The WSFA Journal, April 1991

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April 1991

ISSN 0894-2


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Club Cheers



The First Friday in March business meeting convened at 9:13, 1 March, 1991. Tom Schaad, President, presided.

Steve Smith, Vice President, exercised his privilege to go ahead of the regular order of business in order to give Secretary Lee Strong the shaft. Various people have noticed some differences in The WSFA Journal -- the worlds' greatest newsletter -- and some, led by Mel Scharadin had a suggestion for making it even more fannish. Lee noted that Mel was very cleverly not here. Steve rebutted that she was present, merely hiding. In any event, Steve presented Lee with a Classic S. F. Pencil for his Secretarial duties. This pencil has a little propeller beanie on it to power Lee's flights of fancy. Temporarily at a loss for words, Lee said Thanks to Mel, Steve and other supporters of the Journal, and parked the pencil over his ear. The Official Secretary's Pencil will be passed down through the generations as a badge of the Secretarial office.

Abashed, Lee then quickly presented the latest issue of The WSFA Journal, containing the minutes, and still moved, moved that reading be waived. Unanimously waived.

Under further Publications Committee business, ______ _____ had an editorial comment. He noted blanks appearing in the Journal where his name should appear. However, the Secretary's foolish attempt to "take his name" is foiled because he, ______ _____, also has two middle names, which are ______ _____! (You'll have to get earlier in the morning than that to foil this Secretary, buster!)

Bob MacIntosh, Treasurer, reported $8226.21 on hand, or, at least, in his pocket. However, $3000 is a reserve for Disclave '91 to spend as they wish on a book.

Alexis Gilliland, Vice President of the Entertainment Committee, reported that the apparently just concluded war to liberate Kuwait was entertaining enough, in a horrid sort of way.

Disclave Past was not present.

Peggy Rae Pavlat, Chairfan of Disclave 1991, reported meekly from the side of the room that things were going smoothly enough. She is now qualified for a Doctorate in Dental Science since she has been pulling teeth in order to make things run smoothly. The book will include 236 pages of 13 stories, 4 originals and 9 newly revised especially for the Disclave edition. Will the cover wrap around 236 pages? The printer will do some tricks and it will wrap. The typesetter is charging a reasonable $7 per page so that the book price will be rational.

Walter Miles asked what would appear on page 27 of our book? "42", answered Peggy Rae. The book will be remaindered after Disclave opined Joe Mayhew. "No, but certain salespersons will be," rejoined Peggy pointedly.

Dan Hoey and Mike Walsh collaborated on a book report. 1990's Resnick book was missing about 100 copies. They are now accounted for, since the author accepted them in lieu of royalties. He gives them to libraries and such. The money has been located. Murmurs of appreciation.

John Sapienza, head salesperson for Disclave 1991, reported that reservations are trickling in. Please reserve now and avoid the rush. "You wish!" opined Tom. "Dream on, white boy!" advised Mike. Anyway, John has reservations about working for this fine organization.

Steven Fetheroff, Chairfan of Disclave 1992, said "Hi!" "Not yet," advised Joe. Steven has 3 Disclave 1992 advance meeting fliers left. He scheduled the meeting the day before Tax Day. "I don't care," announced Steven royally. "I already did mine." The club threatened to tar and fetheroff this mundane individual masquerading as a fan.

Steven quickly rallied to suggest attendees make a fannish event of the occasion: bring tea bags to throw in the backyard carp pond. How cares if the carp will carp? The club hollered "Bye!" at Steven, who refused to take the hint.

* Following the meeting, Steven begged the Secretary not to perform a certain act in public. If performed, this act would be protected by the Constitution. After keeping Steven on tetherhooks for a while, good taste prevailed.

Someone claiming to be John Pomeranz got up to deliver a report for the Committee to Spend a Great Deal of Money on Something Incredibly Controversial and Expensive. Tom quickly pointed out that John Pomeranz was dead. Kathi Overton wanted details. Tom referred to John's execution, which was described in the March 1991 issue of The WSFA Journal, the worlds' most accurate newsletter.

The spirit of John Pomeranz then reported that the Committee was sending all 200,000 Iraqi Prisoners Of War to Walt Disney World in time for Magicon. The Committee staff is currently teaching the Iraqis to sing "It's A Small World, After All" in squeaky English voices and in unison.

