JUNE 1981

vol.5 no.1


Meeting of May 1, 1981, Tom Schaad presiding at Gilliland's.

The meeting was called to order at 9:15 pm. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read. The treasury stood at $2,717.78.

MEMBERSHIP: One new member was taken in at Balticon.
PUBLICATIONS: The May JOURNAL was distributed.
ENTERTAINMENT: As reported by Dolly Gilliland. The K-B crystal in Virginia was not cooperative as regards a theater party for the movie EXCALIBUR. However, it was suggested that WSFA go to the State Theater in Falls Church, Va., as they would be showing EXCALIBUR on May 3, 1981 for $2.00! A motion was made and seconded that WSFA assume the costs for a theater party to see EXCALIBUR in Falls Church at the State Theater. The motion passed.
DISCLAVE 81: All 79 Hucksters tables were sold. The preregistration count stood at 580. There will be no programming or costume call for Friday night.
DISCLAVE 82: Zippo.

NEW BUSINESS: 1. Joe Mayhew presented a calculator/tape machine & cash box to the club in the hopes of selling these items to WSFA. The cash box cost $25.00 and the machine cost $35.00. A motion was made and seconded to purchase these items from Mr. Mayhew. The motion passed and he was issued a check for $60.00.
2. Concerning Fifth Fridays, the Newtons have volunteered their house for May, while Mary Morman offered hers for July.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 1. Rosa Oliver announced that Jane Woodward (Robin Wood) has arrived from Okinawa! Pictures and prints are available.
2. Superman II will premiere at the Uptown. Tickets to the gala are a mere $35.00.
3. The newsletter of the Independent Space Research group is out.
4. There will be a Vassar book sale.
5. Martin Wooster is the new associate editor of Harpers magazine!! A group spit was ordained by the president.
6. Dick Roepke and Chris Callahan are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary!!! Cake will be provided after the meeting.
7. Beverly Brandt reported that James Turner will wed Carol Nevaro.
8. Steve Stiles and Elaine Mandell will wed on Oct. 18, 1981.
9. There will be a meeting to discuss the most recent BALTICON. There will also be a BALTIMORE in 83 meeting May 17, 1981 at an undetermined location.
10. Bob Oliver reported that 20 people have paid up for next year, and 9 people have credit. To the rest, he says pay up!!
11. Mary Morman is having a yard sale.
12. Jane Wagner will graduate and get her MA.
13. Anyone want to buy a puppy. 5 are available.
14. The last word-- Eva Whitley stated that her dog and cat are not for sale!!

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45pm.


Meeting of May 15, 1981. Tom Schaad presiding at Oliver's.

The meeting was called to order at 9:25pm. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved. The treasury stood at $2,559.24.

PUBLICATIONS: The secretary distributed copies of the new WSFA Constitution and Bylaws, which take effect at the first meeting in June. In addition, the secretary will print the latest address list in the next Journal. Please see her if she has the wrong address or no address.
ENTERTAINMENT: GOD BLESS YOU MR. ROSEWATER, a play by Kurt Vonnegut, is at the Arena stage. A motion was made and seconded that WSFA pick up ½ the tab for tickets to this show. The motion passed. Tickets will be on a first come first serve basis. Dolly will try to get tickets for Sat. June 12, at 2:30 pm.
DISCLAVE 81: All is go. The hotel is sold out for Friday, but rooms are still available for Saturday and Sunday.
DISCLAVE 82: A letter was sent to Elizabeth Lynn asking her to be GOH. Jack Chalker and Eva Whitley are still checking hotels for the best deal. The Twin Bridges Marriott is being considered, along with others. Washington DC is more or less out. The problem as Jack explained it is you cannot have good rates, plenty of function space and the Memorial Day weekend. Pick any 2 of those 3 and you can be in the district.
MEMBERSHIP: At the last meeting, 2 new members joined-- William Jensen & Sheila Bulak.

