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Available from the secretary: Mary Morman, 1802 Sanford Road, Silver Spring, MD 20902-4008



January 6th, 1989

The first Friday meeting of WSFA met at the home of Alexis and Doll Gilliland. The meeting was called to order at 21:22 by Vice President Steve Smith. The Treasurer and Secretary were absent.

Tom Schaad reported for Disclave Past. He said he will close the books by 2/15.

John Pomeranz reported for the Incredibly Expensive and Controversial Committee. He plans to buy a dirigible. Will report more later.

Lance reported for DISCON 3. They will meet 1/22 at 1pm at Peggy Rae's house.

Tom Schaad reported for the Noreascon Grant Committee. He recommends buying the anniversary cake.

Old Business. None.

New Business. None.


Joe Mayhew is still casting for his productions of "The Trollogy" at Balticon and Worldcon.

The meeting adjourned at 21:35.

(Covert Beach reporting in the unexcused absence of the secretary.)


January 20th, 1989

The Third Friday meeting for January met at the home of Mary Morman and Kent Bloom on the 20th of January. The meeting was called to order at 9:22 pm by president Erica Van Dommelen. The secretary, Mary Mormon, reported that the WSFA Journal was available (on the table in the dining room). The minutes of the last meeting were available, somewhere, but hadn't quite arrived yet. The WSFA treasury sat at $10679.26. Of this amount, $2500 is allocated to a soda pop machine, $1000 to Noreascon, and part to the drawing account of Disclave '89. The Trustees reported that we have two new members, Michael and Beth Zipser.

DISCLAVE PAST: Tom Schaad says there are more checks coming in.

DISCLAVE PRESENT: Mike Walsh reported that we have a new guest - Sunday only - after the Art Auction - Clam Chowder in their antepenultimate performance. He also has 3000 Disclave flyers to be folded, 3000 stamps to lick, 3000 labels to press. Memberships are available for $15 - tonight only - from Kent Bloom.

DISCLAVE FUTURE: Eva Whitley announced that her Guest of Honor, Mike Resnick, has agreed to become her love slave. She is open for volunteers and suggestions. She does not have a hotel yet - but is looking. (What kind of hotel do you need for a love slave, Eva, the Velvet Comet?)

DISCON III: Kent Bloom announced a meeting on Sunday at 1pm to elect officers. Next year is a critical year of the life of the bid. You can come help even if you don't want to pay $35 to join the bid. The 501(c)3 ruling was in our favor. We can now apply for non-profit status in DC, Maryland, and Virginia so we won't have to pay tax.

ENTERTAINMENT: Dolly's birthday (today) was a great success. So was Dick Roepke's. Lots of parades and stuff. (Bush who?)

PUBLICATIONS: Mary Morman needs names and addresses and telephone numbers for all members. She is starting a new list. Don't think that you're on the list unless you have talked to Mary tonight and had her fill out an index card for you.

NOREASCON GIFT COMMITTEE: Tom Schaad recommends a giant cake for the Friday night kick-off party. Joe seconds the idea. We decided not to have a rum cake. We decided not to have a chocolate cake. We decided not to have extra cheese or anchovies. There were no objections to this recommendation.




Give your address to Mary Morman for the new official WSFA address list. WSFA dues are due. Give $15 to Kent Bloom for your Disclave membership and $5 to Bob MacIntosh for dues. John Pomeranz needs a DISCON party person for Lunacon. Mike Walsh has books for sale. The cheap rate for the special DISCLAVE book is extended for tonight. Matt Lawrence says Steve Jackson will be in town next weekend playing games at Matt's house. Alexis Gilliland shared a media announcement for an "intellectual Irish food fight". Tom Schaad pointed out that PR#5 for Noreascon is out with hotel cards and Hugo Nomination ballots. Cost is still $20 supporting. NOLACON members can also nominate on the Hugo awards. Peggy Rae Pavlat suggests we nominate Orphan of Creation. Susan Cohen suggests we nominate the DISCON music video. Joe Mayhew suggests we nominate him for a fan artist Hugo. Joe Hall is the father of a 10 lb, 10oz son born 12/9/88 and named Evan Bradley. Eva Whitley is bouncing. Jack has a new book deal and she'll tell anyone about it who wants to hear (or will stand still long enough). Kate Terrell has books. Lee Strong reports that Lee Smoire is alive and can't afford stamps. She has a job working for the Australian Employment Office. He has placed an article in a professional newsletter. Mary Morman announced that there are too many children this evening for their parents to leave them alone and let them run loose. Parents must watch their children. (personally) (actively).

There will be no meeting at the Morman/Bloom house in March or April.
Peggy Rae will host the 3rd Friday In April.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00pm.

An Open Letter From a WSFA Hostess

Dear WSFA,

How would you like to find a half-full can of beer in your linen closet when you went to get a towel on Saturday morning? And then, when you went into the bathroom to take a shower, you found a trash can overflowing with soda cans, chocolate cookies (wet) in the sink, and wads of toilet paper in little piles on the floor? Would you be a happy camper? Well, I'm not happy either.

Kent and I offer WSFA the hospitality of our home. Please note, that's home. Not public building. Not rented meeting hall. We do not have janitorial service. We do expect WSFAns to act like guests, like friends we've invited over to visit. We are pretty informal people. We have a cluttered and sometimes messy house. But it's fairly clean, and we would like it to stay that way. I know that none of you are deliberately or maliciously destructive, it's just that sometimes you don't think about what it is you're doing. So here are a few reminders:

We put out paper trash bags for empty cans. Please use them. And please be sure the cans are empty! We have a plastic trashcan, lined with a plastic trash bag, in the kitchen. Please use it. That means putting things in the trash bag - not throwing them in the general direction. And if the trash bag is full - you could pull it out, tie it up, and put in a new one instead of just letting the trash pile up and overflow onto the floor. If someone were willing to take a trash bag out to the trashcans at the side of the house - that would be super!