_____ _____ _____ _____, Trustee, invited all megalomaniacs to run for the office of Trustee in the upcoming elections. The Trustees will not wear propeller beanies either before or during the election. Being able to find a Trustee among the other fans is a test of fitness for office.

___ Old Business ____ ________.

___ New Business ____ ________ either.

The New Tradition was upheld as 3 and 1/2 people attended their first WSFA meeting. John Pomeranz announced that this was the first meeting in his new life. "First, you have to get a life!" clarified Tom. The club agreed. Poor John died again.

Sandra Lee Adamson announced her first appearance. "May Ghod help you!" wished Tom. In this outfit, you have a choice.

Richard Klein, who works with Steven Fetheroff, and Joe Maggio, who works over Fetheroff, appeared. The jackets gave them away as Fetheroff Fans so they confessed.

Madeleine Nolastname appeared for the second time. "Hello." None appeared for the threshold third time this evening although several had achieved the magic three and applied for membership. Don Polly, Spirit of WSFA Past, appeared.


The WSFA Journal is the official newsletter of the Washington Science Fiction Association (WSFA).



Tom read a letter from Swaziland to the club. Our three mail bags of books reached remotest Africa and are greatly appreciated. See the letter reproduced elsewhere in this issue. The club applauded Tom's reading.

Terilee Edwards-Hewitt is selling Silicon VI tee-shirts for $7.00.

Dick Roepke announced that Judy Newton has started a trend: Chris Callahan will be appearing in a cast for a while. "A slave to fashion," pronounced Mike Zipser.

Mike Stein is moving from north Arlington to south Arlington. He is acquiring his own fannish home. Fan homes seem to becoming more common as certain fans get older. Other fans still need to be put into homes.

[CBS News announced 19 March 1991 that housing starts suddenly jumped upward during February 1991, reflecting the impact of fannish buying power.]

Alexis Gilliland made three announcements. First, he was awakened one morning by numerous police cars, canines and humans surrounding a tan Toyota just outside the Gilliland front door. Seems that some bank robbers had deposited their getaway vehicle at the Gillilands' en route to points unknown. The police wouldn't let Alexis keep the car. John Pomeranz betrayed a suspicious familiarity with the contents of the getaway car. Kathi Overton got queasy all over again.

Regarding the speculation in the last Journal regarding his whereabouts, Alexis had the flu during the last meeting. He has recovered. (I thought our version was better. Sniff.)

Third, Lester del Rey will buy Alexis' new book, Lord of the Trollbats. "Not another trollbat book," worried literary expert Erica Van Dommelen. "yes," agreed literary expert Thomas Schaad. "That subgenre seems pretty well mined out. Well, good luck." [See Reviews on page 10.]

Hal Haag announced that Balticon is just 4 short weeks away. (Whether we want it to be or not!) Techno-thriller author Tom Clancy will do Balticon even tho he normally doesn't do cons. Caution is advised since Tom has lots of friends with big guns and other noisemakers. Hal Clement will do Balticon. He was not supposed to be in-country until last week, but showed up for Balticon. Hal also has lots of friends, but they mostly have big ideas and other thought-provokers.

WREK-FM, a student run radio station from the Georgia Tech Institute of Atlanta, Georgia, will be at Balticon, gathering material for a documentary on running fan conventions.

The current Johns Hopkins non-credit course catalog lists an anthropology course with a field trip to Balticon. Maybe we should worry if they show up with tranquilizer guns and eartags. Actually, Hal, the average fan won't notice a shot of tranquilizer. And the average cyberpunker won't notice an eartag.

Texas Matt is unemployed. "What as?" inquired Laurie Manning. "As a computer wizard," replied Matt. "I want you, " breathed Laurie. The spirit of John Pomeranz made a remark which we won't print in a family magazine. Kathi Overton sought the protection of Peggy Rae Pavlat.

Rebecca Prather announced that she has bought her own computer. She suggested that Chris Callahan write a large number on her cast so that she (Chris) could say that she had appeared in a cast of thousands. The club looked around for things to throw at Rebecca.

