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May 1991

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Fetheroff Says 'Bye' For Last Time

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Business Opportunity in Dime Novels ...................... Page 5
President Croaks as Fetheroff Says 'Bye' For Last Time ... Page 6
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Magnus Robot Fighter 2.0 ................................ Page 10
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Leaves Government for Real World



The First Friday in April meeting convened at 9:22, 5 April 1991. Mr. Steve Smith, Vice President, presided in the absence of the President. A tape recorder took notes in the absence of the Secretary. The First Friday minutes were prepared from the tape.

* Mr. Michael Zipser apparently left the tape recorder running by accident for a while at his home, and recorded certain interesting events of his private life. Bidding for the tape starts at $1000, cash only, in small unmarked bills.

Miss Susan Cohen announced that we would now have "something completely different!" Mr. Smith announced that the Secretary had been condensed into a small metal box. The club went "Yay!" Voice One opined that the box had more hair on it than the Secretary did. (All too true.)

Mr. Alexis Gilliland announced that the Secretary had dropped off The WSFA Journal earlier so we could waive the reading of the minutes. A fluttering and crackling sound was audible.

Mr. Smith finally called the club to quote order unquote at 9:22. He popped his top to mark the official opening of something or other.

Mr. Treasurer reported $5102.28 in Mr. Treasury. A suggestion to have a party failed for lack of a second.

Mr. Smith called for a report from Disclave Past. There was a dead silence. Mr. Smith pontificated that Disclave had no past.

Ms. Peggy Rae Pavlat, assisted by Ms. Beth Zipser, delivered a lengthy report on Disclave Present (1991). We have sold 263 paid memberships. "But I won't read the list, and aren't you glad!" Yes, yes!

Disclave has ordered 144 mugs. Should we say something about the mugs that should be printed? Giggles and laughter. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. We have sold 10% of the mugs.

Disclave order 65 T-shirts. Ms. Pavlat pronounced herself a real wimp. Chivalry must be dead: no one disagreed.

WSFA Press has pre-sold 38 books, which are still at the printers. Mr. Printer reportedly said, "Oh! Wow! What a pretty cover!" Mr. Michael Walsh said that people at Balticon stopped by the table and said... A chant arose "Oh! Wow!" Mr. Walsh finished "... and here's my money!"

Please see Ms. Pavlat or Ms. Zipser to volunteer if you're not already overcommitted for Disclave. Mr. Steven Fetheroff is doing the Treasury. Mr. Evan Phillips is doing the Discave. Mr. Dale Farmer is doing the host. Voice Two repeated "doing the host" for emphasis. Indistinct racket on the tape.

Ms. Beth Zipser sent out 45 participant questionnaires on the con programming. Situation is normal (for us). She has placed notices on Genie and CompuServe. Interest is picking up as discussion mounts.

Ms. Pavlat reported that Disclave will invest in a dolly... Mrs. Doll Gilliland interrupted, "After all these years!" Mr. Joe Mayhew explained that this would be a hand truck to move all of the heavy stuff...." "That we've been breaking our Dollies with," concluded Ms. Gilliland.

Disclave Future Chairfan Mr. Steven Fetheroff said "Hi!" The club said "Hi!" Mr. Fetheroff announced a little story. Miss Susan Cohen sent out for milk and cookies. Early this week, someone offered Mr. F a job. "Yay!" It's in Spokane, Washington. "Oh." It means a 20% raise... "Oooh!" ...his own office... "Aaah!" ...his own computer... "Oooh!" ...and hiring his own staff. "Aaah!" "Rather like running a Disclave", opined Voice Three.

Mr. Fetheroff announced three options. First, he could run Disclave 1992 from Spokane. Second, he could run Disclave 1992 in Spokane. Third, he could run from Disclave to Spokane. He announced that he will resign at the Third Friday meeting in April, which will be his last WSFA meeting. There was an Oh of sorrow.

