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Inasmuch as no formal meeting occurred, the report -- outside of those attending -- below is by Alan Huff. Yes, fellow-SF fans, he's back by popular (or is that unpopular) demand!

IN ATTENDANCE (at the Fourth of July Party): Tom Schaad (Pres.), Alexis Gilliland (V.P.), Bob Oliver (Treas.), Marianne G. Petrino (Sec.), Bill Berg (Trust.), Regina Cohen (Trust.), Kim Weston, Ginny McNitt, Alan Huff, Victoria A. Smith, Tom Davy, Charles Gilliland, Lisa Peoples, Joe Mayhew, Rosa Oliver, Bill Quick, Bob MacIntosh, Kent Bloom, Steve Smith, Doll Gilliland, Ronald Leonard, Judith Judson, Sharon Harris, Michael Harris, Judy Fetter, Julanne B. Ochs, Bob Martinez, Linda Melnick, Jane Wagner, Elaine Mandell, Judy Newton, Barry Newton, Elaine Normandy, Jack Heneghan, Martin Wooster, Susan Applegate, John Sapienza and Philip Davis. (38)

Arriving early to help ignite the pyre for WSFA's annual rites to the God of Picnics, I discovered that there was no charcoal yet. Taking myself on the long sweat-soaked trek up to the corner purveyors of Picnic Supplies, I returned without mishap or adventure, only an all-consuming thirst. I found that slaking this desire also called for a trek up to the Gillihouse to assist in carting the great blue arcs containing the sacred Picnic libations, BHEER and SODA.

Now all was prepared for the arrival of the celebrants. Kim Weston, may his name be blessed, assisted in the igniting of the first flames on the mysterious Alcova altar. Soon our omnipotent leader, Tom Schaad, arrived with his portable altar (complete with cover to lock in the tasty juices) and, wonder-of-wonders, self-igniting charcoal!

Soon the first sacrifice was laid upon the Alcova altar: eight, Yes, EIGHT kosher hot dogs! The other early arrivals were busily pressing ground beast together for the other offering to the God of Picnics; hamburgers!

As the heat from the recently whitened charcoal proceeded to incinerate the first offerings on both altars, as well as nigh strangling your humble Chefs (the mysterious acolytes who appear only on this date) - Tom, Kim and I - with smoke and heat, I began to wonder "Where are the rest of the locusts worshippers?" With 20 lbs. of hot dogs, 5 lbs. of ground beast, plus veggies, salad, cookies, etc., the twelve or so celebrants then present would indeed have their work cut out for them.

Not to fear, as the sun grew hotter and the coals grew whiter, the congregation grew larger. Your humble Chefs (Terrans, may their names be blessed) were hard pressed to keep the congregation supplied whilst maintaining their own pace of devouring.

Finally, all was quiet, more or less, the celebrants groaning from the orgy of over-indulgence, retreated to shady spots under trees there to perform the ancillary rites of WSFA, cards and games and consuming vast quantities of BHEER. After being soundly whipped at Imperium (a game I was previously unfamiliar with), losing Earth's entire starfleet and two of its planets, I decided to liven up the proceedings:


Yes, the Earth reverberated to the snap, crackle, pop of inch-and-a-halves and a bottle rocket which I aimed to take out DIA's Arlington Hall at Fort Myer, but I missed.

Later, wishing a more spectacular sound, Bob Oliver, Kim and I adopted the roles of Allied Commandos, and attempted to blow up the culvert under South 8th St. With many helpful hints (some obscene, others silly) from the peanut gallery, we succeeded on the third attempt and were rewarded with a highly satisfactory reverberating explosion!

Now as the evening drew nigh, the final offerings were placed upon the cooling pyres, the litter properly stowed and most departed for the ends to the rites:


Happily, less than 5 lbs. of sacrificial hot dogs remained. WSFA had come through with flying colors and bulging bellies to once again completely amaze innocent bystanders with its incredible capacity for a good time.

And so, dear friends, 'til next year's rites, May the Glow of Your Coals Never Be Extinguished!!!

W S F A   M I N U T E S

Meeting of July 18, 1980. Tom Schaad presiding.