A Guy Sitting in the Center of the Room is also moving to a better neighborhood. Laurie added that she is paying 1/3 of the rent for the better house. Rowdie Yates shouted that Guy was not letting Laurie live in the better house.

Mel Scharadin announced that the Project From Hell is over. The final score: Mel 1, Hell 0. When she handed it in, it became the Project From Mel.

Perrianne Lurie announced the advent of Icon X on Long Guyland, New York. The Icon flier published on page 14 of this issue of The WSFA Journal is Perrianne's. The official Iconconcon flier is even uglier.

She is also looking for a ride to Lunacon. If you wish to work the Green Room at Balticon, please see her.

Laurie Manning asked for someone to sponsor her so that she can join this august organization. (Actually, this is an april organization.)

Matt Leger announced that he had Girl Scout cookies for the club. Health expert Erica Van Dommelen asked how long Matt had been holding the cookies under his arm? This set off a round of squeaking.

Matt also announced that The Best of Trek 16 was out to the delight of Star Trek fans everywhere.

Matt is also looking for rides to Balticon and Fanout. Please see Matt off-line.

George Shaner announced that he has a new job pulling records at the National Archives Suitland, MD facility. His first task is locating an ark misplaced in 1936.

He will be moving back to his old residence. See George about 3 rooms at $325 per month.

John Sapienza has joined the real estate rush, moving into a new home in College Park, MD. Joe Mayhew asked if the Sapienza Mansion was near Goucher Place. "Pretty close as the crow flies," stated ______ _____. "That's a terrible thing to say about Peggy," remarked the spirit of John Pomeranz. John was then taken out and reburied.

Mike Walsh announced that he had no books for sale since he was here "on business". The Nebula nominations are out. Disclave 92's GOH is up for two.

Lance Oszko will host the Mother of all Fifth Friday Parties at Balticon. He also has a sofabed. Lance did not suggest a connection between these two events.

Steven noted that Hugo nominations were due. He suggested Tom Kidd and Pat Cadigan. Joe suggested Alexis Gilliland for Best Fan Artist and Joe Mayhew for Most Modest Fan.

Lee Strong made the usual announcement about announcements. He then saw Matt Leger's Girl Scout cookie offer and raised the ante, offering 5 boxes of cookies for consumption. Therapist Erica noted that ones with holes should be offered to males first.

The meeting unanimously adjourned at 9:56.

After the meeting, Mike Stein suggested we add Denouncements to the usual Announcements. These would replace the usual denouncements disguised as Announcements.


"I knew it!" claims Tom



Spins at Warp 6

The regular Third Friday in March meeting convened at 9:16, 15 March 1991.

Before the meeting officially started, President Tom Schaad confirmed what many WSFAns have long suspected: that Secretary Lee Strong was sick. Joe Mayhew took minutes while Tom taped the meeting for evidence. Joe's report has been supplemented from the tape.

Tom stated, "We will be taping the meeting so that Mr. Strong can get the flavor of the meeting [tart and dry but sweet in spots] and ...." "Kill us!" interjected Voice One. "And add his own special style to the minutes," corrected Tom. "This may be the one time that you don't have to submit your announcements in writing since it will be on tape." (Darn! I was starting to enjoy people submitting to me in public!)

Voice Two asked if the Secretary can spell good. Mike Walsh asked if the tape would have an 18 and 1/2 minute gap in it? Answer: only if your jokes are funnier than mine.

Since the Secretary was home drinking Robitussin under the care of Dr. Pepper, Tom directed that reading of the minutes be waived. A fluttering of paper was audible on the tape.

Treasurer Bob MacIntosh reported that we have $5280.69 stacked up. "A pile of money," commented Voice Three. Tom asked about the drawdown from the previous report. Bob reported that some money had been withdrawn to support the Disclave '91 WSFA Press Book in the style to which we have become accustomed.

For Entertainment, Alexis Gilliland reported that Balticon was in two weeks and, on behalf of his wife, Dolly invited everyone to "have a good time if you can."

Disclave Past was not in this house. A tight fit if it were. Mike reported that Chairfan Whitley was in Philadelphia.

Tom called for the Disclave Present report. Bird calls were audible on the tape. Apparently this is a followup to Pomeranz' previous description of Chairfan Pavlat as a crow.