A small voice said, "You can turn it down." Laughter. Voice Five directed Mr. Fetheroff give our regards to Westercon and Norwescon. Ms. Eva Whitley asked if she could still be Feeder of Pat Cardigan. In a last official act, Mr. F said that she could be whatever she wanted to be.

Ms. Erica Van Dommelen suggested that people interested the Chairfanship should submit to the Trustees. Mr. Fetheroff stated that people kept nominating Mr. ______ _____ since he was Vice Chair. However, this was unfair still he was in Scotland (and could not defend himself). Giggles. Voice Six nominated Ms. Rachel Russell for Chair. Mr. Dan Hoey suggested that we could move the club. We won't even have to change the name! Mr. Matt (Punslinger) Leger wondered if we could name Mr. _____ Chair and label the action a covert operation. No one even groaned at that one.

Mr. Fetheroff said "Bye!" The club said, "BYYEEEEE!!!!" (No need to shout, folks. He took the hint.)

Entertainment Committee Chair Mrs. Gilliland announced, that if anyone wanted it, she would show an exorcism on TV at 10 o'clock. Mr. Michael Zipser said that exorcisms made him strangely uncomfortable. Mrs. Gilliland offered a seance, instead. This was followed by incomprehensible utterings in unknown tongues and the return of Mr. John Pomeranz.

* [While the Secretary was typing up the report of the exorcism/seance, his computer crashed.]

Mr. Lance Oszko, Chair of the Fine Arts or Whatever Mr. Strong Wants to Call It Committee, reported that he has sent letters to ASFA, Europe and major collectors in the area. The Committee seeks to organize a major SF art exhibition. Bigger, it seems, than the Hubble Space Telescope.

Mr. Smith called upon Mr. John Pomeranz, Chair of the Committee to Spend a Great Deal of Money etc., etc., for a report. Voice Seven, unaware of the results of the seance, cried out that Mr. Pomeranz was dead. "No," stated Mr. P, "merely reporting late." The Committee recently sent Mr. Richard Nixon to Moscow to advise Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev on staying in power. This program of world leader exchanges will continue as the Committee sends Mr. Saddam Hussein to advise Mr. G on military matters.

Mr. Joseph Mayhew suggested that the Committee arrange a small 2 or fewer engine plane flight for each member of the US Senate. At this thought, Miss Cohen cried out "Jesse Helms! Jesse Helms!" in a passionate voice. More details later.

There was no Old Business except for Mr. Dick Nixon. Mr. Smith called for New Business. The club screamed, "Nooooooo!" when someone took him up on it.

Mr. Oszko proposed to follow the successful Mother of All Fifth Friday Parties with the Son of the Mother of All Fifth Friday Parties at Chicon this August. Mrs. Gilliland said that this was not a good idea. Mr. Mayhew suggested that Mr. Oszko discuss the idea with the various people who hated him. Mr. O riposted, "Yes, Joe?" Cheers, hoots and applause. It was observed that Mr. M was speechless. This discovery was followed by louder hoots and more applause. Mr. Mayhew observed wryly, "See how little it takes to get applause." The motion was tabled indefinitely.

Ms. Whitley asked if we could have a relaxacon. Mr. Fetheroff suggested the Spokane Hilton. Mr. Smith directed Ms. W to talk to the Relaxacon Committee. "Zap! You're a committee!"

Mr. Smith attempted to forget the New Tradition but was reminded. He sagely noted that forgetting the New Tradition was itself a tradition. Attending WSFA for the first time were Ms. Eileen Shaner, Ms. Paula Lewis, Mr. John Peacock, Mr. David Lafoy, and Ms. Joan London. The club said "Hi!"

Someone introduced J.L. Bait as attending his 2nd meeting. Horrified at the faux pas, Mr. Fetheroff hastily corrected, "That's MISTER Bait to you and me."

There were no people attending their third meeting while only one person was attending his last meeting.


