The WSFA Journal


Vol. 5, No. 1     June, 1982


Regular Meeting of May 7, 1982

At Gilliland's, Rosa Oliver presiding. The meeting was called to order at 9:00:45. The minutes were approved as read. The treasury stood at $5,029.79. DUES ARE DUE AND PAYABLE.


PUBLICATIONS: The May Journal was distributed. The June Journal will be an address list.

ENTERTAINMENT: Tonight is election of officers. There will be a convention called DISCLAVE in a few weeks.

DISCLAVE: The new function rooms are great - we'll be using them for media programming. No alcohol is allowed in the halls by Virginia law. No matter what goes wrong, it's Joe Mayhew's fault. JOE MAYHEW IS THE OFFICIAL DISCLAVE SCAPEGOAT.




  1. It's Maryland Nurses' Day.
  2. The cost of the group flight has gone up $10. Get your tickets ASAP or the price may go up again.
  3. Receipts from Balticon must be submitted by May 8.
  4. BSFS is preparing to avenge its defeat at the 1981 Fourth of July picnic. THE SOFTBALL CHALLENGE IS RENEWED (Editor's Note: Hah!)
  5. Avedon Carol is not dead yet.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:37:37.


The WSFA Journal is the official piano of the Washington Science Fiction Association, Inc. Editor-in-chief: Jane Wagner, 1000 6th St. SW #312, Washington, DC 20024. Assistant Editor: Joe Mayhew.

Annual Meeting of May 7, 1982

The Annual (election) meeting of the Washington Science Fiction Association (at Gilliland's) was called to order at 9:38:10, Trustee Tom Schaad presiding. The Treasurer read a list of paid-up members. Following are nominations for officers. The Trustees' nominee is indicated by an asterisk (*).

For PRESIDENT: Rosa Oliver* (elected by acclamation)

For VICE PRESIDENT: Alexis Gilliland* (elected by acclamation)


The winner was Jane Wagner

For TREASURER: Bob Oliver* (elected by acclamation)

For TRUSTEE: (first position)

The winner was Steve Smith.

For TRUSTEE: (second position)

The winner was Alan Huff.

For TRUSTEE: (third position)

The winner was Chris Callahan.

The Annual Meeting was adjourned at 10:27:45


At Oliver's, Rosa Oliver presiding. The meeting was called to order at 9:04:33. The minutes were approved as read. The Treasury stood at $4,949.92. SOME PEOPLE ARE BEING DROPPED FOR NON-PAYMENT OF DUES.


ENTERTAINMENT: Possibility of seeing Conan. (Group snort)

DISCLAVE: Need BODIES to work. Room reservations are up from last year (250 for Saturday night); the hotel cards apparently worked. 59 tables have been sold in the dealer's room. NO WEAPONS. Remember to bring COOKIES.

MEMBERSHIP: New members Dale Clarke, Erich Friedrichs, and Rick Kolkor. Reinstatements James Jenkins and Scottie Robinson.

RELAXACON: Possibility Best Western College Park. $36, $42, $45, $48. Is there a lock on the jacuzzi door?

OLD BUSINESS: Ed Sobansky, WSFA's attorney, reports "WSFA has paid me $190 and I haven't done a goddamned thing." Actually, $40 went for a corporate license, and $50 went for corporate papers. We still have a $100 credit. His normal fee for this is $250. (Editor's Note: For He's A Jolly Good Fellow!) We will have to vote on our Constitution and Bylaws again, and we must give a two-week notice. They will be published in the June Journal and voted on at the June 18 meeting.



  1. Dick Roepke is having a pottery show at the Visual Art Center in Columbia May 30-June 10.
  2. Barry and Judy Newton volunteer to host the 4th of July picnic - the offer was accepted (SUCKERS!)
  3. The Prince George's Co. Journal had an article on the Markland longship.
  4. Mike Walsh had books for sale.
  5. Jack Chalker got reviewed in the Baltimore Sun.
  6. Some odds and ends are starting a convention organization called WACO (pronounced wack-o, the Washington Area Convention Organization). WACO's first con is Brave New Con, Jan 13-15, 1984 at the Sheraton in Reston. Info: P.O. Box 335, Arnold, MD 21012.
  7. Round-to-Robin #19 was in the typewriter.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:55:07.