Mike added a footnote to the bird calls: the book has gone to the printer. It now has 250 pages: the same size as last year's but packed. Tom asked who holds the first paperback rights. Mike said that Mr. Shiner has first reprint rights. If it goes to additional printings, WSFA will at least be cited. Voice Four, apparently a rugrat, said "Hi!"

Disclave Future Chairfan Steven Fetheroff also said "Hi." The club responded "Hi." Now that we all are, Steven announced that this fanac would be "quick and easy but not painless." He announced the Disclave '92 advance meeting. Mike Walsh should be there and be important. Both Steven and the club said "Bye!" Maybe this time, Steven will get the message.

Tom observed that John Pomeranz was not in the room. (I hope not: he's been dead for over a month now.) Therefore, we will not do anything outrageous and expensive.

"Au contraire," demurred Erica Van Dommelen as the WSFA Matchmakers' Committee has a report. The club broke into song, the WSFA version of "Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match." A copyright has been applied for.

As an encore, Erica reported that Ginter & Floozie -- her title is Boss' Floozie -- had been lobbying in Congress. "What type of congress?" interjected Voice Five. The Committee uncovered the fact that certain Congressionals held parties for singles of a particular religious persuasion. They found another nice Jewish boy. Contact the Committee and they will wrangle you an invitation at minimal cost. Mike Walsh asked if the Congressional was from Massachusetts. No.

Tom attempted to move the meeting along by invoking the brownies as a motivating factor. However, Tom proved not to be that moving and the meeting continued.

There was no Old Business.

Under New Business, Lance Oszko had a proposition for WSFA. Erica requested that all propositions be referred to the Matchmaking Committee. The club chortled. Voice Six suggested that that Committee dealt with proposals rather than propositions.

Lance then proposed that WSFA get together with ASFA and the Smithsonian Institute to spread the light of science fiction throughout the world. No specifics yet but WSFA would provide support and logistics. This would be a several years' commitment. Possibly, we would publish a SF artbook and/or provide jury selections to ASFA.

Tom appointed Lance to be a committee chair. The club applauded Lance's becoming a piece of furniture. He may add as many as 3 additional members to his committee, provided they consent. (2-4 consenting adults...? Hmmmmmm....) The committee will report on the progress of negotiations and possible roles. Anyone wishing to gull the Smithsonian, please see Lance after the meeting or whenever you feel like harassing him.

Voice Seven asked if this committee needed a name. (I think it needs a brown paper bag.) Tom attempted to name this operation the Oszko Group. However, someone suggested "Fine Arts Committee". Tom adopted the suggestion in part, officially naming the new committee the "Fine Arts or Whatever Mr. Strong Wishes to Call It Committee".

Tom explained this curious name by saying that Mr. Strong needs some creative lee-way. (I am NOT making this up.) [The Secretary appreciates amateur assistance but refuses to shoot ducks in a barrel.]

Mr. Schaad continued his outstanding performance by forgetting the New Tradition, which he introduced. This is now a second new tradition.

Tom asked for people who are attending WSFA for the first, second or third times to identify themselves loud and proud so that Mr. Strong will know who to embarrass. (Moi?) However, Tom was almost foiled as no one was attending WSFA for their first or second times.

Michael Nelson allowed that he was attending for his third time. Tom bellowed "Fresh meat!" (Mr. Schaad really loves this part.) Mary Morman asked how the alleged Mr. Nelson knew that that was his name. The newcomer stated that he had his license.

Dale Farmer appeared for his 3rd time. Tom invited Dale to find 2 people to sponsor him for membership. Obviously speaking for himself, Tom said "We are easy." The entrance fee for this august organization is $5 plus a current Disclave membership. "No problem," burbled Tom. "It's going to be a great con." Indistinct mumbles on the tape.

Keith and KJanora Barton were almost overlooked, proving that Tom saved the best for the last.


Miss Perrianne Lurie announced that Icon X will meet 19-21 April 1991 in Stony Brook, Long Guyland, New York. See the unofficial Icon flier elsewhere in this issue. Male registration continues until con time. Mary Morman asked about female registration. Miss Perrianne replied that you can register as male or female at the door.

Miss Perrianne is also recruiting for the Balticon Green Room. Bird calls on the tape. Is Perrianne's offer for the birds?

