The WSFA Journal, May 1990

The WSFA Journal


The Official Newsletter of the Washington Science Fiction Association

May 1990                                           ISSN 0894-2

Produced by Secretary Rachel Russell for the Last Time.

6 April 1990, 1st Friday

President Erica Van Dommelen called the meeting to order at 9:23 pm at the Gilliland's house.

Committee Reports:

Publications: Don't call my old number. My parents are angry and annoyed. My new number has not only been in the current phone list, but is in the telephone book, and with information. NOT that anyone is encouraged to call me! The secretary also distributed a new Journal.

Treasurer: $3,946.39.

Trustees: They announced their slate of candidates for elections on the 1st Friday in May. The nominees are:

President:        Tom Schaad
Vice President:   Steve Smith
Secretary:        Lee Strong
Treasurer:        Bob MacIntosh
Trustee:          Doll Gilliland
                  Judy Newton
                  Dan Hoey

Disclave Present: Chairfan Eva Whitley wasn't present due to snow. Disclave meeting scheduled for Sunday at Peggy Rae's.

Disclave Future: Things continue apace.

Disclave past: "Father of Stones" was nominated for a Hugo.

Entertainment: Buttons for "Frankenstein Unbound." Magazine from Bulgaria. I see a theme here.

Old Biz: None

New Biz: None

Announcements: Erica has a kitten named "Aravir" (the morning star of Narnia). Joe Mayhew wants to go to Confiction because of his Hugo nomination (fan artist category). Dan Hoey let everyone know that Candy and Dave Gresham have moved to Takoma Park.

Meeting unanimously adjourned at 9:43 pm.

Attendance: Victoria A. Smith, George Shaner, Judy Kindell, Dolly Gilliland, Dave Lister, Arlene J. Rimmer, Robyn Rissell, Susan Cohen, Shymala Dason, Stephen Cox, Chris Callahan, Evan G. Phillips, Walter Miles, Mike Zipser, Dick Roepke, Bill Jensen, Lee Morey, Crystal Hagel, D.B. Mongo, jr., Mike Stein, Beth Zipser, Irv Koch, Kathi Overton, Mel Scharadin, Matt G. Leger, Naomi Ronis, Jeff Olhoeft, Dave Hunt, Steve Smith, Dan Burgess, Alexis A. Gilliland, Peggy Rae Pavlat, Tom Schaad, Dan Hoey, Joe Mayhew, Lee Strong, Bob MacIntosh, Covert Beach, Michael J. Walsh, Erica Van Dommelen, Lame Duck Extraordinaire, Rachel Russell, Patrice S. Paul.

20 April 1990, 3rd Friday

Meeting was called to order, kind of, by President Erica Van Dommelen at something after 9 pm at Kent Bloom and Mary Morman's house.

Publications: Nothing to say

Treasurer: $3,899.39.

Trustees: They announced their slate of candidates for elections on the 1st Friday in May. The nominees are:

President:        Tom Schaad
Vice President:   Steve Smith
Secretary:        Lee Strong
Treasurer:        Bob MacIntosh
Trustee:          Doll Gilliland
                  Judy Newton
                  Dan Hoey

Disclave Future: Things continue apace.

Disclave Past: "Father of Stones" was nominated for a Hugo.

Disclave Present: Eva said they had a good con committee meeting and things are going well. Dan Burgess is hotel liason and said everyone is happy.

Entertainment: Remember to bring cookies to Disclave.

New Biz: Next meeting is at Kent and Mary's!!!

Old Biz: No.

Announcements: Eva Whitley says: My friend, Corliss Robe, wants to buy a membership to ConFiction. If you know anyone who has one and can't use it, contact me (that is, contact EVA).

Meeting unanimously adjourned at 9:32 pm.

