The WSFA Journal


AUGUST 1981                              V. 5  No. 3




At Gilliland's, Rosa Oliver presiding. The meeting was called to order at 9:20 p.m. The minutes were approved as read. The Treasury stood at $8,089.37.


PUBLICATIONS - The July Journal was distributed.

ENTERTAINMENT - Lee brought her Australian slides, Joe Mayhew brought Mr. Goodbars. National Space Week is July 13-20, with many scheduled events. Doll recommends Raiders, is of two minds about Dragonslayer and Clash of the Titans, says that Nice Dreams and Superman II were fun, and adds that Polyester has funny moments and that the smell effects were remarkably well-timed.

DISCLAVE 81 - The second installment of $3,300 has been paid to the Treasury.

DISCLAVE 82 - Not present.



  1. A motion to postpone the election of the 1983 Disclave Chairman from the next meeting to the third Friday in September was defeated.
  2. The question of buying a new projector was raised, and Kim Weston was authorized to investigate prices of equipment and report back to the club.


  1. Alan Huff needs baseball gloves for the picnic.
  2. About 75 people are expected for the picnic.
  3. We got a letter from John Novak, paying his dues and saying Hi.
  4. It's the Air & Space Museum's fifth anniversary.
  5. Lee says she introduced WSFA poker to the Aussies (Editor's Note: Who won?). She brought a bottle of Bundaberg rum from Australia to pass around. She is taking a course on haw to be a travel agent, and has info on cheap travel to Denver.
  6. Bobby Baum needs a ride to Paracon.
  7. Pat Kelly & Miriam Winder are getting married September 1 (CONGRATULATIONS!). WSFA is invited to a party and reception the fourth Saturday in August - announcements and directions will be out soon.
  8. Steve Stiles had two cartoons rejected by Hustler magazine because they weren't raunchy enough. He would like to receive ideas and gaglines (raunchy and otherwise).
  9. Linda Sweeting is leaving for Japan next Saturday.

The meeting adjourned at 10:05 p.m.


At Oliver's, Rosa Oliver presiding. The meeting was called to order at 9:25 p.m. The minutes were approved as read. The Treasury stood at $8,111.69. We have 172 people on the membership list. Eight are life members, 96 have paid their dues for this year, and the rest are delinquent (some have credit).


DISCLAVE 81 - Volunteers received "thank you" mugs. The mailing list is being straightened out.

DISCLAVE 82 - We've signed the contract.

ENTERTAINMENT - Not present. Hot dogs left over from the Fourth of July ware being grilled outside. A book of cartoons called "Bonsai Your Pet" was passed around.

OLD BUSINESS - The projector has received maintenance. Kim Weston reported on equipment, and a motion to allocate $850 for an Elmo projector was seconded and passed. We will soon be getting the mixer, which was previously authorized.


  1. The Gillilands will be on vacation the first Friday in September, and that meeting will be at Rebecca Prather's home (see map).
  2. The trustees (Alexis Gilliland, Chris Callahan, and Walter Miles substituting for Tom Schaad) conducted the election for 1983 Disclave Chairman. Joe Mayhew, Kent Bloom, Bev Brandt, Fran Buhman, and Alan Huff were nominated, and Alan Huff was elected.


  1. We received a letter from Chick Derry. He says he can tell WSFA has risen financially: not only do we have membership cards, but we use two colors of ink to sign them. Chick also says "This September will mark 34 years that WSFA has managed to hang in there. Whatever we started (the whole seven of us), a helluva lot of good fans have managed to keep it going; and seem to have improved on it." Come on back to a meeting, Chick.
  2. Why don't we have an impromptu theater party some Saturday? See Rosa.
  3. Mark Owings has both mono and hepatitis (Get Well Soon!).
  4. Renaissance Festival will be weekends in September and October in Columbia, Maryland.
  5. Texas International has cheap flights to Denver and a deal for winning free trips to Mexico. Want to set up Mexacon 1? See Eva Whitley for more info.
  6. The University of Maryland is hosting the International Piano Festival next week.
  7. Round-to-Robin #10 is in the typewriter.
  8. Phil Cox's daughter had her baby last week.