OLD BUSINESS: 1. The question was raised-how about an informal masquerade at DISCLAVE? Permission was obtained from the con Chair.
NEW BUSINESS: 1. Avedon asked the club to help her put out her latest fanzine, by defraying the costs. She asked for $20.00 to finish the issue. A motion was made and seconded to give Avedon $20.00 to finish her Fanzine. The motion passed. She will be issued a check for $20.00.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 1. Scott Dolens announced that the Baltimore in 83 meeting will be at Fran Buhman's house on the 17th of May. Also he reports that on is way over to the meeting tonight, he saw a wondrous sight--the HOSTILITY HOUSE was on fire!!!
2. As poor Woody is alone in Okinawa, a letter to him is in progress. Rosa invites all to go to the typewriter and join in the round to Woody letter.
3. As reported by Beverly Brandt, anyone wanna buy a refrigerator? Jane Wagner's apartment complex is going condo. They are selling 10 cubic feet refrigerators for $50.00 & 13 cubic feet ones for $75.00. Anyone interested, call Jane.
4. Bob Oliver is requesting help for art show setup.
5. The Newtons have maps for the 5th Friday party.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:05pm.


ACKERMAN, Forrest, 2495 Glendower Avenue, Hollywood, California 90027 (213)-MOONFAN
ARDRAMRAULT, Roselyn L.P., [censored], Burke, Virginia 22015 (703)-5692941
AVERY, Shirley, [censored], Laurel, Maryland 20811 (301)-7761165
BARBER, April, [censored], Severn, Maryland 21144 (301)-5518357
BARRON, Barbara, [censored], Albany, New York 12209 (518)-4637508
BARTMAN, Mike, [censored], New Carrollton, Maryland 20784 (301)-4590733
BAUM, Bobby, [censored], Bethesda, Maryland 20034 (301)-2296475
BEEKEN, Andy, [censored], Washington, DC 20009 (202)-4620727
BENNET, Gary L., [censored], Maryland 20880 (301)-2797621
BENSUSEN, Sally J., [censored], Maryland 20801 (301)-5778527
BERG, Bill, 2131 Keating Street, Hillcrest Heights, Maryland 20031 (301)-8948048
BIENIEWICZ, Donald J., [censored], Vienna, Virginia 22180 (703)-9384509
BLINN, Judith, [censored], Alexandria, Virginia 22311 (703)-3791179
BLOOM, Kent, 338 N. St. SW Washington, DC 20024 (202)-5542661
BOUNDS, Ron, [censored], California 90249 (213)-9700846
BRANDT, Beverly, 3326 Lauriston Place, Fairfax, Virginia 22031 (703)-5738230
BROWN, Steve, [censored], Arlington, Virginia 22201 (703)-5272191
BRUNK, Randall, [censored], Glendale, Maryland 20769 (301)-2622445
BRYDEN, Heather, [censored], Falls Church, Virginia 22041 (703)-6715693
BUHMAN, Fran, [censored], Alexandria, Virginia 22311 (703)-8202652
BULAK, Sheila, [censored], Rockville, Maryland 20853 (301)-9291423
CALLAHAN, Chris, [censored], Berwyn Heights, Maryland 20740 (301)-4740549
CAROL, Avedon, 4409 Woodfield Road, Kensington, Maryland 20795 (301)-9462868
CARROL, Denny, [censored], Springfield, Virginia 22150 (703)-4511188
CASWELL, Ellen, [censored], Maryland 20740 (301)-8640823
CEPEDA-SANCHEZ, Bianca L., [censored], Forest Heights, Maryland 20021 (301)-8395582
CHALKER, Jack, [censored], Manchester, Maryland 21102 (301)-2398999
CLIFFORD, Robert J., [censored], Dunbar, Virginia 25064
COHEN, Regina, [censored], Alexandria, Virginia 22303 (703)-9606938
COX, Jan & Phil, [censored], Falls Church, Virginia 22042 (703)-5320420
DAVIS, Avery, [censored], Atlanta, Georgia 30332 (404)-3511178
DEGLIN, Richard, [censored], Alexandria, Virginia 22311 (703)-8201103
DENNIS, Scott, 2333 North Calvert Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21218 (301)-3664794 (301)-3664808
DERRY, Chick, 6813 3rd Street, Riverdale, Maryland 20840 (301)-4748071
DIONNE, Joanna & Wayne, [censored], Camp Springs, Maryland 20022 (301)-2485566
ELLIOT, Irene, [censored], Bethesda, Maryland 20014