WSFA's Constitution and Bylaws are reprinted below. Notice is hereby given that the Constitution and Bylaws will be voted on at the June 18 meeting. The purpose of this vote is not to make any changes - we are voting on the present form. This is legal acrobatics designed to get our organs (?!) into the corporation. In other words, we aren't making any changes but we have to vote on them anyway. You know how lawyers are! (Particularly Ed Sobansky, our own legal eagle.)




The organization governed by this Constitution and its Bylaws is THE WASHINGTON SCIENCE FICTION ASSOCIATION, abbreviated WSFA.


  1. WSFA shall exist to bring together those interested in Science Fiction, Fantasy literature, and other related interests and activities on a regular basis.
  2. WSFA may sponsor an annual convention called DISCLAVE.
  3. No part of the net income of WSFA shall inure to the benefit of any of its individual members outside of WSFA-sponsored activities.


  1. Membership in WSFA is open to anyone in sympathy with WSFA's stated purpose.
  2. Members shall be admitted and participate in WSFA activities according to this Constitution and its Bylaws.
  3. Only members who are in good standing as defined in the Bylaws shall hold office, propose business, or vote.


  1. The Executive Board of WSFA shall consist of the following officers: 1. President, 2. Vice President, 3. Secretary, 4. Treasurer, 5. 3 Trustees, 6. the Chairman of any DISCLAVE until after it is held.
  2. Their election, terms of office, privileges and duties shall be described in the Bylaws.
  3. The Vice President shall succeed to the Presidency in the event that the President cannot fulfill his term.
  4. Any other vacancies occurring on the Executive Board shall be filled by a by-election. Those so elected shall serve for the remainder of the term of the officer replaced.
  5. A petition for the removal of a member of the Executive Board may be presented to the Executive Board in writing at any time. 2. Such petitions must state the grounds for removal and must be signed by at least 15 members. 3. If the other members of the Executive Board unanimously agree that the removal is justified, they shall suspend the officer and appoint a temporary replacement. 4. Such action and the grounds for it shall be mailed to all members. 5. At the first regular meeting held at least 10 days after such notice, removal from the Executive Board shall become permanent if approved by a 3/4 majority of the members voting. 6. Any office so vacated shall be filled as prescribed in Art. 4:D.


WSFA shall meet at such places and at such times provided for in the Bylaws.


  1. Any proposed amendment to this Constitution may be submitted in writing at any regular meeting of WSFA.
  2. Such proposal shall be read to the meeting and be placed on the agenda for the next meeting. 2. Notice shall be given to the membership.
  3. The proposal shall be subject to amendment as any other item of business.
  4. No amendment to this Constitution shall become effective until it has either been adopted in the same form at two consecutive regular meetings by 2/3 of those voting or until its written petition has been signed by 2/3 of the membership.




  1. Dues shall be $5 per annum or $2 per quarter. 2. They shall be due as of the first regular meeting in June. 3. Dues may be paid in advance. 4. Any member must pay the full year's dues regardless of the date of payment. 5. Any member who is delinquent in his dues for an entire year shall be dropped from the membership list. 6. New members' dues shall be prorated to the appropriate portion of the remaining WSFA year. 7. All life memberships awarded prior to Sept. 1980 shall retain all rights and privileges previously enjoyed in perpetuity.
  2. WSFA shall issue annual membership cards to its paid-up members.
  3. Anyone wishing to join WSFA must first attend two meetings. 2. At the second meeting, he may apply for membership and be sponsored by a member. 3. If this application is approved by the Trustees, the applicant may pay his dues and become a member at the next meeting he attends.
  4. A petition to revoke any membership may be presented in writing at any regular meeting. 2. It must state the grounds and be signed by at least 15 members and be communicated to the member concerned at least 10 days before the presentation of the petition for action. 3. If the petition is approved by a vote of 2/3 of the members present, and the impeached member has had an opportunity to defend himself, the petition shall be presented again at a second meeting. 4. If 2/3 of the members present vote to revoke the membership this second time, it is revoked. 5. The revoked member's dues shall be prorated and the appropriate portion shall be refunded.


