The WSFA Journal



Volume 8   Number 7

WSFA Minutes

Meeting of January 4, 1985, at the Gillilands'; Alexis Gilliland presiding.

The meeting was called to order at 9:23. The minutes were approved with two corrections. The corrections were noted and inserted in the appropriate places. The treasury stood at $6,064.65.


ENTERTAINMENT: Doll Gilliland announced that a fun time was had by all at the Solstice Dinner and she thanked those who had participated in it.

FEBRUARY RELAXACON: Chairwoman Lee Smoire still has "No Name Con" flyers for those who are interested.

1985 DISCLAVE: Zip!

OLD BUSINESS: WSFA Trustee Ginny McNitt chaired the election of the 1986 Disclave Chairman. The slate choice was Jack Heneghan and after a short discussion, he was elected by voice acclamation.



  1. Lee Smoire reported that on Thursday, January 17th and Friday, January 18th the Maryland Science Center and the Lyric Theatre will be showing a travelog with slides on New Zealand. On Thursday it will be shown at 8:00 and on Friday at 5:30 and again at 8:00. Tickets range from $3.50 to $6.50. You can get your tickets at the door. For more details on this, please see Lee.
  2. Avedon Carol announced the TAFF winners: The Nielsen Haydens won with 261 votes; others were Martha Beck with 183 votes, Rich Code with 51 votes and Hold Over Funds with 12 votes.
  3. Barry Newton asked to meet with those people who'll be working on the 1985 Disclave.
  4. Lee Shehr noted that on January 11th in Lancaster, PA, Hexacon 7 will be taking place at the Brunswick Motor Inn.
  5. Mike Herrick pointed out that on the same weekend as Hexacon 7, Esotericon II will be held at the Sheraton Heights Hotel in Hasbrouck Heights, N.J.
  6. Bob Oliver asked that everyone stop by and check to see whether he has your correct address and telephone number and where you stand on your dues.
  7. John Ellis' wife Cindy gave birth to a girl, Sara Rachael, on December 30th. She weighed in at 7 lbs. 1 oz. and was 20 inches long.

    Also, Dori Isaacs Grasso gave birth to a girl, Leia, by Caesarean Section. All mothers and daughters are doing fine.

    Congratulations to both sets of parents!

The meeting was adjourned at 9:14.

More Minutes

Meeting of January 18, 1985, at the Olivers; Joseph Mayhew presiding.

The meeting was called to order at 9:25. As the Secretary had inadvertently left the minutes of the last meeting at home, the reading was waived. The treasury stood at $6,109.62.



FEBRUARY RELAXACON: Chairwoman Lee Smoire noted that she had received the basic letter of agreement from the hotel; she's signed it and sent it back. Basically it's the same agreement we had with them several years ago. Also she had flyers for anyone who would like one. As she needs at least 35 hotel rooms reserved by con attendees, please see her and reserve your room ASAP 'cause you only have three weeks left to get it. The hotel WILL, however, honor walk-ins as part of our deal with them.

1985 DISCLAVE: Chairman Mike Walsh reports that Kim Weston says he'll be unable to devote the time needed for the film program so Mark Owings will be handling the films. Aside from that Mike will be talking to committee heads after the meeting.

1986 DISCLAVE: Zip!

OLD BUSINESS: Lee Smoire asked for an advanced appropriation of $200.00 to get the relaxacon going in the case of supplies as there is no pre-registration, all registration being done at the door. There is a possibility of some films being shown. If so, the theme will be anonymity, amnesia or anything that rhymes with "name" such as "Fame", "Mame", "Shame", etc. The vote was "very lively passed".


  1. Rosa Oliver is still out of work, but she's been painting the house.
  2. Walter Miles displayed hia new project, an Apple. (Mike Walsh quipped: "Physical therapy works!")
  3. Mike Walsh announced that he's still employed by the T.K. Graphics and Computer World; he even got a raise!
  4. Beverly Brandt reported that that day was the last day after 16 years that she'd be working for the D.C. Budget Office. Starting the following Tuesday she'll be working for the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, Criminal History Records Division. No, she can't fix your Criminal Records!!!
  5. Brian Lewis is still job hunting.
  6. Ginny McNitt has brought a boxful of books; you may take what you want from it.
  7. Eva Whitley has decided to resurrect her fanzine under a slightly different name. The first issue will be on art shows. Those of you who can contribute on this particular subject, please do so.
  8. Lee Smoire has some new restricted air fares for American Airlines for those of you who plan on traveling to Austin and Australia. Please check with Lee for details.
  9. Wayne Dionne informed the club that John Sapienza, for the next four weeks, will be in L.A. learning how to tax insurance companies!

