The WSFA Journal, January 1989

The WSFA Journal


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Available from the secretary: Mary Morman, [censored], Silver Spring, MD 20902-4008



December 2nd, 1988

The first Friday meeting of December was called to order at 9:15pm at the home of Kent Bloom and Mary Morman. Erica Van Dommelen presided. Mary Morman read the minutes. The Treasury stood at over $11,000. The Trustees had nothing to report.

Tom Schaad reported for DISCLAVE '88 that he will be closing the books by the end of February.

Mike Walsh reported for DISCLAVE '89 that he has been talking to people. They're looking forward to having a good time. He has flyers for the book the con is publishing. Jack Heneghan is in charge of assigning the cabanas (just call him Chiquita...).

DISCLAVE '90 was not present. No report.

Kent Bloom reported for DISCON III that there was a party at LOSCON and that Orlando did not have a presence there. There was no party at DARKOVERCON. SMOFCON is coming up soon and we plan a big push there. There were lots of sales at PHILCON and SCICON (Susan threw herself on their loaded checkbooks. We expect her to recover shortly.).

The ENTERTAINMENT committee was not present but the hostess reported brownies, cookies, and rumaki (without liver) available after the meeting.

Tom Schaad reported for the NESFA DONATION committee that the con is planning a 50th anniversary party and that we could buy a cake to feed 1500 people and also printed WSFA napkins, OR we could arrange for trumpet fanfares (thumbs down on this from the meeting), OR we could produce a page of Sunday fannish comics for the con (Joe Mayhew really liked this one).



Evan Phillips discussed the idea of buying beverage machines. It costs $5.50 for a gallon of syrup as opposed to $12 for 5 gallons of coke. The equipment costs $2500. The purpose would be mainly convenience and reliability - not saving money. The machines have a long useful life. Irv said that CHICON had two of these machines and that they make up their own cost at a Worldcon. He used to work for a company that makes the machines and thinks we can get them cheaper than the price Evan is quoting. Karl said that Chicon paid $400 each (used) for their machines. Joe Mayhew moved that WSFA encumber $2500 for Evan to buy the soda machine or machines he feels best suit the needs of the club. Seconded by Irv. Steve Smith said it needs to be used often - not stored all year. Where will we keep it and what shall we do with it. John Pomeranz loves soda machines and believes them the con-ware of the future. It's not a matter of money - but a matter of upkeep and storage. Feels we can overbuy syrup and service but doesn't feel WSFA is responsible enough to take care of the machines. Irv feels we could handle it. Matt L. said this is over 20% of the WSFA bank account and we should consider the matter carefully. Joe answered that it's not the money, it's the volunteer labor and convenience. George has a problem with the money but says the machines are not that hard to clean. Barry called the question. In favor - 17. Against - 12. Abstaining - 2. The motion was passed.

Barry asked that the Treasurer give us a list of current encumbrances when he reports account balances. This passed by acclamation as a "good idea".


Erica Van Dommelen says don't call her on Fridays and ask her where WSFA is. She is taking a nap and doesn't want to be interrupted or she'll be grumpy. Mary Morman said PLEASE don't make Erica grumpy - phone her (Mary ) instead at 301-593-5249. Mike Walsh has books and is changing boxes. Brian got a raise before his time. Lee has a new business and is taking order, and has been 'smoke free' for 18 months. Candy says David is in the hospital with pneumonia that started out sounding just like the cough the Erica and Mike Walsh are now sharing. Joe said he is doing the play the Trollogy for Balticon and interested participants should see him.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:54 pm.


Joe Mayhew, Erica Van Dommelen, Steve Smith, Mike Walsh, Covert Beach, Lee Uba, George Shaner, Nancy Loomis, Matt Lawrence, Irvin Koch, Jul and Mark Owings, Brian Lewis, Kay and George Koelsch, Ray Stevens, Erica Lilly and North Lilly, John Pomeranz, Kathi Overton, David Lassman, Lee Moyer, Keith W. Marshall, Naomi Ronis, Lance Oszko, Z!, Evan Phillips, Tom Schaad, D.B. Mongo, Susan Cohen, Steven Fetheroff, John Madigan, Steven January, Tracy Henry, Jules Verne, No. 6, Candy Gresham, Rachel Russell, Jeffrey Farrand, Jim and Kim Elmore.


December 16th, 1988

The Third Friday meeting for October met at the home of Doll and Alexis Gilliland on the 16th of December. The meeting was called to order at 9:14 pm by president Erica Van Dommelen. The secretary, Mary Morman, reported that the WSFA Journal was available. It includes an incomplete and probably inaccurate mailing list based on the DISCLAVE files. Mary said she would try to put out a better mailing list (and a separate phone list) in the next month or two. The WSFA treasury sat at $11266.27. Bob reminded us that dues of '89 are now due. The Trustees reported that Rachel Russell is eligible for membership.

DISCLAVE PAST: Tom Schaad declared it OVER.

DISCLAVE PRESENT: Mike Walsh reported that hotel cards will be out in January. Membership goes up to $20 on December 31st (extended to the 1st Friday meeting in January). It's $15 right now, $25 at the door. Kent Bloom is taking memberships. Mike has sold 100 (1/5 of the run) of the book that DISCLAVE is publishing. There is a plug for the book in Locus. If you want a copy of the book, Mike has forms.

DISCLAVE FUTURE: Eva Whitley, wearing black leather pants, announced the Guest of Honor as Mike Resnick, author of Santiago, The Dark Lady, and Other Books in My Bathroom.

