The WSFA Journal, March/April 1989

The WSFA Journal


The Official Newsletter of the Washington Science Fiction Association

MARCH and APRIL 1989

ISSN 0894-5411


Available from the secretary: Mary Morman, [censored], Silver Spring, MD 20902-4008


MINUTES (reported by Lee Strong)

February 3rd, 1989

President Erica Van Dommelen called the meeting to order at 9:23 pm, 3 February 1989. In the absence of the Secretary, Lee Strong was appointed Secretary Pro Tem.

Committee Reports:

The Treasurer, Bob MacIntosh, reported that the club had $10,562.68 on hand. A suggestion to have a party with the money failed for lack of a second.

The Trustees had nothing to report. When challenged for not doing their job, Trustee Steve Fetheroff reported that "Nothing to Report" proved that they were doing their job.

Disclave Past has provided approximately $3500 to WSFA so far, and expects to close out their financial obligations with a final check in the near future.

Disclave Present reported that the fliers are out. The book is selling briskly (B & W artwork by J.K. Potter, publication by NESFA Press). Attendees will include Gene Wolfe and Ed Bryant.

Disclave Yet To Come didn't come.

DISCON III reported that a good time was had at Boskone, with 40 more pre-supports. Five parties are planned for the Easter Weekend. A new ad has been designed, pointedly comparing DISCON III with "our loyal opposition". Tom Schaad has been selected Vice Chairfan of the bid.

The Entertainment Committee was still bushed from the Inaugural, and had nothing to report.

John Pomeranz, chairfan of the Committee to Spend Lots of Money on Something Controversial and Incredibly Expensive (CSLMSCIE) suggested the club finance a gigantic replica of Captain Kirk's command chair on the Mall. Lee Strong pointed out that there was already a giant command chair on the Mall, occupied by sf character Abe Lincoln. Pomeranz asked if anyone had seen Kirk and Lincoln together at the same time. All those who had see the "The Savage Curtain" replied Yes in unison. The committee's suggestion failed for want of a second.

Old Business. None.

New Business.

Alexis Gilliland brought up the question of the 3rd and 5th Friday parties for March 1989. After some discussion, the club will hold 1st and 5th Fridays at Chez Gilliland, and 3rd Friday at The Bungalow, North Arlington. The Gillilands received a round of applause for their self-sacrifice. The 3rd Friday in April will be at Peggy Rae's place.

The meeting adjourned at 9:44.

MORE MINUTES (Mary Morman reporting, ain't it incredible?)

February 17th, 1989

The Third Friday meeting for February met at the home of Mary Morman and Kent Bloom on the 17th of February. "Yo" shouted Erica at 9:18, and, ye verily, did the meeting come to order. The secretary, Mary Morman, reported that the WSFA Journal was available (on the table in the dining room). She thanked Lee Strong for taking the minutes of the last meeting. Bob MacIntosh reported that the WSFA treasury sat at $10276.78. Of this amount, $2500 is allocated to a soda pop machine. The Trustees said that someone joined up but they weren't sure who.

DISCLAVE PAST: Gave another $91 to WSFA for a total profit of $3591. Tom Schaad is closing the books (again).

DISCLAVE PRESENT: Mike Walsh just met with the hotel. The 9th floor is being re-done with jacuzzis. Kent Bloom is selling registrations - they're $20 now. Everyone must pay. John Pomeranz is running the programming. Evan is doing the DisCave. Steve Fetheroff is doing the Art Show. The book is doing okay. Steve Brown is doing a souvenir book. Putting up a panel of 'awful book covers' in the art show. Talk to Steve about Bad Taste later.

DISCON III: John P. announced that ads are out for five Easter conventions. Kent B. said he needs more help.

ENTERTAINMENT: Would we like to take a cruise and sail the New England coast? This was referred to The Committee on Spending Money.

COMMITTEE ON SPENDING MONEY: John P. rejected the sailboat idea out of hand. He wants to buy WSFA a clubhouse in Georgetown with a parking garage and next to a Chinese restaurant. Details to follow.



First Friday in March at the Gillilands. 3rd Friday in March at the Gillilands. Fifth Friday in March at The Bungalow (home of John Pomegranite). 1st Friday in April at the Gillilands. 3rd Friday in April at Peggy Rae's.


John Pomeranz spoke to Lee Smoire. She has a permanent boyfriend and is living with him. She has a permanent job and is running the Perth Folk Festival and giving a DISCON III party at SwanCon. Walter Miles announced that Pat and Laura Jones have a new baby named Robert. Judy Newton is running a symposium at the Bureau of Standards in May. Tom Schaad wants homes for poor but worth Russian sf folks. Bob MacIntosh says dues are due. Mike Walsh says we have more orders from Sweden than from WSFA for the Disclave book.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45pm.

DISCON III: In Memoriam

EVEN MORE MINUTES (reported yet again by Lee Strong)

March 3rd, 1989

President Erica Van Dommelen called the business meeting to order at 9:16 pm Eastern Standard Time, 3 March 1989. In the absence of the Secretary, Lee Strong was again appointed Secretary Pro Tem.