  1. A quorum shall consist of 15 members which include two officers of the Executive Board. 2. Such a quorum must be present at any meeting at which a vote is taken.
  2. There shall be no absentee or proxy voting.


  1. All elections shall be supervised by the Trustees. 2. Any Trustees who is running for office shall appoint a counter for that office who is acceptable to the other two Trustees.
  2. The election of all members of the Executive Board except the DISCLAVE Chairman shall take place during the first regular meeting in June.
  3. The Trustees shall receive seconded nominations from the floor and shall announce all candidates in order nominated.
  4. All elections shall be counted by Australian ballot.
  5. The order of nomination and election shall be 1. President, 2. Vice President, 3. Secretary, 4. Treasurer, 5. Trustee, 6. Trustee, 7. Trustee.


  1. The President shall 1. Preside at all meetings, 2. Exercise general supervision over the properties and activities of WSFA, 3. Appoint members to committees, 4. Yield the chair to 1. the Vice President or 2. another member when he wishes to participate in debate.
  2. The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President during the absence of the President.
  3. The Secretary shall 1. Keep the minutes of all meetings of the club, 2. Be custodian of all club records and archives, 3. Be a member of the publications committee.
  4. The Treasurer shall 1. Receive all WSFA funds and maintain them in an account separate from his own, 2. Maintain the official membership list, 3. Pay out funds only when approved by the Executive Board or the membership by vote, 4. Submit his records for audit whenever requested by the Executive Board or by a petition of 1/3 of the membership.
  5. The Trustees shall 1. Vote on all applications for membership, 2. Supervise all elections, 3. Prepare a slate of nominations for all club offices scheduled to be voted upon, 4. Announce that slate at the regular meeting just previous to that of the election, 5. Serve on the Executive Board.
  6. The DISCLAVE Chairman shall 1. be elected at a regular meeting designated by the membership, 2. Be authorized to transact all necessary business pertaining to the DISCLAVE and to appoint all its officers, 3. Serve on the Executive Board until his DISCLAVE has been held.
  7. Only the DISCLAVE Chairman is eligible to hold more than one office on the Executive Board. 2. When the DISCLAVE Chairman also holds another office he will have only one vote on the Executive Board.


  1. The standing committees shall be 1. Entertainment, 2. Publications.
  2. Special committees shall be formed by the President at such times as deemed necessary.


  1. WSFA's regular meetings shall occur on the first and third Fridays of each month. 2. Special meetings can be called.
  2. The place and time for the next meeting shall be designated by the Chair before the meeting adjourns.
  3. The order of business of all regular meetings shall be: 1. Call to order, 2. Reading of previous minutes, 3. Reports of Officers, 4. Reports of Committees, 5. Old Business, 6. New Business, 7. Announcements, 8. Adjournment.


All procedural questions not covered in the Constitution and Bylaws shall be decided by reference to Robert's Rules of Order, Revised, 75th Anniversary Edition (1951).


Any proposed amendment must be signed by at least 15 members and submitted in writing at a regular meeting. 2. Such proposal must be read at that meeting. 3. A vote shall be taken at the next regular meeting after the proposal is submitted and read. 4. Passage shall require a 2/3 majority of those voting.

(gasp! white space!)


