The WSFA Journal


Volume VI                                 Number 11


At Gilliland's, Rosa Oliver presiding. The meeting was called to order at 9:07:35. The minutes were approved as corrected (new member's name is Lee Strong). The Treasurer gave the third quarter report (which the Secretary cleverly forgot to get for the Journal).


ENTERTAINMENT: The first meeting in April will be at Balticon. The deadline for nominating for Hugos is March 8.

PUBLICATIONS: The Secretary threatened to print the Disclave flyer in the April Journal if people didn't start submitting articles.

DISCLAVE '83: As of 9:06 PM there were 225 paid-up members. Joe got about five pounds of artwork from Jack Gaughan - the suggestion was made that we do a Jack Gaughan retrospective book.

D'UDDERCLAVE: J'accuze! If your bathing suit, hair, or whatever was damaged, PLEASE write to the Ramada's General Manager! We maybe lost $200 on the con.

OLD BUSINESS: The production of 2001 is questionable. Does anyone have any slides to use as background? Dues will be due for the next fiscal year at the 3rd Friday meeting in April, but some people haven't paid for this year!


  1. Michael Harris is being tortured by his firm - he has to go to Paris in May to deliver a paper.
  2. Bill Berg has been on jury duty and has some weights to sell (no connection).
  3. Jane and Woody have a new place to live.
  4. Bob MacIntosh is stealing people's money for raffle tickets.
  5. Lee is a member of the Bill the Cat Buyer's Club.
  6. Starcall has confirmed guests, but Dick Preston forgets who.
  7. Get your hotel forms in for ConStellation!

The meeting had had enough of this nonsense at 9:33:42.


At Oliver's, Rosa Oliver presiding. The meeting reluctantly assembled at 9:14:06. The minutes were approved as read. The Treasury stood at $2,474.68. WHERE THE HELL IS THE DISCLAVE '82 MONEY???!!!


ENTERTAINMENT: Next meeting at Balticon. 2001 dress rehearsal next Friday.

DISCLAVE '83: We now have 544 paid-up members.

D'UDDERCLAVE: Jul hopes to have an accurate report by April.

OLD BUSINESS and NEW BUSINESS couldn't make it to the meeting.


  1. The Nebula nominees are out.
  2. ConStellation got about 100 new memberships with the Hugo nominations - now about 4,750 members (and no, we don't have the Hugo nominees yet!).
  3. Unemployment has lost Mike's files, and he has books to sell (support your starving Worldcon Chair!).
  4. Amtrak is trying to screw Maryland commuters - please write letters!
  5. Joe has still another issue of Fantagony (does he never quit?).
  6. Kent & Mary are looking for an indigent female - they need a nanny.
  7. Wayne and Joanna have sold their house and bought another. They are moving out June 11, and in July 30. There's a gap here...
  8. Jack Heneghan is drafting people for Balticon night security (not me!).
  9. Balticon is almost sold out.

The meeting adjourned at 9:31:06

CLASSIFIED: (burn before reading) Tom Sweeting is looking for a place to live in the Silver Spring/College Park/Hyattsville/Greenbelt area. Would prefer a non-smoking environment - anyone need a room/housemate? Call 868-4123.


Gail S. Abend, [censored], Annandale, VA 22003 (703) 573-4026.

George E. Nyhen, [censored], Arlington, VA 22205 (703) 241-0858.

Vicki Smith, [censored], Fairfax, VA 22030 (703) 385-9741.

Lee Strong, #1011 3421 Carlin Springs Rd, Bailey's Xroads, VA 22041 (703) 756-1590.

Morgan/Jane Woodward, [censored], Laurel, MD 20708, DC 953-1533.

Cookie eaters, Beware!

                                                RD 1 - Box 166
                                                Bridgeport, N.Y. 13030
                                                Feb. 24, 1983
Rosa Oliver
9408 Michael Dr.
Clointon, Md. 20735

Dear Rosa,

    Enclosed is membership check of $5.00.

    A word to the wise:  I have heard that the cookie conspiracy has
come to the attention of the FBI and CIA.  Undercover agents will be
at the convention to check out the serial numbers of all unregistered
cookies.  Those with filed-off serial numbers will be arrested on the

    Do you have any idea of the penalties for unlicensed cookie eating?
Groups against godless and immoral use of cookies have made it almost
certain that such penalties will be harshly enforced.

    As a service to con attendees, I think signs pointing these facts
out should be posted wherever crumbs are likely to be found by outsiders.


                                                Jay Kay Klein

by Joe Mayhew

WSFA celebrates the fifth Friday in February whether there actually is one or not. We started it back in 1980 with a real fifth Friday that needed something more than the usual party, as such things occur in February about as frequently as English popes. I have had the pleasure of naming two of them, the first to distinguish it from Disclave as "Datclave," and the third "Capicon 60" since we had this excellent stationery lying about from an ancient worldcon bid. WSFA held the 1960 worldcon out in the Baltimore suburbs in 1982. It was a grand old time, despite moments of dudgeon concerning an uninvited camera at the marvellous little jacuzzi, late at night.

D'Udderclave, if my memory serves me, was so christened by Jul Owings, who, with her faithful Indian scout Lee Smoire, ran it at the Seminary Road Ramada. Despite my initial discomfort at the thought of returning to anything vaguely like a seminary, I showed up early Friday afternoon and was greeted cheerily by Jul, who was pushing a baggage cart out to her car for supplies. The hotel didn't look much like a seminary, so I went in and registered.

Gradually the fans straggled into the con suite (802) and we learned that the hotel, in its wisdom, had booked most of us down on the 3rd and 4th floors, and was busy booking military types all around the con suite. We anticipated grief, but little seemed to come from that.

The grief came from a surprising quarter: the pool and jacuzzi. The pool guard, it seemed, despaired of being paid for the overtime, and announced to some of us who showed up at 10:00 that the pool would be closed and not re-opened that night. I was very pissed, and as it turned out, so was the jacuzzi. I was fortunate in having given up the thought of pooling for the night, but others, after the guard was paid, were rewarded for their zeal by having their swimwear fade and turn strange glop colors, their skin develop curious rashes, and their faith in Ramada udderly crushed. What did they put in the jacuzzi when they saw us coming?

Mark Owings, Alan Huff, and I bought video equipment and entertained the troops. Of the discs I brought, Barbarella seemed to get the most play, but Escape from New York ran a close second, perhaps in honor of Ben Yalow and Seth Breidbart. I was surprised at how much ordinary television was watched in the con suite. Lee Smoire managed to find a poker table and, with her usual energy, assembled a poker game. Sharon Harris was heard to say "Gash me with a Ginzu!" which Somtow picked up as a counter-mantra for the "Totally Awesome" which he imported from Aquacon.

The art show started out a bloody nuisance - it was a real pain to re-hang the picture we had covered with the art show sheet. Each contributor knows down in his heart which was the best in show, but I must vote for Ray Ridenour's magnificent bathroom sign which, while not formally a part of the art show, had an air of sidewalk zen about it. I went home happy and tired - how about you?