The WSFA Journal, April 1987

The WSFA Journal


APRIL 1987

VOL.10, NO.10

first friday minutes

Meeting of March 6, 1987 at the Gillilands', President Michael Walsh presiding, Secretary Erica Van Dommelen taking minutes. The meeting was called to order at 9:13. Treasurer Steve Smith reported $15,485.30 in the treasury.


Poker Table: Needs a check issued.

Trustees: Will announce their slate of candidates for the election at First Friday in April.

Disclave 1987: The flyers are ready. Please help fold them tonight.

Disclave 1988: Wants GoH suggestions.

Old Business: First Friday in April will be at Jack Heneghan and Elaine Normandy's.

New Business: Third Friday in April's meeting will be held at Balticon.

Announcements: Kate Terrell's phone number is 301 422-8852. Please amend your membership lists.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:31.

Attending who bothered to sign the list (we had some odd interpretations of "sign legibly"): Joe Mayhew. Candy Gresham, Dave Gresham, Victoria A. Smith, Phil Cox, Lee Strong, Bob MacIntosh, Judith Newman, Kate Terrell, Dick Roepke, Peggy Rae Pavlat, Mary Ellen Scharadin, John Sapienza Jr., Alan Huff, Jack L. Chalker, Walter Miles, S. Wheeler, Steve Swartz, Elspeth Krisor, Letitia Wells, Steven Fetheroff, Rebecca C. Prather, Mary Morman, Jul Owings, Mark Owings, Evan G. Phillips, Kent Bloom, Tom Schaad, Nancy Sitton, Chris Callahan, Naomi Ronis, Lance Oszko, David John Hastie, Neil A. Ottenstein, Eva C. Whitley, Erica Van Dommelen, Michael Walsh, Terilee Edwards-Hewitt, Jim Edwards-Hewitt, Alexis A. Gilliland, Raymond H. Ridenour, Alison Munn, Bill Mayhew, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, Ted Rosenberg, Steve Smith, Cat Slusser, Ginny McNitt, J. Hull, George Shaner, Jack Heneghan


President: Michael Walsh
Vice President: Erica Van Dommelen
Secretary: Joe Mayhew
Treasurer: Dan Hoey
Trustee: Steven Fetheroff
Trustee: Cat Slusser
Trustee: Jim Edwards-Hewitt

third friday minutes

Meeting of 20 March 20, 1987 at Bloom/Morman House. Michael Walsh presiding, Joe Mayhew rapporteur.

The meeting was called to order at 9:12. The minutes were not available from the previous meeting. The Treasurer was absent and did not report the current balance.


DISCLAVE '87: Joe Mayhew will be scheduling a general staff meeting to be held at the Hotel on the second or third Saturday in April. This will be a very important meeting, he hopes.

DISCLAVE'88: Tom Schaad has contacted his choice for GOH and will announce whom when he gets an acceptance.

DISCON III. Joe Mayhew showed George Kochell Illo for Bid Ads. Naomi Ronis announced that Corporation members' quarterly dues of $ 10.00 were payable and due.

BUSINESS: It was proposed (at her request) that $40.00 be voted to Mary Morman for rug cleaning to remove WSFA related stains. The motion was passed without dissent.

The 1st Friday meeting in April was announced to take place at Jack Heneghan's.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:35.

The following were present before it adjourned:
Joe Mayhew, Evan Phillips, Kate Terrell, Mary Morman, Mike Walsh, Chris Callahan, Dick Roepke, Joe Hall, Naomi Ronis, Chick Derry, Lee Strong, Lance Oszko, Jack Heneghan, Tom Schaad, Bob MacIntosh, Lee Uba, Phil Cox, Linda Melnick, George Shaner, Alex Derry, Neil Ottenstein, John Pomeranz, Alan Huff, Barry Newton, Susan Applegate, Cat Slusser, Ginny McNitt and Judy Newton.

Treasurer's Report: $15.312.89.

Winning by Intimidation

* JUNEAU, Alaska--A collision between a jet and a fish delayed an Alaska Airlines flight while the plane was inspected for damage.

"They found a greasy spot with some scales, but no damage," said Paul Bowers, Juneau airport manager.

The fish was dropped by a bald eagle.

The collision occurred as the Boeing 737 took off Monday from Juneau. About 400 feet past the runway, it crossed the flight path of the eagle.

The law of the jungle prevailed, Bowers said. "As the larger bird approached, the smaller bird dropped its prey." The fish hit a small window at the top of the cockpit. Bowers said.

              The Washington Post

                  APRIL 2, 1987


P.O. BOX 2745

COLLEGE PARK, MD. 20740-2745


March 3, 1987 at Gilliland House after regular WSFA meeting.

Corporate members present (including new members): Kent Bloom (Pres.) Joe Mayhew (Sec.) Naomi Ronis (Treas) Peggy Rae Pavlat, Dick Roepke, Mike Walsh and Alan Huff (Trustees) Ray Ridenour, Chris Callahan, Dan Hoey, Bob MacIntosh, Lance Oszko, Jul Owings, Mark Owings, John Pomeranz, Tom Schaad, John Sapienza, Jr., Cat Slusser, Alexis Gilliland, Jack Chalker, Eva Whitley, Steve Swartz, Vicki Smith.

Kent Bloom reported that DISCON III may be officially a Corporation by Monday the 6th. "Inc." should therefore be added to the bid stationary used for official or documentary correspondence. The Secretary must arrange for a Corporate Seal (a rubber stamp will do). Kent had a copy of the Lawyer's presentation for our incorporation given to each member present. No action was taken on it. He read it and explained it as necessary boiler plate.

Joe Mayhew reported that so far 143 buttons had been sold, raising $715.00. He had spent all but $22.10 of the operating fund of $150.00 voted to him at the previous meeting, details were provided to the Treasurer. 2000 Fliers were produced and some distributed at Boskone. Ads had been contracted for Conspiracy's PR 4 and Souvenir Booklet, AD ASTRA (Canvention) and Minicon. Ads would be taken in the CactusCon (Nasfic), NolaCon and Noreascon III pubs. The V.M.Wyman T shirt had been requested by at least 12 persons and would be produced. Ray Ridenour's T Shirt would continue to be sold at $8.00 with any profits directed at the Bid Treasury. Eva Whitley said she would have her first issue of DISCONTINUITY out by Lunacon.

Naomi Ronis announced that Dues for the next quarter were due. There would be no assessment this quarter.

The following presented their initiation fees and were voted into the Corporation: Steve Swartz, Dan Hoey, Eva Whitley and Jack Chalker.

Party policy was discussed and it was agreed that we would pay for refreshments and literature, but not for rooms except in very special circumstances. Mary Morman volunteered to run the Conspiracy parties.

A Board Meeting was scheduled for planning the year's budget.

Kent Bloom requested that items for the June 7th meeting be given to him in writing in time for scheduling.