The WSFA Journal, April 1988

The WSFA Journal





APRIL 1988     EDITOR: Joe Mayhew. [censored], Bladensburg, MD 20710     ISSN 0894-5411



March 4, 1988

At Gilliland House, Mike Walsh presiding. Those attending: Joe Mayhew, Dave & Candy Gresham, Alexis & Charles Gilliland, Tom Schaad, Kent Bloom, Dick Roepke, Lee Strong, George Shaner, Bob MacIntosh, Covert Beach, Erica Van Dommelen, Steven Fetheroff, Chris Callahan, Robyn Rissell, Jack Chalker, Lee Uba, Evan Phillips, Irvin Koch, Abner Mintz, Kay Koelsch, George Koelsch, Sinya Schaeffer, Vicki Smith, Walter Miles, Keith Marshall, Elaine & Steve Stiles, Cliff Bell, Eva Whitley, Rebecca Prather, Lance Oszko, John Sapienza, Joe Hall, Jim and Terilee Edwards-Hewitt, Bill Jensen, Brian Lewis, Jack Heneghan, Joel Fisher, Peggy Rae Pavlat, Doll Gilliland.

The meeting was called to order at 9:16. The minutes were accepted as printed in the WSFA Journal. The Treasurer reported WSFA's balance at $16,925.23.

DISCLAVE'88: Tom Schaad reminded his department heads of the Hotel walk-through scheduled for the following Monday.

DATCLONE: Eva Whitley reported she had been looking into two hotels as possible sites for a WSFA relaxacon. One was the Sheraton Gettysburg, where we had one previously. It offers hot tubs and other goodies. The second is the Comfort Inn at Boonesboro which has a special babysitting deal. Doll Gilliland suggested that Virginia Beach might be a nice place.



Lee Uba thought it would be nice to have WSFA's 4th of July party at the home of a quadraplegic friend of hers who had never been to a WSFA meeting. It was generally felt that this was something to investigate rather than to act upon.

Adjourned at 9:38.

March 18, 1988

At Bloom/Morman House, Mike Walsh presiding. Those attending: Kent Bloom, Mary Morman, Joe Mayhew, Dan Hoey, Evan Phillips, Tom Schaad, Bob MacIntosh, Sam Schwartz, Alan Huff, Susan Cohen, Lance Oszko, Alexis & Charles Gilliland, Kate Terrell, Cat Slusser, Chris Callahan, Mark & Jul Owings, Covert Beach, Brian Lewis, Sinya Schaeffer, George Koelsch, Erica Van Dommelen, Robyn Rissell, John Sapienza, Joe Fisher, Peggy Rae Pavlat, Walter Miles, Kathi Overton, John Pomeranz, Joe Hall, David & Candy Gresham, Jack Heneghan, Bill Mayhew, Keith Marshall, David Lassman, Judy & Barry Newton, Linda Melnick, Judy Fetter.

The meeting was called to order at 9:18. The minutes of the previous meeting were summarized and a list of those who were eligible to vote was read. Bob MacIntosh reported that WSFA's Treasury stood at $16,833.98.

DISCON III: Kent Bloom announced a work session at his home at 1:00 on March 20th. John Pomeranz reported on various parties planned and to come.


Kent Bloom moved that WSFA's line of credit previously authorized be expanded to a total of $5.000.00. Passed 24 to 0

Adjourned at 9:44.


April 1, 1988

At BALTICON 22, DISCON III Suite. Erica Van Dommelen presiding. Those attending: Joe Mayhew, Kent Bloom, Dan Hoey, Neil Ottenstein, Bob MacIntosh, Keith Olson, Lance Oszko, Ray Ridenour, Frances Forman, David Odenwaller, Vicki Smith, John Pomeranz, Clyde Motheral, Matt Lawrence, Heather Nachman, Steven Fetheroff, Robyn Rissell, Jul Owings.

The meeting was called to order at 9:11. Previous Minutes were not available. The next meeting was scheduled for Jack Heneghan's. The Treasury stood at $16,044.23. It was pointed out that there would be a party in the room after the meeting and so the meeting was adjourned at 9:16.


Some members of WSFA have received a "pyramid letter" recently from a C.S. Cooke of [censored], Woodbridge, VA 22192-2731 (Sam Schwartz's address). Despite the claims of legality at its top, the U.S. Postal Service holds such letters as illegal and prosecutes those brought to its attention.

The WSFA mailing list is not provided for such abusive use. It should not be used for commercial purposes, sold to or used for political ends.

Pyramid letters probably have very little appeal to most fans. They are simple minded frauds actually built upon the concept that if you send me a dollar, I'll get rich and then you can ask others to send you a dollar and so on. Anyone who participates in such a scheme is either a simpleton or a criminal.