The WSFA Journal, October 1991

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October 1991

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WSFA Celebrates Birthdays of Burroughs, Chalker


WSFA Celebrates Birthdays for Burroughs and Chalker ....... Page 2
Steve Lloyd Chalker Debuts ................................ Page 5

Science and Fiction

Earth-Sized Planet Discovered In Milky Way ................ Page 6
Neptune's Moons Named for Greek and Roman Gods ............ Page 6


Warbots: Guts and Glory, but No Brains .................... Page 7
WWIII: World In Flames Lacks Fire ......................... Page 7

Fine Arts

An Invitation to ASFA, by Lance Oszko ..................... Page 8
Robot Tina has the right connections, by Yoko Kobayashi ... Page 8


Magicon: Not Another Mickey Mouse Worldcon ............ Pages 9-12



Steve Lloyd Chalker Weighs In at Ten Pounds

The First Friday in September and Edgar Rice Burroughs Memorial Business Meeting was called to order at 9:15 p.m. on 6 September 1991. Jed Steve Smith presided in the absence of Jeddak Tom Schaad. The witty Smith opened the meeting by opening a refreshing bhottle of Dhos Eqhuus bheer. A voice muttered darkly that the Burroughs Memorial Meeting should best be forgotten. The royal chieftain replied, sotto voce, that he had attempted to, but that he had been reminded by the High Priest of the Burroughsians, Lee Strong.

Smith valiantly called upon the seemingly innocent Treasurer Bob MacIntosh for a financial report. The empire has 4488 dollars and 21 cents on hand. An outcry for a party failed for lack of the required second.

Smith intrepidly asked sinister Secretary Lee Strong if the Publications Committee had anything to report. Strong cried out, "Oh mighty jeddak, your slaves await your commands!" The assembled peers guffawed at Strong's outburst and Smith's response. "Hey, give me a minute. You don't get an offer like this everyday." The noble jed then repeated his demand. Rebuffed, the brooding scribe presented the latest WSFA Journal.

Chieftain Dan Burgess then dared to correct the savant's report. His home is the Mew of the Pink Pigasus, not Pegasus. It's a flying pig, not a flying peg. Cruelly, Strong hoisted his pen upright in an ancient Martian gesture of great import. The noble jed proved powerless to restrain the insolent Secretary.

The incomparable Peggy Rae Pavlat, Chair of Disclavepast, stated that Steve and she spent their time making horrendous amounts of money. The con can bequeath to WSFA 5000 dollars or double the club Treasury. A number of jokes were heard about our benefactor's wealth: Peggy is currently building extensions onto her palace; she has a new auto-mobile; and she has a new dress.

The sagacious Ms. Pavlat announced the mailing of a 5000 dollar check and that her loyal committee members were cleaning out the visahaccount. This strange rite requires time but should generate over 3000 more dollars for the club. Prince Dan Hoey stated that this sounds like fun. Ms. Pavlat began choking desperately. Heartless, the assembled crowd giggled and laughed at her plight. The jed calmly noted serious embarrassment. The princess Erica Van Dommelen nobly restrained herself.

Recovering,the regal Ms. Pavlat continued that the empire has done pretty well on book sales. We must sell 166 books at 30 dollars each to break even. Chieftain Michael Source proclaimed "Well!", setting echoes ringing. "We are not evil geniuses for nothing!" Orders are coming in for the Pat Cadigan book. We are charging full price for the Resnick, Shepard and Shiner/Austin books.

Prince Mike Zipser reported that Pat Cadigan had plugged her own book in a public place recently. Chieftain Joe Mayhew stated that the Chicago Bares had discovered flyers for the Cadigan book. The book will include "50 Ways to Improve Your Orgasm".

Michael Source, Chair of Disclavefuture, is amused by the contract suggested by the Mindless Wizards of the Sheraton Greenbelt of New Carrollton/Greenbelt, Maryland. His Chairfanship is surveying other properties.