Attendance: D. B. Mongo, Rachel Russell, Judy Kindell, Hal Haag, Mary Morman, Kent Bloom, Tom Schaad, D.B. Burgess, Dan Hoey, Mike Stein, Kathi Overton, Robyn Rissel, Jeff Olhoeft, Naomi Ronis, Alexis A. Gilliland, Irv Koch, Terilee Edwards-Hewitt, Jim Edwards-Hewitt, Jim Thomas and Cindy, Kiri Kalawi de Dalriada, Steve Smith, Karl Ginter, Art "Boots" Coleman, Michael Enoch, Linda Melnick, Bob "Kate" Flashhart, Susan Cohen, Sheryl Birkhead, Nicki Lynch, Nick Lynch, Michael J. Walsh, Erica Van Dommelen.



The exciting results of Rachel's Survey! I had 12 responses. Many of the results are surprising (if unscientific). Only 4 people admitted to owning cats--but they have 11 cats between them. Only three people owned dogs. 5 people said they lived at home. 8 people did not live with any other fen! 6 live alone, 4 with someone(s) else, and 2 were married. Everyone was above poverty level. 8 people had graduated college and 3 of them, grad school. 8 people want a boy/girlfriend-one person doesn't-2 are married-2 said maybe. No one wants the meaning of life--but EVERYONE had an opinion about it! The most common opinion was "42." Only 1 person had 1 job for the last 5 years. Most respondents had 3 or more. Most respondents lived in VA and went to all the meetings. There was a distinct trend for MD people to only go to Maryland meetings. 8 boys and 4 girls.

For the longer questions, the most common 5 things to take to colonize a new planet besides the basic survival stuff: Computers and computer stuff; Huge library all on CD-ROM or microfilm; music equipment or musical instruments; candy/junk food; paper, pens, and stuff for drawing and writing the old-fashioned way. The unity of response surprised me!

A few unusual items were:

All the cat people said they'd bring their cats.

There were too many interesting 1st novels and 3 fav's to list but you can look through the survey forms if you want.

As for communicating with aliens almost everyone said carefully. The most original response was "offer M&M's." The answer that seemed most logical was if an alien appeared here, it would probably have figured out a way to communicate with us ahead of time.


DISCLAVE 90 ***TENTATIVE*** Program as of 1990 Apr 16

The Pocket Program should note that the Board Room only holds 20 people incl standing, first come, first served; discussion groups overflowing from that room can have second groups in the Con Suite (and overflow filk can go into someone's room in the cabana area), Also see the notes after the end of the schedule.

Hours of Operation:
Art Show: Fri 12noon-9:00pm; Sat 10:00am-6:30pm; Sun 10:00am-1:00pm.
Consuite: Fri, Sat, & Sun 10:00am-3:00pm next day; Mon 10:00am-5:00pm.
Dealers' Room: Fri 4:00pm-8:00pm; Sat & Sun 11:00am-6:00pm; Mon 10:30am-2:00pm.
Swimming Pool: Fri 10am-midnight; Sat, Sun, & Mon Noon-10pm.

Look in the Registration area for a separate Area Eating Guide and possibly a separate Film Schedule (or insert same here).
Need to insert map of program/etc. rooms here.
Watch this space for official policy. Also be aware a very strict anti-weapons policy exists.


[ Crude hand-drawn map of DC area goes here. Coming soon. ]

                                                          W H E N  &  W H E R E
Note the first named panelist is always the moderator.
FRI 25 May  |       ROOM A                               |             ROOM B                      |       ROOM C                        
5pm-6pm     |Art Hugos, ASFA Chesleys & Other Art Awards |                                         |
            |J. Mayhew, D. Beekman, S. Hickman, L. Moyer |                                         |                                     
6:30-7:30pm |Live RolePlaying Games or Interactive Lit.? |NYRSF, SF EYE, THRUST, etc, semiprozines |Mark Rogers Slide Show
            |T. Edwards-Hewitt, S. Lewitt,&any SILS there|D.Hartwell,D.Schweitzer, S,Brown, D.Fratz|rerun from last year
Break-8pm   |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|by popular demand (!)  (6:30-8:30pm)
8-9pm       |Religion,NewAge,Magik,Occult,Philosphy,SF&F?|                                         |                                     
            |H.Shapero, B.Bosky, R.Ridenour,E.VanDommelen|                                         | Set up hour for films (8:30-9:30pm)
Break-10pm  |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|-------------------------------------
10pm "until"|New Eleusis Game (Come play this card game  |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|   FILMS RUN from 9:30pm
            |Marc Drexler      of the universe.)         |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|   See Kathi's Schedule

