The WSFA Journal

The WSFA Journal

Volume 9

Number 2&3

Meeting of July 5, 1985 at the home of Peggy Pavlat, Pres. Alan Huff presiding. Minutes were taken by Ginny McNitt, Secretary.

The meeting was called to order at 9:06 p.m. The minutes of June 21, 1985 were waved. Bob Oliver, Treasurer, reported that the treasury has a balance of $4,415.01.


Disclave '86: Jack Heneghan reported that the Sheraton New Carrollton contract is in the mail. William Gibson has not confirmed whether or not he will be GOH.


Joe Mayhew proposed amendments to the Constitution as follows:

It is appropriate for WSFA to sponsor publications serving its needs and interests.

All such publications shall be under the jurisdiction of the Publications Committee. The Secretary shall serve as chairman ex officio. The other members shall be appointed by the President and may be removed by the unanimous vote of the Trustees.

The WSFA Journal shall be scheduled for monthly publication and shall include the secretary's minutes, committee reports and the other records and information pertaining to club business as well as other suitable material of interest to the membership. Material specifically critical of any club member shall be submitted to the Publications Committee for approval before being published. The editor of the Journal shall be selected by the Secretary with the advice and consent of the Committee, and may be removed from office by the Secretary or, after the intention to do so is publicly announced at a prior meeting, by a vote of a majority of those voting.

The existence of the WSFA Journal shall not preclude other publications being sponsored by WSFA, but none shall be sponsored without the consent of the Publications Committee. Such publications need not be governed by the rules which apply to the official publication.

The amendments were approved by a vote of 20 pro and 2 con.

Brian Lewis proposed two amendments to the Constitution as follows:

1. Appointed WSFA officials may be removed by those who appoint them, by a simple majority vote of the voting WSFA membership at the business meeting following the introduction of a resolution for that purpose, or by a unanimous vote of the WSFA trustees.

2. WSFA members who hold appointed office shall hold office for a term not to exceed one year and terminating at the second meeting in June, unless designated otherwise by a simple majority vote of the WSFA membership at a business meeting. There shall be no limit to the number of times a WSFA member may be reappointed to office.

The first amendment was approved with a vote of 12 pro, 3 con and 1 abstention. The second amendment was tabled for rewording.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

The following were present: Joe Mayhew, Alan Huff, Steven Fetheroff, Mike Walsh, Wayne Ferguson, Lee Hagee, Vicky Smith, Mary Hagen, Elaine Normandy, Nancy Merckle, Bill Mayhew, Lance Oszko, Jack Heneghan, Jim Thomas, Cindy Thomas, Pat Kelly, Miriam Winder Kelly, Judy Newton, Joe Hall, Barry Newton, Steve Smith, Dick Roepke, John Sapienza, Cat Slusser, Kate Terrell, Jonathan Clark, Mary Ellen Scharadin, Walter Miles, Martin Wooster, Eric S. Raymond, Deborah Clarke, Lee Smoire, Judy Fitter, Ron Salomon, Jeff Pearlstein, Susan Applegate, Robert Weiler.

Minutes of July 19, 1985 at Unicon, Pres. Alan Huff presiding. Minutes were taken by Ginny McNitt, Secretary. The meeting was called to order at 9:35 p.m. The minutes of July 5, 1985 were waved. Treasurer Bob Oliver reported that the treasury has a balance of $4,194.99.


Entertainment: Unicon.

Disclave '85: Mike Walsh read a letter of thanks from GOH Ed Bryant.

Disclave '86: Jack Heneghan said the status is the same as the last meeting.


Brian Lewis read his revised amendment to the Constitution:

Members of WSFA who hold office within the organization by appointment, rather than by election, shall be removed from office by any one of the following:

1. the person occupying the office which appointed them.

2. a unanimous vote of the trustees.

3. a 2/3 majority of the membership, in good standing which casts a ballot. This is a secret ballot counted in the same manner as election ballots. The ballot would approve a "resolution of no confidence" which was introduced at the previous business meeting. Said business meeting to be held at 72 hours before the ballot.

4. those other means specified within the Constitution and by-laws of WSFA either for a specific appointive office or for all such offices.

The amendment was voted down at a count of 5 pro, 10 con and one abstention.