ELLIS, Dave, 9606 Dilston Road, Silver Spring, Maryland 20903 (301)-4392952
ELLIS, John, [censored], Fairfax, Virginia 22030 (703)-3859233
ENGEL, Mary Louise, [censored], Alexandria, Virginia 22304 (703)-5780097
EWELL, Newton, [censored], Oxon Hill, Maryland 20022 (301)-5673258
FARWELL, Troy, [censored], Oxon Hill, Maryland 20031 (301)-8942242
FETTER, Judy, [censored], Arlington, Virginia 22201 (703)-8419670
FLEMMING, Ginnie, [censored], College Park, Maryland 20742 (301)-9279564
FRIEDMAN, Abraham, [censored], Arlington, Virginia 22204 (703)-9204788
FRITTS, Majorie L., [censored], Hillcrest Heights, Maryland 20031 (301)-8948048
GIAQUINTO, Joe, [censored], Union City, New Jersey 07087 (201)-8661219
GILLILAND, Alexis, Doll & Charles, [censored], Arlington, Virginia 22204 (703)-9206087
GOETZ, Beth, [censored], Arlington, Virginia 22205
HAMILL, Eric [censored], Oxon Hill, Maryland 20021 (301)-8344822
HANNA, Katherine, [censored], Arlington, Virginia 22205 (703)-5321928
HANDWORK, Nancy, [censored], Fairfax, Virginia 22030 (703)-3859233
HARRIS, Sharon & Michael, [censored], Haymarket, Virginia 22069 (703)-7548814
HASTIE, David, [censored], McLean Virginia 22101 (703)-7909366
HENEGHAN, Jack, 6211 64th Avenue Apt 3, Riverdale, Maryland 20840 (301)-7794752
HENSLEY, Don, [censored], Goldsboro, North Carolina 27530
HONDROS, Kleeo, [censored], Bladensburg, Maryland 20110 (301)-8649339
HUFF, Alan, 9606 Dilston Road, Silver Spring, Maryland 20903 (301)-4392952
HUFF, John, [censored], Hillcrest Heights, Maryland 20031 (301)-8948048
HUMPHREY, Douglas, [censored], Laurel, Maryland 20811 (301)-9537483
HUTCHINSON, Kim, [censored], Lanham, Maryland 20801 (301)-5778527
JACKSON, Barbara, [censored], Annandale, Virginia 22003 (703)-9414751
JENKINS, James R., [censored], Arlington, Virginia 22207 (703)-2412243
JENSEN, William, [censored], Greenbelt, Maryland 20770 (301)-3457420
JONES, Patrick, [censored], Silver Spring, Maryland 20903
KELLY, Pat, 744 S. Florida St Apt9, Arlington, Virginia 22204 (703)-5912098
KOON, Suzi, [censored], Alexandria, Virginia 22312
KOZLOWSKI, Michael, [censored], Beltsville, Maryland 20705 (301)-5727210
KURMAN, Mike, [censored], Baltimore, Maryland 21211 (301)-3665679
LEWIS, Douglas, [censored], Silver Spring, Maryland
LEONARD, Ron, [censored], Beltsville, Maryland 20705 (301)-8648529
LOTER, Nick, [censored], Alexandria, Virginia 22303 (703)-7682580
LOVELL, Bob, [censored], Baltimore, Maryland 21211 (301)-3664808
LYNCH, Janet, [censored], Fairfax, Virginia 22031 (703)-2731290
MacINTOSH, Robert J., 4163- 103 S. Four Mile Run Drive, Arlington, Virginia 22204 (703)-9203893
MADLE, Bob, [censored], Rockville, Maryland 20853 (301)-4604712
MANDELL, Elaine, [censored], Baltimore, Maryland 21211 (301)-8892406
MARLOW, Bill, [censored], Severn, Maryland 21144 (301)-5516993
MAYHEW, Bill, 65-C Ridge Road, Greenbelt, Maryland 20770 (301)-4740955
MAYHEW, Joseph, 6000 67th Avenue, Apt 104, E. Riverdale, Maryland 20840 (301)-4595634
McARTHUR, Bob, [censored], Washington. DC 20009 (202)-2326288
McNEILL, Laura, [censored], Arlington, Virginia 22207 (703)-5224596
McNITT, Virginia S., [censored], Bethesda, Maryland 20014 (301)-6522245
MELNICK, Linda, [censored], College Park, Maryland 20740 (301)-7794672
MILES, Walter A., 16 Ansell Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22305 (703)-5484117
MORMAN, Mary, 4847 B S. 28th Street, Arlington, Virginia 22206 (703)-8209573
NEWCASTLE, Mimi, [censored], Oxon Hill, Maryland 20022 (301)-2486736
NEWTON, Barry & Judy, POB 153, Sandy Spring, Maryland 20860 (301)-7740929
NORMANDY, Elaine, [censored], Riverdale, Maryland 20840 (301)-7794752
NOVAK, John, [censored], St. Louis, Missouri 63119 (314)-6443078
OLIVER, Rosa & Bob, [censored], Clinton, Maryland 20735 (301)-8687940