SAT 26 MAY  |::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
11am-Noon   |Nanotechnology                              |So you want to be a paperback PUBLISHER? |101 Reasons To/Not-To Collaborate
            |C.Sheffield, E.Kotani, Joe Haldeman, J.Baen |T.Doherty,D.Hartwell,M.Walsh,T.Weisskopf |ACrispin,SLewitt,JRoberts,K.O'Malley 
Noon--12:30 |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
12:30-1:30pm|Over 50 Years of Fandom, we lived it        |Dress for Hugos,Nebulae,& Women's Combat |You think FANS are weird??? Pros....
            |D.Gilliland, B.Madle, A.Hlavaty, M.Drexler  |R. Ore, B. Bosky, E. Friesner, A. Moroz  |B.Clough,A.Crispin,R.Allen,K.Robinson
1:30--2pm   |!SO CUTE! Pro&Phan Writing for Pun & Phrofit|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2-2:30pm    |J.DeChancie, E.Friesner, R.Ore, V.Haldeman  |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx| Buckhorn Artists Group
2:30-3pm    |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|A Pro in the family: M. Stutzman         | Slide Show: D. Beekman
3:00--3:30pm|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|J.Evans, G.Haldeman, T.Edwards-Hewitt    |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3:30-4:30pm |Arthur Hlavaty reads Somtow Sucharitkul work|A family for the Pro: E.Friesner,        | Artful GoH Slide Show & Talk
            |& Somtow talks about that passage.          |L.Watt-Evans, Joe Haldeman, S.Lewitt     | Dawn Wilson                         
Break-5pm   |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
5-6pm       |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx| GoH Speech
            |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx| Michael Resnick                     
6-6:30pm    |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
6:30-7:30pm |The Editors Screech(Funny/Bad Mss/Ltrs Rcvd)|Fans turned Pro: J.Chalker, T.Weisskopf, |Set up for Auction
            |J.Sherman,C.Miller,G.Buchanan,S.Edelman     |A.Gilliland, Jack Haldeman, A. Steele    |
7:30-8pm    |                                                                                      |                                     
8-9pm       |  Set up for Masqued Dance to follow (in combined Rooms A & B)                        |
            |                                                                                      | ART AUCTION (8-9:30pm)
9-9:30pm    |                                                                                      |                                     
9:30-10pm   |                                                                                      |Set up for films                     
10pm "until"|  "Masqued Dance as described in "WHAT"      (in combined Rooms A & B)                |    FILMS RUN (see Kathi's Schedule)

SUN 27 MAY  |::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
11am-Noon   |Bosky's Rules-Etiquette,esp.sexual,in fandom|Ideas for '91 Disclave (You tell US)     |Ron Miller Slide Show:
            |B,Bosky,G.Haldeman,D.Fratz,R.Ridenour       |Peggy Rae Pavlat,next year's ConChair    |Greatest SF Heroines                 
Noon--12:30 |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|Bobby & Marty Gear Masque Slide Hour
12:30-1:30pm|Beyond Fandom/zines -- Pros & the BBS       |Disabilities in the Future: J.Tarr,      |(Noon-1pm)                           
            |J.DeChancie,L.Watt-Evans, A.Hlavaty,        |R.Chase,A.Crispin,L.ModesittJr,K.O'Malley|Set up for Auction (1-2pm)
1:30-2pm    |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|                                     
2-3pm       |What the writers read: C.Sheffield,         |"If I Ran the Zoo"                       |
            |M.Resnick, S.Sucharitkul, D.Sakers,D.Winter |Team simulation (sort of) game.          | ART AUCTION (2-4pm)
3:00-3:30pm |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|(YOU bid for and run a WorldCon!!!)      |
3:30-4:30pm |SF&F in 2020 -- what will it be then?       |John Pomeranz and a cast of SMOFS        |                                     
            |JackHaldeman,K.Robinson,P.Volsky,T.Weisskopf|                                         |Set up for films                     
4:30-5pm    |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|                                         |BIG TIME FILM:
5-6pm       |Magic to explain Tech things: P.Volsky,     |Marriage due to Conventions/Fandom       |              THE LITTLE MERMAID
            |H.Shapero, L.ModesittJr, L.Watt-Evans       |A.Hlavaty, B.Bosky,&any other married fen|                                     
6pm until ? |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|   FILMS RErun

Most program items are self-explanatory; see notes at end for those that aren't.

