volume III

number 4





Rosa Oliver, VP, Joe Mayhew, Sec., Bill Berg, Treas., Alexis Gilliland, Trust.
Walter Miles, Kleeo Hondros, Edie Williams, Sharon Harris, Michael Harris, Doll Gilliland, Charles Gilliland, Janet Prato, Barry Newton, Judy Newton, James Turner, Mark Owings, Bobby Baum, Joanna Dionne, Wayne Dionne, Mike Tuchman, John Epperson, Tom Whitmore, Victoria Smith, Steve Smith, Lisa Peoples, Jane Woodward, Morgan Woodward, Bill Marlow, Avedon Carol, Suzanne Kerry, George Nyhen, Regina Cohen, Bob Oliver, Marjorie Fritts, Judith Judson, Beth Goetz, Abraham Friedman, John Sapienza, Jeff Schalles, Lee Smoire, Sue Wheeler, Kent Bloom. (45)


The meeting was called to order at 9:20. The minutes were approved as read and the Treasury stood at $3,546.05.


MEMBERSHIP: 5 new members have joined as of the last meeting: Annette Curtis Klaus, Mark Klaus, Jan Peugh, Mike Kozlowski and Pat Jones. (all were absent)

PUBLICATIONS: The mailing list will be out at the second meeting of November as the monthly journal. News, reviews, cartoons, and other fannish non-fiction is solicited.

ENTERTAINMENT: Doll is investigating the possibility of a WSFA theater party at the KB MacArthur for the new STAR TREK movie.

DATCLAVE: Doll reported that she still did not have a firm contract with the Crystal Marriott-the management is presently "out of town" but the secretary seems to remember her name. Doll will persevere.

DISCLAVE: Spider Robinson will give a speech, but Jeanne will give a GOH dance. She will NOT ask for John Epperson's head on a silver charger.

OLD BUSINESS: The election of the Chairman for the 1981 DISCLAVE. Five were nominated, seconded: Alexis Gilliland, Alan Huff (absent), Mike Walsh (Absent), Rosa Oliver, and Tom Schaad. Two ballots were taken. The results of the second and final ballot were: Alexis Gilliland = 18, Rosa Oliver = 12, Mike Walsh = 12. Alexis will be the 1981 Chair.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:00PM (40 min)




Rosa Oliver, VP, Joe Mayhew, Sec., Bill Berg, Treas, Alexis Gilliland, Trust., Alan Huff, Trust.
Lee Smoire, Gary Oleson, Bob Lovell, John Epperson, Marjorie Fritts, John Huff, Michael Harris, Sharon Harris, Jack Chalker, Newton Ewell, Ralph Roland, Eric Hamill, Troy Farwell, Mimi Newcastle, Mike Tuchman, Doll Gilliland, Charles Gilliland, Mark Owings, Bill Mayhew, Barry Newton, Morgan Woodward, Jane Woodward, Mike Kozlowski, Pat Jones, Jan Peugh, Bob Oliver, Victoria Smith, Janet Prato, Beverly Brandt, Walter Miles, Ginny McNitt, Lisa Peoples, Wayne Dionne, Joanna Dionne, Scott Dennis, Mike Walsh, John Sapienza, James Turner, Sue Wheeler, Gene Olmstead (48)


The meeting was called to order at 9:13. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. The treasury stood at $3,501.55.


MEMBERSHIP: Two joined at the previous meeting. Rocky Higinbotham and Robert Harrison (absent)

ENTERTAINMENT: The annual WINTER SOLSTICE THINGS will be at Gilliland's: the TREE TRIM will begin at 8:30 - People were invited to bring an ornament - The BEETHOVEN'S BIRTHDAY ETC. Dinner was scheduled for 6:00. Attendance only by prior arrangement. Doll polled the club about a matinee Theater Party for Sunday, December 16. With a Tree Trim party the 14th, The Dinner on the 15th and a movie on the 16th has she planned a Gilli-con?

DATCLAVE: The Crystal City Marriott has said OK to a flat $29.00 per night rate. Membership is available for $4.00.

DISCLAVE 80: There will be a short meeting at Tom Schaad's house at 1:00 PM on November 17, 1979 (The Saturday after the meeting).


The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 (32 min.)