Forrest J ACKERMAN            Donald J. BIENIEWICZ          Avedon CAROL
2495 Glendower Ave.           [censored]                    4409 Woodfield Rd.
Hollywood, CA 90027           Vienna, VA 22180              Kensington, MD 20895
(213) MOON FAN                (703) 938-4509                (301) 946-2868

Jerry ACKERMAN                Kent BLOOM                    Ellen CASWELL
[censored]                    551 Brummel Ct. NW            [censored]
Silver Spring, MD 20910       Washington, DC 20012          Silver Spring, MD 20910
(301) 588-2952                (202) SAD OGRE                (301) 585-0529

F. L. AHSH                    Ron BOUNDS                    Jack CHALKER
Box 2146                      [censored]                    [censored]
Alexandria, VA 22301          Gardena, CA 90249             Manchester, MD 21102
                              (213) 970-0846
Shirley Avery                                               Tim CHILDERS
[censored]                    Russell G. BOWERS             Box 2283
Laurel, MD 20811              [censored]                    Ft. Meade, MD 20755
(301) 776-1165                Baltimore, MD 21239           (301) 796-6843
                              (301) 377-8878
Mike BARTMAN                                                Dale C. CLARKE
[censored]                    Beverly BRANDT                [censored]
Bethesda, MO 20814            3326 Lauriston Pl.            Springfield, VA 22152
(301) 530-8720                Fairfax, VA 22031             (703) 569-4111
                              (703) 573-8230
Fred BAUER                                                  Regina COHEN
[censored]                    Sandy BROWN                   [censored]
Bethesda, MD 20817            [censored]                    Alexandria, VA 22303
(301) 320-5769                Upper Marlboro, MD 20870      (703) 960-6938
                              (301) 868-6903
Bobby BAUM                                                  Jan/Phil COX
[censored]                    Randall BRUNK                 [censored]
Bethesda, MD 20817            [censored]                    Falls Church, VA 22042
(301) 229-6475                Glendale, MD 20769            (703) 532-0420
                              (301) 262-2445
Gary L. BENNETT                                             Nancy DAMREN
[censored]                    Heather BRYDEN                [censored]
Rockville, MD 20850           [censored]                    Reston, VA 22091
                              Falls Church, VA 22041        (703) 860-3808
Sally J. BENSUSEN             (703) 671-5693
[censored]                                                  Avery DAVIS
Lanham, MD 20706              Fran BUHMAN                   [censored]
(301) 575-'8527               [censored]                    Atlanta, GA 30309
                              Alexandria, VA 22311          (404) 351-1178
Lou BENZINO                   (703) 820-2652
[censored]                                                  Scott DENNIS
Forestville, MD 20028         Sheila BULAK                  604 Reservoir St.
(301) 735-9296                [censored]                    Baltimore, MD 21217
                              Rockville, MD 20833           (301) 523-5286
Bill BERG                     (301) 929-1423
2131 Keating St.                                            Chick DERRY
Temple Hill, MD 20748         Chris CALLAHAN                6813 3rd St.
(301) 894-8048                [censored]                    Riverdale, MD 20840
                              Berwyn Heights, MD 20740      (301) 474-8071
Jeff BERMAN                   (301) 474-0549
Vienna, VA 22180
(703) 281-4663

Joanna/Wayne DIONNE           Craig/Marsha GLASSNER         Judith JUDSON
[censored]                    [censored]                    [censored]
Camp Springs, MD 20744        Silver Spring, MD 20910       Alexandria, VA 22311
(301) 248-5566                (301) 585-3880                (703) 931-5149