FRI 25 May  |BOARD ROOM(Readings/Discussion)(near stairs)| ACTIVITIES AREA in corner of Con Suite  |AUTOGRAPHING (Dealers' Room Entrance)
5pm-6pm     |Darrell Schweitzer                          |Carol Resnick & Bobby Gear, Costumes,    |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
            |                                            |bring sewing materials?                  |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
6:00-6:30   |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|                                         |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
6:30-7:30pm |                                            |Open for users of art materials in area  |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
            |                                            |                                         |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Break-8pm   |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
8-9pm       |Ron Miller reads....                        |Scott Edelman, unrepentant hack, debates |Jack Chalker, Joe Haldeman,
            |                                            |all true lit. types; come join pro or con|                                     
9pm "until" |Open Filk Singing                           |Unrestrained Con Suiteing                |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

SAT 26 MAY  |::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
11am-Noon   |Josepha Sherman                             |Geo Kochell Draws you....                |
            |                                            |                                         |                                     
Noon-12:30  |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|                                         |Michael Resnick (Noon-1pm)
12:30-1:00pm|Dawn speaks (with artists)(discussion)      |W. Stutzman, Jason Crispin, & other      |                                     
1-1:30pm    |Dawn Wilson                                 |family members of pros not on Sat. panel |John Betancourt, Charles Sheffield,
1:30-2pm    |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|discuss "living with a pro" w/audience.  |John Maddox Roberts, Lucius Shepard  
2-3pm       |Kim Stanley Robinson                        |Blinky 101: Tech Demo/Intro to Electron- |New Book Cover Displays: BAEN (Baen &
            |                                            |ic construction. Materials for first 25  |Weisskopf), AVON(Miller), (2-3:30pm)
3:00--3:30pm|Judith Tarr (3-4pm)                         |with little or no electronics experience |                                     
3:30-4:00pm |                                            |provided. Others welcome. Evan Phillips  |New Book Cover Displays:TOR_(Doherty_
4:00-4:30pm |Ann Crispin (4-5pm)                         |S.Hickman & A. Gilliland "draw" you into |& Lange); ACE(Buchanan), (3:30-5pm)
4:30-5pm    |                                            |a story(both are writer & artist as well)|                                     
5-6pm       |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Break-7pm for everyone to go out and stuff faces,|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
7-8pm       |John Maddox Roberts                         |J.Betancourt, L.Shepard &audience make an|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
            |                                            |instant story: Marion Barry in Space     |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
8pm-until   |Open for Filk Singers                       |Unrestrained Con Suiteing                |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

SUN 27 MAY  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
11am-Noon   |Lucius Shepard                              |Vicki Wyman Sculpie (Polyform) Demo      |Josepha Sherman, Judith Tarr,
            |                                            |                                         |                                     
Noon-12:30  |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|Lee Moyer shows...                       |Miranda'sGhostWriters:Don Sakers(Ed),
12:30-1:30pm|Michael Resnick                             |                                         |Esther Friesner, Shariann Lewitt,
            |                                            |                                         |Brenda Clough(?),                    
Break-2pm   |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2-3pm       |Lawrence Watt-Evans discusses whatever the  |Ron Miller & Russian Art                 |Kim Stanley Robinson,
            |first 19 comers want to talk about.         |                                         |Jack C. (Jay) Haldeman II,           
3:30-4:30pm |                                            |Joe Mayhew hands out partial drawings for|Lawrence Watt-Evans,
            |                                            |you to complete or watch being drawn.    |Roger MacBride Allen,                
Break-5pm   |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
5-6pm       |                                            |Geo Kochell, return of the caricature    |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
            |                                            |                                         |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
6pm until   |Open for Filk Singers                       |Dying dog Con Suiteing                   |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