IN ATTENDANCE (at UniCon): Alexis Gilliland (V.P.), Marianne G. Petrino (Sec.), Bob Oliver (Treas.), Bob Lovell (Trust.), Regina Cohen (Trust.), Kent Bloom, Elaine Normandy, Jack Heneghan, Ginny McNitt, Martin Wooster, Barannaberger (?), Mary Lou Lewis, Bill Quick, Linda Melnick, Victoria A. Smith, Doll Gilliland, Ben W. Miller, Barry Newton, Judy Newton, Ray Ridenour, Rosa Oliver, John Sapienza, Erwin S. Strauss, Douglas Lewis, Glenn Chambers, Jane Wagner, Alan Huff, Steve Adelson, Pat Jones, Carole Anne Stoddard, Beverly L. Brandt, Avedon Carol, Jeff Lipton, Susan Applegate, Mike Kozlowski, Barbara Jackson, Roselyn L. P. Archambault, Kael Hanna, and Jeff Scott. (40 hot & tired people!)

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 P.M. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read. The Treasurer reported a balance of $4,439.97.


MEMBERSHIP: The following people have joined WSFA:

Roselyn L. P. Archambault   Barbara Jackson
[censored]                  [censored]
Burke, Va. 22015            Annandale, Va. 22003
(703) 569-2941              (703) 941-4751

        Katherine Elizabeth (Kael) Hanna
        Arlington, Va. 22205
        (703) 532-1928

Jeff Scott                  Erwin S. Strauss ("Filthy Pierre")
[censored]                  9850 Fairfax Sq. Apt. 232
Silver Spring, Md. 20903    Fairfax, Va. 22031
(301) 588-7919              (703) 273-6111

PUBLICATIONS: Marianne Petrino had the July WSFA Journal for those people who didn't receive them at the Fourth of July picnic.

DISCLAVE 1981: Zippo!

ENTERTAINMENT: Proudly presents UniCon!!!


  1. Bob Oliver asked for dues from those who have not paid. (Editor's Note: See more on this subject further on in the Journal.)
  2. The first meeting of August is at the Olivers', the third is up for grabs.
  3. John Sapienza brought up the fact that funds had not been approved for the Fifth Friday Party to be held at WorldCon. Elaine Normandy volunteered to take care of the refreshments and was given a $50 operating budget.


Lou Lewis volunteered to hold the Third Friday in August meeting at her house. Beverly Brandt said she would print a map in the Journal. (Editor's Note: She did not, however, stay around to make a map to enter in the Journal, so, .....)


  1. John Sapienza said that on Thursday, August 28, 1980, an adventure gaming APA party will be held at WorldCon.
  2. Bob Lovell ("Mr. Moose") said that Baltimore in '83 would have a suite suitable for those who would like to crash or need a "room at inn." There would be a party for the moose at UniCon!!! Bob's housewarming will be next weekend; maps are available.
  3. Rosa Oliver said she had an extra bed available for WorldCon for anyone who can endure a 5 year old child.
  4. Martin Wooster gave a progress report on Boucher Con to be held October 10th through 12th at the National Press Club. GOH is Gregory McDonnell. The cost is $15.00 at the door and he will be throwing a party during the convention. Also, the Potomac River Science Fiction Society Lives and will meet for dinner tomorrow at the Indian restaurant. Finally, Martin gave a rundown on the Republican Convention (Republican!) with GOH Ronald Reagan.
  5. Tom Schaad read the 5th Progress Report for NoreasCon. Some goodies of note: three of the five films nominated for Dramatic Presentation will be shown, they are: "Alien", "Time After Time", and "The Muppet Movie." Also, the original 1930's version of "The Phantom of the Opera" will be shown, complete with organist accompaniment!
  6. The works of Chesley Bonestell are on display at the National Air and Space Museum. Also, Ralph Johnston may again be presenting FREE science fiction movies on Friday nights such as: "Star Wars" (on that large screen), "A Clockwork Orange", "Animato", etc.
  7. Avedon Carol plowed through tons of paperwork to enjoy the privilege of being on a panel at WorldCon by invitation of NESFA.
  8. "The Lathe of Heaven" is on TV again.
  9. Dues are payable -- see Bob Oliver.
  10. Anyone playing Safeway Bingo, see Rosa!!! (Editor's Note: Also, Alan Huff!)

