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The first Friday meeting in August was called to order at the Gilliland's home at 9:20 pm on August 5th. The secretary announced that there were July and August newsletters available. The treasurer informed us that the club has $11,650.51. There was a general acclamation from the floor in favor of an informal evening of entertainment. The trustees had nothing specific to report but encouraged those who have now attended three meetings since Disclave to join up as soon as possible.

Tom Schaad reported for DISCLAVE PAST. He is still waiting for NESFA to send on the amounts charged to them for us on credit cards. Shipping the GOH's art back to the UK went way over budget. Tom is still refunding memberships.

Mike Walsh reported for DISCLAVE YET TO COME. He tells us there is going to be a Disclave. He is still negotiating with the hotel. GOH Lucius Shepherd is not in Honduras yet.

Kent Bloom reported for the DISCON III BID. There will be (will have been?) a corporation meeting on Sunday the 7th of August. There are (were) policy decisions to make and all members should attend. The meeting is to be (will have been) at the home of Kent and Mary. All those attending NOLACON were asked to meet Thursday September 1st at 3pm at the con for a working meeting. Those who want (wanted) to be on the same hall as the DISCON party at the Sheraton were to have (should) contact John Pomeranz.

Jack H. moved to amend the minutes of the last meeting to show "Hennigan" as "Heneghan" (I think...). Erica V. chimed in to change her name from however it was spelled to "Van Dommelen". These amendments were moved, seconded, and passed by acclamation.

Dolly Gilliland reported for the ENTERTAINMENT committee. She has found out that the schooner party would have to leave Annapolis at 8:30am. No one was interested in getting up that early. She will look for something else entertaining for us to do.

The first WSFA meeting in September was set for NOLACON. No one offered an appropriate secondary meeting place, so there will be no DC meeting. The third Friday in August will be at Jack Heneghan's house.


Mary Morman reported for the STURDY WOODEN CABINET COMMITTEE. She has spent $206, but only $200 was authorized. Steve Fetheroff moved that WSFA pay the extra $6. Someone told him it wasn't necessary, that it could be worked out with the Treasurer.

Mary Morman reported for the PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE. She recommends that WSFA authorize $2500 to buy a MACINTOSH SE and appropriate newsletter software to publish the WSFA Journal. There was a great deal of comment. One comment was that APPLE products are expensive to upgrade. Erica said she refused to work on a computer. Brian told us that MAC software is less expensive than IBM software and that it does not become obsolete as fast. A COMPUTER COMMITTEE meeting was set for after the current meeting; and the notes from this meeting will be reported separately.

Peggy Rae Pavlat reported for no committee in particular that Jane Wagner has returned to the area from Boston and is now living in C'ville.




Mike Walsh has books for $1. He also told us the sad news about Eva Whitley's mother (she had a stroke and died the next day) and that the scheduled party at the Whitley-Chalker home was, of course, cancelled. The club expressed sympathy and support for Eva.

Matt Lawrence is out of a job. We should take out a contract on him.

Lee Strong reported his concern about Mary Hagen Moshen. Has anyone heard from or about her?

Steve Smith announced that he has a problem. He has bought new bookcases and now has 120 feet of ugly but serviceable bookcases to give away. He is sponsoring an essay contest. Describe to him in 500 words why you feel you deserve these bookcases. Pathos and humor are appropriate. The essays will be published in the WSFA Journal and the winner will receive the bookcases.

John Pomeranz has calendars for sale for $5. Wants wants to show off his body and party poster. (The poster is really worth looking at.)

Seriously, though, Judy Fetter and Ron are looking for a new place to live. This is for real and they would appreciate any ideas people can give them.

Laura and Pat are pregnant until February.

Jack H. says that Elaine didn't know about the party. The 3rd Friday in August is okay, but after that it's only once a quarter (poor Jack!).

George announced that Wings of the Isar is a wonderful metaphysical fairytale. Go see it!

Chris told us that the House passed a new tax law in favor of writers and photographers. Write your congressman to show support.