Mr. Smith suggested that people submit their announcements in writing if they wanted their announcements in rational form. Since there were no submissions, the conclusion is obvious.

Ms. Nancy saw Mr. Jack Heneghan at Aggiecon. He is considering a Fifth Friday Party at El Plano, Texas.

The Ex-Con Chair of Balticon thanked WSFAns for attending and working. There were 1800 paid members and the usual extras.

Mr. Fetheroff thought that the GOH for Disclave 1992 was going to be Mr. Tom Kidd. He was shocked, shocked to discover by watching Fast Forward that the GOH will be Mr. Tom Canty. Mr. Pomeranz confessed that his normally well informed program also got the Disclave 1992 Con Chair wrong. Kitty Kelley, call your office.

Dr. Perrianne Lurie announced, "It's DOCTOR Perrianne, not MISS Perrianne." (Don't worry about it, hon.) She offered Icon flyers. This time, they're pretty.

Ms. Maura Scharadin would like to buy a Worldcon membership.

Mr. Walsh offered new dregs for fifty cents each.

Ms. Edwards-Hewitt and the Gamemasters of the Universe said something about bidding Disclave 1992. Mumble, mumble, mumble. Something about failing her Saving Throw.

Miss Cohen had three announcements. First, Ms. Naomi Ronis is moving.

Second, Traincon has been finalized at $210 round trip. While this is more expensive than the concom had hoped, you make out in the long run saving money on hotel accommodations and not missing work. (Personally, I never miss work.)

Third, Miss Cohen found a cute little thing on her calendar. This piece of wisdom was a definition of 'subculture' as a group organized around a unifying principle such as a social condition.... Obviously speaking for himself, Voice Eight opined that we were a social disease. Miss Cohen continued, saying that 'subculture' was often used to describe deviant groups.... "Yay!" ...such as thieves and drug users. "Yay!" Upon being questioned about self-confessed drug use, Voice Nine claimed that chocolate was a drug.

Mrs. Gilliland moved adjournment.

Mr. Oszko asked if anyone had a private FAX machine so that he could FAX letters back and forth to Europe. Amid several suggestions that Mr. O get real, Mr. Fetheroff noted that Mr. O should talk to him after the meeting as he worked for the Government. Your tax dollars at work. Miss Cohen noted that Mr. F would be long gone by the time the audit was conducted.

Mr. Oszko also announced that he had a galley proof of Fallen Angels, an upcoming book by Messrs. Niven, Pournelle, and Flynn. It's so new that Mr. Flynn hasn't seen it yet!

Valiantly attempting to restore quote order unquote to a farce masquerading as a parliamentary shambles, Mr. Steve Smith recalled that there was a motion on the floor. The club unanimously adjourned about 9:46.

Mr. Smith complained that the club voted on the motion before he articulated it. The club expressed its sympathy with hoots and giggles. Parliamentary procedure in WSFA weeds out the weak and sickly.


The WSFA Journal is the official newsletter of the Washington Science Fiction Association (WSFA), Inc.

* * *

Publisher..............Tom Schaad
Editor-in-Chief........Lee Strong
Reporters..............Jerry Berry, Clark Kent, Alexander Knox, Captain Horatio Mindblower, Peter Panic, Nosie Parker, Brett Reed, Vicki Vale, Leon D. Wright

First Amendment Advisory Committee

Alan Dershowitz, Chair; Karen Finley, John Frohnmeyer, Elmer Gantry, Holly Hunter, Leonard B. Sand, Anne Sprinkle



Do you want to write? Real bad?!

The 2 May 1991 issue of The Washington Times reports that Randy Bird of Portland, Oregon is attempting to revive the "dime novel" paperback. He plans to publish 12 novellas each month, including pulp-type science fiction.

Bird's company, called DimeNovels, will pay $2000 for a completed manuscript plus 2% of the gross. He plans a press run of 100,000 copies per book.

DimeNovels has written guidance for wannabe authors. Who knows where this could lead!




