Vol.4 No.8


Meeting of December 5, 1980. Tom Schaad presiding at Gilliland's.

The meeting was called to order at 9:15 P.M. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read. The treasury stood at $3,318.01.


MEMBERSHIP: Last meeting we took in 3 new members: William A. Toorville, Suzanne L. Winfield, and Mike Bartman.

ENTERTAINMENT: The Tree-Trimming is Dec. 12 and the Solstice Dinner is Dec. 13. If you're not on the list, see Doll. The tree trim will start at 8:00 P.M. with eggnog and cookies. Setup for dinner on Saturday starts at 6:00 P.M.

PUBLICATIONS: The December Journal is out.

DISCLAVE 1981: Zippo!

DATCLONE: Kim Weston has selected 10 cartoons by Tex Avery and Jack Chalker will provide video tapes; Eva has fliers for Datclone. Rooms must be reserved by February 13, 1981. Get cards from Eva; Fee: $6.


  1. Disclave has 23 memberships. Rates are $5.00 NOW for WSFA members. non-WSFA members pay $7.00. Starting on Feb. 1, WSFA rates go up to $7.00; non-WSFA rates remain the same. On May 1, all rates go up to $10.00; same rate applies at the door.
  2. The Disclave Chairman for 1982 was selected by the Australian voting method with the Trustees overseeing the balloting; the nominees were: Alan Huff, Beverly Brandt, and Jack Chalker & Eva Whitley. Jack & Eva won.


  1. The New Years Eve Party will be at Lee Smoire's in Baltimore. She will provide directions.
  2. There will be a Baltimore in '83 meeting on Dec. 14, 1980, at 2:00 P.M. It will take place in the VIP Suite in the Convention Center.


  1. Martin Wooster is writing the definitive history of fandom.
  2. Wanna get the dirt on TK Graphics? Scott Dennis says to read Locus.
  3. Pat Kelly says LaunchCon is go as the shuttle should be ready to depart in March of '81.
  4. There will be medieval songs at the Folger relates Jane Wagner.
  5. Avedon Carol has no idea of what Ls playing at AFI.
  6. Jack Chalker says there are only 2 weeks left to convert your Chicago WorldCon voter memberships to supporting/attending memberships; deadline is December 30, 1980.
  7. See Kent Bloom for Twelfth Night revels.
  8. Lee Smoire's job died and she is out of work so she's selling Xmas goodies to keep going. Anyone interested, see her.
  9. Kim Weston recommends: Kagemusha, Fantasia, Dial M for Murder. Also, AFI may be getting some good footage of The Red Shoes and The Thief of Bagdad.
  10. Tom Schaad says Michael Wise vill give a seminar at GW this Saturday.
  11. OctaCon I will be held on Columbus Day weekend (Oct. 10, 11 and 12) in 1981 at Westpark, Best Western Hotel at Tysons Corner, Va.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 P.M.


Ronald Leonard
Beltsville, Md. 20705

Warren A. Rodgers
N.Y., N.Y. 10040
(212) 942-8818


Meeting of December 19, 1980. Tom Schaad presiding at Oliver's.

The meeting was called to order at 9:19 P.M. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and amended. The treasury stood at $3,037.52.


MEMBERSHIP: 2 new members were taken in last meeting: Lisa Wahl and Rebecca C. Prather. Also, on Dec. 13, Robert Winfield became a member and on Nov. 21, Gary L. Bennet became a member.

ENTERTAINMENT: The Solstice Dinner was a success. A motion was made and passed to thank Alexis and Doll for their hospitality. New Years Eve will be at Lee Smoire's. She will appear later with directions.

PUBLICATIONS: The list of members NOT paid for Dec., Jan., and Feb. to date was read.

DISCLAVE 1981: The Gillilands went to the Sheraton to reserve an additional function room.

DATCLONE: Eva has a one page flier due to a printing problem. She will have a four page flier at the next meeting and hotel cards.



ANNOUNCEMENTS: A "Tribute to Bob Lovell" was composed by Joe Mayhew and sung by Tom Schaad and Avedon Carol. (No, not Indian Moose Call.)

(Sung to the tune of Oh, Come All Ye Faithful OR Adeste Fidelis)

Tribute to Bob Lovell

How come all the fem fans
dote on Bobby Lovell?
It's easy: he's constantly
attending to them.
See how he soothes them,
hugs them, gives them body rubs.
He's not a shy or Gay moose;
He's not an either-way moose,
He's not an ignoremoose:
he knows the score.

He drives a Moosetang,
wears a hat with antlers;
how come he gets by with it
and very much more?
Christ! All of fandom
have reason to be envious.
It's hard to ignore a moose,
that tumble-in-the-hay moose,
that rutting night and day moose
from Baltimore!