Mary Morman announced* that the Bloom/Morman Library books are In Order and must Not Be Disturbed. The club went Oooh in wonderment. Also Ken's parents are visiting so please end things by one o'clock.

Lance Oszko had two announcements. First, the Captain Morgan Spice Rum Company agreed to supply bartenders, bar supplies and barflies for the Mother of All Fifth Friday Parties at Balticon next. This will also be the Baltimore Worldcon pre-bid party. The club Oooh'd in disgust. The Mother of All Fifth Fridays does not have a suite number yet.

Second, Lance is selling novelties.... "What kind?" asked Tom. "We are talking about Lee here. Don't give him an opening." (Moi?) Lance demonstrated a feathered mask. Social arbiter Joe Mayhew stated that he had never previously seen one with Mickey Mouse ears. Cultural maven Mary Morman remarked that Joe had led a sheltered life, and that she thought that Lance should wear his mask on his face. (That depends on what you want to hide, Mary.) Tom announced that the club had had enough degenerate discussion here. (Dream on, white boy.)

Erica reviewed* an article in the 2 February 1991 New Scientist, "Cloth Fragments Reveal Popular Colors of the Past". It seems that the ancient Britons, while favoring wold, were not above forging Roman Emperors' Imperial purple by stewing British lichens in stale urine. Indecipherable noises on the tape. Mike Walsh claimed that this explained certain elements of fannish dress. (It also explains British cooking.)

Mike Walsh said* "If you can't guess the rest [of what I'm going to say], tough. I have books for sale, but, to be honest, they're the dregs." 50 cents per dreg.

Mike also stated that Tom Disch had favorably reviewed The Difference Engine by Messrs. Gibson & Sterling, Purveyors of Fine Novels. "It's better than anything they're done previously." Also see Reviews in the NEXT issue of The WSFA Journal.

Matt stated* "This is Matt. I'm back to work. The contracts I mentioned last time came through the next day." Tom opined that it's nice to have employed people in WSFA so we can hit them up for money. Joe clarified that the Matt with money is Matt Lawrence. Don't hit up the wrong Matt! Matt will be at Aggiecon next week.

Peggy Rae Pavlat announced that she was late because "the restroom was on Indonesian time." (I am NOT making this up. I doublechecked the tape: she said "restroom".)

She further announced that the Disclave book was at the printer. The department heads are working hard. Her goal is to have Registration without the long lines. The club guffawed. Tom pontificated that everyone should have a goal. Joe suggested that the right type of publicity could solve the long line problem.

Peggy then announced and read a letter from Bulgaria. See the reprinted copy elsewhere in this issue. The Bulgarian fanskis asked for English language books. A call went up for Walsh to send his dregs to Bulgaria. Mary Morman volunteered to spearhead WSFA's Books For Bulgaria program. Incomplete series should be.

______ _____ urged everyone to "reserve a room; reserve a cabana room; hold a party." Peggy urged everyone to " buy a book." John Sapienza urged everyone to "Do good; avoid evil." More guffawing. Susan Cohen announced** that 2 travel agents were cutting their throats to get Traincon II on track. The club Uuuuhed. We are going to Chicago at no more than $161. GOH is Shariann Lewitt.

Robyn Rissell is moving to the Fabulous Bungalow on the weekend after, ah...after Balticon. Guffaws. Rowdie Yates suggested Robyn get a calendar. Robyn would appreciate help moving. He will provide bheer and pizzha.

Robyn is also distributing fliers for the Glasgow '95 Bid Committee. Matt will take some to Aggiecon.

George Shaner* officially starts work on the 25th. Tom asked "Who says there's a recession?" George retorted that he works for the Government now. Boos on the tape.

Steve Schwartz announced a new award, the James Tiptree Award for fiction dealing with sexuality and sexual matters. This award will be financed thru bake sales. This announcement was greeted by laughter followed by cries of disbelief. Theologian Tom Schaad stated that if James Tiptree knew that an award associated with her name was being financed by bake sales, she might rise up from her grave. Seismological expert Bob MacIntosh announced that she's spinning at Warp 6 right now. Steve hastily blamed the bake sale idea on Pat Murphy, Karen Fowler and other sweet little things. He further suggested that WSFA have a local Tiptree Award bake Sale.