The meeting was adjourned at 9:39.

Address Corrections

Ron Leonard
Mount Rainier, MD 20712
(301) 779-8133

Jane Wagner
Malden, MA 02148
(617) 321-9340

WSFA Birthdays!

1/3 Mark Owings
1/4 Kim Weston
1/9 Allan Lane
1/11 Ginny McNitt
1/20 Doll Gilliland
1/20 Gary Oleson

2/1 Phil Cox
2/9 Marianne Petrino-Schaad
2/10 (Carl Benzino)
2/16 Laura Jones
2/24 Walter Miles

A Note From Mike Dirda

I want to thank the editor of the WSFA Journal for her kindness in allowing me to clarify a few issues of the so-called "Dunegate" scandal.

Brenda Zimmerman called me - upon the suggestion of my colleague Michele Slung - with a simple mandate: the makers of Dune thought it would be "nice" if a number of prominent Washington area science fiction people were present at the movie's premiere. As science fiction editor of The Washington Post Book World, I was deemed a good source for such local notables. What I told Zimmerman was this: She should telephone Somtow Sucharitkul, Tim Sullivan, Moonstone Book cellar, Steve Brown (of The Book Annex), Jeff Madle and one or two others. I specifically told Zimmerman that Somtow or Tim could put her in touch with WSFA, which I judged to be the most logical place for her to find sf enthusiasts. I made no distinctions between fans and professionals. Frankly, that didn't seem to be any of my business.

I only heard from Zimmerman once later when she telephoned again to ask for Alice Sheldon's address. I gave it to her, adding that I should have suggested her in the first place as she is Washington's most famous sf writer.

What happened between Zimmerman and Somtow, or Zimmerman and the Gillilands is beyond my first-hand knowledge.

I also can make no judgment on the actions of the Gillilands, but would like to point out, in reference to one of their remarks, that Somtow and Tim serve my purposes as an editor as much as I serve theirs. It was my hope that the Gillilands, as officers of WSFA, would serve the Washington science fiction community in a generous and equitable manner. Whether they did so or not I leave to the judgment of WSFA.

Let me add, finally, how grateful I am to those members of WSFA for their gift of a copy of Rhialto the Marvellous. Along with Alfred Bester, Phil Dick and Gene Wolfe, Vance is my favorite sf writer.

Upcoming Cons

Feb. 1 - 4:
CORFLU 2 located at the Napa Valley Holiday Inn in Napa, CA. Room rates are $55 sngl/dbl. GOH: attending member chosen at random. Mixmaster: Suzanne Tompkins. Membership: $9.92 supporting, $32.12 attending (incl. banquet). Write to: Corflu, Box 590712. San Francisco, CA 94159-0712
Feb. 1 - 3:
OMNICON VI located at the Biscayne Bay Marriott in Miami, FL. Room rates are $60 sngl. GOH: Theodore Sturgeon. AGOH: Michael Whelan. FGOH: Ruth Kyle, TM: Nicholas Courtney. Guests: John Nathan Turner, Somtow Sucharitkul, David A. Kyle, etc. Membership: $29.50 for 3 days, this includes $20 for the banquet. Write to: Omnicon VI, Box 970308, Miami, FL 33197
Feb. 6 - 9:
LIFE, THE UNIVERSE & EVERYTHING located at the BYU Campus in Provo, UT. GOHs: Frederik Pohl, C.J. Cherryh, Academic GOH: Betty Anne Hull, AGOH: James Christensen. Membership: $5. Write to: 1985 Symposium, 3163 JKHB, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT 84602
Feb. 8 - 10:
RUBICON 5 located in Lexington KY. Write to: Rubicon 5, c/o Walker, 2905-B Wintergarden, Lexington, KY 40502
Feb. 15 - 17:
BOSKONE 22 located at the Copley Marriott in Boston, MA. Room rates are $60 sngl, $70 dbl, +$8/additional person. GOHs: Damon Knight & Kate Wilhelm, AGOH: Carl Lundgren. Special Guest: Shawna McCarthy. Membership: $22. Write to: NESFA, Box G - MIT P.O., Cambridge, MA 02139
Feb. 15 - 17:
VIKINGCON 6 in Bellingham, WA. Membership: $15. Write to: Science Fiction & Fantasy Club. ASWWU, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA 98225
Feb. 15 - 17:
WAMCON located at the Chamberlin Hotel in Hampton, VA. Guests: Lynn Abbey, Robert Asprin, A.C. Crispin, Clyde Caldwell, Kelly Freas. Membership: $20. Write to: Wamcon, P.O. Box 2223, Poquoson, VA 23662
Feb. 22 - 24:
CAPRICON V in Chicago, IL. GOH: Frederik Pohl. FGOH: Darlene Coltrain. Membership: $18. Write to: Capricon V, Box 1295, Oak Park, IL 60304
Feb. 22 - 24:
WISCON 9 located at the Concourse Hotel in Madison, WI. Room rates are $49/57/61/65. GOH: Lisa Tuttle. AGOH: Alicia Austin. Membership: $18. Write to: SF3, Box 1642, Madison, WI 53701-1624
Feb. 22 - 24:
NO-NAME-CON (WSFA's relaxacon) located at the Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge on Rt. 40 and Engleside Avenue in Baltimore. MD. Room rates are $36 sngl/dbl, $40/trpl and $44/qd. Write to: Lee Smoire, 3903 Greenmount Avenue, Baltimore, MD

