The WSFA Journal, June 1986

The WSFA Journal

The WSFA Journal

Volume 9

Number 12

First Friday


Meeting of May 2, 1986 at the Gillilands, President Alan Huff presiding. Ginny McNitt, Secretary, taking minutes.

The meeting was called to order at 9:18 p.m. The minutes were read and corrected. Alexis Gilliland pointed out that he did not receive the Shirley Gayheart memoriam in the mail. He wrote it based on the information he received from a telephone call. The Secretary then read a list of paid-up members.


Disclave '86: Jack Heneghan, Chairperson, reported that he has about 350 preregistrations, not counting WSFA members. Kate Terrell, in charge of babysitting at the Con, reported that only one person has sent in $10 for babysitting, and she knows that there are more fanlets than that. Publicity (Mike Walsh) and Art (Dick Roepke) are on track. Jack asked for help on registration.

Disclave '87: Joe Mayhew, Chairperson, announced that he would like to meet with the newly elected officers after the meeting to discuss Disclave '87's membership rate.


Joe Mayhew brought up the question of dues. He asked how long the dues paid at this meeting will provide membership. The question was discussed and it was pointed out that this year is essentially an 18 month membership year. Therefore, therefore, dues paid at this meeting will be renewable in January 1987.


The location of the Fifth Friday in May party was brought up. Jack Heneghan volunteered.

The Third Friday meeting in May is at Kent Bloom and Mary Morman's.

Walter Miles read some comments on WSFA Bylaws, dues and membership. Joe Mayhew made a motion that these comments be passed as written. The motion was carried. The comments are reproduced below.

Candy Gresham brought up the fact that many people do not know that WSFA exists. She suggested that a phone number be listed under WSFA in the phone book. The suggested was tabled until after the elections.


Alan Huff announced that his new phone number is 422-0924.


Alan Huff called a recess for 10 minutes. When the meeting reconvened, Joe Mayhew, Judy Newton, and Cat Slusser, Trustees, conducted the elections. Joe Mayhew explained the Australian Ballot System, and the elections commenced.

The newly elected officers are:

President - Mike Walsh

Vice President - Alan Huff

Secretary - Erica Van Dommelen

Treasurer - Steve Smith

Trustee - Walter Miles

Trustee - Chris Callahan

Trustee - Eva Whitley

The meeting was adjourned at 11:13p.m.

Third Friday


Meeting of May 16, 1986 at Kent Bloom and Mary Morman's, President Alan Huff presiding. Ginny McNitt, Secretary, taking minutes.

The meeting was called to order at 9:15 p.m. Minutes were read. The Treasurer reported $7,368.07 in the treasury.


Disclave '86: Jack Heneghan, Chairperson, reported 400 preregistrations. Also, he needs a person with a PG County library card to pick up a film. Elaine Normandy announced that she has a sign-up sheet for registration workers. Jack said that the convention will not have a security function. Any infractions should be reported to hotel security.

Disclave '87: Joe Mayhew, Chair person, had the Disclave '87 flier that would be passed out at Disclave '86. Memberships would be sold for $10 until after Disclave '86. Memberships are not refundable, but are transferable.


The question of a phone number for WSFA was brought up again. It was tabled again.

The question of WSFA's tax status was brought up again. Alan Huff reported that we have not heard from the IRS and that no news is good news.

The question of the poker table was brought up again. It was tabled till after Disclave '86.

The meeting was adjourned.


Since DISCLAVE members will now be Associate Members of WSFA, we should include in the program book or other DISCLAVE materials some description of the conditions and privileges of the two classes of WSFA membership. This could be as little as a recitation of the appropriate sections of the Bylaws.

Article A. Section C.8. says that we must issue membership cards to both classes of members. If a DISCLAVE badge can properly serve as an Associate membership card, it should. If this is done, we would need to have a legal name somewhere on each badge. The words "Associate Member of the Washington Science Fiction Association" could be added to all badges. Charter Members could receive separate membership cards, or a sticker saying "Charter" could be added to their badges.

There is considerable confusion as to the prorating of 1986 dues. I suggest three things.

(1) Those of us who were current in our membership when the new Bylaws took effect, should be considered paid up until the normal expiration of the 1985-86 membership year (the beginning of the first regular meeting in June). For us, for 1986 alone, DISCLAVE membership will still be paid separately from WSFA membership. We should pay additional dues (which would be prorated as per Article I. Section C.2) for the period June through December, 1986.

(2) Those who join WSFA from January through May should pay the $20 dues which include DISCLAVE membership, just as specified in the Bylaws. Their period of membership will extend to the beginning of the first meeting in January, 1987.

(3) 1986 DISCLAVE members (Associate Members of WSFA) will pay dues as specified in the Bylaws (set at $15 for this year). Their memberships will also terminate at the first meeting in January, 1987.

It appears to me that there is no reason to amend the Bylaws to cover this transition year. It has already been handled well enough.

Walter Miles