MON 28 MAY! ::::::::yes there is some program on MON:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
11-noon     |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|Discussion Group &/or Reading&/or ArtDemo|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
            |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|           Stephen Hickman               |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
noon-1pm    |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|Discussion Group and/or Reading          |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
            |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|             Jack Chalker                |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
1-2pm       |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|Discussion Group &/or Reading&/or ArtDisp|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
            |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|           Alexis Gilliland              |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


The Un-program: Any con member may bring up to four 6 - 12 year olds to participate in the Activities Area in the Con Suite.

>>IF, I repeat IF, we find someone to prerecord the Belmont $500k Metro Mile &/or $l,000k Jersey Derby off ESPN and bring it to the Con Monday, Jack/Jay Haldeman and Mike Resnick will do a "play by play from two funny views" deal on it during the "dead dog" (Monday). IF done, the time will be posted in the Activities Area. This will be in Room 125 Cabana area if it occurs.

>>Linda Melnick is "on call" as a sign language interpreter.

>>The Masqued Dance is a long story. About 4 hours. We ask people come in one of three type costumes: Recreation of Resnick or Sucharitkul Works, General SF&F, or Prom Clothes. Bobby & Marty Gear and Michael Walsh will judge the general sf&f. Michael & Carol Resnick & Carol and Somtow will judge their category. Susan Cohen, Erica VanDommelen, and Roger MacBride Allen will be the three chief prommies (judges). Anyone not wearing a costume will be declared in costume anyway; for instance Rikk Jacobs will be declared a 1970s pirate radio station operator and various others as lowlife '50s prom crashers. The Disk Jockeys are Marty Gear, Rikk Jacobs, and Curt Harpold. Between the three of them, expect a variety of music, AND even a few audience requests.

The only other items that need explanation beyond their titles are:
>>"SILS" in Room A, 6:30 Fri, are Society of Interactive Literature members or live role playing gamers.

>>"Magic to explain Tech things", 5pm Sun, Room A, was the one item we couldn't convey at all with the title. The statement has been made on FidoNet that the reverse of a common saying is also true or at least could be true in a story: "A sufficiently advanced magical system is indistinguishable from Technology." Therefore a group of writers, so inclined, could explain apparently technological things via fancy magic. This is the time to do so.

>>"Marriage due to Conventions/Fandom", 5pm Sun, Room B, has only the one couple on it because there were/are SO MANY already in the program who could be on this. Others can chime in from the audience. We probably should rearrange the chairs in this room into a big circle about the head table just before "If I Ran the Zoo."


Program participants:

Roger MacBride Allen            Doug Fratz                    Robert (Bob) A. Madle         Hannah M. G. Shapero
Jim Baen <Baen Books>           Esther M. Friesner            Joe Mayhew                    Darrell Schweitzer
Doug Beekman                    Bobby Gear                    Chris Miller <Avon Books>     Charles Sheffield
John Betancourt                 Marty Gear Fan GoH            Ron Miller                    Lucius Shepard
Bernadette Bosky                Alexis Gilliland              L. E. Modesitt Jr             Josepha Sherman <also Baen Books>
Steve Brown                     Doll Gilliland                Anne F. Moroz                 Allen M. Steele
Ginjer Buchanan <Ace Books>     Jack C. Haldeman II           Lee Moyer                     Michael Stutzman
Jack Chalker                    Joe Haldeman                  Kathleen O'Malley             Walter Stutzman
Robert R. Chase                 Gay Haldeman                  Rebecca Ore                   Somtow Sucharitkul Movie Mogul GoH
Brenda W. Clough                Vol Haldeman                  Peggy Rae Pavlat              Judith Tarr
Susan Cohen                     Curt Harpold                  Evan Phillips                 Lawrence Watt-Evans
Ann Crispin                     David G. Hartwell             John Pomeranz                 Dawn Wilson ARTFUL GoH
Jason Crispin                   Stephen F. Hickman            Carol Resnick                 Paula Volsky
John DeChancie                  Arthur Hlavaty                Mike Resnick GoH              Erica VanDommelen
Tom Doherty <Tor Books>         Rikk Jacobs                   Ray Ridenour                  Michael Walsh
Marc Drexler                    George Kochell                John Maddox Roberts           Toni Weisskopf <Baen Books>
Terilee Edwards-Hewitt          Eric Kotani                   Kim Stanley Robinson          Douglas E. Winter
Scott Edelman                   Eleanor Lange <Tor Books>     Mark E. Rogers                V. M. Wyman
Julie F. Evans                  Shariann Lewitt               Don Bakers