New Con Transport

[ TLMC cartoon of a starship coming soon ]

Important Notices!

Mark Owings, who has taken over this year's Disclave film program, is asking for suggestions for films to be shown there from WSFAns. Any suggestions? Please tell Mark.

WSFA President Alexis Gilliland has determined that Beverly Brandt's WSFA Journals are hazardous to his health; therefore, these journals have been terminated.

A Political Platform

Alison Munn

I, Alison Munn, am seeking nomination for the WSFA 1985 presidency. Now many of you are going to say, "Why?". "Well, why not?" I believe that being a WSFA member, as well as you, should have the right to run for any office I wish to seek for election.

To me, WSFA is a group club so therefore everyone has the right to speak up their ideas and suggestions instead of doing it one way and one way only. I know that some of you know me and some don't, but at least I'm willing to challenge this office as well as accept the challenges and have an open mind to new ideas from anyone who wishes to give them.

When mentioned that I would run in May, it was brought to my attention that I had to be a Pro; this is one thing I don't understand. Why should being elected have to do with how popular you are? What happened to the old line of are you willing and able? I don't care if you're black, white or green with tentacles hanging out of your body, you have the right to run which is what I will do in May.

The reason I didn't mention changes in the club is because everyone should vote together as a club on what changes should be made. I have been with WSFA for four years and should say that I'm damn well proud of it. I've seen many clubs cease to exist because it was controlled by one person who wanted to control everything as well as everyone which I feel is wrong. I understand that there are two political groups in this club and I am nonpartisan; I would follow the middle road.

February' New Books

KEY: Hardback - (H),
Tradepaperback - (T),
and Paperback - (P).

(Courtesy of Mark Owings)

