The WSFA Journal, May 1986

The WSFA Journal

The WSFA Journal

Volume 9

Number 11

First Friday


Meeting of April 4, 1986 at the Gillilands, President Alan Huff presiding. Ginny McNitt, Secretary, taking minutes.

The meeting was called to order at 9:04 p.m. Minutes were waved.


Trustees: Trustee Joe Mayhew reminded everyone that the first meeting in May will be the club election meeting of new officers. He then read the trustee's slate of candidates. They are:

President - Mike Walsh
Vice Pres.- Alan Huff
Secretary - Erica Van Dommelen
Treasurer - Steve Smith
Trustees  - Walter Miles
            Mary Ellen Scharadin
            Christine Callahan

Joe said that all members are welcome to run for office. The trustee's slate is simply to ensure that there is at least one candidate for each office.

Disclave '87: Joe Mayhew, Chairperson, asked for volunteers for convention officers.

Entertainment: Doll Gilliland, Chairperson, asked the new people attending the meeting and members introduce themselves. Introductions were made all around. Alan Huff announced the requirements for membership.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Third Friday


Meeting of April 18, 1986 at Jack Heneghan and Elaine Normandy's, Vice President Mike Walsh presiding over the first half of the meeting and President Alan Huff presiding over the second half. Ginny McNitt, Secretary, taking minutes.

The meeting was called to order at 9:18 p.m. Minutes were read and approved.


Disclave '87: Joe Mayhew, Chairperson, announced that there will be at least one dance at the convention. There will be a masquerade only if he can get staff that are not working on anything else.


Lee Smoire sent a written announcement to say that now is the time to start thinking about and booking your travel plans to ConFederation (Atlanta). She will be glad to assist anybody with their travel plans and would appreciate the business. See her at meetings, Disclave or call (301)323-6579.

Alexis announced that he received two letters for WSFA at his home. The letters were read aloud. They are reproduced below.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

NOTE: The Treasurer arrived after the meeting and reported $7,654.55 in the treasury.

In Memoriam

Shirley Gayheart died not too long ago. She worked for the Office of Technology Assessment, and I never knew her. But she read science fiction, and fantasy, and had a diploma from Miskatonic U. hanging on her office wall. Was she a fan? She sometimes wore a Miskatonic U. sweat shirt in to work.

Remembering the article in the Post about local sf clubs, when her co-workers took up a collection, instead of buying flowers, her supervisor called up and brought WSFA a donation of thirty-two dollars plus a box with some of Shirley's collection of paperbacks. Locking them over, I think I would have liked her. And, yes, she was a fan even if she never connected with fandom.


Public Relations

             A Division of
             N W Ayer Incorporated
             1345 Avenue of the Americas
             New York, New York 10105

             April 15, 1986

Mr. Alan Huff, President
Washington Science Fiction Association
Arlington, VA 22204

Dear Mr. Huff:

We read with great interest about the Washington Science Fiction Association's special drink entitled the "Nuclear Fizz" which features gin Cointreau, fresh lemon or lime juice and bitters. We've tried it and find it to be enjoyable and fun. As the national public relations agency for Cointreau, the original orange liqueur from France, we are always interested in identifying new and exciting cocktails.

If we credited you organization, could we repeat it in our various press kits, recipe books and ongoing national publicity that we produce for this product? You can reach me at 212/708-5668.

Thank you very much for you assistance. Looking forward to talking to you soon.


Kate Walsh
Account Supervisor

cc: R. Schu, President Cointreau
    S. Sauer, Domecq Importers.Inc.
    R. Braun, Ayer Public Relations
    R. Levinson. Ayer Public Relations

NW Ayer Incorporated
New York, Chicago
Detroit, Los Angeles.

International offices in Argentina, Australia, Belgium,
France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, The Netherlands,
New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.