The WSFA Journal


"Moving Right Along"

JULY 1983

Volume 7               Number 2



Meeting of June 3, 1983; at Gilliland's, Alexis Gilliland presiding.

The meeting was called to order at 9:16. The minutes were approved as read EXCEPT Lee Shehr noted that his name, address and telephone no. are incorrect as listed in the WSFA Address List for June. Note correction elsewhere in this Journal. As the Treasurer was absent (he showed up later), his report was waived.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Dues are due and payable. Check with Bob Oliver and if you haven't paid your dues, please do so.


MEMBERSHIP: No new members were taken in.

PUBLICATIONS: The June Journal was handed out.


  1. A place to hold the Fourth of July picnic was brought up for discussion. The home of Barry and Judy Newton was favored - although others were mentioned - but as: a) the Newtons were not present to be asked, and b) when the subject was broached to them at an earlier time, they didn't seem too thrilled with the idea, it was decided to wait until the next meeting for a definite decision.
  2. A suggestion was made to hold the picnic on Sunday instead of Monday (July 4th) "..... because it seems to be clear on Sunday before a Monday holiday and then it rains on the holiday. Perhaps we should pray that it rains on Sunday and then Monday will be clear." No final decision was made.
  3. A convention "Conquest '83" will be held next weekend (June 11th and 12th) on the Maryland University campus. Kelly Freas is a confirmed guest along with WSFAns Dave Bischoff, Alexis Gilliland and Somtow Sucharitkul. Registration is $9.00 at the door.
  4. There will be a rehearsal of "2001:A Space Opera" after the official meeting.

DISCLAVE '83: Around 1,200 people showed up for the convention. Chairman Alan Huff thanked everybody who worked on the con. Special thanks went to Jack Heneghan for starting a new Disclave tradition: Flying Saucers (vanilla ice cream encompassed by two chocolate cookie wafers). We managed to consume 1800+ of them during the con. We didn't make much money but that's good since we're now incorporated. We won't have to pay for the hotel's damaged glass door as it is not certain who the culprit was: Disclave attendees or the high school tour group that invaded the premises that Sunday. Any profits made on the convention will be handed in to the club treasurer after all bills are covered.

DISCLAVE '84: Jane Wagner is still taking volunteers to head up the different functions. Again, please write down your name, address and where you'd like to work and hand it in to Jane.

OLD BUSINESS: John Sapienza noted that a problem arose during Disclave. It seems that gamers were rudely asked to leave the Child Care room by con personnel. As there was no space originally set aside for the gamers, it seems they inadvertently set up shop there. According to Joe Mayhew, Jack Chalker asked him to clear the room of gamers which he did; however, Joe insists that he wasn't rude to the gamers. He explained to them what the room was specifically set up for and asked them to leave. After a long heated discussion, John replied that: 1) whatever the case, in the future rude language has no place at Disclave and 2) a room should be set aside for gamers thus eliminating future problems. Jane Wagner, Disclave '84 Chairperson, announced that she had already set aside a specific room for gamers as well as a specific room for child care so this problem should not arise at the next Disclave.


  1. Kim Weston asked if there was a theater in the area showing "Return of the Jedi" that had a good sound system and a good print. The answer was a resounding: "Springfield Mall; it's in 70 MM and Dolby Sound!" Alexis Gilliland pointed out that it also had good parking.
  2. Alexis then reminded the club that there had been some interest expressed concerning a "Jedi" movie party. Dolly replied that she had not pursued it as she thought it too early and especially after hearing some horrendous stories about the MacArthur Theater capping the amount of tickets one person could buy at one time; it finally reached 10 tickets per person. At that point. forget it!!! She added that there would be other movies we'd probably be interested in; Example, "War Games". Final Result: Let's wait and see what develops.
  3. Kim Weston then suggested that WSFA buy a second hand truck in order to accommodate the film equipment. This would enable us to use the present one for con suite supplies and art show equipment thus eliminating the present hassles. Alexis decided that it would be taken under advisement as there is no pressing urgency.