Grand Duke Alexis Gilliland, Pachair [vice chair] of the Entertainment Committee, reported that he had a wonderful time at Worldcon. <Must not have gone to the same one that the rest of us went to.>

Joe Mayhew delivered a combined Entertainment and Relaxacon Committee report. Eva Whitley, mate of chieftain Jack Chalker, gave birth the previous Tuesday (3 September 1991) to Steve Lloyd Chalker. The young giant weighed in at 10 pounds and is already enrolled in kindergarten.

Chieftain Lance Oszko, Chair of the Fine Arts Committee, is receiving 35 mm slides for his collection. He honored ASFA with his presence: they are indeed as inept as the perceptive Mr. Mayhew reported. See Mr. Oszko's letter elsewhere in The WSFA Journal.

Chieftain Robyn Rissel offered to have a Fifth Friday party.

The multitude disdained to bring up Old Business.

Under New Business, Mr. Oszko displayed the Gdansk SF Club gold membership club, which certainly puts our memberships cards to shame.

Headstrong iconoclast Smith boldly remembered the New Tradition. First time attendees included Lynn Cox, a student at College Park, Pennsylvania; Dave Wendler of Georgia & Elsewhere; and Dan Davis, of Carnegie-Mellon. The club Ohh'd at the literary giants present among us.

Attending his second WSFA meeting is the elusive Mr. Wendling. A person sometimes known as "Jailbait" was attending his third WSFA business meeting. He is now legal and will henceforth be known as Mr. Richard Segal. <Dream on, white boy.>


The maladroit Secretary attempted a simple announcement that persons who wish their announcements to appear in their own words should provide the announcement in writing to the Secretary. Instead, the sinister figure stammered his way through a convoluted confession of crimes against the English language. The audience was stunned by his bizarre performance.

Sylph-like Lee Uba announced that her business, The Decorating Den, had closed its doors. There was an Ohh of sorrow from the crowd.

Princess (and Grand Duchess) Erica Van Dommelen announced that she was quoted correctly in the Chicago Tribune. She is easily recognized, standing next to the three transvestites.

Cheerfully, Mr. Rissel said, "Hi! Hi!" <Probably was, too.> He passed the one year mark at work. They gave him a raise.

Mr. Oszko forthrightly announced that the Baltimore Worldcon bid had a profitable party at Nolacon North -- which he referred to as Chicon. Baltimore in 98. He did not say 98 what.

Chieftain Hal Haag has party pictures.

Chieftain Matt Leger has been employed at the World Bank for 1 year, 7 months. His title is Walking Oxymoron, since he is a permanent temporary. He now receives benefits, including 5 weeks of paid vacation. He also proclaimed the arrival of Dr. Demento at Springfield Mall and Bethesda Cinema & Drafthouse.

Grand Duke Michael Source announced a little book, and a Magicon advance registration sheet. See the sheet elsewhere in The WSFA Journal. He also has 2 copies of Dark Tower #3, by Steven Jed [King]. There will only be 40,000 copies printed for sale at 38 dollars each.

The vivacious Naomi Ronis said "Hi! Hi! Today is Hal Haag's birthday. The big FOUR-FIVE!!" The throng broke into song, dirging that old favorite "Happy Dearthday". After a single chorus, Mr. Leger successfully moved that the other choruses be accepted as sung.

Ms. Ronis also noted that Dr. Demento would appear at the Senator Theater in Baltimore.

The noteworthy explorer, Ms. Rebecca Prather announced that she would venture into the wilds of Yelsin Plaza, Moscow -- formerly Red Square -- and St. Petersburg -- formerly Leningrad. Prince Mike Zipser asked when she was leaving for Idaho, but she modestly demurred to answer.

Jovial Joe Mayhew announced books for sale at one dollar each.

Prince Mike asked if any of them were Hugoo novels. He also announced that he and the lovely Ms. Beth Zipser were selling books, also for one dollar each. No price wars here. Cries of price fixing arose. A bonechilling curse shattered the air, "May you chair Nolacon!" A shocked silence descended.

Fantastic Terilee Edwards-Hewitt announced the Society for Interactive Literature was doing bulk mailing, and invited participation.

