JULY 1980

vol.4 no.2



Meeting of June 6, 1980. Alexis Gilliland presiding.

IN ATTENDANCE (at Gilliland's)
Bob Oliver (Treas.), Regina Cohen (Trust.), Bill Berg (Trust.), Bob Lovell (Trust.), Joe Mayhew, Jim Jenkins, Janet Prato, Rosa Oliver, Charles Gilliland, Beverly Brandt, Glenn Reges, Laura Osgood, Michael Harris, Kleeo Hondros, Doll Gilliland, Bill Mayhew, Jack Heneghan, Alan Huff, Tom Davy, Perry O'Neil, Bill Berg, Bob MacIntosh, Beth Goetz, Abe Friedman, Kent Bloom, Jane Wagner, Steve Smith, Lisa Peoples, Peter Theron, Brian Burley, Susan Savlo, Kim Weston, Mary Morman, Walter Miles, Dan Joy, Troy Farwell, Janet Lynch, Avedon Carol, John Sapienza, Scott Dennis, James Turner, Victoria Smith, Mike Tuchman, Dave Hastie, Jane Woodward, Laura McNeill, Judith Judson, Somtow Sucharitkul, Susan Applegate. (50).

The meeting was called to order at 9:15. In the absence of Tom Schaad, the vice-president, Alexis Gilliland, presided; Joe Mayhew substituted for the secretary, Marianne Petrino. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read. The treasurer reported a balance of $1,124.20.


MEMBERSHIP: The following people have joined WSFA: Jane Wagner (5/2), Bianca L. Cepeda Sanchez (5/16), Mary Morman (6/6), Susan A. Santo (6/6), Dr. Tom Davy (6/6).

ENTERTAINMENT: Doll noted that there were no leftovers from DISCLAVE!! It was suggested that, as in the past, people bring their own munchies to meetings. Also, Doll mentioned the annual 4th of July Picnic. A motion was made and seconded to decide that a picnic would be held. It passed with no opposition. Then. a motion was made and seconded that the picnic be held at Alcova Heights Park (near Gilliland's). The motion passed with only one opposing vote by Jack Chalker. It was decided that WSFA would pay for the beverages, hotdogs and rolls, with a reasonable, but open-ended budget.

PUBLICATIONS: Joe Mayhew distributed the WSFA journal for June 1980. DISCLAVE: 1980-- Rosa Oliver reported that DISCLAVE 1980 returned to WSFA the $1500 front money, and expected to return $3000 more after bills. 1981-- Doll and Alexis investigated the Sheraton National on Columbia Pike in Arlington, Virginia, as the possible site for the next DISCLAVE. It boasts good function space, high ceilings, and a large con suite.

OLD BUSINESS: Members were reminded that the 3rd Friday meeting for June would be at the Oliver's. Rosa forgot the maps, but said that she would give directions to anyone who called.

NEW BUSINESS: Kim Weston suggested that the profits from DISCLAVE be used to purchase some new film equipment. As proposed by Eva Whitley, a motion was made and seconded that WSFA refuse to hold a convention in any state that has not ratified ERA, until 1982 when its extension expires. The vote was put to question, and the motion was defeated. It was proposed that the WSFA Journal be mailed to all members to ensure each a copy. After several views, Scott Dennis moved to close the discussion.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Beverly Brandt told the club about the Birthday Book she was compiling, so that the birthdates of WSFAns could be printed in the journal. Somtow gave the address and directions to his concert. Bill Berg noted a typo in the current journal's treasurer's report. Doll announced the evenings entertainment (a puzzle), and asked that people not touch the Gillibraubrew!!. Finally, Eva Whitley reported that the Robinsons sent her a glowing letter of praise on DISCLAVE.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:04 (49 min)

Meeting of June 20, 1980. Tom Schaad presiding.