Committee Reports:

The Treasurer, Bob MacIntosh, reported that he had $9,058.39 on hand and a silly hat on his head. Someone announced from the floor that the club had a silly treasurer on hand. No one suggested any ideas for using the money, the hat, or the Treasurer. The President commented that it was a sad thing when a tradition died.

The Trustees reported that John Kenny was attempting to join the club.

Disclave Past passed into history.

Disclave Present reported about 200 pre-members, with more dribbling in. Memberships are $20 before May 1st, 1989; $25 later. We have sold about 1/2 of "our little books" despite no one in BISFIS buying any. Upon hearing that the printer in Dexter, MI may have them ready by the 3rd Friday in May, the meeting all "Oohhhhed!" in unison.

Disclave Yet To Come: Eva Whitley is talking to the hotel and being put on Hold indefinitely.

DISCON III reported holding a support party at Lunacon. The five Easter weekend parties will be in Australia, United Kingdom, Seattle/Tacoma, Minneapolis, and Balmur.

The Entertainment Committee announced the advent of Das Fangold, the fanzine for the thinking fan.

John Pomeranz, chairfan of the Committee on Controversial and Useless Topics announced that a complete set of the edited manuscripts of Bulwer-Lytton are available, and will be purchased by the Committee. The meeting "Oohhhhed!" in unison.

Old Business. None.

New Business. None.


John Pomeranz announced that fun can be had without folding paper by playing a game "If I Ran the Con". A con/game convened in the Lee Smoire Room after the business meeting. Texas Matt has returned to Austin, Texas for contractual reasons, but will return. A Friendly Texan Party will be held upon his return. Steve Smith announced that our Secretary, Mary Morman, is having a baby. Upon being asked for details, Steve allowed that Mary was attending the birth of a friend's baby rather than her own. Steve also announced that some friends of his are looking for a skeleton. Please see Steve if you have some backbone to spare. Mike Walsh is selling books for 75 cents each, or 3 for $2. Dues are due and payable. Eva announced that Jack Chalker does NOT have a book coming out this month. Peggy Rae is looking for fans in Providence, RI. Lance announced that DISCON3 Balticon party suite crash space is still available. Please see Lance with financial instruments in hand. Mike Walsh announced that Ray Ridenhour is looking to be a roommate for Lunacon. Susan Cohen announced a move, The Last Eligible Man on Earth, is playing in some reality of another.

The meeting unanimously adjourned at 9:36pm.

Current Gossip:

"Have you heard about Mary Morman?"

"No, what?"

"Well, she ran for secretary of WSFA, and then as soon as she got elected she stopped coming to meetings, didn't publish a newsletter or anything. It's disgusting!"

"Yeah, I heard that she was pissed off because she tried to get the club to buy her a computer, and they wouldn't, and she refused to do anymore work as secretary."

"Boy, some people have a lot of nerve. They should just get rid of her and elect somebody else."


A Rebuttal

You expect me to refute this? Impossible! It's all true (or at least, all but the part about the computer). I come before you today, friends and fellow WSFAns, to make a confession and cleanse my soul.

I ran for WSFA secretary because I thought I could do a good job putting out the WSFA Journal. I figured that since about half the meetings were held at my house anyway, it wouldn't be too difficult to attend the other half, take minutes, and put out a newsletter. I had lots of word processing and desktop publishing equipment in my office. It all looked easy. I even had interesting (if grandiose) notions about putting out articles, and stories, and suchlike. Well, everything went fairly well until last fall.

In September I took a new job. Not a new company, mind you, just a little internal transfer from product documentation to product training. I was told there would be a chance for some international travel. WOW! In November I found myself, unprepared and misinformed, in Israel with the Israeli government pointing to contracts saying that I was supposed to teach them how to use certain software packages and my head office at home saying "Just give them a song and dance, and don't let them know the software doesn't work yet..." It's been kind of like that ever since.

What this comes down to is that I no longer have the time to devote to WSFA that I had in my other job. I'm traveling quite a bit. (Mexico was after Israel, and I leave for Taiwan Sunday night). I'm also, running a mystery convention. I also have three children, five rosebushes, a hungry cat, and a husband (whom I would like to spend time with occasionally). WSFA has had to take a back burner to some of these activities.

I've sent in my resignation several times, but no one seems to be interested. You have elections for a new secretary next month (I won't be able to vote, 'cause I'll be in Taiwan), so my job is almost done. Let me just conclude by saying that I really am sorry that I have not been able to keep the commitment that I made to the club. I wasn't angry, or upset with anyone. My iddy biddy feelings weren't hurt by the decision not to buy a computer. I just have not had the time to do the Journal, or to attend recent meetings. I wish you better luck of your next Secretary. And my respect for Joe Mayhew (who has filled the job for years whenever others were, like myself, "too busy") has gone up whole lot. Thanks Joe!