The Third Friday in April business meeting came to order at 9:14, 19 April 1991 amid a sea of croaking.

* Before the meeting, Clark Kent, mild mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newsletter, attempted to interview the late John Pomeranz on what it was like being dead. However, John mistook Clark's microphone for a phallic object and attacked. Clark then pulled out a larger phallic instrument and rebuffed John's advances. John stated that he felt inadequate. Clark said, sadly, "We know."

Also before the meeting, departing Disclave 1992 Chairfan Steven Fetheroff distributed plastic frogs, rats and accordion-like squonks to the assembled multitude. President Tom Schaad croaked a few times. Mary Morman organized a squeak chorus of one of each. Mary also decided to insert her computer mouse into her rat. She went into anatomical details which we won't publish in a family newsletter.

President Tom Schaad gamely attempted to speak over the sea of croaking but was interrupted by a proposal for a contest to stuff frogs into orifices. Instigator Steven wanted Mary to go first. Mary deferred to Steven's intimate knowledge of frogs and rats.

Tom asked returning Secretary Lee Strong for the minutes of the last meeting. Lee replied "9:22 and 9:46."

Treasurer Bob MacIntosh reported $6486.96 in the kitty. Tom called for suggestions for this fund. Ideas included a party and a worldcon. Both ideas failed for lack of a second.

Tom asked if Disclave Past was present. No, Tom; think about it.

Disclave Present Chairfan Peggy Rae Pavlat reported that a committee of 15 met with the hotel management. The latter actually seems to have remembered what they said at the previous meeting. Beth Zipser has gotten the ribbons.

Matt (The Badge) Leger has been appointed Head Badge Checker. He requested some 32 volunteers for assistant badge checkers. There will be 3 stationary checkpoints including the Art Show Door and one roving checker at all times. Rowdie Yates suggested that Matt check badges in the swimming pool. Tom emphasized the need for volunteers, especially the first two days. There should not be any legitimate beefs. Tom spoke so dramatically that he produced an echo when he pronounced "You play, you pay."

Disclave 1992-sub-1 Chairfan Steven Fetheroff said "Hi!" No one responded. "He's not deposed yet," threatened Mr. President. Steven announced that the first 1992 planning meeting had been held successfully. Many positions were still open (including the Chair). ______ _____ and Peggy Rae will cover things up until a new Chair can be elected. Steven then officially resigned.

The Entertainment Committee was not entertaining tonight.

Dan Hoey reported for the Trustees that there would be a regular election for officers and Trustees as well as a by-election for Disclave Chair at the next meeting. Steven explained that the election for Disclave Chair was really a "bye-election" because the former Chair said "bye". Terilee Edwards-Hewitt asked if we should buy the "buy-election" ballot. Dan pronounced these puns to be a lot of hooey.

Dan reported that the Trustees' slate for 1991-92 bore a great deal of resemblance to the previous year's officials. The nominations are:

For Disclave 1992-sub-2 Chairfan: Michael Walsh.

For President: Thomas Schaad.

For Vice President: Steven Smith.

For Treasurer: Robert MacIntosh.

For Secretary: Leonell Strong.

For Trustee: Daniel Hoey, Erica Van Dommelen, and Michael Zipser.

A cheer went up at Zipser's name. Tom summarized this slate as fulfilling the old fannish slogan, "We're all for progress; we just don't like change." He further pontificated that we shouldn't change horses in mid-stream...." "Or we'll get all wet," concluded Mr. Walsh. Looking significantly at his ticketmate [Mr. Walsh], Tom rejoined, "Having been both President and Con Chair, I know who's all wet."

Rowdie Yates attempted to nominate Steven Fetheroff for Trustee. Dan clarified that nominations would be accepted from the floor which people could vote for as if they were "real" nominees. Apparently, as opposed to surreal nominees.