Rosa Oliver, VP, Joe Mayhew, Sec., Bill Berg, Treas., Alan Huff, Trust., Chris Callahan, Trust., Alexis Gilliland, Trust.
Beverly Brandt, Michael Harris, Sharon Harris, Doll Gilliland, Janet Lynch, Janet Prato, Walter Miles, Beth Goetz, Abe Friedman, Kleeo Hondros, Jane Woodward, Morgan Woodward, Bill Mayhew, Dave Hastie, Kent Bloom, Marianne Petrino, Mike Walsh, Bobby Baum, Dick Roepke, Lee Smoire, Laura McNeill, Somtow Sucharitkul, Mike Tuchman, Judith Judson, James Turner, Ginny McNitt, Fran Buhman, Bob Lovell, Scott Dennis, Kim Weston, Barry Newton, Judy Newton, John Sapienza, Regina Cohen, Steve Smith, Jack Heneghan, Victoria Smith, Bob Oliver, Bill Marlow, Jeff Schalles, Judy Fetter, Avedon, Steve Stiles, Elaine Mandell. (51)


The meeting was called to order at 9:13. The minutes were approved as read and the Treasury stood at $2,856.26.


MEMBERSHIP: Mark J. White joined at the 5th Friday Party, Eric Hamill, Troy Farwell, Mimi Newcastle, and Newton Ewell joined at the November 16th meeting (all were then absent)

ENTERTAINMENT: Due to the lack of any special discount and multibus de causis there will be no Star Trek Party.

DATCLAVE: Doll has decided that everyone should book their rooms directly with the hotel.

DISCLAVE 80: The next DISCLAVE meeting will be at Bob & Rosa Oliver's on January 19, 1980. Anyone interested in working on the Con will be welcome.


The meeting adjourned at 10:02 (49 minutes)


Joe Mayhew

The 1981 Disclave, if numbered would be DISCLAVE 25, but it will also mark the 32nd anniversary of the first Disclave, which was held on April 30, 1950. The first Disclave was a one-day affair held at the Wardman Park Hotel and featured Willy Ley, Seabury Quinn and the movie THE MUMMY'S HAND. The Wardman Park was later re-named the Sheraton Park and was also to be the site of 8 other Disclaves (1972-1979) and DISCON II (1974).

The following year, Disclave was moved to the Statler (which would be the site of DISCON I !) and it featured Sam Moskowitz, Seabury Quinn, and Art Rapp. The film was IT HAPPENED TOMORROW. There were all of 23 fans at DISCLAVE II.

Disclave III didn't happen for two years. It was held on March 22, 1953, in the Pan American Room of the Statler as a "PROXYCLAVE". A series of papers were read by local fans to the 22 sense-of-wonder-ful fans. It was such a success that this time the gap would last 5 years. But Bob Pavlat chaired the 1958 fourth Disclave, and we were off and running again. It was held at the Arva Motor Hotel in Arlington, Virginia. "The flier said "This is a disorganized conference.. no speeches, no banquet.." There was no Guest of Honor, but then again, the rooms were $7.00 a night, and registration was FREE. So, about 65 fans came.

The 1959 Disclave was supposed to be at the Arva, but at the last minute the Motel decided it couldn't face another year of rooftop parties and sci-fi weirdo antics. So Bob (who listed himself as "Dictator") found the Diplomat Motel. At that time WSFA was sponsoring its first real bid for the WorldCon in DC. It was to be called "CAPACON" [sic -- CAPICON 60 - KFL]. The Capacon Committee had a glorious $65.00 in their budget (while the entire budget for Disclave 1959 Disclave was $22.00.) Despite the immense budget, Capacon 60 never took place. Pavlat's flier set the theme for the next three Disclaves. "The program will be the same as last year. That is, none." That didn't mean nothing went on. People brought their own program - tape recorders, movie projector, mimeo, booze.

In 1963 Washington hosted the Worldcon and no Disclave was held. There was a con committee (Chairman, Joe Mayhew) but no one who volunteered was over 21 and so...

The World Con was a hard act to follow thus there was no 1964 Disclave. But it came back to life in 1965 - and with a GOH! Two of them! Chris and Sam Moskowitz! The Con was held at the Howard Johnson Motor Lodge in Wheaton, Md. over the 7th - 8th of May [sic -- 8th and 9th - KFL] with 83 fans in attendance. In 1966 Disclave returned to the Diplomat for the 5th time and Roger Zelazny was GOH. 99 attended - and paid a $1.00 registration fee.

Gypsy feet got us again and so in 1967 Disclave moved on to the Regency Congress Inn (with Jack Gaughan as GOH) and stayed for a second year (with Bob Silverberg as GOH). But Disclave moved to the Skyline Inn for 1969 (Lester del Ray, GOH) and 1970 (Murray Leinster a.k.a. Will Jenkins, GOH) and then to the Shoreham for 1971 (Terry Carr, GOH) but in '71 it also moved to the Memorial Day weekend spot it has held ever since. The following year Disclave found a home (for eight years) at the Sheraton Park. The 72 Con featured Ben Bova, in 73 it was Gardner Dozois, in 74 Alexis Gilliland ran his first Disclave. It was the year of DISCON II. This time the ambitious chairman WAS oyer 21, and so it went on. More surprising still, so did Disclave 75! F. Kelly Freas was the GOH in 74, in 75 it was Gordy Dickson, in 76 it was Philip Klass/Wm Tenn and in 1977 a former WSFAn was GOH: Joe Haldeman. In 1978, Bob/Wilson Tucker was featured and double billed at that. Wilson was the PRO-GOH and Bob the FAN GOH.