DISCON III: Kent Bloom said that we've been mailing and attending cons and everything is okay. If anyone know how to get pandas wholesale, please contact Lance.

ENTERTAINMENT: Dolly Gilliland announced that tonight we trim the pagan tree, celebrate the solstice, sing solstice susans, and drink eggnog. Dolly suggested thanking our WSFA hosts and hostesses who are, after all, volunteers.




The WSFA New Year's Eve party will be at Jack and Elaine's house on New Year's Eve. Please bring food. Erica asks that you not phone her on Fridays, she is in bed and hates being interrupted. Phone Kent and Mary, they're not so wimpy. (301-593-6247) Joe is casting a play for Balticon called the Trollogy. If you are interested in performing, see Joe. Dan Hoey says Dan Joy says hi. Also he - Dan Hoey - has been a non-smoker for a year now. Lee Smoire says hi from Australia and she'll hold a DISCON party at Easter. Jack Chalker has a new book out from Tor called Maze in the Mirror.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:36pm.

ATTENDING: Robyn Rissell, Naomi Ronis, George Shaner, Brian Lewis, Kathi Overton, John Pomeranz, Mel Scharadin, Sam Russell, Dan Hoey, Victoria Smith, Gary Oleson, Susan Cohen, Irvin Koch, Bob MacIntosh, Nancy Loomis, Matt Lawrence, Steve Smith, Ted Rosenbaum, John SomethingOrOther, Rachel Russell, Ginny McNitt, Eva Shitley, Jul Owings, Christine Valada, Cat Slusser, Dick Roepke, Alan Huff and ACES, Kate Terrell and Adrianna, Johnathan Clark, Keith Marshall, and Mark Owings.

DOING THE DETAILS                                 by Lee Strong

Two men threaded their way through the traffic infesting a Los Angeles sidestreet early one Sunday afternoon. Their destination was a balding man standing under a marquee advertising Alien 3.

"Hi, Jerry." Their target looked up from his notebook. "Are any other LASFAns here yet?"

"No, Charles," replied Jerry, pocketing a six color pen and notebook. "We seem to be the only ones here yet. The theater party sign up sheet listed eleven people coming. "

"Don't worry; they'll be here. We've got almost a hour yet. Were you working on your alternate history novel?"

"Yeah, still making notes. I want to avoid the problems that a lot of pros get into by not working out the major details first. As the button says, 'Don't destroy the world in the first chapter. You'll find that you need it later.'"

The third fan spoke up, "What alternate history are you doing? Not another Civil War variant, I hope.

"No, Mike," responded Jerry. "That one's been done to death. In my upcoming novel, Texas never joins the United States."

"You mean Hawaii don't you," challenged Charles. "Texas joining the United States was a foregone conclusion. "

"Not really," Jerry replied. "Most non-Texans forget that Texas actually was an independent nation for ten years. Anti-slavery abolitionists kept the Republic out of the United States until a compromise could be worked out with the slave states.

"Now, during that time, both Britain and France encouraged Texan independence in the hope of creating a continental rival to the United States. My novel asks What if they succeeded and Texas did remain independent?"

There was a significant pause, finally broken by Charles asking, "And what does happen? In your novel?"

"We wind up with a new world power: a Greater Texas that includes all of Latin America. In the real world, the Texans were extremely expansionistic. Within two years after surviving the Battle of San Jacinto, they drew their national boundaries to include one-third of all North America, including all of Mexico and Central America. In my novel, they win the key battles and take over everything south of Kansas.

"This alters world history dramatically. When Germany and France square off over the control of Europe, Texas weighs in on the side of their Anglo-French allies. With Latin manpower, Texan verve and European resources, Germany is crushed by 1925. Then the Europeans discover that the Latin-Texans expect to be paid in land and money, and lots of both.

"Meanwhile, the United States is growing uncomfortable about...."

Mike waved his hands. "Hold it right there! So far, you've discussed Europe and eastern North America. What happens to us, right here in Los Angeles?"

"Oh, the Empire of California never comes into existence. Old California, Alaska and Mexico are Texan states, while Hawaii, Japan, Indonesia and China are parts of a larger British Empire. I've got it all worked, out."


July 14 - 16, 1989

Guest of Honor: TIM POWERS

Featured Author: RICHARD GRANT



Site: COLLEGE PARK HOLIDAY INN (US Rte. 1 and the Beltway) $50.00 for one or two persons in a room ($6 for each additional person up to a maximum of four people.)

Memberships: $20.00 until midnight July 1, 1989: thereafter $25.00. Mail membership checks to: Joe Mayhew / [censored] / Greenbelt, MD 20770.

Dealers Tables: $45.00 for the first table, $50.00 for the second table. A membership is included with each table. Contact: Larry Sands / P.O. Box 70013 / Baltimore, MD 21237-0013.

Art Show: Contact John Nelson / 1500 Wilson Blvd. #152 / c/o ADS, Arlington, VA 22209. Exhibitors must be members of the Con. 10% commission.

Masquerade: Amanda Allen / [censored] / Owings, MD 20736. "Novice Friendly"

General Information: UNICON / P.O. Box 7553 / Silver Spring, MD 20907

There are still some staff positions open and volunteers are decidedly welcome!




(Yes, BOB MACINTOSH, that means you!)

Dear Bob,

I really do want to print a WSFA mailing list and a WSFA phone list in the WSFA Journal, but I can't do it until I get some information from you about who is a member of WSFA. Could you get it to me RealSoonNow?

Sincerely yours,

Mary Morman