Brian DRURY                   Geoffrey L. GOULD             David J. KAPLAN
[censored]                    [censored]                    [censored]
Crofton, MD 21114             Montclair, NJ 07042           Ringwood, NJ 07456
(301) 721-2685
                              Nancy E. HANDWORK             Pat KELLY
John ELLIS                    [censored]                    3309 Taney Rd.
[censored]                    Fairfax, VA 22030             Baltimore, MD 21215
Arlington, VA 22204           (703) 273-3879                (301) 764-0678
(703) 979-1397
                              Michael/Sharon HARRIS         Suzanne KERRY
Lucille ENNIS                 [censored]                    [censored]
[censored]                    Haymarket, VA 22069           Falls Church, VA 22043
Oxon Hill, MD 20745           (703) 754-8814                (703) 698-0477
(301) 894-7641
                              Dave HASTIE                   Annette/Mark KLAUSE
Newton EWELL                  [censored]                    [censored]
[censored]                    Alexandria, VA 22307          Takoma Park, MD 20012
Oxon Hill, MD 20022           (703) 768-6837                (301) 891-3559
(301) 567-6965
                              Jack HENEGHAN                 Rich KOLKOR
Judy FETTER                   8406 11th Ave.                [censored]
[censored]                    Silver Spring, MD 20903       Annapolis, MD 21401
Arlington, VA 22201           (301) 445-0466                (301) 757-3129
(703) 841-9670
                              Alan HUFF                     Suzi KOON
Abraham FRIEDMAN              9606 Dilston Rd.              [censored]
[censored]                    Silver Spring, MD 20903       Alexandria, VA 22304
Arlington, VA 22204           (301) 439-2952                (703) 998-0181
(703) 920-4788
                              Kim HUTCHINSON                Mike KOZLOWSKI
Erich FRIEDRICHS              [censored]                    [censored]
[censored]                    Lanham, MD 20706              Silver Spring, MD 20903
Springfield, VA 22150         (301) 577-8527                (301) 431-4865
(703) 971-5594
                              Barbara JACKSON               Ron LEONARD
Donna GAUSE                   [censored]                    [censored]
[censored]                    Annandale, VA 22003           Hyattsville, MD 20781
Baltimore, MD 21239           (703) 941-4751                (301) 864-8529
(301) 377-8878
                              James R. JENKINS              Gerry LETTENEY
Joe GIAQUINTO                 3326 Lauriston Pl.            [censored]
[censored]                    Fairfax, VA 22301             Manassas, VA 22110
Union City, NJ 07087          (703) 573-8320                (703) 368-5478
(201) 866-1219
                              Bill JENSEN                   Douglas LEWIS
Alexis/Doll/Charles GILLILAND [censored]                    [censored]
[censored]                    Greenbelt, MD 20770           Silver Spring, MD 20910
Arlington, VA 22204           (301) 345-7420                (301) 587-0810
(703) 920-6087
                              Pat JONES                     David LINDSEY
                              [censored]                    [censored]
                              Silver Spring, MD 20903       Alexandria, VA 22310
                              (301) 431-4865

Betty LOCKWOOD                Mary MORMAN                   Frank PELLEGRINO
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4163 - 103 S. Four Mile Run   Mimi A. NEWCASTLE             Marianne PETRINO-SCHAAD
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[censored]                    Barry/Judy NEWTON             Evan G. PHILLIPS
Rockville, MD 20853           P.O. Box 153                  7005 Forbes Blvd.
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65-C Ridge Rd.                Elaine NORMANDY               Gail PITTAWAY
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65-C Ridge Rd.                John NOVAK                    Rebecca PRATHER
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(301) 474-8215                St. Louis, MO 63119           Falls Church, VA 22042
                              (314) 644-3078                (703) 534-2274
[censored]                    William D. OCHS               Dick/Janice PRESTON
Arlington, VA 22207           [censored]                    [censored]
(703) 522-4596                Laurel, MD 20707              Vienna, VA 22180
                              Balto: (301) 792-4131         (703) 281-2711
Ginny McNITT
[censored]                    Rosa/Bob OLIVER               James QUINN
Bethesda, MD 20814            9408 Michael Dr.              [censored]
(301) 652-2245                Clinton, MD 20735             Herndon, VA 22070
                              (301) 868-7940                (703) 471-5836
Patricia E. MEEHAN
[censored]                    Gene OLMSTED                  Theresa RENNER
Alexandria, VA 22304          P.O. Box 380                  [censored]
(703) 751-1779                College Park, MD 20740        Germantown, PA 19144
                              (301) 439-4599
Linda MELNICK                                               Scottie ROBINSON
[censored]                    Jul/Mark OWINGS               [censored]
Beltsville, MD 20705          [censored]                    Arlington, VA 22204
(301) 937-8426                Baltimore, MD 21211           (703) 521-8541
                              (301) 889-2406
Walter MILES                                                Warren A. RODGERS
12802 Atlantic Ave.           Bob PAVLAT                    [censored]
Rockville, MD 20851           5709 Goucher Dr.              New York, NY 10040
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                              (301) 345-6652