The newly revived John Pomeranz reported that the Committee to Spend A Great Deal of Money on Something Incredibly Controversial & Expensive would solve 2 pressing Washington problems at one fell swoop by constructing a homeless shelter for homeless Republicans. If money is not available, Paul Weyrich will go on a hunger strike. (Actually, John, the Republican Party plans to house some deserving Republicans in some underused spaces on Capitol Hill. Details to follow.) The Committee's report was greeted by a wave of croaking.

Lance Oszko, Chairfan of the Fine Arts or Whatever Mr. Strong Wants To Call It Committee, has been writing letters to ASFA and talking to major area SF art collectors. Tom worried that Lance was exceeding his authority by doing something constructive.

Lance also briefly recapped his Committee's goal: to assemble a decent SF art collection and present it to the general public. Mary Morman suggested that an indecent collection would be easier to assemble.

There was no Old or New Business conducted.

New Tradition: Tom Schaad forgot the Second New Tradition by remembering the First New Tradition. People attending their first WSFA meeting were Arland and Joyce Andrews, Tom Langford, ringer Mary Morman, and Shirley Wells. People attending their second meeting are Paula Lewis and John Peacock. John is a True Fan as he is already hard at work on Disclave 1991. [Encourage this man!!]

Attending his third WSFA meeting was Verne Clark. Brian Lewis announced that he would sponsor Verne if Verne were foolish enough to wish to join. [Ah, Brian, this is not the way to encourage someone.]

Kent Bloom announced that he was attending his 180th WSFA meeting.


The Secretary announced that anyone who wished their announcement to appear as they would wish rather than as the Secretary might remember it should submit the announcement in writing or on tape after the meeting. "High tech!" analyzed somebody sitting on the floor.

Lee Strong also announced that he was purchasing a 386 clone personal computer with LOTS of software including desktop publishing. After a short learning curve, publication of The WSFA Journal, already the worlds' sharpest newsletter, might just make a quantum leap forward.

Lee publicly thanked Steven Fetheroff for the generous financial contribution to Lee's new computer. Steven appeared confused but said "You're welcome." Tom asked Steven how many blank Disclave 1991 checks had he signed? Steven replied "Enough."

* To thank Steven for his generosity, The WSFA Journal has hired Kitty Kelley to do Steven's biography.

Mike Walsh announced books for $1 each. Mary asked if these were the dregs from last meeting.

Arland Andrews announced InConJunction con. Please see flyer elsewhere in this issue.

Brian Lewis changed his job at the beginning of March. He cut his work hours by 1/3 but tripled his income. Kent Bloom stated that Brian was now making $3 per week. Brian agreed and added that he could now be reached at the Video Concepts store in the Lake Forest Mall. It's hard to visualize Brian as a mall rat.

Mel Scharadin urged everyone to a buy a Worldcon membership.

Lance attempted to say something about a Baltimore Worldcon but he was drowned out by a wave of hissing and croaking. Apparently some plastic snakes among the plastic frogs.

Steven Fetheroff announced that he has a new job, a new apartment, a new phone and a new life. This is his last WSFA meeting. His new title is Surface Technology Engineer (in charge of brooms). Mary Morman decided this sounded like a title from The Roads Must Roll.

Mike Zipser wishes to hire an IBM programmer, fluent in Fortran and Cobol, preferably with 3 years experience. The successful applicant can make big bucks and work in the Taj Mahal. However, you have to work with Mike.

John Pomeranz announced that he was a proud new father.... Kathi Overton's ears perked up. ....of a Laser printer. The birth was painful; the stretch marks were fantastic. But John had to do it in order to keep ahead of the Secretary. <Dream on, white boy.>

[* Lee Strong adds that his new computer system already includes a spiffy Laser printer.] (I didn't mention it out of modesty.) <Poor John: inadequate again.>

The meeting unanimously adjourned at 9:41 amid a chorus of croaking.

* After the meeting, Mike Zipser named his new rat "Fluffy".