Courting Disaster:
One of the All-Time Greatest Adventures of Dick Da Xing

by Lee Cee Strong

From our vantage point amid the peace and enlightenment of the 23rd Century, it seems impossible to imagine the passions stirred by the 20th Century debate over abortion.

Hundreds died in rioting. Thousands marched in protest. Millions voted their convictions, electing and rejecting politicians with lightning speed. And billions of pre-sentient dollars were spent on sloganeering, posturing and, occasionally, research. A second civil war threatened.

As usual, in the end, science trumped the politicians. Fetal transplantation proved a compromise morally acceptable to "Lifers" and "Chosen" alike. Both sides joined in tumultuously hailing Dr. Francis Anna Stein, the inventor of the technique, and Senator Y. A. Dukt, whose name was inevitably linked with the landmark legislation authorizing funds for a comprehensive Federal Fetal Transplantation Program.

It is no wonder, then, that joy turned to national rage overnight when the Supreme Court pronounced the Dukt Bill unconstitutional by a vote of 5-4. All of the averted tensions resurfaced, directed against the Court in an outpouring of fury unseen since the firey days of the First Trump Divorce. President Quayle was forced to mobilize the Army, the National Guard and selected Marine units to restore order to the nation's capital.

Threats to the Court came from all quarters. The most serious came an aroused Congress which threatened to impeach the "Nine Old Fools" and write the laws to suit themselves.

It is indeed fortunate that we have the eyewitness testimony of time traveler Dick Da Xing as to the actual events that followed when the revised Dukt-Tape Bill went to the Court for a new hearing.

Dick, disguised as H. L. Mencken, Jr., ace reporter for The Washington Moon, scooped his fellows by use of 23rd Century technology. While other reporters were still fighting their way out of the Court's temporary home in the Jos. Mayhew Library Building, Dick teleported across the seething city to file his story on the Court's decision.

Moon editor James Oh Sen thundered, "Mencken! Great story! But we need a headline! Condense your 5000 word story on the Court's decision and the constitutional implications into ten words or less!"

Dick answered proverbially, "A switch in time saves the Nine."

F. L. Ahsh
P.O. Box 2146
Alexandria, VA 22301

Covert Beach
Alexandria, VA 22308

Clifford Bell
Arlington, VA 22204

Don Bieniewicz
Vienna, VA 22181

Kent Bloom
Silver Spring, MD 20902-4008

Dan Burgess
Springfield, VA 22153

David Busch
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Chris Callahan
Berwyn Heights, MD 20740

Jack Chalker
Westminster, MD 21157

John Clarkson
Englewood, NJ 07631

Susan Cohen
Baltimore, MD 21209

Art "Boots" Coleman
Silver Spring, MD 20901

Jan and Phil Cox
Falls Church, VA 22042

Chick Derry
Riverdale, MD 20840

James and Terilee Edwards-Hewitt
Arlington, VA 22206

Kim and Jim Elmore
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Steven Fetheroff
Arlington, VA 22204

Judy Fetter
Mt. Rainer, MD 20712

Alexis and Doll Gilliland
Arlington, VA 22204

Charles Gilliland
Arlington, VA 22204

Candy and David Gresham
Takoma Park, MD 20912

Joseph Hall
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Dave Hastie
Alexandria, VA 22308