The incomparable Ms. Pavlat announced that Winnipeg, Canada won the 1994 Worldcon. The balloting only took 14 hours. Covert Beach performed manfully for all 14 hours although he didn't validate the ballots. He rightfully received acclaim.

The inscrutable "Charles" announced the Goddard Space Flight Center had Community Days from time to time, and invited participation. He also sold art at Nolacon North.

The lovely Beth Zipser received electronic mail from people named Kathi Overton and John Pomeranz via Genie.

Grand Duke Michael Source related that Mr. Moose and the Moose Family visited Nolacon North. They said "Hello!"

Princess Van Dommelen moved that the empire adjourn. The imperial forum unanimously adjourned at 9:52 p.m.


Peers of the Realm

Commander Tom Schaad, USCG, Jeddak of Jeddaks, Prince on Helium, and Warlord of WSFA.

Steve Smith, Jed.

Bob MacIntosh, Lord of Japes.

Lee Strong, The Mad King.

Princes and Princesses: Dan Hoey, Erica Van Dommelen, and Mike Zipser (The Mastermind of WSFA).

Grand Dukes and Duchesses: Alexis Gilliland, Michael Source, Erica Van Dommelen.

Giant of Mars: Steve Lloyd Chalker

Warlord of Bars: George Shaner



The Third Friday in September business meeting convened at 9:15 p.m. on 20 September 1991. The club met in the new Burgess home, the Mew of the Pink Pigasus. President Tom Schaad presided.

Secretary Lee Strong was out of town on business. Tom attempted to tape the meeting so that Lee would have a solid factual basis on which to base his distortions. However, the tape recorder's batteries were weak and the sound quality was very poor. The meeting sounded as if everyone were on helium, or all participants were cartoon chipmunks. Knowing WSFA, either possibility could be true. In any event, the Secretary could not make out very much of the recording.

The Treasurer and the Chairs of the Disclave Past, Entertainment, and Fine Arts Committees delivered reports, but their reports could not be distinguished on the recording.

Michael Source, Chair of Disclave Future, delivered a lengthy report on the search for a suitable site. Most of the hotels examined so far have proven unacceptable for one reason or another. Last year's site, currently calling itself the Sheraton Greenbelt, wishes to charge big bucks for a con center rental fee and to bill us for some miscellaneous towels and linens that disappeared last year. Mr. Source is attempting to educate the hoteliers on why fans and money are not usually mentioned in the same breath. A further report is anticipated for the First Friday meeting in October.

Tom reminded people that Disclave 1992 has more vacancies to fill, and therefore many opportunities for fans. If people don't work, Disclave doesn't happen. If Disclave doesn't happen, the WSFA Treasury doesn't grow, and the bheer & pretzels dry up! Economics of Fandom 401.

Eva Whitley, Chair of the Relaxacon Committee, reported Earth had a new fanlet, Steve Lloyd Chalker, whom she displayed for the admiring crowd. Proud father and long time art auctioneer Jack Chalker described the artist as Eva and the medium as soft sculpture.

No Old or New Business was conducted.

Announcements were made but essentially nothing could be distinguished on the tape. The Secretary requests that people submit announcements and other comments after the meeting for placement in the next issue of The WSFA Journal.

The regular business meeting adjourned unanimously.


The WSFA Journal is the official newsletter of the Washington Science Fiction Association (WSFA), Inc. Our material is copyrighted. We are secretly hoping that you will violate our copyright so that we can sue your asteroid off, and have bheer & pretzels at your expense for years to come!


Our Editorial Policy

"Gentlemen, we'll compose a suitable military history of the campaign after we've won it. Then we can put in all the things that we wish we'd done, and leave out all the things that we did do but wish we hadn't done." -- Jamie Retief

Paraphrased from Retief's War, by Keith Laumer.



LONDON -- (Edited for The WSFA Journal) A planet about the size of Earth has been found in orbit around another star in what scientists say is one of the most important discoveries about the universe.