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 P.M. (25 minutes)


Douglas Lewis               Robert Lovell
[censored]                  [censored]
Apt. 510                    Baltimore, Md. 21211
Silver Spring, Md. 20910    (301) 366-4808

Carole Anne Stoddard        Sgt. Morgan O. & Jane Woodward
[censored]                  [censored]
Riviera Beach, Fla.         U.S. Army Field Station
33404                       Okinawa
                            APO SF 96331


Alan Huff: (301) 439-Z952
John Ellis/Nancy Handwork: (703)-385-9233

ATTENTION: Would the following people please give Marianne Petrino their addresses and telephone nos. for the WSFA files; thanks.

        Tom Davy              Alice L. Haldeman
        Frank Kerkhof         Mary Morman
        Susan A. Santo        Jane Wagner

Science Note of Interest
              by Beth Goetz

The Mars Orbiter, after more than four years, has almost reached the end of its mission. The latest possible date for mission activity is probably July 30. Viking 1 was launched August 20, 1975, and arrived at Mars on June 19, 1976. Viking Lander 1 touched down on the surface July 20, 1976. July 20 of this year marked its fourth year of activity.

INTERVIEW WITH BORIS!! -- Beverly Brandt

(Part One)

(This interview was taken during the annual Kubla Khanate convention held in Nashville, Tenn. on May 2 - 4, 1980.)


Boris was born in Lima, Peru, on January 8th, 1941. His father, who's now been dead for 10 years, was a lawyer and his mother a school teacher; he has one brother and one sister. He came to the United States on September 13th, 1964. He met his wife Doris while working in the advertising department of a chain called Interstate Department Stores; they have two children, a son named Dorian - who posed for his father's painting of Conan of Aquilonia - and a daughter named Maya. The children are twelve and eleven respectively. Doris has also posed for her husband numerous times as has Boris himself.

Boris has come a long way from doing detailed renderings of refrigerators; he's traveled the road of comic illustration and is now one of the most highly paid, in-demand illustrators in America. His compositions for the Tarzan and Gor series of paperbacks have delighted thousands of SF and fantasy fans. A fanzine, BORIS, came out in 1978 and sold out within two months of publication. The artbook mentioned in the interview is THE FANTASTIC ART OF BORIS VALLEJO published by Ballantine Books with an introduction by Lester Del Rey.

Boris has been nominated for a Hugo in this year's Best Professional Artist category - an honor long overdue; he will also be the Artist Guest of Honor at this year's World Fantasy Convention to be held in Baltimore, Md. (See World Fantasy Con article elsewhere in this issue for more information.)

BV) May I ask what this interview is for?

BB) Yes, of course. This is for the club journal of the Washington Science Fiction Association.

BV) Fascinating. Okay, let's go.

BB) I recently purchased your artbook .....

BV) Right.

BB) and while I was reading your biography I noticed you took seven years of violin .....

BV) Right.

BB) Why did you decide not to be a violinist?

BV) It wasn't really a matter of my decision. If I could be a violinist I would much rather be a violinist than an artist; music is really my first love. The reason why I didn't pursue violin playing as my career was because I think I started too late with it. I decided to study music when I was very young. I wanted to study the violin but we didn't have a violin in the house but we did have a piano so my parents decided I was going to study the piano. So I studied the piano for about four years until my piano teacher died and only then was I permitted to study violin. Actually, it didn't happen immediately, there was a period of about three years that I didn't play either the violin or the piano. Anyway, I picked up the violin when I was 14 years old; by then, as I've said, it was too late. So I never really became accomplished enough to play it for a career.

BB) Okay. It also mentions that you took two years of pre-med. How did you become interested in that?

BV) That was actually my father's idea; it was put into my head when I was a child and I actually never questioned the fact that I was going to be a doctor. It existed in my mind all the time. I never questioned it until I went into it; and then I realized that after two years it was screwing up what I wanted.

BB) Although I'm sure that learning anatomy greatly helped you later in your art.

BV) Oh, yes; there's no question about it. It certainly has been a great help.


Memberships which are in good standing for June - July - August QUARTER as of July 18, 1980. We're going to start cracking down on those who haven't been paying their dues and yet enjoying all the privileges of paid-up members: such as going to see movies that the club pays for, eating and drinking club "munchies", and Most-Of-All: VOTING! So, if your name is NOT on This List, Pay Up FAST!