Pres. Alan Huff announced that Mark Weinburg, WSFA's new tax lawyer was present and would be remaining after the meeting for a discussion of WSFA's tax status.


Bill Mayhew announced that Linda Sweeting and Tom Campbell were married that morning.

Mary Hagan is now accepting contributions for a one-shot fanzine. She is accepting artwork, cartoons, short fiction, book reviews, movie reviews. Media-based non-parody fiction will not be used. Tentative deadline is September 1985. All originals will be returned safely. Writers and artists who do not see Mary at WSFA meetings are asked to submit identified works with SASE to the address below:

                Hyattsville, MD 20782

Come on guys, gimme something! This could be fun.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 p.m.

Meeting of August 2, 1985 at the Gilliland's, Pres. Alan Huff presiding. Minutes were taken by Ginny McNitt, Secretary.

The meeting was called to order at 9:15 p.m. Treasurer Bob Oliver reported that the treasury has a balance of $3,769.99. The minutes of July 5th and July 19th were read and approved.


Disclave '85: Mike Walsh reported that the balance stands at about $8,200.00.

Disclave '86: William Gibson has accepted as GOH. Jack is negotiating with the hotel regarding room rates.

Membership: John Pomeranz is a new member.


The 5th Friday party will be at Jack Heneghan's.


Secretary Ginny McNitt asked for volunteers to serve on a publication committee. Joe Mayhew and Eva Whitley raised their hands.

Doll Gilliland suggested a film party to the film "The Dream is Alive" at the Smithsonian.

Eva Whitley suggested we have a Datclone at Hagerstown to honor Harry Warner. Alan Huff appointed Eva to look into it.

Mike Walsh brought up the question of the Disclave '87 chairman election meeting. Jack Chalker proposed the election be held the 2nd meeting in September.


Alan Huff is going to be a Daddy.

Jim Thomas printed up the WSFA rules of poker.

There will be a BBQ on Saturday after the 5th Friday party at Jack Heneghan's.

The Olivers are going to England in two weeks.

Dues are due and payable.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

The following were present: Alexis Gilliland, Joe Hall, Walter Miles, Ginny McNitt, David Hastie, Mike Walsh, Rebecca Prather, Jim Thomas, Bob MacIntosh, Joe Mayhew, Bob Oliver, Charles Gilliland, Cynthia Thomas, Tom McCabe, Mary Hagen, Bill Mayhew, Dennis Carroll, Dick Roepke, Lee Hagee, Wayne Ferguson, Brain Lewis, Mary Scharadin, Alan Huff, John Pomeranz, Jack Chalker, Eva Whitley, David Chalker, Doll Gilliland, Elaine Stiles, Chris Callahan, Steve Smith, Tish Wells, John Rubins, Dan Hoey, Naomi Ronis, Steve Kristref, Jack Heneghan, Cliff Bell, Mary Morman, Kent Bloom, Suzi Koon, Barry Newton, Judy Newton, Gary Oleson, Brick Barrientos.

Meeting of August 16, 1985 at Alan Huff's, Pres. Alan Huff presiding. Minutes were taken by Joe Mayhew at the request of the absent Secretary.

The meeting was called to order at 9:15 p.m. There was no minutes read or treasurer's report.


Disclave '86; Jack Heneghan confirmed the convention will be at the Carrollton with a $55 dollar flat rate for rooms.




Alan Huff is planning a Sept. 28th birthday party.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:40

The following were present: Alan Huff, Mike Walsh, Lee Hagee, Bill Jensen, Lisa Peoples, Randy Brunk, Jim Thomas, Cynthia Thomas, Bob MacIntosh, Wayne Ferguson, Jonathan Tite, Jack Heneghan, Steve Fetheroff, Steve Stiles, Elaine Stiles, Brian Lewis, Erica Van Dommelen, Kate Terrell Huff, Joel Geer, Charles Gilliland, Rebecca Prather, Joe Hall, Francis Freedman, Walter Miles, Evan Phillips, Somtow Sucharitkul, David Hastie, Judy Fetter, Ron Leonard, Peggy Rae Pavlat, Bill Mayhew, Mary Ellen Scharadin, Joe Mayhew