Scientists seeking evidence of extraterrestrial life have assumed for more than 70 years that many stars have Earth-sized planets, but this is the first time they have proved it.

The discovery by professor Andrew Lyne and his Manchester University colleague, Setnam Shemar, is announced in the magazine Nature.

"This could mean that a significant fraction of the stars in our Milky Way galaxy, perhaps one in 100, or 1 billion of them, have Earth-sized planets," said Mr. Lyne, of Britain's Jodrell Bank radio observatory, which discovered the far-off planet.

"While the chances of life on this particular planet are unlikely, the discovery very much raises the chances of other life-bearing planets."

The newly found planet, yet to be named, is 30,000 light-years away. It is in orbit around a fast spinning pulsar known as PSR 1829-10 in the constellation of Sagittarius.

It has 10 times the mass of Earth -- which, in astronomical parlance, makes it roughly "Earth-sized." It has a near circular orbit of about 70 million miles around the star, roughly the same orbit as Venus has around the sun.

"It is extremely unlikely to harbor life -- first because it does not seem to be more than about a million years old, and secondly, because this pulsar is the relic of a supernova explosion," Mr. Lyne said.

"The planet was probably formed at the same time as the supernova explosion. The planet is unlikely to have survived such a blast that would have pushed it far out into space."

The discovery was made by Mr. Shemar, who noticed that the pulsar was receding from and then approaching the Earth by distances of about 1500 miles every 6 months. This suggested it was being disturbed by a planet with an orbital period of 6 months.

"We have to be cautious," Mr. Lyne said. "There is an outside chance that we are wrong. There may be other reasons for these tiny oscillations of the pulsar, perhaps something to do with its composition. But I am fairly confident we have found a planet."

Previous claims of planet discoveries beyond out solar system foundered when it was realized the bodies were tiny stars, at least 10 times bigger than Jupiter and 3000+ times bigger than Earth.



LOS ANGELES -- Six moons of Neptune discovered by the Voyager 2 spacecraft in 1989 have been named after water nymphs, children and lovers of the Roman sea god.

The moons were named Naiad and Galatea, both water nymphs; Thalassa and Larissa, both lovers of Poseidon/Neptune; Proteus, one of the god's sons; and Despina, a daughter. The names were revealed by the International Astronomical Union, reporting agency for astronomy discoveries.





by Harry Stine

Mission: review two books in the ongoing Warbots series by big name science author Harry Stine.

Intelligence Assessment: There isn't any here.

Situation Report: (1) Main problem is that author cannot describe situations. Almost total lack of visual detail. Contrast with other military science fiction and mainstream military novels very striking. Almost all text is a list of verbal and electronic commands given by characters to deal with situations. Result: reader cannot visualize situation; story never comes alive.

(2) Secondary problem is that characters never come alive either. The robotic "warbots" have the excuse that they are designed that way. Human characters lack same excuse. Some attempt to make the characters "colorful" with cursing and computer assisted sex, but the result is weak. Result: very difficult for reader to marvel at robots or sympathize with humans.

(3) Additional problem is that author does not appear familiar with military life. Real world references come from reference book, not from the heart. Result: entire work is stilted and artificial.

(4) Virtues: none.

Staff Recommendation: Save a tree: don't buy these books.

Commander's Assessment: Rate all Warbots series books as lowest possible: Did A Tree Die For This? --LS/3






by Ian Slater

What if a group of hardline Soviets took over the Kremlin despite Gorbachev's reforms? And what if they launched World War III?

This still timely series of 3 books, purportedly by a veteran of the Australian intelligence service, examines a worldwide war that starts in Korea, spreads to Europe and North America, and finally goes nuclear. Unfortunately, Mr. Slater's writing is rather less than atomic.

Overall, most elements in this series are pretty fair. The family of heroes and heroines is conveniently involved in all major actions. A reasonable literary device, altho I had some trouble with telling which Brentwood was where.

The real problems comes with the technical details and the writing style. Mr. Slater just doesn't get his gadgetry right. At one point, he has a Soviet ship armed with American weapons!