  1. Bob Lovell says Steve Stiles & Elaine are having a party/house warming. Also, Mr. Stiles has become an artist on the Baltimore Sun.
  2. Jack Chalker showed the cover for his latest, "Devil's Voyage."
  3. Alan Huff will appear in "HMS Pinafore" from Jan. 22 - 25.
  4. Top of the Chart? "What Can You Get a Wookie For Christmas (When He Already owns a Comb?)"
  5. Jack Heneghan wants to quit smoking. Please help.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 P.M.


Rebecca C. Prather
Falls Church, Va. 22042
(703) 534-2274

Lisa Wahl
Seabrook. Md. 20801
(301) 794-7148

Robert Winfield
Rt. 2, Box 481-B
Salem, Va. 24153
(703) 387-2331

Gary L. Bennet
Rockville. Md. 20880
(301) 279-7621


Kim Weston (1/4)
Tom Davy (1/19)
Doll Gilliland (1/20)
Gary Oleson (1/20)
James Turner (1/22)
Bill Berg (1/24)
Beth Goetz (1/30)

Important Notice!

Memberships which are NOT in good standing for Dec. - Jan. - Feb. QUARTER as of Dec. 22, 1980. If your name is included in the following list, Pay Up FAST!!! Remember: You CAN'T VOTE if you haven't paid your dues.

Shirley Avery          Mike Kurman
Barbara Barron         Jack Lechner
Fred Bauer             Kevin Lockwood
Andy Beeken            Nick Loter
Judith Blinn           Robert MacIntosh
Steve Brown            Laura McNeill
Fran Buhman            Bruce Miller
Denny Carrol           Mimi Newcastle
Sherna Comerford       Elaine Normandy
Avery Davis            George Nyhen
Philip Davis           Gary Oleson
Rich Deglin            Don Pauley
Bruce Dixon            Janet Peugh
Steve Dolan            Dick Preston
John Ellis             Jane Preston
John Epperson          Irene Reddick
Newton Ewell           Ray Ridenour
Troy Farwell           Scott Robinson
Carol Fowler           Ralph Roland
Abraham Friedman       Ken Roseman
Beth Goetz             Charles Sheffield
Eric Hamill            Paavo St. Dennis
Katherine Hanna        Somtow Sucharitkul
Nancy Handwork         Peter Theron
Michael Harris         Michael Walsh
Sharon Harris          Edie Williams
Robert Harrison        Jane Woodward
Roxane Higinbotham     Morgan Woodward
Kleeo Hondros          Martin Wooster
John Huff              Susan Santo
Tom Joll               Tom Davy
Dick Jones             Erwin Strauss
Dan Joy                Roselyn Archambault
Judith Judson          Jeff Scott
David Kaplan           Barbara Jackson
Suzanne Kerry          John Rubins
Annette Klause         Kim Weston
Mark Klause            Ellen Caswell
          Craig Stanfill

Tree Trim & Solstice Dinner

                by Beverly Brandt

The Tree Trim Party and the Solstice Dinner were held on Dec. 12 and 13 respectively and proved to be very successful. At the Tree Trim party I and my "entourage" handed out our Xmas gifts to each other while making a tape to another "entourage" member who - at the present time - is stationed in Greece. After that I proceeded to distribute my Xmas presents to other WSFA members. Due to the fact that I had quite a few to hand out (6 carrier bags full to be precise!), it seemed that I did nothing else but play Santa all night. Kent Bloom probably brought the most erotic tree hanger of all: cookies in the form of male genitalia! Never a dull moment with this group!!! Later in the evening we all gathered around the piano and sang Xmas songs. I topped off the evening by pouring pink champagne for the few that remained.

The next night I again distributed Xmas gifts and cards to WSFA members. After the meal was consumed, Linda Melnick serenaded us on her guitar; led by Lee Smoire and Avedon Carol others soon joined in. We finished the evening by playing Atari. Another Party Accomplished!!!

For those of you who couldn't make it to the Solstice Dinner, below is a listing of the goodies that made up the dinner. Thanks to Doll Gilliland for supplying the list.