Jack Heneghan
College Park, MD 20740

Dan Hoey
Berwyn Heights, MD 20740

Alan Huff
Hyattsville, MD 20782

Dave Hunt
Washington, DC 20010

Bill Jensen
New Carrollton, MD 20784

Laura and Pat Jones
Falls Church, VA 22046

John Kinney
Alexandria, VA 22314

Irvin Koch
Alexandria, VA 22312

George and Kay Guinan Koelsch
Lorton, VA 22079

Elspeth Kristor
Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Matt Lawrence
P.O. Box 180409
Austin, TX 788718

Matt G. Leger
Arlington, VA 22209

Ron Leonard
Mt. Ranier, MD 20701

Brian Lewis
Germantown, MD 20874

Nancy Loomis
Lanham, MD 20706

Dick and Nicki Lynch
P.O. Box 1270
Germantown, MD 20875

Bob MacIntosh
Annandale, VA 22003

John T. Madigan
Derwood, MD 20855

Bob Madle
Rockville, MD 20853

Laura Majerus
Silver Spring, MD 20110

Keith Marshall
P.O. Box 3445
Crofton, MD 21114

Wenton E. Matthews, Jr.
Washington, DC 20002

Bill Mayhew
Greenbelt, MD 20770

Joe Mayhew
Greenbelt, MD 20770

Ginny McNitt
Arlington, VA 22201

Linda Melnick
Beltsville, MD 20705

Walter Miles
Chevy Chase, MD 20815-6263

Frank Miller
Lanham, MD 20706

Abner Mintz
Laurel, MD 20708

Mary Morman
Silver Spring, MD 20902-4008

Heather Nachman
Richmond, VA 23229

Barry and Judy Newton
P.O. Box 153
Sandy Spring, MD 20860

Elaine Normandy
College Park, MD 20740

Keith Olson
Arlington, VA 22201

Lance Oszko
Alexandria, VA 22304

Jul and Mark Owings
Baltimore, MD 21211

Susan Palmer
College Park, MD 20740

Patrice S. Paul
Rockville, MD 20853

Eric and Peggy Rae Pavlat
College Park, MD 20740

Evan Phillips
Seabrook, MD 20706

John Pomeranz
Arlington, VA 22207

Rebecca Prather
Falls Church, VA 22042

Ray Ridenour
Baltimore, MD 21211

Robyn Rissell
Arlington, VA 22213

Dick Roepke
Berwyn Heights, MD 20740

Naomi Ronis
Baltimore, MD 21215-3548

Rachel Russell
Arlington, VA 22204

John Sapienza
Washington, DC 20037

Tom Schaad
Arlington, VA 22204

Sirikany Schaffer
Springfield, VA 22152

Mary Ellen Scharadin
Vienna, VA 22180

Samuel Schwartz
Woodbridge, VA 22192

George Scithers
P.O. Box 8243
Philadelphia, PA 10101

George Shaner
Burke, VA 22015

Dale Sharrick
Adelphi, MD 20783

Nancy Sitton
Arlington, VA 22205

Cat Slusser
Richmond, VA 23233

Steve Smith
Silver Spring, MD 20902

Victoria Smith
Fairfax, VA 22030-3115

William Squire
P.O. Box 3247
Silver Spring, MD 20901

Mike Stein
P.O. Box 10420
Arlington, VA 22210

Elaine and Steve Stiles
Randallstown, MD 21133

Lee Strong
Alexandria, VA 22311

Cynthia and James Thomas
Sandy Spring, MD 20860

Jim Tracy
Arlington, VA 22201

Lee Uba
Alexandria, VA 22309

Christine Valada
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Erica Van Dommelen
Arlington, VA 22201

