The WSFA Journal, June 1987

The WSFA Journal

WSFA Journal

June '87

Vol. 10, No. 13

first friday minutes

Meeting of May 1, 1987 at the Gillilands', President Michael Walsh presiding, Secretary Erica Van Dommelen taking minutes. The meeting was called to order at 9:10. Minutes were waived. Treasurer Steve Smith reported $14,098.09 in the treasury. He then read a list of paid-up members, triggering a stampede to the piano by WSFAns desperate to pay their $5 and be eligible to vote in the election.

Disclave 1987: 510 memberships have been sold so far. Please volunteer to work at the con. Buttons will be given to International Cookie Conspiracy participants.

Disclave 1988: Memberships will be on sale at Disclave 1987 Sunday afternoon for $12. Immediately after that the price goes to $15; after January 1 the cost is $20, at the door $25.

Discon 3: For political reasons the ConCon idea is on hold.

Old Business: None.

New Business: Fifth Friday in May party at Eva Whitley and Jack Chalker's.

Announcements: Terry Carr died early in April. Gail Kaufman died late in April. George and Kay Koelsh have a new son, Jonathan Franklin. WSFAn John Ellis' film, Beyond the Rising Moon, is having its world premiere tonight in Washington.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:35, with elections taking place thereafter.


President: Michael Walsh
Vice President: Erica Van Dommelen
Secretary: Joe Mayhew
Treasurer: Bob MacIntosh
Trustee: Cat Slusser
Trustee: Steven Fetheroff
Trustee: Steve Smith

third friday minutes

Meeting of May 15, 1987 at Kent Bloom and Mary Morman's, Vice President Alan Huff presiding, Secretary Erica Van Dommelen taking minutes. The meeting was called to order at 9:17. Treasurer Steve Smith reported $13,805.29 in the treasury.

Disclave 1987: 578 people are preregistered. Joe will be SMOFfing like mad with all and sundry after the meeting. The Staff and Artist buttons have arrived. Babysitting will cost us $1,200. Chick Derry is currently unable to locate some of the mimeo supplies he needs to do the one-shot.

Disclave 1988: The GOH will be Barbara Hambly, a West Coast pro/fan. It will be her first time as GOH.

Poker Table: The tables have been ordered from Sears, which has them on back order.

Discon 3: Please volunteer to staff the huckster table at Disclave.

Old Business: None.

New Business: None.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:42.


EASTWORLDCON I: August 22-28, 1987, Warsaw, Poland. Sponsored by Almapress Publishing House, Ul. Wilcza 66, Warsaw, Poland. Telephone: 28.95.53. Contact: A. Szatkowski, President of the Polish Federation of Fan Clubs (PSMF). Events: Unification of East European Fandom, Polish awards (Sepulka) for best writers and artists, creation of East European Fan Fund (for exchanges with Swedish and other European fandoms). Free membership to all fans from the West, including room and board if registered by August 15. Contact (by air mail): Ms. Maria Jasinska, Ul. Rynkowa 6/63, 71-535 Szczecin, Poland.


I knew we were in trouble when the man at the hotel check-in said he "was new here". Those words alone have been known to send professional wrestlers to the mat for a count of three. We, Erica's reservation, Erica's Visa, said there would be two people, not three, in the room as she had originally planned, so they decided that two people meant one bed. I like to sleep with Erica but I did not want to sleep with Erica and Lance; two's company three's more fun just did not.apply in this case. We got our room and settled in, unpacking and looking in all the drawers for neat stuff, I found a copy of Mein Kampf next to the Gideon Bible and looked again at the black and red decor. We went exploring and two hours later we found Lance had been put in another room. He moved we bitched, and nobody was too unhappy until the next morning.

Fade in: music swells in the background and cymbals clash as the phone rings at 10:30 Saturday morning.

Title: Nazi Maids From Hell

Credits: Steven Fetheroff
         Erica Van Dommelen
         Lance Oszko
         Werner Klemperer as the check in clerk
         Hildegard Hochstedter as the Nazi Maid From Hell
         Vickie as herself
         John Banner as manger on telephone.

I answered the phone not knowing what to expect, after all it was a con and at a con anything can happen, and does. I said hello and a woman said "This is the maid. I saw that you had a do not disturb sign on your door and I was wondering when I could do your room." I was not amused and made it quite clear that I was not amused and even asked her name. It was Hildegard, and I knew I was in more trouble than a tribble in a blender. I was tired and not paying attention so when she started talking with an accent I hung up, not realizing that the accent foreshadowed future events.

The rest of the day was uneventful and rather enjoyable except for a bout with a stomach virus that had forced me to watch a very bad werewolf movie the night before. Sex with naked werewolves with fur glued to their bodies was not what I really wanted to see or watch; fans are a lot more fun.

We woke to the strains of a wake-up call the next morning and proceeded to gather our belongings and take them to the car, leaving the do not disturb sign on the door, as is our god-given right. We came back to the room for a final trip and the maid was cleaning the next room and asked the dreaded question of the day before, "When can I clean your room," to which Erica responded "When the do not disturb sign is off the door then you can clean the room." That was the wrong thing to say. The maid clicked her heels together once. I wish it had been three times; Kansas is nice this time of year. The maid began a tirade that reminded me of Nuremberg. She ranted and raved about how she had to be out by 1 and the fact that I knew her name and she didn't know my name meant that I had no respect. I became worried when I saw the swagger stick, leather hip boots and when she said, "Ve have ways of making se beds," I shut the door quickly and called the manager. Hildegard continued to scream and rage at the soft-bellied hotel patrons safely behind their locked doors.

The first words the manager said after I told my story were "I see nothing, I know nothing," and I had to tell my story all over again. The stay wasn't all bad; Vickie was nice when we complained on Saturday and we did get 25% off the bill and a good story that I can tell forever.

But a small thing in an empty life can mean so much, and besides I am proud of myself for the way I handled the Nazi Maids From Hell.