Your secretary cleverly did not notice what time the meeting was adjourned.


The WSFA Journal is the official publication of the Washington Science Fiction Association. Editor in Chief: Jane Wagner, 1000 6th St. SW #308, Washington, DC 20024 (202-554-2730). Assistant Editor: Joe Mayhew.



Aug. 6 - Eva Whitley
Aug. 7 - Mary Morman
Aug. 9 - Bianca Cepeda-Sanchez
Aug. 10 - Alexis Gilliland
Aug. 20 - Joe Mayhew
Aug. 23 - John Rubins


4th of July

Thanks to Barry & Judy Newton for hosting a slightly soggy Fourth of July picnic. In spite of the rain, a lot of people showed up to munch hot dogs, hamburgers, and a variety of assorted goodies. Since the rain was kind enough to go elsewhere in the afternoon, the Great WSFA-BSFS Grudge Smofball Game was fought upon a swamp the high school diamond. The jocks of WSFA came loaded for bear (Moose?) and won handily, 19-3. BSFS suffered some injuries: Rikk Jacobs hurt his leg and Bob Lovell stepped on a bee. Hope they've both recovered. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, assorted fannish activities occupied the people who didn't join the Jeer-leaders at the game. There was (of course) a poker game. A bridge game occupied some people, while the rest wandered around talking, smoffing, and swatting flies with Steve Smith's flip-flops. All in all, it was a good day. And, of course, there were fireworks all over the place to occupy the evening.


Baltimore in 83!


By Eva Whitley

Obviously, as one of its staunchest supporters, I'm prejudiced in favor of Paracon. Where else can you still find a nice 300-person con with interesting people, all-night restaurants within a five-minute walk of the hotel, and the weirdest college town going?

As usual, I did not make any of the programming, except the banquet. (I was supposed to be on a panel, but dropped off when I saw that five other people were to be on it too, thus violating Whitley's first rule of programming: no more than four or five people on a panel.) The food at the banquet was not that good, and I probably wouldn't have coughed up $13 on my own (program participants got free memberships AND free banquet tickets) but the speeches were WONDERFUL! The guest of honor, Philip Klass, was introduced by his brother, Dr. Morton Klass (also an SF writer), and I laughed so hard I thought I'd go into labor. According to the program book, Philip Klass has worked as a stand-up comedian, and time hasn't dimmed his style. Their speeches dealt with tying shoes and identities.

On Saturday afternoon, I was ably assisted by WSFAn Bill Jensen on an expedition out to the Penn State Creamery for homemade ice cream, and afterwards Bill and I gave a short tour of the campus to a group of fen who masked their interest by pretending to be bored.

There was a three-room con suite both nights. Saturday night featured the Gardner Dozois poll: unwary fen were asked what color their pubic hair was and what year they lost their virginity. Philly in 86 presented episodes of their radio play on the adventures of "Phil, Delphia." (It was as fully bad as you would expect it to be.) The no-weapons policy was strictly enforced, and it was quite pleasant to be in a party without worrying about being cut. The pros in attendance (the Klasses, Jack Dann, Michael Swanwick, Hal Clement, Kelly Freas, and Jack L. Chalker, among others) were quite accessible and partied with the fen.

Well, I really liked the con, and I hope the other WSFAns there did too (your humble editor was among them). Maybe we'll see more of you there next year.

[Jeff MacNelly cartoon coming soon]

september first friday

The Gillilands will be on vacation the first Friday in September, and Rebecca Prather has offered to host that meeting (does she know what she's getting into?). She lives at [censored] in Falls Church, near Seven Corners (703-534-2274).

[map censored]