  1. Lee Smoire noted that in four days she'd be leaving for Australia. She asked if anyone had anything they'd like to contribute to the DUFF auction; she'd be glad to take it. Also, does anyone have the address for the Qantas Airline sales office? Answer: No Luck, Lee! Anyway, she'll be back at the end of June.
  2. Pat Jones announced that he had a car to sell; quote: "Very cheap and in very bad condition." Unquote.
  3. Rebecca Prather reported that she was running a multi-family neighborhood yard sale near 7 Corners next weekend. Please come and check it out; flyers are at hand.
  4. Jul Owings expressed her thanks to Alexis and the club for the Gilliland original "Get Well" card that was sent to Mark while he was in the hospital.
  5. Mike Walsh announced that there's only 94 more days until closing ceremonies.
  6. Wayne Dionne remarked that on July 30th - the day after the Fifth Friday in July - he'll be having a moving party. He then related in a low voice that we could hold next year's Fourth of July picnic party at his place. (Ed. Note: Just remember you said that Wayne; we'll hold you to it!)
  7. Avedon Carol relayed the information that the German translation of Somtow's book "Starship and Haiku" says that the author is of Korean descent and that he grew up in Egypt! And if that isn't bad enough, how about this: Even though the book is about the killing of whales it seems the German editor must have called the British artist and told him to do a cover for a book about the killing of "veils" because there are veils all over the book's cover.
  8. Beverly Brandt announced that N.Y. WSFAn Warren Rodgers has moved down to Virginia and will now be attending meetings. Please welcome him to WSFA!!!

The meeting was adjourned at 9:48.

Address Correction

Lee Shehr
Bailey's Crossroads, VA 22041
Telephone No.: (703) 671-3592


Meeting of June 17, 1983; at Oliver's, Alexis Gilliland presiding.

The meeting was called to order at 9:15. The minutes, with one correction, were accepted as read. The treasury stood at $5,149.92.


MEMBERSHIP: The following people rejoined WSFA: Dennis Carroll and Mark White. New people to join: Samuel Schwartz, Drake Allen and Ray Galacci. (Ed. Note: Note addresses and telephone numbers elsewhere in this Journal.)

PUBLICATIONS: The June Journal is still available.


  1. Barry and Judy Newton agreed to host the Fourth of July picnic. (See enclosed map for directions.) Tentatively, barring rain, the picnic will be held on Sunday, July 3rd; if it rains, then on July 4th. If you're going to attend, please tell Judy - in advance - what you'll be bringing.
  2. After much discussion, the movie agreed upon was "War Games" located at Springfield Mall; date: Sunday, June 26th. The club will pick up ½ of the admission price.


  1. Concerning our incorporation and tax status, Rosa Oliver announced that we are a C7 status. This means we are a tax exempt social club that "allows us to do things for ourselves without being a literary society". We have been paying a large amount in state and county taxes; they will be dramatically cheaper now that we have a definite status.
  2. Joe Mayhew asked when we could elect the chairman for our February relaxacon. It was decided to hold the election at the next meeting.



  1. Doll Gilliland announced a rehearsal for "Inside 2001:A Space Opera" on July 18th at 8:00 P.M.; please make it.
  2. It was noted that WSFAn Bob Pavlat died on Monday, June 13th due to complications from pneumonia. The Secretary will send a sympathy card from the club. (Note: Memoriam)
  3. Jane Wagner reported that WSFAn Pat Kelly's mother has just died. Ditto the card.
  4. Steve Smith asked if anybody had an opening for computer work as his brother needs a job.
  5. Kathleen Aranyosi is looking for a roommate, she lives near Silver Spring. If interested, please contact her.
  6. Jane Wagner related that after 3 years and 45 lbs. of trying, her blood pressure is down to normal. Congratulations!!!

The meeting was adjourned at 9:52.

New Members

Drake Allen
Beltsville, MD 20705
(301) 474-4963

Ray Galacci
Baltimore, MD 21212
(301) 323-2920

Mark J. White
Columbia, MD 21045
(301) 992-5639

Samuel Schwartz
Alexandria, VA 22306
(703) 768-5898

Dennis Carroll
Vienna, VA 22180
(703) 938-4986

In Memoriam -

Bill Berg

This is dedicated to the fond memory of Robert K. Pavlat who passed away on the afternoon of June 13, 1983, from complications of pneumonia. We will all miss him.

Among his many accomplishments was his membership in First Fandom and the Order of St. Fantony. He, Chick Derry, Frank Kerkhof and a few others were the founders of the Washington Science Fiction Association (WSFA). For this, we all give him thanks. Bob and his wife, Peggy Rae, at one time or another, held most of the elective offices in WSFA. For a goodly time, WSFA meetings were held at the Pavlat's in College Park, Md. In recent years, Bob and Peggy Rae have become convention going fans.

I met Bob at the first WSFA meeting that I attended back in 1952. I found Bob to be a very congenial, interesting and cheerful individual. I learned that Bob had been dating, among others, one Phyllis King who was later to become my bride. In spite of this, Bob and I became the best of friends. Everyone liked Bob.

On behalf of First Fandom, all WSFA members and fandom in general, I wish to express our deepest sympathy and condolences to Peggy Rae and her family. I repeat, we will ali miss you, Bob.

