The WSFA Journal, March 1987

The WSFA Journal


MARCH 1987

VOL.10, NO.9

first friday minutes

Meeting of February 6, 1987 at the Gillilands', President Michael Walsh presiding, Secretary Erica Van Dommelen taking minutes. The meeting was called to order at 9:09. The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as published. Treasurer Steve Smith reported $15,670.46 in the treasury.

Entertainment Committee: Nothing planned.

Disclave 1987: Joe Mayhew needs help for the table at Boskone.

Disclave 1988: Tom Schaad wants suggestions for GoH.

Discon 3: A meeting will be held after the regular business meeting to allow people to join the committee.

Old Business: None.

New Business: None.

Announcements: Regina Cohen is moving to Japan and says goodbye.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20.

Attending: Walter Miles, Tom Schaad, Nancy Sitton, Phil Cox, Steven Fetheroff, Joe Mayhew, Evan Phillips, Bob MacIntosh, Dick Roepke, David Hastie, Bill Mayhew, Lee Strong, Michael Walsh, Vicki Smith, Terilee Edwards-Hewitt, Jim Edwards-Hewitt, George Shaner, Cat Slusser, Erica Van Dommelen, Neil Ottenstein, F.L. Ahsh, Steve Smith, Hugh Eckert, John Pomeranz, Lance Oszko, Chris Callahan, Charles Gilliland, Kathi Overton, Chick Derry, Regina Cohen, Alexis Gilliland, Philip Klass (William Tenn), Rebecca Prather, Doll Gilliland, Ginny McNitt

third friday minutes

Meeting of February 20, 1987 at Kent Bloom and Mary Morman's, President Michael Walsh presiding, Secretary Erica Van Dommelen and Joe Mayhew taking minutes. The meeting was called to order at 9:10. Minutes from the last meeting were not available. Treasurer Steve Smith reported $14,591.95 in the treasury.

Entertainment Committee: Nothing planned.

Poker Table Committee: The tables are coming soon.

Disclave 1987: Forty dealers' tables have been sold so far out of 65 available.

Disclave 1988: Not present.

Discon 3: There will be a meeting June 7 at Peggy Rae Pavlat's house. Kent Bloom reported that about $500 will be needed for lawyer's fees for incorporation.

Old Business: None.

New Business: Peggy Rae Pavlat is coordinating auctions to pay Polly Freas' medical bills. Her proposal to use the Discon 3 post office box for these efforts was approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:31.

Attending: Terilee Edwards-Hewitt, Jim Edwards-Hewitt, Peggy Rae Pavlat, John Sapienza Jr., Joe Hammerman, Eric Britenbach, Kent Bloom, Charles Gilliland, George Shaner, Lee Strong, Joe Mayhew, Mary Morman, Dan Hoey, Michael Walsh, Dalroy Ward, Bill Jensen, Ray Ridenour, Phil Cox, Mark Owings, Jul Owings, Scott Langford, Erica Van Dommelen, Steven Fetheroff, Walter Miles, Steve Smith, Neil Ottenstein, Candy Gresham, David Gresham, Steven Vaughan-Nichols, Virginia Vaughan-Nichols, Nancy Loomis-Stewart, Barry Newton, Dick Roepke, Bill Mayhew, Chris Callahan

Want to go down in history? Become immortal? Be known to Fandom as an image maker? Blaze a trail? Plow a furrow? Be the defendant in a lawsuit?

Here is your opportunity.

A giant step backwards is to be taken at Disclave 87.

A real, genuine 1950's mimeographed Fanzine will be produced at that wild gathering. To capture the flavor and essence of that memorable time, material is needed.

Both written material, and art work is pleadingly requested.

Half a page. A page. MORE. Humor. Serious. While a slant toward WSFA; Disclaves past, present, and future, or remembrances of fans would be nice, it is not necessary.

Art work should be of a type easily transfered to a stencil with styli and shading plate.

No electronic imaging equipment will be used.

A rough deadline of April 15th is being considered.