But, the biggest problem is Mr. Slater's style. His narrative proceeds in jerky steps. Too often, there are mental disconnects when he skips over things. A diligent reader can reconstruct the missing elements, but I consider it poor writing to make the reader hunt for the logical flow.

Mr. Slater has chosen a great and timely theme, but fails to do it justice.

I rate the WWIII series as Average science fiction. --LS




Dear ASFA,

I propose that a major exhibition of Science Fiction and Fantasy art be organized in conjunction with ASFA, the Washington Science Fiction Association WSFA, and the Smithsonian Institution. I have presented this proposal to WSFA, who have appointed me as head of the WSFA fine arts committee. I envision WSFA's participation as being logical support and technical expertise.

All members of ASFA are invited to submit 35mm slides of their work for review by a jury recruited from local WSFA and ASFA members. Selected artists would then participate in negotiations for the exhibit, merchandising and related matters. I assume ASFA would be able to provide recommended protocols and sample contracts.

A presentation to the Smithsonian Institution will be made after sufficient material has been assembled to make a credible proposal.

I have discussed this idea with David Cherry at Boskone. Further detailed coordination will be necessary.

Send 35mm slides and $2.00 for return postage to:

    Lance Oszko
    [censored] #73
    Alexandria, VA 22304

The cutoff date will be 1 December 1991.

For the past year, I have been representing the art of the Gdanski Klub Fantastyki. I perceive the need to increase the market for SF and Fantasy art.

Lance Oszko

Robot Tina has the right connections for success

By Yoko Kobayashi



The news reporter looked straight at the camera and flashed her alluring red eyes.

"Good evening, my name is Stherotina," she says, moving her silvery fingers over the script in front of her.

"A common wish among us robots is to understand and inherit the rich culture of human beings," says the 99-pound beauty, who prefers to be called Tina.

"This summer, we've managed to get a foothold in this culture," she told viewers of the evening news program.

Tina, whose body consists of a double layer of strengthened plastic coated with aluminium, made her Japanese television debut in August. Her assignment was to interview robot dancers in Tokushima, on the island of Shikoku, famous for its folk dances.

"Do you feel nervous performing before such a big audience?" the graceful kimono-clad Tina asked one of the robot dancers, who remained tongue-tied.

In fact, 5-foot-tall Tina can't talk on her own either; nor can she walk unaided, at least not yet.

Tina was developed by Nihon Visual Co. of Tokyo as an entertainment robot, designed to dance and sing like a pop idol.

"At this stage, she is still a high-tech puppet" says Nihon Visual official Shougo Masaki.

For the time being, Tina moves in exact imitation of her human controller, who is connected by wires and other instruments to the host computer. The time delay is one-fiftieth of a second.

She also moves her lips along with the 50-year-old woman who feeds words into her mouth.

The firm has so far lavished $6.7 million and invested over six years of development work in making Tina.

The final cost of the project is expected to soar to $37.3 million in the next two years as the company fits her with artificial intelligence and other programs that will enable her to speak and read simple texts.

Already, though, Tina receives many requests to appear on television and give interviews.

How much does she charge for a "personal appearance?" Apparently, the news program that hired her as a guest reporter paid her $7,400 for two days' work.

Give the gift of love.

    American Heart Association


Magicon Hotel Reservations


Peabody Orlando Hotel

(2)SglDblTripleQuadParkingCancelExtended Stay
Std$98$98$98$98Free48 Hrs2 Wks
SuiteSee writeup, contact us

Clarion Plaza Hotel

(3)SglDblTripleQuadParkingCancelExtended Stay
Std.$69$78$85$85Free24 Hrs3 Wks
SuiteSee writeup, contact us

Quality Inn Plaza

(4)SglDblTripleQuadParkingCancelExtended Stay
Std.$33$35$37$37Free24 Hrs3 Wks

Park Suites

(5)SglDblTripleQuadParkingCancelExtended Stay
Suite$79$79$89$99Free24 HrsSept 2-Sept 8

Best Western Plaza International

(6)SglDblTripleQuadParkingCancelExtended Stay
Std.$48$48$54$60Free48 Hrs1 Wk before,
Eff.$58$58$64$70Free48 Hrs2 Wks after

Orlando Marriott

(7)SglDblTripleQuadParkingCancelExtended Stay
Std.$69$69$69$69Free24 HrsAug 25-Sept 6
* Guaranteed rooms are held only until midnight, unless hotel is notified.

