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OCTOBER 1981                               VOL. 5 NO. 5




At Rebecca Prather's, Rosa Oliver presiding. The meeting was called to order at 9:19 p.m. The minutes were approved as read. The Treasury stood at $6,659.34. The Treasurer reports that we have eight life members, 101 paid-up members, three lapsed, eight dropped, and 54 delinquent members (dues are due and payable!).


PUBLICATIONS - The September Journal was distributed.

ENTERTAINMENT - Both the committee and the entertainment were in Denver.


  1. Mary Morman found another possible hotel for the relaxacon - Sheraton Frederick, jacuzzi, sauna, and pool, $43 single, $48 double, $45 flat rate.
  2. Information about an offset press was read. Discussion centered on: if we need one, problems with dirt, cost-effectiveness. No decision was made.
  3. The Worldcon Vigil Party at Nancy Handwork's will extend through to the Hugo announcements. The club approved paying for the phone call about the Hugos.
  4. Round-From-Robin #10 came with pictures of her recent work (to be seen at Philcon). There was also a terrible picture of Woody. Jane has cut her hair.


  1. A suggestion was made and scotched that the minutes not be read.
  2. Members with VTR's, please talk to Mary Morman.
  3. There will be a Greenbelt Labor Day Parade.


  1. Judy Fetter's company is looking for programmers and tech writers.
  2. Mike Tuchman said not to go to Rovacon - it will be awful.
  3. The RenFair will be held at Columbia every weekend into October. Woodie's Book Department has $1-off coupons, bringing the cost down to $5.25.
  4. There is a board with stories of aliens interpreting the Voyager plaque; also a tape of Leonard Nimoy reading them.
  5. Bobby Baum said there was to be a Halley's Comet feasibility study by amateurs. (Editor's note: Halley's Comet is feasible.)
  6. Joe Mayhew announced that the current issue of Amazing has a short version of Somtow's novel and is cheaper.
  7. Phil Cox says Worlds Beyond con may have a premier of a film "Deadly Spawn" by T. Bohas.
  8. Bob Oliver is running the art show at Worlds Beyond and needs people.
  9. Ron Leonard's company needs a temporary three-day worker for inventory at the end of October.

The meeting adjourned somewhat acrimoniously at 9:50 p.m.

(Thanks to Lisa Peoples for making secretary-type noises while the secretary played hooky.)


At Oliver's, Rosa Oliver presiding. The meeting was called to order at 9:17 p.m. The minutes were approved as read. The Treasury stood at $6,511.55 (let's have a Worldcon!).


PUBLICATIONS - Copies of the September Journal were available.

DISCLAVE 81 - A mailing list printout and the address cards were turned over, along with a check for $2,869.44 which closed out the account.

DISCLAVE 82 - The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics is meeting in Baltimore just before Disclave and has a section on SF futures by Robert Forward. We're working on an arrangement to swap guests. There will be a mailing soon. Volunteers are needed. Cathy Sands is handling pre-con and Loyal Fred Ramsey is handling con hucksters' room arrangements.


  1. A motion to name the next relaxacon "Capicon 60" (because we have the stationery) was seconded and passed. An accompanying motion to hold the relaxacon at the Howard Johnson's on the Baltimore beltway the last weekend of February was also seconded and passed. Jack Heneghan and Lee Smoire are co-chairpersons.
  2. A motion that WSFA not consider buying a press for at least another year was seconded and passed.


  1. Joe Mayhew proposed that the club appropriate $300 for a club fanzine. The motion was seconded and passed; Joe will edit the zine.
  2. A motion that the club buy 20 memberships in ConStellation (at $300) for future paid-up members who, for some reason, do not get memberships at the cheap rates was seconded and passed.
  3. Bob Lovell (Mr. Moose), Mike Walsh (Mr. Smof), and Scott Dennis (Mr. Squirrel) are moving into a large house, and asked to host the New Year's Eve party. The club approved, but it was pointed out that we also need hosts for the 5th Friday in October, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.


  1. The Halloween party will be at Gilliland's on Saturday, October 31. Long Shot for Rosinante is now in the bookstores.
  2. Eva says Jack's new book Lilith (volume one of the Four Lords of the Diamond is in the bookstores. Jack is guest of honor at a shopping center re-opening in Westminster. However, the shopping center has never closed. (And if you figure that one out....)
  3. Dalroy Ward is head of a committee to rewrite the WSFS constitution (that's the World SF Society). Also, he is organizing a trip to the Orioles-Yankees game on October 3.
  4. Beth Goetz wants to know if anyone going to the shuttle launch can give her a ride - she has a press vehicle pass.
  5. Lisa Peoples is moving to Binghamton, New York. Her address is c/o Sowizral, [censored], Endicott, NY 13760.
  6. Mike Walsh says there will be a Worldcon in Baltimore Labor Day weekend, 1983. (Gee!). September 27 is the official legal annual meeting. The Chicon IV Progress Report 2 dated July 1981 has still not been sent out.
  7. Round-to-Robin #12 was in the typewriter.
  8. Sci-Con 3 will be November 6-8 in Virginia Beach, with Robert Asprin as GOH.
  9. There will be a Unicon next summer.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:10 p.m.