OLESON, Gary, [censored], Alexandria, Virginia 22303
OWINGS, Mark, 9606 Dilston Road, Silver Spring, Maryland 20903 (301)-4392952
PAVLAT, Bob, 5709 Goucher Drive, College Park, Maryland 20740 (301)-3456652
PEOPLES, Lisa, [censored], Arlington, Virginia 22206 (703)-8209573
PETRINO-SCHAAD, Marianne, [censored], Arlington, Virginia 22204 (703)-09799418
PEUGH, Janet, [censored], Bethesda, Maryland (301)-6521046
POMERANZ, John, 4518 N. 40th Street, Arlington, Virginia 22201 (703)-5386024
POTTS, Pat, [censored], Austin, Texas 78757 (502)-4588459
PRATHER, Rebecca, [censored], Falls Church, Virginia 22042 (703)-5342274
PRATO, Janet, [censored], Annandale, Virginia 22003 (703)-2565682
PRESTON, Dick & Jane, [censored], Vienna, Virginia 22180 (703)-2812711
QUICK, William, [censored], Severn, Maryland 21144 (301)-5512581
RIDENOUR, Ray, [censored], Baltimore, Maryland 21211 (301)-3667365
ROBINSON, Scottie, [censored], Springfield, Virginia 22151 (703)-5691449
RODGERS, Warren A., [censored], New York, New York 10040 (212)-9428818
ROEPKE, Dick, [censored], Berwyn Heights, Maryland 20740 (301)-4740549
ROLAND, Ralph, 2432 Mary Place, Oxon Hill, Maryland 20022 (301)-2484511
ROSEMAN, Ken, POB 256, College Park, Maryland 20740 (301)-2170552
RUBINS, John, [censored], Suitland, Maryland 20023 (301)-5686416
SANDS, Cathy & Leo, [censored], Baltimore, Maryland 21218 (301)-4671268
SAPIENZA, John, 2440 Virginia Avenue NW, Apt D-203, Washington DC 20037 (202)-6592147
SCHAAD, Thomas, [censored], Arlington, Virginia 22204 (703)-9199478
SCHALLES, Jeff, [censored], E. Riverdale, Maryland 20840
SCOTT, Jeff, [censored], Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
SIMMONS, Ida, [censored], Springfield, Virginia 22152 (703)-4516006
SMITH, Steve, 4841B S. 28th Street, Arlington, Virginia 22206 (703)-9313395
SMITH, Victoria A., 4500 Pohick Lane, Apt 6-203, Fairfax, Virginia 22030 (703)-9781028
SMOIRE, Lee, 2329 N. Calvert Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21218 (301)-3664794 (301)-3664808
SPEARMAN, Stephanie, [censored], Carrollton, Maryland 20740 (301)-5178177
STANFILL, Craig, [censored], College Park, Maryland 20740 (301)-8648376
STILES, Steve, [censored], Baltimore, Maryland 21211 (301)-8892406
STODDARD, Carole Anne, [censored], Riviera Beach, Florida 33404
STRAUSS, Erwin, 9850 Fairfax Square, Apt 232, Fairfax, Virginia 22031 (703)-2736111
SUCHARITKUL, Somtow, 16 Ansell Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22305 (703)-5484117
SWEETING, Linda, [censored], Greenbelt, Maryland 20770 (301)-3454762
SWEETING, Tom, [censored], Clinton, Maryland 20735
THERON, Peter, [censored], Alexandria, Virginia 22303 (703)-7681386
THOMPSON, Michael G., POB 347, Fort Belvoir, Virginia 22060 (703)-7814554
TOORVILLE, William A., [censored], Wheaton, Maryland 20902 (301)-9428439
TUCHMAN, Mike, [censored], Alexandria, Virginia 22314 (703)-8368957
TURNER, James, [censored], Arlington, Virginia 22209
WAGNER, Jane, 1000 6th Street SW, Apt #308, Washington, DC 20024 (202)-5542730
WAHL, Lisa, [censored], Seabrook, Maryland 20801 (301)-7947148
WALSH, Mike, 115 West 29th Street 2nd Floor, Baltimore, Maryland 21218 (301)-3667640
WEEMS, David, [censored], Fairfax, Virginia 22036 (703)-5737224
WHEELER, Sue, [censored], Baltimore, Maryland 21236 (301)-8829169
WHITE, Mark J., [censored], Lexington Park, Maryland 20653 (301)-8632582
WHITLEY, Eva, [censored], Manchester, Maryland 21102 (301)-2398999
WINFIELD, Suzanne & Robert, [censored], Salem, Virginia 24153 (703)-3872331
WISE, Marti, 3326 Lauriston Place, Fairfax, Virginia 22031 (703)-6985058
WOLZ, Ron, [censored], Laurel, Maryland 20810 (301)-7924536
WOOSTER, MARTIN, 8807 Mead Street, Bethesda, Maryland 20034 (301)-5883124