Dick ROEPKE                   Vicki SMITH                   Chris VALADA
[censored]                    4500 Pohick Lane Apt. 6-203   [censored]
Berwyn Heights, MD 20740      Fairfax, VA 22030             Vienna, VA 22180
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Ted ROSENBERG                 Lee SMOIRE                    Jane WAGNER
[censored]                    115 W. 29th St.               1000 6th St. SW #312
Baltimore, MD 21207           Baltimore, MD 21218           Washington, DC 20024
(301) 448-3134                (301) 366-4794                (202) 554-2730

Cathy/Leo SANDS               Craig STANFILL                Michael WALSH
[censored]                    [censored]                    604 Reservoir St.
Baltimore, MD 21218           College Park, MD 20740        Baltimore, MD 21217
(301) 467-1268                (301) 864-8376                (301) 523-5286

John SAPIENZA                 Laura STEWART                 Dalroy WARD
2440 Virginia Ave. NW         [censored]                    9606 Dilston Rd.
Apt. D-203                    Clinton, MD 20735             Silver Spring, MD 20903
Washington, DC 20037          (301) 868-6362                (301) 439-2952
(202) 659-2147
                              Steve/Elaine STILES           David WEEMS
Tom SCHAAD                    [censored]                    [censored]
[censored]                    Baltimore, MD 21218           Fairfax, VA 22036
Arlington, VA 22204           (301) 243-7305                (703) 573-7224
(703) 979-9478
                              Carole Anne STODDARD          Letitia C. WELLS
Jeff SCHALLES                 [censored]                    [censored]
[censored]                    Riviera Beach, FL 33404       Bethesda, MD 20817
Silver Spring, MD 20901                                     (301) 229-0905
(301) 588-0416                Somtow SUCHARITKUL
                              16 Ancell St.                 Kim WESTON
Liz SHARPE                    Alexandria, VA 22305          [censored]
[censored]                    (703) 548-4117                Baltimore, MD 21229
Bethesda, MD 20816                                          (301) 644-4446
(301) 229-7721                Linda SWEETING
                              [censored]                    Eva WHITLEY
Charles SHEFFIELD             Greenbelt, MD 20770           [censored]
6812 Wilson Lane              (301) 345-4762                Manchester, MD 21102
Bethesda, MD 20034
                              Tom SWEETING                  Sue/Robert WINFIELD
Ida SIMMONS                   [censored]                    [censored]
[censored]                    Clinton, MD 20735             Gaithersburg, MD 20877
Springfield, VA 22752         (301) 868-4123                (301) 977-9341
(703) 457-6006
                              Michael G. THOMPSON           Sgt. Morgan/Jane WOODWARD
Nancy SITTON                  P.O. Box 347                  POB 1901 OPS Co. TORII STATION
2000 N. Madison               Ft. Belvoir, VA 22060         USAFSO APO SF 96331
Arlington, VA 22205           (703) 781-4554
(703) 533-8368                                              Martin WOOSTER
                              Mike TUCHMAN                  [censored]
Steve SMITH                   [censored]                    Silver Spring, MD 20910
4841B S. 28th St.             Alexandria, VA 22314          (301) 505-2267
Arlington, VA 22206           (703) 836-8957
(703) 931-0934
                              James TURNER
                              Arlington, VA 22209


The undersigned, having received a copy of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Washington Science Fiction Association, Inc., waives notice of the organizational meeting of said organization and consents to any action taken at said meeting by majority vote.

      Signed __________________________________________________