The WSFA Journal is the offish publication of the Washington Science Fiction Association. Editor-in-chief: Jane Wagner, 1000 6th St. S.W. #308, Washington, DC 20024 (202-554-2730). Assistant Editor: Joe Mayhew.


For those of who didn't make it to Denver, here are brief reviews from those who did. The consensus seems to be that we didn't miss a lot (except for the parties!).


First of all, Mr. Moose and the Baltimore in 83 Committee would like to thank Victoria Smith for all the wonderful backrubs she gave at Denvention.


Mr. Moose - spent most of his time in a daze, staggering from room party to room party, rubbing backs and being rubbed. All in all, he had a wonderful time; at least what he remembers was fun....Oh, was there a Worldcon that weekend? Strange...Moosie must have been busy during the Moosquerade and Hugo Awards (rumors filtering back from these events indicated that they were very long and not worth the effort), not to mention most of the programming. There are too many old friends to get together with (and ruin your health with) to waste time going to the film program, I can hardly wait to miss Baltimore in 83....

Mike Walsh - Denver?? Timonium on a Sunday is more exciting than Denver. BORING. And the Con? Well, no sleep for most of the con, running around looking for people, talking (aka smoffing), generally having a good time. As for 83...well, I think I'm looking forward to the thing, for sure I'm looking forward to late September 1983. I think I'll go to sleep...

Alan Huff - Drunk last night, drunk the night before, gonna get drunk tonight like I never got drunk before! Great party con, SFWA excepted, with Hic Harpy on guard. Good bid parties, con suite crowded but excellent bheer. Some smaller "private" parties great. Otherwise, so-so: 6.5 on a scale of 10. Weather and atmosphere lousy. Hotel bars decent but high-priced. All in all, glad I went.

Somtow Sucharitkul - I had quite a good time at Denver, except I tripped over Barry Longyear's leg in the aisle and I lost the Hogu award for Best Ded Wrighter of 1980. *(Meaning of Life)*

Sue Winfield - There were a number of problems with Denvention. The biggest one was the distance from the Huckster Room and Art Show to the main hotels. While there were shuttle busses running, it was impractical to duck in for a few minutes to browse between other activities. Most of Denver near the hotels was also closed at night, so it was difficult to find a meal outside the hotel restaurants. The Committee must also have been hard up for help. An individual who was reported to have threatened to strangle another fan with his belt was recruited to work. On the bright side, there were plenty of parties which were a lot of fun. We got a chance to go up into Rocky Mountain National Park, and that was quite beautiful. The air up there, while thin, was clean (as opposed to Denver, which has dirty air). Overall, the trip to Denver was worth it.

Ubear Winfield - Rocky Mountain Hyde or when the numbers go up the zanies come out. The weapons forum was a group of peaceful-violents, ready to kill for the right to carry their peace-bonded weapons. Most of my time was spent otherwise at parties and general carousing. I highly recommend Duck's Breath "Gonad the Barbarian." Elsewise it was fun.

Walter Miles - Shit, I only went to the con to console Somtow when Robt. Forward won the Campbell. Sunday's art auction and sales showed me other people's ideas about how to run art shows. Our ideas must be better. We're us, aren't we? I served as an auction runner, running the first piece, the best, and Carl Lundgren's Space Blaster (replica). The best piece was a pencil page-head by Tom Canty, curling leaves, articulated, like Mozart, it makes sense, Bus rides 35¢, going to two restaurants for one dinner, and the legend of Nick Jerkamov.

Leo & Cathy Sands - Fred Goldstein is an asshole. (Editor's note: Fred Goldstein theoretically ran the Huckster Room.)

Eva Whitley - Denvention II fell apart in almost every area, thus making it one of the worst Worldcons in my memory (yes, even worse than Seacon). Most of its failures came from not thinking through its decisions, such as having the huckster room and art show a mile away, then not having any programming to draw people there. Likewise the Hugo awards were marred by Ed Bryant continuing to tell stupid jokes in between giving out Hugos. The hall also had very uncomfortable seats, which made the two and a half hour ceremony painful. Rumors abounded throughout the con--the most persistent being that no hotel contract was ever signed, only the letter of agreement. Denverites (actually Boulderites) Chris Mills and Randy Christianson kept telling us it would be this bad, but who could believe them? Baltimore had the best party, even if nobody showed up at the WSFA meeting, except for Walter Miles who displaced me as the highest ranking officer. I ate dinner with former WSFAn Pat Potts who now lives in Texas (ich), I hope some of the con attendees come to CONSTIPATION ConStellation and see what a really good worldcon is like.