Steven and Virginia Vaughan-Nichols
Lanham, MD 20706

Michael Walsh
P.O. Box 19951
Baltimore, MD 21211

Sue Wheeler
Baltimore, MD 21218

Eva Whitley
Westminster, MD 21157

Sue and Ubear Winfield
Rockville, MD 20850

Elizabeth and Michael Zipser
McLean, VA 22101

WSFA PHONE LIST--September 1989

Covert Beach                     703-360-4449
Clifford Bell                    703-920-9434
Don Bieniewicz                   703-385-1567 255-0837
Kent Bloom                       301-593-6247
Dan Burgess                      703-440-0843
David Busch                      301-589-5035
Chris Callahan                   301-474-0549
Dennis Carroll                   301-933-2854
Jack Chalker                     301-875-0558
Susan Cohen                      301-653-0522
John Clarkson                    201-568-2207
Art "Boots" Coleman              301-276-1207 681-7858
Jan and Phil Cox                 703-532-0420
Chick Derry                      301-474-8071
James and Terilee Edwards-Hewitt 703-845-8049
Jim and Kim Elmore               301-762-9449
Michael Enoch                    301-365-5601 703-525-3637
Steven Fetheroff                 703-931-5848
Judy Fetter                      301-779-8133
Alexis and Doll Gilliland        703-920-6087
Charles Gilliland                703-920-6087
Candy and David Gresham          301-599-8094 270-1207
Lee Hagee                        301-889-9456
Joseph Hall                      301-MI9-PEXY
David Hastie                     703-799-4967
Jack Heneghan                    301-474-1012
Dan Hoey                         301-577-2709 220-2345
Alan Huff                        301-422-0924
Dave Hunt                        202-723-8371
Bill Jensen                      301-552-4786
Laura and Pat Jones              703-573-7211
John Kinney                      703-370-2056
Irvin Koch                       703-354-5358
George and Jay Koelsch           703-339-8461
Matt Lawrence                    512-834-8455
Matt Leger                       703-525-0717
Ron Leonard                      301-779-8133
Brian Lewis                      301-946-4252 972-9325
Erica and North Lilly            513-523-6176
Betty Lockwood                   301-694-0873
Nancy Loomis                     301-577-2732
Dick and Nicki Lynch             301-990-3064
Bob MacIntosh                    703-573-3172
Bob Madle                        301-460-4712
Laura Majerus                    703-641-0175
Keith Marshall                   301-589-7164
Winton E. Matthews               202-547-5786
Bill Mayhew                      301-474-0955
Joe Mayhew                       301-474-2110
Ginny McNitt                     703-824-0323
Linda Melnick                    301-937-8426
Walter Miles                     301-986-4519
Frank Miller                     301-577-2732
Abner Mintz                      301-953-9253
Mary Morman                      301-593-5249
Heather Nachman                  804-741-5384
Barry and Judy Newton            301-774-0929
Elaine Normandy                  301-474-1012
Keith Olson                      703-525-5473
Lance Oszko                      703-823-0514
Jul and Mark Owings              301-433-6569
Susan Palmer                     301-441-1024
Patrice Paul                     301-946-4568
Eric Pavlat                      301-345-8077
Peggy Rae Pavlat                 301-345-6652
Evan Phillips                    301-794-9417
John Pomeranz                    703-525-6186
Rebecca Prather                  703-534-2274
Ray Ridenour                     301-366-7365
Robyn Rissell                    703-532-6115
Dick Roepke                      301-474-0549
Naomi Ronis                      301-578-1469
Rachel Russell                   703-379-1422
John Sapienza                    202-659-2147
Tom Schaad                       703-892-4970
Mary Ellen Scharadin             703-938-5239
Samuel Schwartz                  703-494-4128
George Shaner                    703-425-2169
Dale Sharrick                    301-439-3665
Nancy Sitton                     703-534-3309
Cat Slusser                      804-741-7504
Steve Smith                      301-681-7891
Victoria Smith                   703-385-1736
William Squire                   301-587-8089
Mike Stein                       703-241-2927
Elaine and Steve Stiles          301-243-7305
Lee Strong                       703-671-3592
Steve Swartz                     301-330-1366
Cynthia and James Thomas         301-774-7686
Jim Tracy                        703-522-2540
Craig Trader                     703-243-5418
Lee Uba                          703-780-4758
Christine Valada                 216-397-9308
Erica Van Dommelen               703-522-2540
Steven Vaughan-Nichols           301-459-4728
Virginia Vaughan-Nichols         301-459-4728
Michael J. Walsh                 301-889-4080
Sue Wheeler                      301-366-0296
Eva Whitley                      301-875-0558
Sue and Ubear Winfield           301-251-6671
Elizabeth and Mike Zipser        703-790-5762