April Barber              Janet Lynch
Barbara Barron            Robert MacIntosh
Bobby Baum                Elaine Mandell
Bill Berg                 Linda Melnick
Judith Blinn              Virginia McNitt
Kent Bloom                Bill Mayhew
Beverly Brandt            Joseph Mayhew
Christine Callahan        Walter Miles
Avedon Carol              Mimi Newcastle
Jack Chalker              Barry Newton
Robert Clifford           Judy Newton
Regina Cohen              Elaine Normandy
Avery Davis               John Novak
Rich Deglin               Bob Oliver
Scott Dennis              Rosa Oliver
John Ellis                Gary Oleson
Newton Ewell              Lisa Peoples
Judy Fetter               Marianne Petrino
Abraham Friedman          Janet Prato
Marge Fritts              William Quick
Alexis Gilliland          Ray Ridenour
Doll Gilliland            Warren Rodgers
Beth Goetz                Richard Roepke
Eric Hamill               John Sapienza
Nancy Handwork            Tom Schaad
Michael Harris            Steve Smith
Sharon Harris             Victoria Smith
Jack Heneghan             Stephanie Spearman
Kleeo Hondros             Carole Stoddard
Alan Huff                 Peter Theron
James Jenkins             Mike Tuchman
Pat Kelly                 James Turner
Suzi Koon                 Michael Walsh
Mike Kurman               Susan Wheeler
Robert Lovell             Eva Whitley

Life Members:

Chick Derry               Alice L. Haldeman
Charles Gilliland         Frank Kerkhof
Bob Madle                 Bob Pavlat
        Betty Lockwood (Berg)

New Members:

Roselyn L.P. Archambault  Bianca L. Cepeda-Sanchez
Tom Davy                  Katherine Elizabeth Hanna
Barbara Jackson           Mary Morman
Susan A. Santo            Jeff Schalles
Jeff Scott                Erwin S. Strauss (Alias "Filthy Pierre")
Jane Wagner


Scott Dennis (7/16) Ray Ridenour (7/19) Eva C. Whitley (8/6) Mary Morman (8/7) Bianca Cepedez-Sanchez (8/9) Alexis Gilliland (8/10) Joe Mayhew (8/20) John Rubins (8/23)

World Fantasy Con

The Sixth World Fantasy Convention will be held at BaltiCon's famous abode, the Marriott-Hunt Valley Inn, on October 31-November 2, 1980. The GOH is Jack Vance, Special Guest Artist is Boris Vallejo (see Interview with Boris further on in this issue), and Master of Ceremonies is Robert Bloch.

Membership in the convention is limited to 750 attending members and is priced at $20 prior to September 1 and $25 thereafter although they're predicting that they'll be sold out prior to that date. So JOIN NOW!!! Supporting memberships are $7.00. Dealer tables, priced at $25 before September 1 and $35 thereafter, will also be severely limited.

The judges this year - who decide the winners of seven categories - are: Stephen R. Donaldson, Frank Belknap Long, Andrew J. Offutt, Susan Wood and our own Ted White.

For information about this year's art show, contact Joseph Mayhew, 6000 - 67th Avenue, Apt. #104, East Riverdale, Md. 07840.

Memberships and other correspondence should be addressed to convention chairman Chuck Miller at [censored], Columbia, Pa. 17512 OR Phone (717) 684-2925 between 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M.

            Beverly Brandt

When in charge, ponder.
When in trouble, delegate.
When in doubt, mumble.
When at Disclave, eat cookies.

Nathan Brazil Is Alive and "Well".
(Ed. Note: J.C., please take note.)

Leftover note from the Republicans:
  "Ronnie, Call Home at Once! The Picture In
  Your Attic Died."

Believe in Darth Vader
Trust in Darth Vader
Vote for Darth Vader

"Now More Than Ever - Three More Years"
(That Deserves a One-Handed Applause!)

(The preceding have been provided from the DISCLAVE 1980 wall graffiti from the archives of Beverly Brandt. Responsible replies are welcome. --Ed.)


The WSFA Journal is the newsletter of the Washington Science Fiction Association. Editor-in-Chief: Marianne G. Petrino, [censored], Arlington, VA 22204. Assistant Editors: Beverly L. Brandt & Joseph Mayhew.