Cornelius M. Hackley (?) - Hitherto reliable but as yet unconfirmed sources reported today that the North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFIC) completed its five-day run in Denver without any of the attendees realizing that it was not the Worldcon. Denvention (aka the Rocky Mountain Horror Show) drew upwards of 3,000 attendees, but the site of the actual Worldcon remains shrouded in Mystery. Many of the NASFIC attendees, when told of the switch while leaving Denver, expressed relief that their recent experiences were now explicable, Rumors abounded that the convention scheduled for Labor Day 1982 in Chicago would also be a NASFIC. Reliable sources report that the 1983 NASFIC will be held at suburban Hunt Valley Inn outside Baltimore, Maryland.

Yes, it's
Progress Report Zero from


the forty-first world science fiction convention, at

Baltimore, Maryland

1-5 September 1983 at the Baltimore Convention Center with


pro guest of honor

dave KYLE

fan guest of honor

jack l. CHALKER


THANKS for voting us the Worldcon. We worked hard to get it--the first Baltimore worldcon bid was 15 years ago!--and we'll work even harder to make it a great worldcon experience. This area has a strong tradition of putting on major conventions, and, like Discon II back in '74, we're determined to make ConStellation the con all others will be compared to for the next decade. We'll be telling you more of our plans in the Progress Reports, but, right now, thanks to you all, those who voted for us and those who didn't as well--we're going to show those who didn't what a mistake they made. And, oh yes, since we won--the invasion from the Crab Nebula has been indefinitely postponed.

Publications Schedule

We do not expect to have any problems with this schedule for our publications, but it may be superceded by later announcements.

 ad deadlinemailing deadline
Progress Report 11 January 19821 February 1982
Progress Report 21 July 198215 August 1982
Progress Report 31 December 198215 January 1983
Progress Report 41 April 198315 May 1983

Advertising Rates for

Progress Reports 1 and 2

Bleeds, half-tones, inside and outside covers extra. Camera-ready copy only, black and white for best results, same size or 50% reduction. Inquiries for further details handled faster with a SASE.

All fan rate ads must be accompanied by full payment.

We reserve the right to reject any ad which fails to meet our quality standards.

 image areafan ratepro rate
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half page2¼" x 7½" or 4½" x 3¾"$35.$70.
quarter page2½" x 3¾"$25.$50.

Membership Rates

and Information

If you voted for the 1983 site you are now a supporting member of ConStellation. You will get all generally distributed convention publications (Progress Reports, Program Book, etc.) and have the right to vote on the Hugo awards and (with payment of the voting fee) the Worldcon site selection ballot for 1985.

If you want to attend ConStellation, you must convert to an attending membership at whatever rate is in effect at the time of the conversion. The conversion rate until 31 December 1981 is $7.50. Of course, attending membership also entitles you to all rights of a supporting member.

There is no discount for pre-supporting members of Baltimore'83, but other goodies await you good folks who have been so much help to us!

Membership rates for ConStellation:

until 12/31/81$10.00$15.00
1/1/82 thru 6/30/82$10.00$20.00
after 7/1/82 and at the conrates to be announced

The Forty-first World Science Fiction Convention
Box 1046
Baltimore, Maryland 21203


(tune of Maryland, My Maryland or O! Tannenbaum!)

We've got some hills, we've got some trees, we sing in four-part harmonies;
There's shopping malls and city halls, and cats and dogs and ponds with frogs;
But none of us has ever meant to overthrow the government.
From Baltimore to Hagerstown, just take your car and drive around.

We're near the nation's capital, but we are not stuck up at all,
So take a stand and shake the hand of every crab in Maryland.
We touch four states and several bays, the highways mostly run both ways,
We hope you come and say hello and maybe stop and spend some dough.

When I was ten my family moved here from Vest Virginia;
I went to school in Annapolis, I studied Greek and calculus,
Am now I live in Baltimore and that's what Maryland is for.
Oh Maryland, oh Maryland, oh Maryland, oh Maryland.

I have a dog whose name is Jack, I threw a stick, he brought it back.
My sister had a cat, I think, my mother had a kitchen sink.
My father Was a decent man, and we all lived in Maryland.
Oh Maryland, oh Maryland, oh Maryland, oh Maryland.

Our nights are dark, our days are fair, we're right next door to Delaware.
Our song before was full of gore but we heard the Union won the war.
We're sorry if we made you mad, it was the only song we had.
Oh Maryland, oh Maryland, oh Maryland, oh Maryland.

            --Contributed by Mary Morman.


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