In 1979 Alan Huff Chaired the con, which was to be the last held in the old Sheraton Park. Our beloved home was to be brutally torn down. C-640 would live on in our hearts. Perhaps in 1979 GOH Roger Zelazny's Shadow world, so Sheraton Park still stands...I know it still does in the Con-Warp.

Somtow Sucharitkul REVIEWS:

Robert Asprin. Dell, $1.95

I liked this book even though it's awful. I also like McDonald's hamburgers - in moderation - and I suspect that this book's appeal is of the same ilk. Basically, a demon who has lost his powers, a typical juvenile hero, a rather useless dragon (the token cuddly animal of the piece), a shapely-knockered young lady assassin, etc. etc. romp around in a kind of satyric quest epic culminating in a final confrontation between them and a seedy innkeeper aka the Evil Isstvan. It's liberally spiked with unfunny puns, e.g. "What dimension do Gnomes come from?" "From Zoorik", hah hah ouch, and other slapstick device. If you're reading this book on the lavatory seat or in a plane, you can coast along, pausing here and there for a jolly giggle, and probably not even notice many of the book's faults.

The final confrontation's a cop-out, for instance, anticlimactic as all hell. I suppose this is part of Asprin's grand bathetic comic vision or something, but it still comes off as a cop-out. Moreover none of the characters in any of these dimensions ever say anything. They snarl, gurgle, growl, amend, add, request, whisper, shriek, and so on, which is rather obtrusive. I don't believe I ever saw a plain "said" that wasn't at least adorned with some obstreperous adverb, except for the dragon, who only said "Gleep" anyway. Now, Asprin can hardly fail to be aware of what the Knights, Blishes and myriad other commentators in this genre and every other genre have said about said-bookism, so I can only assume that this incredibly exaggerated avoidance of the word "said" is supposed to be humorous --- but by God, does it ever wear you down after about page six.

I liked this book. I read it in under 40 minutes. I recommend that you read it as fast as possible. If I'd read it any slower, I'd have puked.



Victoria A. Smith            Newton Ewell
[censored]                  [censored]
Fairfax, Va. 222030         Oxon Hill, Md. 20022
(703) 978-1023              (301) 567-3258

Chris Callahan              Bruce Chubb Miller
Dick Roepke                 [censored]
[censored]                  Seabrook, Md. 20801
Berwyn Heights, Md. 20740   (301) 794-6258
(301) 474-0549

Troy Farwell                Alan Huff
[censored]                  Dave Ellis
Oxon Hill, Md. 21131        Mark Owings
(301) 894-2242              (301) 439-2952

Eric Hamill                 Addresses for:
[censored]                  Steve Dolan
Oxon Hill, Md 20021         Jim Dana
(301) 834-4822              are no longer valid.

Mimi A. Newcastle
Oxon Hill, Md. 20022
(301) 268-6736


Attendees: Tom Schaad, Michael Harris, Joe Mayhew, Rosa Oliver, Bob Oliver, Scott Dennis, Ginny McNitt, Marianne Petrino and John Epperson.

REGISTRATION: The 3x5 cards will be turned in by Jan 7th to the MAILING LIST SYSTEM Ltd. people for computerization. This will insure the print-outs in time for the mailing planned for 19 Jan.

The Hospitality House will be handling all the hotel reservation and will hold rooms for DISCLAVE until 15 May - so get your room reservations early, please.

Receipt books will be obtained and memberships will be sold by the 1st meeting in December - if not sooner.

FLYER: The flyer is in process of being set up now and should be ready for the 19 Jan mailing. The 4-page, single sheet flyer will have all the information on the convention for Art Show, Dealers etc. The front page will be in poster format and may be reproduced separately.

PROGRAM BOOK: We are now starting to actively solicit for the program book: Con-related cartoons will be the bulk of the illustrations used.

ON SITE INSPECTION: The meeting moved to the hotel and the program area was inspected and measured.

The room for the Art Show will need additional lighting. The Dealer's rooms will be at opposite ends or the corridor, but as the whole area is small, that should not be a disadvantage. The Program room will also be used for films and the Friday night costume party. The floor is carpeted - thus dancing won't be on the program...except the GOH! There are two entrances from the loading dock: one to the freight elevator, and the other to the program areas. Dealers will find unloading easy.

The next meeting will be on January 19, 1980 at 2PM at the Olivers. Anyone interested in working on the Convention will be welcome. Refreshments will be limited. (BYOF?)