                  Chick Derry

WSFA Library

For many years (about 35) I have entertained a dream as regards WSFA.

Stated simply, I would like to see the club establish a permanent library.

Only two things are necessary for this undertaking.

The most difficult is a stable location for the physical plant.

The second requirement is much easier to contemplate, but will strike fear into the hearts of most real fans. Donation of material.

I have collected a number of books, magazines, and paperbacks that I would like to think other fans might gain some pleasure from reading. Also there a number of fanzines that relate directly to WSFA out there in fannish homes. The best place for all of this would be a permanent repository.

This is just a suggestion. An idea to be kicked around; I hope by the membership.

Incidentally, I propose that the library be called the "Elizabeth Cullen---whatever". This would be a lasting tribute to a gracious lady whose generosity provided a fledging club with its only established home for many years.

Chick Derry


The very first fan I saw as I rousted my suitcase into the Sheraton's revolving door was my room-mate for the Con, Walter Miles, who was just off to visit OXFAM's Boston Headquarters. Walter was wearing his now-famous hat, which didn't look as if it cared a whit about world hunger, and was being taken along under protest.

I hied down to set up the DISCLAVE/BALTICON table in the dealer's room, replete with DISCON and DISCLAVE fliers. Mike Walsh dropped off about two tons of BALTICON fliers and that was the last we saw of BALTICON. Disclave sold some memberships and dealer tables, and DISCON sold 35 buttons. The table was manned and womanned by Kent Bloom, Naomi Ronis, John Pomeranz, Bill Mayhew, Cat Slusser, Steve Swartz, Peggy Rae Pavlat, Kathi Overton, John Sapienza, Mike and Beth Zipser, "Athelstan", Wallace Contumacious Bowdell (something Walter keeps under his celebrated hat) and Me.

I was on five program items. The first was at 7:00 PM, "How to run an Art Show." Michael Whelan, Richard Pini and Charles Lange tried to get in a word edgewise, and succeeded. I was pleased to hear that ASFA has finally decided to focus its attention on the shows which all of its members participate in. There was a second meeting Saturday morning, which went off very well.

My next panel was at 9:00 PM. I was to moderate "Satire in S.F." and felt just a little silly trying to lead a discussion with Gene Wolfe sitting next to me. Naturally I unleashed some abstruse bullshit. The audience was exceedingly kind.

At 11:00 I was on a cat-story panel. I had told the programming staff that I had never owned a cat, but they said that was OK, I could make one up. Joel Something-or-other, a very important writer, ventured marvels about his precocious kitty. It could read with its asshole. I asked him who the cat's favorite writer might be, and he allowed as, it might be him. I asked whether a critic who read with his asshole might not have questionable literary taste, and he told another, even cuter story about his cat. How it once barfed into his computer printer. It redeemed the cat as a literary critic.

Friday night's parties were interrupted by frequent fire-alarms. So were Saturday and Sunday's. Naughty children were suspected. I suspected it might have been other gremlins, such as the bugs in the hotel's newly installed fire alarm system, which seemed over-zealous. Whatever the cause, it sharpened the discussions about NESFA's desire to reduce BOSKONE's size to something more manageable.

Saturday at 11:00 AM, Merle Insinga and I lead a jam session about Cartooning. Just about everyone there participated in the session. It was a lot of fun and lasted for some time out in the hallway, afterwards. My last panel was at 3:00. When I got there, there was the audience, but no other panelists. I started to wing it alone, asking the audience questions about the topic "Preserving your valuable books and art". After a bit, Elliott Shorter and the other Panelist who could make it, did. The moderator didn't come, so both Elliot and the other chap designated themselves as moderators. Elliot read the convention's Helmuth Bulletin about the Fire Alarms, and then pontificated thereupon for a while. I could see vigilante clouds rising. After a bit more of being overmoderated, I cut out, figuring they didn't need me.

Saturday night they showed the silent classic HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME with live organ music. It was marvelous fun. If BOSKONE continues to do things like that it will be very hard to pare itself down. Perhaps they ought to sell chances instead of memberships?