Allen, Roger MacBride: The Torch of Honor - $2.95 (P)
Anderson, Poul: Dialogue With Darkness - $2.95 (P)
Attanasio, A.A.: Beast Marks - $13.95 (T), $25.00 (H)
Bradley, Marion Zimmer: Night's Daughter - $2.95 (P)
Carl, Lillian Stewart: Sabazel - $2.75 (P)
Collins, Robert A. & Howard D. Pearce (Eds.): The Scope of the Fantastic-Culture, Biography, Themes, Children's Literature: Selected Essays from the First International Conference On the Fantastic in Literature And Film - $35.00 (H)
Cook, Glen: With Mercy Toward None - $2.95 (P)
Farmer, Philip Jose: Dayworld - $14.95 (H)
Fisher, Paul R.: Mont Cant Gold - $2.25 (P)
Foster, Alan Dean: The Moment Of the Magician - $17.00 (T), $40:00 (H)
Grant, Charles L. (Ed.): Midnight - $2.95 (P)
Green, Roland & John F. Carr: Great Kings' War - $2.95 (P)
Griffin, Russell M.: The Timeservers - $3.50 (P)
Hancock, Niel: The Fires of Windameir - $2.95 (P)
Hill, Carol: The Eleven Million Mile High Dancer - $16.95 (H)
Killus, James: Sunsmoke - $2.75 (P)
Koontz, Dean R.: Shattered - $3.50 (P)
Lee, Tanith: East of Midnight - $2.25 (P)
Lichtenberg, Jacqueline: City of a Million Legends - $2.75 (P)
McQuay, Mike: Pure Blood - $2.95 (P)
Myrabo, Leik & Dean Ing: The Future of Flight - $7.95 (T)
Niven, Larry: Limits - $2.95 (P)
Rickman, Gregg: Philip K. Dick: In His Own Words - $9.95 (T)
Roberts, John Maddox: The Cingulum - $2.95 (P)
Sagan, Carl: Contact - $15.95 (H)
Schiff, Stuart David (Ed.): Whispers V - $11.95 (H)
Straub, Peter: Under Venus - $3.95 (P)
Sullivan, Timothy R.: V: The Florida Project - $2.95 (P)
Sucharitkul, Somtow: The Darkling Wind - $20.00 (T), $35.00 (H)
Tarr, Judith: The Hound & the Falcon, Vol. 1: The Isle of Glass - $14.95 (H)
Tepper. Sheri S.: The Song of Mavin Manyshaped - $2.75 (P)
Vardeman, Robert E. & George W. Proctor: Swords of Raemllyn #1: To Demons Bound - $2.75 (P)
Weis, Margaret & Tracy Hickman: DragonLance Chronicles, Vol. 1: Dragons Of Autumn Twilight - $2.95 (P)
Williams, Walter Jon: Knight Moves - $2.95 (P)
Willis, Connie: Fire Watch & Other Stories - $14.95 (H)

Why Should WSFA Bother Itself With a Constitution?

-Joe Mayhew

It has been suggested that the holding of a second election for the 1986 Disclave Chairman, just because the first one violated some "technicalities" of the WSFA Constitution, was stupid; that whenever the Constitution gets in "our" way, "we" should just ignore it or over-rule it. After all, why should something "we" made up keep "us" from doing what "we" want to do.

I have put "we" and "us" in quotations because the speaker seemed to feel that "we" consisted of those who happened to be in attendance at any given meeting (or perhaps a more select group?) In my view "we" (meaning WSFA) at the very minimum consists of all of those people who have paid their dues for the current year. The first election was wrongheaded because it was held without prior notice, thus violating the right to participation of all of those members who did not happen to make it to that meeting. The Constitution was ratified by the whole club as a protection of the group's rights, particularly against sudden structural changes, things going on behind the members' backs and its purpose is to keep the administration of the club and its assets fair. Those who abuse the Constitution or permit others to do so not only are betraying their own personal best interests, but those of their absent friends as well.

The Constitution also provides that the President actually surrender the conduct of the meeting to the Trustees during the entire election procedure. That means he gets up out of his chair and joins the rest of the membership where he is entitled to participate as an ordinary member. The reason for this is that the office he holds and the physical position of being in front of the group gives him an undue influence over the proceedings, particularly if he is a candidate. No candidate should ever conduct an election. The President is not supposed to speak for or against any motion under consideration by the club while he is presiding. If he wishes to do so, he is required to pass the gavel to the VP or next appropriate officer and step down, wait his turn to be recognized and not pronounce his views magisterially from the chair. He should restrict his comments to matters of procedure and good order. The principal duty of a club President in conducting a meeting is simply to let everyone have their say in an orderly fashion and to oversee the process of making group decisions. He is supposed to be a referee, not a player.

Perhaps all of that sounds a bit heavy for a club like WSFA whose principal function is to party, but parties are more fun when they are run fairly and, the party is WSFA's party, not merely an affair of the householder at whose home the party is being held. Perhaps it might simplify things if WSFA elections were held in rented space, thus eliminating the crowded conditions as well as any conflict of interest.

The club should get to know its Constitution better, particularly its officers. If its letter and spirit were followed the result would be fewer squabbles, fewer misunderstandings, and a lot more fairness - and that would make WSFA a lot more fun.

The WSFA Journal is the vociferous monthly newsletter of the Washington Science Fiction Association. Editor-in-Chief: Beverly Brandt, 26 Lauriston Place, Fairfax, VA 22031 Telephone No. (703) 573-8230