Appetizer Table

Deviled Eggs     Mixed Nuts     Liver Pate     Assorted Fresh Veggies & Dip     Doritos     Hot Mulled Wine     Crabmeat Simmons     Triscuits, Cocktail Rye & Pumpernickel

Buffet Table

Turkey     Fruit Salad w/Sour Cream Dressing     Swedish Meatballs     Green Beans Almondine     Michael's Erotic Fava Bean & Mushroom     Eggplant Parmigiana     Peas     Thingie     Broccoli & Cheese Casserole     Baked Onions     Alcoholic Fruit Salad     Zucchini Casserole     Rice & Mushroom Casserole     Sweet Potatoes     Brandied Dressing     Green Bean Casserole     Plain Dressing     Lasagna     Cranberry Sauce     Mixed Vegetables     Fettucini     Chinese Slaw     Steve's Superlative Sweetrolls     Sauerkraut     Rice Pilaf

Dessert Table

Saturnalia Apple Cake     Mincemeat Cookies     Deep Dish Apple Pie     Swedish Torte     Eggnog Ice Cream     Chocolate Kisses     Carrot Cake     Oranges     Pecan Pie


Cold Duck Punch     Beer     Hot Chocolate     Champagne Punch     Coffee     Softdrinks     Eggnog     Tea

"Dr. Who" Info

Dave Bischoff reports that:

  1. Time-Life has bought the next 3 years of "Dr. Who" starring Tom Baker.
  2. Baker is marrying Lalla Ward (who played Lady Romana, another Time-Lord, in the show).
  3. Christopher Priest is writing a script for the show.

Sci-Con 2 Report

                 by Victoria Smith

Having been raised in the era of large cons, I was quite uncertain as to what conventions were like back in the days before all of the Trekkies and bozos had invaded science fiction fandom, When some of my friends mentioned that they were throwing a small con, Sci-Con 2, down in Hampton, Va, in November, I squeezed it into my overflowing schedule, begged a ride from fellow-WSFAn Steve Smith, and arrived at the Chamberlin Hotel late Friday night. Even though that night's programming was running late, it had virtually finished by the time that I tracked down my roomie and changed into my costume. I went down to see Hardware Wars and raided the con suite for a couple of cokes before collapsing into bed,

The following day, I showed up to work at Registration for a couple of hours - I tried to volunteer further, but apparently they had had a flood of people looking for something to do between panels. About 20 paying customers appeared during this time - quite a change from BaltiCon and Disclave. In all, about 200 paid and 100 free memberships were distributed during the duration of the con. Afterwards, I toured the 15 or so dealers' tables and the 80 panel-sides of art in between going up to the program room for 2 SCA demonstrations and a panel.

The entire convention program actually consisted of 4 panels, a magic show, 3 slide shows, an art auction, two musical concerts, two Guest-of-Honor speeches, a Poetry reading, a Meet-The-Authors-&-Artists' party, the aforementioned SCA demonstrations, and a surprisingly good-for-the-con-size masquerade. What of the film program? They had a dozen SF/science shorts, such as Hardware Wars and A World Is Born (Fantasia's evolution sequence), but for horror-haters - such as myself - the feature films were less appealing although I did see parts of Marooned and Buck Rogers In the 25th Century. Parties? Parties? Only the con sulte, which was also the video-tape room. Lots of bheer and coke, but they had to get it through the hotel, which may have inhibited them from serving it before 8:00 P.M. The soda machines were all-out-of-order: as a result, I found myself drinking lots of tap water earlier on Saturday, and also on Sunday.

What else did I do? I kept bumping into some friends from Richmond. I managed to talk to Mary, Kay and Ivan, despite the fact that they were very busy running the convention. As far as mishaps are concerned, the only major disasters were a fan collapsing in the hucksters' room and a theft. Never. never expect to see your friends if they are the ones running the convention. The stairs were faster than the elevator operators were whenever I was in a hurry, which wasn't often. I walked around Fort Monroe and spent a lot of time on the hotel's roof terrace looking at the York River, the Chesapeake Bay and, at night, the stars. I also spent a good deal of my time in my room studying for a future test. In sum total, it was a decent convention, especially for the number of attendees, but I think that I've become too used to the madhouse mob that is BaltiCon to truly appreciate such a non-frantic convention as sci-Con 2 was.




BACKRUBS given to those who donate $1.00 to support the BALTIMORE 83 bid.

"Lord of the Rings"
(sung to the tune of "Dixie")

Oh, I wish I was a Balrog!
Oh, Yeh! Oh, Yeh!
If I was one
You'd soon be done
'Cause I like "Crispy Critters"
Look Away, Look Away, Look Away
I'm an Orc!

I wish I was in Khazad-dum,
Trashing out the treasure room,
Kill the dwarves! Kill the Dwarves!
Kill the dwarves!
Trash'em out!!!

In the Misty Mounts where I was born
We sell lots of Elven Porn.
Look Away! Look Away! Look Away!
I'm an Orc!!

(Additional verses accepted--Ed.)

31-247 DBGC


The WSFA Journal is the newsletter of the Washington Science Fiction Association. Editor-in Chief: Marianne G. Petrino-Schaad, [censored], Arlington, Va. 22204. (703)-979-9478. Assistant Editors: Beverly L. Brandt & Joseph Mayhew.