A Quick Guide to MagiCon's Hotels

The Peabody Orlando: The Peabody, MagiCon's headquarters hotel, opened in 1984 and is one of the most luxurious facilities ever to host a Worldcon. Rooms are somewhat larger than the hotel industry average; two thirds have two double beds, the rest king-sized beds. Standard in all rooms (not just those on the concierge levels) are two telephone lines, two television sets (one in the bathroom), hairdryer and private bar. The hotel's 25 floors are served by eight elevators (above standard for a hotel of this size). Hotel operations use service elevators only, leaving public elevators free for guests at all times.

Check-in and check-out should be rapid. In addition to its normal front desk, the hotel can set up an extra dozen positions at a secondary location to handle peak demand. Cribs are free of charge; rollaways are available for $15. Amenities available to registered guests include two swimming pools (one double-Olympic-sized), four lighted tennis courts and a completely furnished athletic club. The hotel has three restaurants: Dux **** rating from AAA), Capriccio's (North Italian cuisine) and the Beeline Diner (open 24 hours a day, moderately priced).

The Peabody is located across the street from the convention center, and MagiCon has blocked nearly all of the hotel. Most of the evening programming during the convention will be located here. It will also be the site of the film program, the Regency Dance, the Meet-the-Pros Pool Party, and most of the filk activities throughout the convention. We currently also plan to have the Con Suite in the Peabody.

The Peabody has many different suites of various sizes. Prices start at $204 per night for a 1 bedroom executive suite ($228 with balcony, $283 with a second bedroom). The next larger is a Plaza Suite ($228), followed by a Deluxe Plaza Suite ($259), and a Large Deluxe Plaza Suite ($272). A few even larger suites are available. Please contact us for more info.

The Clarion Plaza: Scheduled to open in September 1991, the Clarion Plaza is midway between the Peabody and the QI Plaza (see below) in elegance and price. Its rooms are oversized and most contain two double beds. Within the Clarion are two lounges, the 24-hour Lite Bite take-out bakery and deli, all day dining at the Cafe' Matisse, and a-la-carte dinner dining at Jack's Place. Other amenities include a pool and jacuzzi with pool side sun center shop.

The Clarion is located on the lot next door to the convention center. MagiCon has blocked nearly every room in the hotel, and the meeting facilities there can be used to ease the strain on the convention center and the Peabody. Gaming will be located in the Clarion; we expect babysitting to be in either the Clarion or the Peabody.

There are three kinds of suites available in the Clarion. A Hospitality Suite has only a parlor, with no connecting bedrooms (there is a pullout sofa bed in the parlor). These suites are priced at $120. The larger suites are the standard suites. These don't have a wet bar, but can be connected to either one or two bedrooms. The parlor is $110, and you add the convention rate for any bedrooms you add.

The Quality Inn Plaza: The least expensive place to stay at MagiCon, the Quality Inn Plaza, where MagiCon holds a significant block of rooms, is one of the world's largest in its chain. Most of the wings in this hotel are low buildings with the rooms opening onto outside walkways rather than interior corridors, so you can use stairs to get to the rooms rather than waiting for elevators. Each wing is a separate building not connected to the other wings.

The rooms are not fancy, but are of standard size and well-maintained. One drawback is that the walk is long from check-in to some sleeping rooms, and there are no bellmen to carry guests' luggage. Also, a warning to potential party hosts: the ice machines charge a quarter for a small bucket of ice. The Quality Inn has no meeting facilities and therefore will not be used for any MagiCon programming.

The Park Suites: The Park Suites is an all-suites hotel about 3/4 mile from the Convention Center. We have blocked a number of suites there for people who wish to stay in mid-priced suites. The price includes a full American Breakfast buffet.