Chairs are for sitting on. One person at a time. Tables are not for sitting on. The piano is not for sitting on, leaning on, or leaving drinks on; but you're welcome to play it.

Not to be a prude, but I really prefer that you do this at your own home. Walking in on a tangled couple in the downstairs bedroom is embarrassing for everyone, and not exactly the kind of sex education that most WSFA parents have in mind for their youngsters.

Notice how children follow sex? I cannot speak for other WSFA hosts but I have no objection at all to you bringing children to WSFA meetings at my house. I rather like children. However, I do expect parents to watch their children, and I mean watch them themselves - not expect someone else to watch out for them. Our house is not childproof. There are any number of downright dangerous things (not to mention breakables) lying about. Most WSFA parents are good about this, but sometimes things get out of hand. Like last month. So, please, keep a parental eye on your kids. And monitor their intake of goodies. Juggling two full soda cans while trying to eat a handful of cookies is bound to mean trouble for the carpets.

Maybe I'm not always the most courteous and generous hostess. Sometimes I come home on Fridays grumpy and not in the least interested in a party. I never get a nap on Friday evenings, Erica - I'm too busy icing drinks, picking up the living room, and starting the cookie dough. But by ten or so I'm usually in the swing of things. And I feel really good when someone says "Thank You!" for the freshly baked cookies, or the fondue, or just for hosting the meeting. I'm always grateful for those of you who come and offer to help in the kitchen - even if I don't have anything for you to do right then. I actually feel like a hostess when someone seeks me out to say "Goodnight, I had a nice time."

And that's what this letter is really about. I'd like to feel more like a hostess and less like a public utility.

Sincerely yours,

WSFA PHONE LIST - February 1989

Covert Beach                     703-360-4449    Heather Nachman              804-741-5384
Clifford Bell                    703-920-9434    Barry and Judy Newton        301-774-0929
Don Bieniewicz                   703-385-1567    Elaine Normandy              301-474-1012
Kent Bloom                       301-593-6247
David Busch                      301-589-5035    Keith Olson                  703-525-5473
David Burgess                    703-440-0843    Lance Oszko                  703-823-0514
                                                 Jul and Mark Owings          301-433-6569
Chris Callahan                   301-474-0549
Dennis Carroll                   301-933-2854    Eric Pavlat                  301-345-8077
Jack Chalker                     301-875-0558    Peggy Rae Pavlat             301-345-6652
Susan Cohen                      301-653-0522    Evan Phillips                301-794-9417
Art "Boots" Coleman              301-270-1207    John Pomeranz                703-525-6186
John Clarkson                    201-568-2207    Rebecca Prather              703-525-6186
Jan and Phil Cox                 703-532-0420
                                                 Ray Ridenour                 301-366-7365
Chick Derry                      301-474-8071    Robyn Rissell                703-532-6115
                                                 Dick Roepke                  301-474-0549
James and Terilee Edwards-Hewitt 703-845-8049    Naomi Ronis                  301-577-2709
Jim and Kim Elmore               301-762-9449    Rachel Russell               703-644-0487

Steven Fetheroff                 703-522-2540    John Sapienza                202-892-4970
Judy Fetter                      301-779-8133    Tom Schaad                   703-892-4970
                                                 Mary Ellen Scharadin         703-938-5239
Alexis and Doll Gilliland        703-920-6087    Samuel Schwartz              703-494-4128
Charles Gilliland                703-920-6087    George Shaner                703-425-2169
Candy and David Gresham          301-498-1967    Nancy Sitton                 703-534-3309
                                                 Cat Slusser                  804-
Lee Hagee                        301-889-9456    Steve Smith                  301-681-7891
Joseph Hall                      301-MI9-PEKY    Victoria Smith               793-385-9741
David Hastie                     703-768-6837    William Squire               301-587-8089
Jack Heneghan                    301-474-1012    Elaine and Steve Stiles      301-243-7305
Dan Hoey                         301-577-2709    Lee Strong                   703-671-3592
Alan Huff                        301-422-0924    Steve Swartz                 301-330-1366

Bill Jensen                      301-345-7420    Cynthia and James Thomas     301-774-7686
Laura and Pat Jones              703-573-7211    Craig Trader                 703-243-5418

George and Kay Koelsch           703-339-8461    Lee Uba                      703-780-4758
Elspeth Kristor                  301-330-1366
                                                 Christine Valada             703-938-0324
Matt Lawrence                    301-590-9817    Erica Van Dommelen           703-522-2540
Ron Leonard                      301-779-8133    Steven Vaughan-Nichols       301-459-4728
Brian Lewis                      301-946-4252    Virginia Vaughan-Nichols     301-459-4728
Erica and North Lilly            301-277-8231
Betty Lockwood                   301-694-0873    Michael Walsh                301-889-4080
Nancy Loomis                     301-577-2732    Sue Wheeler                  301-366-0296
                                                 Eva Whitley                  301-875-0558
Bob MacIntosh                    703-573-3172    Sue and Ubear Winfield       301-251-6671
Keith Marshall                   301-489-7164
Bob Madle                        301-460-4712    Elizabeth and Michael Zipser 703-790-9762
Laura Majerus                    703-641-0175
Bill Mayhew                      301-474-0955
Joe Mayhew                       301-474-2110
Ginny McNitt                     703-824-0323
Linda Melnick                    301-937-8426
Walter Miles                     301-987-4519
Frank Miller                     301-577-2732
Mary Morman                      301-593-5249