UNICON will return to the Sheraton Silver Spring over July 11-13, 1980. Clinton Winchester (301) 987-0909, is Chairman, Jim Williams (301) 552-9643, will be doing the films, Mike Lee is doing the Program Book, and Joe Mayhew (301) 459-5634 is running the Art Show. They are looking for help. Volunteer to work or even run something.


THE WSFA JOURNAL is the official publication of the Washington Science Fiction Association. It is published monthly under the supervision of the WSFA Secretary and Publications Committee and paid for from the WSFA Treasury.
Joseph T. Mayhew, WSFA Secretary
Joseph T. Mayhew, Editor
Rosa Oliver
Somtow Sucharitkul
Barry Newton


6000 67th Ave., Apt.104

E. Riverdale, Md. 20840


Baltimore in 83!


September - October 1979

Balance as of 1 September 1979 : $977.62

Meeting of 7 September 79:
Income: Dues: $18.00
Outgo: Paid A. Gilliland $69.00 for food and beverages (F&B).

Meting of 21 Sept 79:
Income: Dues: $10.00. From A. Huff as profits from 1979 DISCLAVE: $2,800.00.
Outgo: Paid: Bill Berg $50.00 for F&B, to J. Mayhew $30.16 for WSFA JOURNAL Publication & mailing expenses. To S.Sucharitkul $21.00 for printing the August WSFA JOURNAL.

Meeting of 5 October 79:
Income: Interest from savings account: $11.59

Meeting of 19 October 79:
Income: Dues: $20.00
Outgo: Paid A. Gilliland $71.00 for F&B plus extras at meeting of 5 October 79. To B.Berg $50.00 for F&B at this meeting.

Meeting of 2 November 79:
Income: Dues: $14.00
Outgo: Paid A. Gilliland $58.50 for F&B.


Total Income: $2,873.59

Total Outgo:  $  349.66

Net Gain:     $2,523.93

Balance as of 2 Nov 79: $3,501.55.

        Submitted by B. Berg, Treasurer.


will last all weekend this year. It will be at the CRYSTAL CITY MARRIOTT HOTEL which is at 1999 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, Va. Phone: (703) 521-5500. Make your reservation as soon as possible, the rooms will be at a flat $29.00 for as many as you can squeeze in! Registration is $4.00, payable to Con Chairman Kent Bloom. While there will not be any program, art show, or dealers room, there will be a swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, Ice rink, mysterious underground shopping mallworld, we'll have our own METRO stop, leading effortlessly into Washington, D.C., "Lankhmar on the Potomac". Dave Hastie will be Brewmaster, and the I.C.C. Fabulous Finger Food Frivel invites you to bring edibles for the general munch. R-e-l-a-x-i-co-n.


BOB & ROSA OLIVER are hosting WSFA's New Year's Eve Party. It is also their 10th Wedding Anniversary. Rosa is making her notorious Chili and there will be bheer, soft drinks, mebbe egg nog. Come, bring munchies. The Olivers live at:

9408 Michael Drive
Clinton, Maryland 20735

To get there from the Capital Beltway (495) Take the Branch Avenue (Md Rte 5) exit south about 4 and l/3rd miles until you reach the Clinton exit, Md 223, Piscataway Rd. Turn right onto it and go two blocks and turn left onto Pine View Lane. Follow Pine View to its end, where it makes a left turn and becomes Michael Drive. The Olivers live on the corner (right side). Their house has a car-port and a BIG pick-up truck.


BALTICON 14 will return to the HUNT VALLEY INN, April 4-6 with GOH ALGIS BUDRYS. Memberships are $8.00 until March 15th and $12.00 afterwards. Registration will close at 2500 members. So don't fool around. You can't reserve a room at the HVI until you've registered with the Con. Balticon sells out early because it's a great con. Edie Williams has taken over as 1980 Chair and she'll be assisted by Mike Walsh who'll run the 1981 Balticon 15. Mail your registration check, payable to BSFS, Inc., to BALTICON 14, P.O.Box 686, Baltimore, Md 21203.


January 11 - 13, 1980, HEXACON II
This is a first-class little Convention! It is held at the Host Town (30 Keller Ave. (at U.S. 222), Lancaster, Penna. 17601. Registration is $5.00 in advance and $7.00 at the door. Send $ to Bruce and Flo Newrock, Box 270-A R.D. 2, Flemington, N.J. 08822, make the check out to HEXACON.

DONALD R. BENSEN will be the Pro GOH, but the real star is the hotel, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, good food and cheap rooms. A single is only $23.00, double $32.00, Triple is $36.00, quad is $40.00 a night. It is easy to get there: U.S. 83 to York, turn East on U.S. 30 for 25 miles to Pa. Rt. 501 South. Follow 501 to 2nd traffic light and turn right.