The Difference Engine

by William Gibson & Bruce Sterling

"Well, guvnor, it's like this. These two fine gents, Messrs Gibson & Sterling, gets together to write themselves a novel. One of them there jules verne novels where history comes out different, like. An interestin' idea, I says, but then they don't do nuttin' wiff it." Sniff.

"The basic idea is flamin' fair, I says. The authors ask themselves Whut if Charles Baggage's early computer, the 'Analytical Engine' it's called, had bin a smashing success instead uv just an interesting idear. In The Difference Engine world, the computer revolution came over a hundredd years early so people muckin' around in 1855 have computer ID numbers and automated factories and such. Uv course, Gibson & Sterling does a top drawer job of inventing a Victorian slang for the new tecknologee. That's whut makes 'em Big Name Authors." Sigh.

"And they comes up with a top hole hero, too, name uv Edward Mallory. He's a toff, a real man's man like Phineas Fogg and such. But he ain't no swell. He kin drop his drawers with the best uv 'em when he needs too, and show a lady a good time. Both kinds of ladies, too, if yah takes my meaning." Wink, wink.

"But th' problem with the novel, guvnor, is it ain't got no story to go wiff the hero. On account uv the flashbacks and flashfor'ds, we knows he had an adventure aforehand and will have some more, but he ain't havin' none in the book. He's just running around in London town between adventures tryin' to figure out whut this mysterious box uv computer...I means, engine cards does. And, in the end, they doesn't do nuttin 'cept cause the giant Frenchie computer to go belly up. Personally, I figured that was 'cuz uv Frog workmanship, meself." Sniff.

"And they's a lot uv problems with the logick uv the novel, toos. The Professor, a good one he is, says that he found least five major 'anachronisms' in the Difference Engine world. Things like the Amerycan Civil War bein' fought in 1855 when everybody knows it dint start til 1861. The Froggie invasion of Mexico bein' over and complete in 1855 when that dint happen till 863. Things like that. A terrible lot uv mistakes for such fine gents to make. The Professor says they's a lot uv fine details in the novel, but I says the lace on the sleeves dont mean nuttin if you're already ruint the coat." Sniff.

"And a lot of gimmicks that the gents use in their novel wus used beforehand, in the jules verne stories of the 1950s. Things like playing with words so thet they says 'line-streaming' to mean 'streamlining'. And the alternate Victorian society reminds the Professor more't a littul of the 1950s stories wiff mutants rulin' humans er lord scientists rulin' everyones. They's called 'savants' here but they's the same old folks we dun seen aforehand. No blood in they's veins but plenty uv idears on how to run everyones lives into the ground. Tain't a difference worth having, that."

"I really hates to do it, guvnor, but I got to rate The Difference Engine as Inferior."

Jurassic Park

by Michael Crichton

It's frequently said that, if you wait long enough, anything once fashionable will come into fashion again. Mr. Crichton apparently believes that it's time to revive the 1950s Grade C land of the dinosaurs genre.

It's all thoroughly up to date. The dinosaurs are the product of state of the art genetic engineering rather than the '50s "lost land" survivals. And the introduction of African frog genes into a dinosaurian template would create the critical breeding problem. But good science does not automatically make a good story.

I think the major weakness here is the characters. The author is clearly in love with the dinosaurs, including their ferocity. Throughout the novel, the quasi-reptilians are treated with considerable respect.

The same can not be said of the human characters. They seem to divide into two groups: arrogant snots, and dinosaur chow. Ultimately, we don't care for any of them. The few admirable (human) characters make only brief appearances while the doofuses dominate the novel. After 200 pages of the girl child coughing at critical moments when the other humans were trying to get away, I actually cheered the dinosaurs on in hopes that they would do lunch with her.

There are also numerous plot strands left unresolved at the end of the novel. Will the dinosaurs find happiness in the wilds of Costa Rica? Stay tuned for a possible sequel.