IN ATTENDANCE (at Oliver's).
Alexis Gilliland (V.P.), Marianne G. Petrino (Sec), Bob Oliver (Treas.), Bob Lovell (Trust.), Rosa Oliver, Joe Mayhew, Beverly Brandt, Dolly Gilliland, Charles Gilliland, Suzi Koon, D.J.H., Victoria Smith, Kim Weston, Alan Huff, Bob MacIntosh, Avedon Carol, Linda Melnick, Dick Roepke, Jack Heneghan, Mimi Newcastle, Chris Callahan, Jeff Schalles, Bianca L. Cepeda-Sanchez,Ralph Roland, Barry Newton, Judy Newton, Lisa M. Peoples, Steve Smith, Tom Davy, Judy Fetter, Beth Goetz, Abe Friedman, Dave Hastie, Mike Walsh, Scott Dennis. (36).

The meeting was called to order at 9:16. The minutes of June 6, 1980 were read and amended. WSFA will buy the rolls for the 4th of July picnic. Scott Dennis stated that the ERA discussion was short, not lengthy.

Treasury stood at $2644.68.


MEMBERSHIP: No new members.

ENTERTAINMENT: Doll had the list for the 4th of July picnic, and read what each person was bringing. Marianne Petrino asked if a WSFA meeting would be held. It was decided that a meeting would be held at the picnic, and that the 3rd Friday meeting would be at UNICON.

PUBLICATIONS: Marianne Petrino brought before the club a proposal concerning the WSFA Journal. She suggested that after the journal was distributed at the first meeting of the month that those not in attendance be mailed a copy. The idea was accepted. The journal now has a rotating editorship. Marianne Petrino was appointed as EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, and will do the July journal. Beverly Brandt and Joe Mayhew were designated assistant editors, and will do the August and September journals, respectively. Marianne also read the letter from Spider and Jeanne Robinson. Finally she asked that everyone sign the attendance list, so it could be printed with the journal.

DISCLAVE: 1980-- Tom Schaad presented the club with a check for $2000 from DISCLAVE. More returns are expected. 1981-- Doll and Alexis Gilliland have signed with the Sheraton National for DISCLAVE 1981!! They negotiated a $38 flat room rate. The hotel has 334 rooms.


NEW BUSINESS: Beverly Brandt asked the club about the DISCLAVE graffiti, and what to do with it. It was decided that some of it will be published in the journal, and some turned over to a friend for publication, as was the graffiti from BOSKLONE.

Mike Walsh asked WSFA for the remaining $250 for Baltimore in '83. The motion was made and seconded that WSFA give Baltimore in '83 the proposed $250 to support the bid. Dave Hastie asked what they have done to raise their own funds. Mike Walsh and Scott Dennis gave a report. In effect, they have raised $1500, but have a $5000 operating budget from club donations, backrubs, tee-shirt sales, etc. The motion passed with only one opposing vote.

Kim Weston again brought up the subject of new film equipment for WSFA. He was appointed by the president to investigate and report on the costs of buying or renting a mixer, equalizer and projector. The motion was made, seconded and passed that the report would be due on the first meeting in August.

Joe Mayhew made a motion, which was seconded, that WSFA inventory its possessions, and a list be prepared for the first meeting in October. Bob Oliver, as Treasurer, was appointed to oversee the process.

Kent Bloom suggested that the club hold its 5th Friday party in August at Worldcon, as a suite was available under John Sapienza's name. This was approved.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Mike Walsh announced that the GOH for Balticon 1981 is John Varley. Also, room rates at the Hunt Valley are $32 flat, and the deli and pool will be open for 24 hours.

Pat Kelly indicated that the space shuttle has a tile problem, and may not launch until 1981 in June!!

Joe Mayhew indicated that Randy Brunk was taking memberships for UNICON.

Doll stated that Apple Susan is looking for a ride to MIDWESTCON.

Bob Oliver wants the inventory info as soon as possible.

Walter Miles says thanks from Somtow for attending the concert.

Kim Weston thinks we should have another DATCLAVE.

Bob Lovell reports that the moose has moved to Remmington in Baltimore. A house warming is coming in July.

Newton has graduated from high school, and has a job as projectionist at the K-B Crystal.