Those who signed the attendance sheet were: Matt Lawrence, Nancy Loomis, Virginia Vaughan-Nichols, Kent Bloom, Lance Oszko, Joe Mayhew, Judy Fetter, Mike Zipser, Beth Zipser, Dan Hoey, Erica Lilly, North Lilly, Jane Wagner, John Sapienza, Dale Slavick, John Pomeranz, Peggy Rae Pavlat, Christine Valada, Covert Beach, Sam Schwartz, Namevaries, Dr. McPeters, Diane Lassack, Jack HENEGHAN, Steven Fetheroff, Walter Miles, Susan Cohen, Clark Kent, Suzi Koon, Dave Keppel, Bob Jones, Victoria Smith, Patrick Paul, and Steve Smith. Also, Smily Rainbow, David Hastie, Laura and Patrick Jones, Doll and Alexis Gilliland, Elaine Stiles, Rebecca Prather, Crer Dwarfeyl, Robert MacIntosh, Brian Lewis, Michael Walsh, and D.B. Mongo. I think Erica Van Dommelen was there too.


The WSFA Computer Committee met to solicit comments on a proposal to purchase a MACINTOSH SE with a 20 meg hard disk and Pagemaker software for $2500. The meeting was held immediately after the WSFA business meeting at 9:52 pm on Friday August 5th at the home of the Gillilands'.

Steve Smith says he's been recommending this step for years. He comments that the two largest IBM Users' Groups publish their newsletters on a MAC rather than on their IBMs.

John Sapienza spoke from his own experience telling us that he found MAC very easy to learn for naive users.

Steve Fetheroff an IBM clone with an ATI card 'wonder' and a graphics card and monochrome monitor. He feels that this configuration will do everything the MAC will do for under $1200. He also felt that we should be able manage with one club computer. We don't need two computers now, maybe next year.

Matt Lawrence recommended Ventura publisher with Word Perfect 5.0. It runs on an IBM PC and will do double column. He suggested that we check on the amount of unencumbered club funds.

John Sapienza countered that although these suggestions involved an initially much smaller outlay of money, that the learning curve was quite high. Do our people have time or patience to deal with that?

Lee Strong told us that the learning curve on Ventura publishing is not that high.

Walter Miles offered to do the WSFA Journal on his own Commodore Amiga.

Pulling all this good advice together Mary Morman proposes we ask for a vote among the following proposals:

  1. WSFA should not purchase any further computer equipment at this time.
  2. WSFA should allot an maximum amount of money and leave it to the computer committee to purchase an appropriate computer.
  3. WSFA should authorize $2500 to purchase a MACINTOSH publishing system (without a printer).
  4. WSFA should authorize $1500 to purchase an IBM publishing system (without a printer).
  5. WSFA should authorize $2500 to purchase a laser printer and publishing software to use with our existing IBM clone.


The third Friday meeting in August was called to order at the home of Jack Heneghan and Elaine Normandy at 9:17 pm on August 19th. The secretary read the minutes from the last meeting. The treasurer was on vacation. The trustees had nothing to report.

The Publications Committee proposed ruining the Gilliland's October first Friday meeting with a vote on the computer issue.

Tom Schaad reported for DISCLAVE PAST that the situation is static. No funds have been received yet from Boston (NESFA). He is still paying money out.

Mike Walsh reported nothing new for DISCLAVE YET TO COME.

Mary Morman reported for the DISCON III BID that the Fannish Resumes were there and ready for proof reading by the parties involved. Kent Bloom reported a mailing to pre-supporters to come and help at NOLACON. There will be a corporation meeting in October. John Sapienza reported plans for a Sunday September 18th work session. Lance says BSFS has donated $1000 to the bid. Peggy Rae says the Hilton has donated $300.

The ENTERTAINMENT committee is still working on "IT".

Eva Whitley reported for DATCLONE that the Marriott at BWI has a pool with a waterfall and she is getting a bid from them.


