kim Weston reported on his film program. Most of his tentative list have been confirmed, plus many short subjects. Mike Walsh reports that 39 huxter tables have been sold. Joan Vinge, Jim Frenkel and George Scithers are coming. Joe and Gay Haldeman have been called off to California, and will not be able to come to DISCLAVE.

Trustees' constitutional nominations for WSFA officers. The WSFA Trustees, Christine Callahan, Joseph T Mayhew and Susan Wheeler, in compliance with the requirements of the WSFA constitution, nominate the following persons for the designated elective offices for the 1979-80 term of office: for President, TOM SCHAAD; for vice-President, ALEXIS GILLILAND, for Treasurer, BILL BERG; for Trustees, ROSA OLIVER, CHRISTINE CALLAHAN, and SUE WHEELER.


Doll Gilliland has been undergoing oral surgery but is recovering rapidly.

"If you take your shoe off and listen closely, you can hear the ocean."

The meeting was adjourned at 10.10 due to general restlessness caused by Dave's startling pronouncement.


NEBULA Banquet

Your humble editor was present at this rather strange event in New York, Norman Spinrad was toastmaster; dinner was roast beef in wine sauce (I think) and I shared a room with Linda Bushyager and Darrell Schweitzer. The winners are:

Best novel: DREAMSNAKE, by Vonda McIntyre
Best novella: THE PERSISTENCE OF VISION, by John Varley
Best novelette: A GLOW OF CANDLES, A UNICORN'S EYE by Charles Grant
Best Short story: STONE, by Ed Bryant.

In all, not a bad lineup, though I must say that 1978 was a lousy year for short fiction. The nebulas this year are designed by Bill Rotsler and are slightly different from previous years: instead of a single chunk of rock crystal (which would cost $75 for the chunk alone) they are artistically put together from several varieties of stone & crystal and have silver nebulas, not gold.



John Epperson: does someone want to buy or trade for a brand-new copy of Robert Silverberg's A TIME OF CHANGES? I accidentally bought two.

HOLE IN THE WALL: 905, W. Broad Street, Falls Church, VA. Opens May 1: Lots of SF, Comix, Posters. Mike Nally, the owner, is very interested in buying and trading. . .


The WSFA Journal,

  3428 So. Stafford Street

    Arlington, VIRG. 22206



New books for the month (courtesy of Moonstone Book cellars) include:

AKERS, A Life for Kregen; ANTHONY, God of Tarot; DESTINIES #3 (ed. BAEN); A Case of Conscience, BLISH; BOVA, The Starcrossed; BOVA, The Weathermakers; BRADLEY, The Endless Universe; BROWER, The Starship and the Canoe; BRUNNER, The Polymath; CHERRYH, The Faded Sun: Shon'jir; COX, Mindsong; COYNE, The Legacy; DICKSON, The Nebula Awards #12; DRAKE, The Hammer's Slammers; EISENSTEIN P., Sorcerer's Son; FONTANA, The Questor Tapes; FOSTER, Mission to Moulokin; GRIFFIN, The Makeshift God; HOSKINS, Against Tomorrow; GUNN, This Fortress World; HOWARD, RE The Gods of Bal-Sagoth; HOWARD, RE, The Howard Collector; KNIGHT, Rule Golden; LEM, The Chain of Chance; LUMLEY, In the Moons of Borea; McINTYRE, Dreamsnake; MATHESON, I am Legend; MUNSON, The Mad Throne; PAGE & REINHARDT, Heroic Fantasy; PIPER, 4-Day-Planet, Lone Star-Planet; RUSS, Picnic on Paradise; SABERHAGEN, Berserker Man; SCHMITZ, The Universe Against Her; SHAW, Ship of Strangers; SILVERBERG, A Time of Changes; SMITH, Cordwainer, Space Lords; SMITH, George O. The Fourth "R"; SPINRAD, A World Between; STONELEY AND LAWSON, C.E.T.I.; VANCE, Space Opera; WATSON, The Very Slow Time Machine; WHITE, James, All Judgment Fled; YARBRO, False Dawn.


Dates: 20-22 July. Location, the Shoreham Americana hotel, 2500 Calvert Street, NW Washington DC 20008. The dates are NEW; please note them.

The people in charge are Sue Ruth, Natalie Peymer and Ted Maynike. Huxter Room: Clinton Winchester is in charge. 100 tables only will be sold at $20 until June 15. After that date tables will be sold at $25, no limit.

ART SHOW: There will be a 15% commission and NO HANGING FEE. Dan O'Bannon and R. Cobb, ('Alien') will be at the Con. Mark Rogers will be Fan Guest Artist; Robert Bloch will be guest of honor; Charles Sheffield and Clam Chowder will also be present. There will be a masquerade.

Films scheduled include DARK STAR, BEDAZZLED, PSYCHO, the 1940 THIEF OF BAGHDAD, THE 7TH VOYAGE OF SINBAD, THE LOVED ONE, and Several famous shorts.

Further info may be obtained from: Box 263, College Park, MD 20740.

Registration is $5 going on to $7.