The WSFA Journal, March 1986

The WSFA Journal

The WSFA Journal

Volume 9

Number 9

First Friday


Meeting of February 7, 1986, at the Gillilands, Alan Huff presiding. Ginny McNitt, Secretary, taking minutes.

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 p.m. Minutes were waved. The Treasurer was absent.


Entertainment: Doll Gilliland would still like to put together a movie party for BRAZIL.




Sharon Harris is pregnant.

Since the January WSFA 5th Friday Party, Lee Smoire has been unable to find her copy of the Maori Phrase Book (4" x 5" with a picture of two colorful natives on the cover) which had been in the reading rack before the party. Anyone who knows where it is, please let her know (301/323-6579). If it is not found, she'll want WSFA to pay for for it (only $5 including postage from Australia).

The meeting was adjourned at 9:21pm.

Third Friday


Meeting of February 21, 1986, at Mary Morman and Kent Bloom's, President Alan Huff presiding. Joe Mayhew taking minutes.

The meeting was called to order at 9:11 p.m. Minutes were not available. Treasurer Bill Jensen reported a balance of $7,690.06 in the treasury.


Disclave '87: Chairperson Joe Mayhew requested those responsible for functions at Disclave '86, please keep notes and make them available to him to help plan Disclave '87.


President Alan Huff reported that Mark Weinburg, WSFA lawyer, has filed with IRS and no response has been made so far.


Mary Morman announced that there are still memberships available for Darkover Con at $20.00.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:28pm.

Report from Mark Weinburg

The State of Maryland revoked WSFA's Charter for failure to file personal property tax returns. Even though we have no personal property, the tax forms have to be filed for 1984, 1985, and 1986 (due April 15th). Mark will then file Articles of Revival.

Also, income tax returns for Maryland must be filled out for those years. The tax rate is 7% of net income.


Lee Strong (Shehr)
Alexandria, VA 22311