Minutes of the ANNUAL MEETING held on May 1, 1981.

After the regular meeting the trustees- Regina Cohen, Bill Berg and Joe Mayhew substituting for Bob Lovell- officiated over the annual meeting. The officers' reports for the year were waived. As by the new Constitution, the voting for new officers was performed by the Australian ballot.

1. President- Alexis Gilliland was the slate choice. Nominated were Rosa Oliver and Avedon Carol. The winner was Rosa Oliver.
2. Vice-President- Bill Berg was the slate choice. Nominated were Walter Miles, Avedon Carrol and Alexis Gilliland. The winner was Walter Miles.
3. Secretary- Beverly Brandt was the slate choice. Nominated were Jane Wagner and Eva Whitley. The winner was Jane Wagner.
4. Treasurer- Bob Oliver was the slate choice. He was proclaimed the winner by acclimation.
5. Trustees-- The list of those running was as follows: Regina Cohen, Bob Lovell, Joe Mayhew, Eva Whitley, Tom Schaad, Alexis Gilliland, Avedon Carol, Jack Chalker, Judy Newton, Beverly Brandt, Bill Berg, Chris Callahan, Mike Walsh, Jack Heneghan, Kim Weston, and Alan Huff. The winners, determined in three separate ballots, were Alexis Gilliland, Tom Schaad and Chris Callahan.


Jul. 3-5. EMPIRICON 3. NEW YORK STATLER, NEW YORK, NY. GOH: Theodore Sturgeon. Registration: $10.00 to 6/18, then $12 at the door. Registration limited to 1200. Write: Empiricon c/o Tessfa. POB 682, New York, NY 10008.

Jul. 24-26 PARACON IV. SHERATON PENN STATE INN, STATE COLLEGE, PA. GOH: William Tenn. Fan GOH: Jan Howard Finder. Artist GOH: Frank Kelly Freas. Registration: $7.00 to 6/30, $9.00 at the door. Write: Robert Casto, 425 Wapelani Drive. #24, State College, Pa. 16801

Aug. 7-9, AUGUST PARTY. ROSSLYN WEST-PARK HOTEL, ROSSLYN, VIRGINIA. Star Trek Convention, registration limited to 900. Registration: $7.00 to 5/31, then $9.00. Write: August Party, POB 893, Silver Spring, Maryland 20901

Oct. 9-12. WORLD'S BEYOND '81. TYSON'S WESTPARK HOTEL, McLEAN, VIRGINIA. GOH: Alan Dean Foster, Susan Sackett, Steve Stiles, Mike Jittlov. Registration limited to 1000; $20.00 to 10/3, $25.00 at the door. Write: VAST, POB 4042, Falls Church, Va. 22044

Nov. 27-29. DARKOVER GRAND COUNCIL MEETING, RADISSON WILMINGTON HOTEL, WILMINGTON, DELAWARE., GOH: CJ Cherryh, Registration: $8.00 to 7/1, $10.00 to 11/1, $12.00 at the door. Write: Arminda Council c/o Robert Himmelsbach, 308 W Duval St., 1st Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19147.

Dec. 4-6, PHILCON 81, PHILADELPHIA SHERATON, PHILADELPHIA, PA. GOH: Joe Haldeman, Guest Artist: Darrell Sweet. Registration: $7.00 to 11/13, $11.00 at the door. Write: Philadelphia SF Society c/o Joann Lawler, 2750 Narcissa Rd., Plymouth Meeting, Pa. 19462

Baltimore in 83!


Elaine Normandy  6/3
Janet Lynch      6/4
Parry O'Neil     6/8
Jack Heneghan    6/13
Tom Schaad       6/16
Bob Baum         6/22
Mimi Newcastle   6/28
Sharon Harris    7/12
Rosa Oliver      7/12
Ray Ridenour     7/19
Ralph Roland     7/20
Mike Tuchman     7/22
Kleeo Hondros    7/23