I rate Jurassic Park as only Average.

Magnus Robot Fighter

(Second Series)

Most comic book literature belongs in the fantasy realm rather than science fiction. Magnus is one of the rare exceptions, being wholly science fictional in nature. And a darn good read as well.

The basic conflict is humanity versus machine in the year 4000 AD. The original "Classic Series" focussed mostly on straight bashing of what one critic called "tin niggers". But it also dealt with philosophical and ecological themes of surprising depth for its time. The second series happily continues both the gee whiz aspects of 4000 AD superscience and the questioning of the meaning of humanity. This revival builds on its predecessor without being a slavish imitation.

The "niggers" have discovered "Black Power" with the usual results. Parts of the storyline are predictable: the hero questions endlessly bashing free willed intelligences. However, excellent characterization and good artwork redeems the predictability. One robot character, for example, argues vehemently that "rogue" robots should be smashed down without mercy because they -- including itself -- are mere appliances. Mr. Spock would be would be proud.

The other Humans are more subtle than fond memory recalls, as well. Senator Clane becomes a real politician here rather than a stalwart foil. (Even in the 41st Century, people are people.) And sexy Leeja Clane isn't just holding hands any more!

I rate Magnus Robot Fighter (Second Series) as Excellent.



InConjunction XI

July 5, 6 & 7, 1991

Adam's Mark Hotel

Just What You Had In Mind...

...As you look into the future, don't forget to mark your mental calendars for the 11th Annual InConJunction -- a cerebral trip into the vast recesses of the science fiction/fantasy mind! Focus on this flier and mind-link to our thought processes as we create a mental image of the events possible in your future:

Author Guest of Honor

Artist Guest of Honor


Plus, you can cogitate on many of our regular events -- the masquerade, two nights of dancing, art show, 72-table dealers' room, Dr. Who room, Star Trek room, Japanese animation, 24-hour gaming and, of course, a mind-bending musical comedy performed by the (in)famous "It's Not Our Fault" Players. Each of our GoHs will be featured in the program schedule. (Banquet tickets are $20 each -- and you know you need to feed that brain -- so reserve your place now!) The Con Suite will provide intellectual victuals (veggies and carbonation -- but no bheer) until the wee hours -- and no styrofoam! And, of course, our many filkers will divert your mind Friday and Saturday nights. These stimulating mental functions and more are waiting for you (but not your weapons -- if it resembles a contemporary firearm, DON'T BRING IT!)

Imagine all this and more at our continuing registration price rollback: $15 until April 1; $20 thereafter!


Well, just in case your mental image doesn't contain a compass or map, we give you one -- just this once!

Indianapolis, Indiana 46241
(At the Airport)
(317) 248-2481
Rooms $66 -- Single, Double, Triple, Quad



For More Information, Send an SASE to these Departments

(After all, we can't read ALL of your minds!)

Judy Eudaly
[address censored]
Indianapolis, IN 46203

Kathy Hohman
[address censored]
Plainfield, IN 46168

Rates: $35 first table, includes membership. $25 each for next two tables.

Steve "Greycat" Easley
P.O. Box 39035
Indianapolis, IN 46239-0035

Shari Marcum
[address censored]
Mooresville, IN 46158
Full-Page: 8-1/2 x 5-1/2
Half-Page: 4-1/4 x 5-1/2
$40 full-age, pro
 20 half-page, pro
 20 full-page, fan
 10 half-page, fan


[Thinking Robot]


InConJunction is a project of the Circle of Janus Science Fiction Club of Central Indiana.

- - - - - REGISTRATION FORM - - - - -

Our 1990 price rollback continues...
Pay only $15 until April 1;
$20 after April 1!

Enclosed is $_____ for _____ registrations.
(Please include a name with each membership! Your canceled check is your receipt.)

Name(s) ___________________



Please return this form with your registration. Send to:

InConJunction XI
P.O. Box 19776
Indianapolis, IN 46219