Upcoming Cons

July 1-4
EmpiriCon at Milford Plaza Hotel. GOH - Isaac Asimov, FGOH - Art Saha. Info, write Box 682, Church Street Station, New York, NY 10008
July 1-4
WesterCon 36 at Red Lion Inn. GOH - Phil Klass (Wm. Tenn), AGOH - Alicia Austin, FGOH - Tom Whitmore, TM - Damon Knight. Info, write 2000 Center Street #1051, Berkeley, CA 94704
July 8-10
Shore Leave 5 at Marriott-Hunt Valley Inn. Confirmed Guests - George Takei & Howard Weinstein. Info, write Star Trek Assoc. of Towson, P.O. Box 10126, Towson, MO 21204
July 15-17
UniCon at Sheraton Inn, Wash., N.W. Joan Vinge & Jim Frenkel, AGOH - Teana Lee Byerts, FGOH - Mike Walsh. Info, write Box 263, College Park, MD 20740
July 22-24
Archon 7 at Chase Park Hotel. GOH - Gene Wolfe, TM - Howard Waldrop. Info, write P.O. Box 15852, Overland, MO 63114
July 29-31
ParaCon 6 at Sheraton Penn State Inn. GOH - Ben Bova, Special Guest - Virginia Kidd, AGOH - Roger Pollok. Info, write P.O. Box 1156, State College, PA 16801

"Return of the Jedi"

Movie Review, Part 1 - Geoffrey Gould

The sixth chapter of the "Star Wars" saga concludes the middle trilogy. By now most of the hardcore have seen it (several times), and a 'common run-down of the plot' would literally be redundant.

While the third film in the trilogy is by far the most impressive, there seem to be a few stretchmarks where the works spread a bit too thin. For one thing, "Jedi" seems more slapdash in its story than "A New Hope" or "The Empire Strikes Back". "New Hope" spent a lot of its first hour introducing us to the characters, which is why "Empire" was so well structured. We knew who was who and what was possible in the Lucas universe, so the film dealt mainly with a solid story and expansion of the characters we already knew.

"Empire" also opened up many questions that "Jedi" appears to have answered somewhat inadequately, almost in haste. "New Hope", and even "Empire", pointed out in its dialogue that Vader and Luke's father were two physically different people. "The other" Yoda mentions should have been a new character, otherwise Ben would also have realized it.


6/12 Sharon Harris
6/12 Rosa Oliver
6/19 Ray Ridenour
6/22 Mike Tuchman
6/26 Jan Cox

[ sic -- those dates should all be 7/ -- KFL ]


The WSFA Journal is the inscrutable monthly newsletter of the Washington Science Fiction Association. Editor-in-Chief: Beverly L. Brandt, 3326 Lauriston Place, Fairfax VA 22031. Tel. No.: (703) 573-8230. Assistant Editor & In-house Artist: Warren Rodgers

"The Dinosaur Song:" -

Tim Sullivan w/Big Mike & Kent Burton

(Sung to the tune of the Marine Hymn [Halls of Montezuma])

From the spiny plates of stegosaur
To Tyrannosaurus Rex
They will tear the flesh right off your bones
Ir-regardless of your sex

You may think it quite peculiar
Or find it rather odd
To know that I'm enamored of
A carnivorous theropod

By the gaping jaws of ceratosaur
Under a flapping pteranodon
We will hitch a ride through the Mesozoic
On the back of iguanodon

We will flee from leaping allosaurs
Who would like to bust our chops
And fend off the pointed advances
Of a horny triceratops

            (Reprise of first verse)
From the spiny plates of stegosaur
To Tyrannosaurus Rex
They will tear the flesh right off your bones
Ir-regardless of your sex


FY 1983 Fourth Quarter Treasurer's Report:

As of March 1, 1983:     Brought Forward ... 2,775.31
  Receipts: Disclave '82 ..  2,954.83
            Dues ..........    220.00
              Memberships .    160.00
              '83 .........     66.00
            Interest ......     41.40
                            +3,442.23  Sub . 6,217.54
            Food & Bev ....    528.50
              Services ....    156.60
            Printing ......     96.24
              '83 ........      84.04
                           -   865.38  Sub . 5,352.16
                                   On Hand . 5,352.16


Fiscal Year 1983         Brought Forward ... 5,054.92

As of June 1, 1982:      Brought Forward ... 5,054.92
  Receipts: Disclave '82 ..  4,954.83
            Dues ..........    578.00
              Memberships .    230.00
            Interest ......    221.12
            Refund ........    100.00
            D'Utterclave ..     66.00
                            +6,149.95  Sub .11,204.87

            Food & Bev ....  3,050.79
            Disclave '83 ..  1,344.76
                Services ..    500.81
            D'Utterclave ..    484.04
            Printing ......    413.31
            Movies ........     59.00
                            -5,852.71  Sub . 5,352.16
                                   On hand . 5,352.16