The first Friday meeting in September will be held at NOLACON.




Bill Mayhew and Maren Stewart will be getting married on November 25th, 1988.

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !

Steve Fetheroff went to Germany and has dirty pictures to show people.

Eva got the flowers from the Discon III Bid and thanks everyone.

Linda has Redskins tickets for October 2nd that she will sell.

Mike Walsh has books for $1.00.

Kate Terrell is looking for work that she can do at home with her children.

Erica is also looking for work.

Covert Beach is a cartographic whatsit.

Lee Strong got a letter from Mary Hagen Mosier. She will publish a late, late, late spring 'zine 'real soon now'.

The meeting adjourned at 9:38pm.


Mary Morman, Eva Whitley, Jack Chalker, Neil Ottenstein, Maren Stewart, Bill Mayhew, Alexis Gilliland, Irv Koch, Charles Gilliland, Dan Hoey, Joe Mayhew, Linda Melnick, Erica VD, Brian Lewis, Susan Cohen, utterly unreadable, Erica and North Lilly, Dale Sharrick, Lance Oszko, Covert Beach, Dick Roepke, Chris Callahan, Steven Fetheroff, Roger Rabbit, Tom Schaad, Jim and Kim Elmore, Kent Bloom, Michael Walsh, D. B. Mongo, Peggy Rae Pavlat, John T. Sapienza, Jr., Kate Terrell, Lee Strong, Bill Jensen, and Judy Fetter.


The Washington Science Fiction Association (WSFA) sponsored the bids for DISCON I and DISCON II, the 1963 and 1974 Worldcons (sm). WSFA invites you to join our DISCON III bid for the 50th World Science Fiction Convention in 1992. We believe that Washington, D.C. has the best available facilities (Washington Hilton, Omni Shoreham, and Sheraton Washington Hotels). We hope you will add your help to our fan group to assure fandom the best possible 1992 Worldcon. If you are interested in becoming a member of our team, please fill out this form and mail it to the following address:

DISCON III, Inc. / P.O. Box 2745 / College Park, MD 20740-2745


Name ___________________________________    Cons I plan to attend where I am willing to
                                            work on the bid for at least two hours:
Address ________________________________    __ Balticon    __ Midwestcon    __ Rivercon
                                            __ Unicon      __ Westercon     __ ICON
________________________________________    __ Disclave    __ Oasis         __ Philcon
                                            __ Loscon      __ Libertycon    __ Baycon
Phone (day) ____________________________    __ Kubla Khan  __ XCon          __ NOLACON
                                            __ NOREASCON   __ Deep South Con
(evening) ______________________________
                                            Other Conventions: _____________________
Best time to contact: __________________
                                            Do you know anyone now working on the bid?
The 1992 Worldcon site will be picked
by the those members of the 1989 Worldcon   ________________________________________
NOREASCON III, (sm) who pay the additional
site selection voting fee.                  ________________________________________
[  ]  I am a member of NOREASCON III.
[  ]  I am not a member of NOREASCON III.   Tell us how would you like to help:

We need people for a wide variety of jobs:  ________________________________________
producing ads and text for publication;
staffing promotion and information tables   ________________________________________
at cons; hosting parties at cons; doing
artwork for t-shirts, buttons, and other    ________________________________________
promotional materials; writing, editing,
and typing publicity materials. We need     ________________________________________
friends to talk up the bid at various
fannish gatherings. And we need to know     ________________________________________
ahead of time who'll be available to help
at specific future cons.                    Please list any other bids or cons that you
                                            have worked on and tell us what you did:
Indicate interest (I) or experience (E):
Publications: __________________________    ________________________________________
Contributing Artwork: __________________
Office Skills (typing, etc.): __________    ________________________________________
Helping Run Bid Parties: _______________
Staffing Information Table: ____________    ________________________________________
Taking Flyers to Cons: _________________
Computer Skills: _______________________    ________________________________________
Other (specify): _______________________