Mike Walsh asked people to get supporting memberships for DENVENTION at least, so they will be able to vote for the Baltimore in '83 bid. Currently, Australian membership exceeds the combined memberships of Maryland, Virginia and D.C..

Bob Oliver said he was collecting dues, and needs more membership applications.

Tom Schaad said that the K-B 7 Theater at Bailey's Crossroads was a good place to see "The Empire Strikes Back".

The meeting was adjourned at 10:18 (1 hr, 2 min).


June Birthdays!!
Elaine Normandy (3), Perry O'Neil (8), Jack Heneghan (13), Tom Schaad (16), Bobby Baum (22), Mimi Newcastle (28).

July Birthdays!!
Sharon Harris (12), Rosa Oliver (12), Mike Tuchman (22), Kleeo Hondros (22).


The following two letters have been received concerning DISCLAVE 1980. Any other comments are welcomed by the WSFA Journal.


To the Disclave 1980 Committee:

I feel the following things were wrong with Disclave 1980:

I. Rates went up. As poor an excuse as there ever was for leaving the Sheraton-Park. You may not have noticed, but a room (listed as a single room) often has at least four people in it. On top of which, fans have been going to Cons for years at the Shoreham and at the Hilton for years, neither of these could be described as cheap hotels.

II. The product you turned out was barely worth the $4.00 advance registration fee, never mind the at the door fee of $8.00.

There was a definite lack of programming. A con should be programmed for the full length of time it is scheduled to run (in this case, Friday through Sunday with a Dead Dog Party on Monday). This does not mean that the Program on Friday is the Costume Party. Nor does it mean having only a reading scheduled at any given time. Far worse is the crime of scheduling a name author against a high drawing program. That is fair to neither author or program.

If you want to distribute a schedule, go ahead but don't give us Pseudo Schedules. A table which lists Times, places and events is best (especially if event descriptions are elsewhere on that sheet of paper).

There was also plenty of misinformation given out. For instance, what happened to the gaming room? A large number of people were looking to play D&D and other games. The hotel said that Disclave had the suites listed in the program all weekend which is what it sounded like on the schedule. According to Disclave people, it was only to be open on Sunday during the time listed for novices. This was seemingly irreconcilable and in any case left the experienced player out in the cold.

The films were of poor quality and normally would not be seen within ten miles of a Science Fiction Convention. Was there even one classic, or otherwise, Science Fiction film?

The final straw for many of us was the infamous Con Suite Lockout. Where you locked out everyone because there was a dearth of ice and even when it turned up a half-hour later. Science Fiction Convention goers are well known as a patient lot. Let them in and explain there is no ice, and they'll understand. To lock us out is to say to us (not to mention insult us) "You only want food and drink." Most of us are more interested in conversation, possibly getting a date, and maybe a little Backgammon.

In short, you have angered us, and if these things are not changed by next year, you will have lost at least myself and probably many people who did not sign my letter.

Brian Lewis



Dear Gang:

We're sending this via Jack & Eva because it's the only address I can find in this shitstorm of an office, but it's for all of you. We just wanted to say that Disclave 80 was the best convention we've attended so far, and to thank you all for a terrific time. I enjoyed everything, from the chance to get to know the late Oliver La Farge a little better to the arrival of the SWAT team (surely unprecedented even in fandom), and I'm only sorry I did not have a chance to complete the German-beer-sampling you set up for me (though I'm sure the left-overs were put to some good use or other), or for that matter to get to know all of you better than I managed.

Special thank of course go to Robin of the Many Names for the gift of her art, and to the Jays For Jeanne Subcommittee, and to Tom for the swell tucker and general good vibes and such. But thanks are due you all for making our weekend not only painless but joyful. It's nice to deal with fans that are pros, if you know what we mean.