Dick Lynch announced that Sadie Shaw, wife of author Bob Shaw, passed on recently. Bob is confused, not used to caring for himself, but surviving.

Winton passed on a rumor, overheard at Lunacon, that Magicon has more attending people than Chicon. It's those 200,000 Iraqi paws, Winton. Go back and read page 3 again.

There was a dyslexic move to adjourn. Someone wanted to hear Peggy Rae report on Disclave '91 all over again. The meeting unanimously adjourned at 9:41.


* "Hi, Lee." The Secretary was feeling pretty low when he started the tape. After listening to all the well wishes by well wishers, his spirits were pretty High.


by Laura Larue

One of my fellow critics expressed a theory once that an author's career could be predicted from the title of that author's first story or novel. Jack Vance's first story, for example, was entitled "The World Thinker". If this theory is true, Ms. Larue should retire for the night.

This first attempt by a new author attempts to breathe new life into the well worn trollbat subgenre by looking at our familiar friends from a new perspective, that of the neighboring moleflies. Unfortunately, the author proves unequal to the task of arousing interest in any of the parties. All three races come across as demented buffoons with King Flurbus being particularly ridiculous Any monarch so ignorant of his own people would be quickly overthrown. And the trollbats, at least as seen by the moleflies, prove disappointingly conventional.

The plot, too, seems to go nowhere. While it starts promisingly enough, it rapidly degenerates into a fog of confusion. I can hardly believe that Ms. Larue dragged it the Almighty Sppid as a deus ex machina. I suspect that the author got as tired writing this 442 page slug as I got reading it. Certainly Sppid must be tired of rescuing Princess Fulsoom and the intrepid trollbats from Duke Garnus by now. Too bad, She can't rescue the trollbats from hack authors.

I rate The Night of the Trollbats as Inferior.


(Revised and Expanded Edition)

by Poul Anderson

Either by chance or conscious desire to spite the competition, Ballantine has reissued the original trollbat epic by the original author. Several episodes cut out of the '50s classic for "moral" reasons have been restored. Such "restorations" are often disappointing, but these additions prove the exception by illuminating several aspects of trollbat psychology which a previous generation's smug morality couldn't stomach. Now, we know the REAL meaning of the Fargsmut Festival!

Since practically all SF and fantasy fans have the original, the plot will be familiar. It's all here: heroic Tefnuus and spunky princess Fulsoom, the battle with the baledrake, the flight through the Caverns of Cluwl, and, of course, the Temple of Sppid. Unlike Ms. Larue, Mr. Anderson keeps Sppid's almighty power under firm restraint, which makes Tefnuus and Fulsoom's heroism genuine courage rather than the actions of puppets.

What is new is the details about the trollbat culture that were previously lacking. (An entire generation of trollbat fans will find their speculations confirmed. But watch for some radically revised costumes at the next Disclave and Trollbatcon!) In the course of the dining hall scene, Anderson introduces a wealth of information about trollbat food, spices, social hierarchy, manners and costumes. Our favorite nonhumans come alive again after years of abuse at the hands of uninspired authors!

I rate The Broken Claw (Revised and Expanded Edition) as Tremendous.

A Letter From Swaziland

         January 29, 1991

Dear friends -

When I first started teaching in Swaziland, I found myself with more time to read than ever before in my life. But with a Peace Corps salary, books were quite an expensive luxury, and there were few SF books in the Peace Corps library (there is a special place in Hell for publishers of multi-volume series - eternity spent reading 'Book Two of the Epic Trilogy'). So I started writing to various fannish friends, asking for books. When Larry Baker wrote back that he had collected some books from the local fans, I was pleased. But I wasn't prepared for the 3 U.S. mailbags full of paperbacks that arrived at the Nhlangano post office.

Just for starters, of course I have quite enough reading material to keep me happy for a long while. My SF reading Canadian friend is equally delighted with the bounty. I've been besieged by the Swazi teachers at my school - they especially enjoy the romance stuff. And when I announce at the next volunteer meeting that I have several hundred books, I'm expecting a small stampede of book-starved Americans arriving at my door. Before I leave the country, I'll donate the bulk of the books to a local library so the entire community will benefit.