                Lots of love,
                Spider Robinson
                (Seconded heartily)
                Jeanne Robinson


Beethoven, Franck and even John Williams' STAR WARS were on the program too, but WSFA had turned out to hear the first performance of a piece of music written by one of our own: Somtow Sucharitkul's STAR MAKER / AN ANTHOLOGY OF UNIVERSES. The Hall was fairly packed for a local chamber orchestra concert, perhaps in part because it was the last program of the season, complete with the introductions of the officers and a reception to follow. But a large part of the audience was there to hear the musical equivalent of Science Fiction.

Tim Sullivan, an S.F. writer who was visiting from Boca Raton, ventured one small criticism of the evening, "If I tried to write that someone called 'Dingwall Fleary' was conducting the music of 'Somtow Sucharitkul', no one would believe I hadn't made up the names.

Dingwall Fleary is a youngish black man who pulled the McLean Chamber Orchestra Through the Beethoven and Franck without heavy losses. As the selections were not written for provincial volunteer orchestras, the level of the performance was a tribute to the Conductor. The pianist was quite competent, but the piano they gave her for the Franck Variations had the harsh and hollow sound of an instrument which might have had long service in a highschool gymnasium.

Somtow was up after the intermission. When we returned to our seats, Maestro Fleary gave the audience a little talking to about being broad minded about modern music before turning Somtow loose on them. The nice mundane lady in front of me began to squirm in her seat. Perhaps she was wishing that ASCAP's recent award to the orchestra for "...Adventuresome Programming" had been for something else - I don't think she was feeling very adventuresome. When the Conductor finished his remarks and took up his baton, there was a fluttering of fingers being crossed throughout the hall. The natives didn't know what to expect. Not only had their hall been invaded by fandom, but their "classical" orchestra was apparently being asked to perform carnival stunts. A silent prayer wafted up to the muse.

Suddenly the orchestra roared into its first universe: BIG BANG: The Oscillating Universe." The audience took a deep breath like a kid on his first roller-coaster ride. But behind the giddy glittering surface of alien instrumentation, there was a sturdy and surprisingly classical structure - and a strangely Mozartian sense of drama and wit. Percussion instruments instead of strings sustained the musical fabric, but despite the genuine originality of the music, it somehow fell into classical folds.

Somtow used children's speaking voices as a musical instrument in a way distinctly his own. The child's voice is often used like flutes or strings, but Somtow made them whisper and speak in a soft percussive texture reminiscent of the Indonesian gamelan. Their voices danced around the sounds of the instruments, now under them, now alone, now contrasted with those of three mature sopranos. The audience was stunned by the music, particularly the first movement. Those who enjoy being stunned were obviously pleased. Those who weren't pleased were at the very least impressed: one or two had assumed fetal posture. But no one (except perhaps Somtow) had gotten up and walked out. The applause was genuine and calls went out for the composer, who received a standing ovation.

Then they played the STAR WARS MEDLEY. The trumpet appeared to be having trouble with perhaps a gerbil stuck in his horn. His high notes wobbled out alone and unloved. The audience grinded its teeth in time with the music.

After the concert, WSFA pigged out on the refreshments. I looked around for the Trumpeteer to see it the gerbil had come out OK, but didn't find him, and so the rest of the lynch party disbanded and went home.


Dave Hastie would like any information available on pre-supporting memberships paid for DC in '84. This money, according to Dave, apparently was absorbed by Baltimore in '83, yet these memberships were not honored. The reason given by Baltimore in '83 Committee members, Dave said, was that the records are not available. However, Dave has his receipt. Anyone with information is asked to contact Dave Hastie.


Beverly Brandt

Old Jedis never die, they just fade in and out

Star Trek the Motion Picture: Where NOMAD has gone before! (Gee, All that way for a Schlitz!)

Yoda is alive and well and living in Rock-creek Park!

(The following have been provided from the DISCLAVE 1980 wall graffiti from the archives of Beverly Brandt. Responsible replies are welcome.--Ed.)


The WSFA Journal is the newsletter of the Washington Science-Fiction Association. Editor-in-Chief: Marianne G. Petrino, [censored], Arlington, VA 22204. Assistant editors: Beverly Brandt & Joe Mayhew.