The main reason for this letter is to very loudly say 'THANK YOU' to everyone. I'm a firm believer that there is no such thing as altruism. We do things to help other people because it makes us feel good about ourselves. I want to make sure everyone has ample opportunity to feel good about their part in the 'Feed a starving Peace Corps Volunteer' campaign.

I also want to make sure everyone knows that Larry Baker is a great guy. Not only did he organize and ship all the books, he carefully sorted them to make sure only complete series were sent. He's done a lot in the past year to make sure I know I haven't been forgotten - Calvin & Hobbes book in the mail can cheer up your whole week. I understand he's relocated himself back to the Seattle area, and promptly got himself elected chairman of something. Anyways, he's a good man, a good friend, and a good bartender, and I'm sure many of you will miss him.

Happy reading, and many thanks,
          M_ B_

    Meryl Birn
    Nhlangano Central High School
    Nhlangano, Swaziland
    Southern Africa


Editorial Comment

Meryl protests too much saying that there is no such thing as altruism. Despite bureaucratic carping, the Peace Corps remains one of the most outstanding examples of human beings helping other human beings.

Every WSFAn can and should feel good about helping lighten the life of these dedicated volunteers.

And, who knows? Perhaps one of Meryl's students will learn a thing or two about "People" cooperating with "Aliens". Not a bad lesson for Southern Africa to learn!

        R. MILEVA (MRS.)
        [address censored]
        SOFIA 1126

          21 FEB. 1991

Hello, dear Fan,

Greetings from Bulgaria.

Although you probably never suspected it, there are many ardent fans over here too. Their major problem, though, is that for the last fifty years they haven't had the chance to read anything except the books approved by the Party and its Leader. Would you believe that the Bulgarian translation of Lord of The Rings was published in 1990? Thus, most Bulgarian fans know very little about the English-language SF of the last decades, though many of them would be able to read, were they given a book!

And this brings us to the reason for this letter. We, the English-speaking and reading fans in Bulgaria, have embarked on the ambitious project of building up a library of SF books and movies, so that East may meet West at last.

So, our appeal: send us books, new or used, hardcover or paperback, then ask your friends to send us some more; send us video tapes, if possible (VHS only, please).

You probably won't get a Good Conduct medal for helping us, but you will have our gratitude and the knowledge that you have helped spread the light of SF.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon, I remain,

        Sincerely Yours,

              R. Mileva,


The first meeting of the Disclave '92 committee will be on April 14, 1991 at 1:00 pm, at the home of Tracy Henry. Topics that will be covered will include: preparing for Disclave '91, what we need to do before this year's con, registration, programming, who is doing what, how to deal with the conchair and many other topic of interest. I do not intend to plan the con at this meeting but would like to start the process of putting together the things necessary to make things work smoother later.


Anybody who is interested in working, helping, or assisting on Disclave '92. There is a lot that goes into running a convention and you can feel important by helping.

APRIL 14, 1991
1:00 PM
[address censored]
(202) 723-1259

DIRECTIONS: [censored]

STUFF: I am asking everyone to please bring some munchies or soda.

[map censored]


APRIL 19 -21, 1991



Guest of Honor: Dan Simmons

Artist GOH: Thomas Canty

Science GOH: Robert L. Forward

Gaming GOH: Ken Rolston

Gallun Award: David Kyle

For More Information:

         I-Con X
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 Stony Brook, NY  11790
     (516) 632-6460

Special Guests:

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Hal Clement
Harlan Ellison
E. Gary Gygax
Tracy Hickman
James Morrow
Larry Niven
Fred Pohl
Julius Schwartz
John Skipp
Deke Slayton (NASA Astronaut)
Craig Spector
Bruce Sterling
Margaret Weis
Jack Williamson
Gahan Wilson


PLUS: Exhibits, Dealers, Art Show, Movies, Videos, Writers Workshops, "No Minimum Bid" Auction, Filksong Contest, Art Contest, Banquet, and much, much more!

HOTEL: Holiday Inn Express
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All rooms $69/night.
Contact I-Con for reservations.

TICKETS: 3-Day Memberships:
$20 until March 31, 1991
$25 at the door.
Make checks payable to I-Con X.