The Best Western Plaza International: About 0.85 mile from the Convention Center, the Best Western is a mid-price hotel, with several different kinds of rooms. A standard room has two double beds. An efficiency adds a refrigerator, stove, and sink, in the same size room as a standard. Suites are larger than efficiencies, and contain a king bed and a separate area with either a double bed (family suite) or a sofa bed (king suite). Like the Quality Inn, the Best Western is a set of lowrise buildings with the rooms opening onto outside walkways.

The Orlando Marriott: The farthest hotel from the Convention Center, but still only a mile away. The rooms were all refurbished in 1990, and the hotel has been rated **** by the AAA. Unlike most other Marriotts, but like a number of our other hotels, this is also a set of lowrise buildings.

General Instructions

All reservations for MagiCon are being handled through the Orlando/Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau. A chart on page 1 of this form summarizes all of the information about each of our hotels, and a more complete description can be found on page 2. Please consult the chart, and make your hotel choices before contacting the Bureau. Note that the rates in the chart do not include local sales/room taxes, currently 10%.

Reservations can be made most easily by telephone, but you may also mail this form to the Bureau. For your convenience, the Bureau has set up an 800 number, so the call will be toll free. They may be reached at 800-258-7666 (for international calls, + 1-407-363-5800). Their hours are M-Th 8AM-7PM, and F 8AM-5PM Eastern time. You will need the following information before calling:

You will be sent a confirmation by both the Housing Bureau and the hotel.

If you do not wish to telephone, you may mail the form to the Bureau. The address is:

Orlando / Orange County Convention and Visitors Bureau
MagiCon Housing Bureau
7208 Sand Lake Rd, Suite 301
Orlando, FL 32819

All changes and cancellations should be made with the Bureau, since they are keeping track of how full the room blocks are in each of the hotels. For cancellations in the last week, please contact the hotel directly.

IMPORTANT: Since Orlando is a resort community, the standard cancellation policy requires that you notify the hotel before the day you are scheduled to arrive. The chart tells you how far in advance you need to cancel your room in order to avoid being charged for it.

If you do not include a credit card guarantee, you will receive notification from your hotel that the reservation is not guaranteed. You may then send a check directly to the hotel to guarantee the reservation.

DO NOT send checks to either MagiCon or the Housing Bureau.

DO NOT contact the hotels directly. All housing requests MUST go through the Bureau. The Bureau will be able to start taking reservations on Sept 9, 1991.

Special note for non-North American members only: You may fax your forms instead of mailing them. The Bureau fax number is +1-407-363-5817

Hotel Reservation Request

MagiCon - The 50th World Science Fiction Convention

September 3-7, 1992

All reservations are being handled through the Orlando/Orange County Convention and Visitors Bureau. Reservations can be made by telephone, or by returning this form to:

Orlando/Orange County Convention and Visitors Bureau
MagiCon Housing Bureau
7208 Sand Lake Road, Suite 301
Orlando, FL 32819

Instructions: Answer all questions. Complete one form for each room requested. SEND NO MONIES WITH THIS FORM. If you do not provide a credit card guarantee, you may send a check directly to the hotel to guarantee the reservation AFTER you receive confirmation by the hotel. Requests will be processed in the order received.

Send Confirmation To:

Name: _______________________________________________________________

Company: ____________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

City: __________________________ State: _____________ Zip: __________

Business Phone: _______________ Home Phone: _________________________

Please Reserve Lodging In The Following Hotel:

lst Choice __________________________________________________________

2nd Choice __________________________________________________________

3rd Choice __________________________________________________________

Arrival Date: ________ Departure Date: ________ Arrival Time: _______

# Of People In Room: ________________________________________________

List Names Of All Occupants: ________________________________________




Room Type     [ ] Single     [ ] Double     [ ] Triple     [ ] Quad     [ ] Eff     [ ] Suite
(see chart for descriptions and prices)

Special Request (Handicapped, king bed, crib, rollaway, etc.) _______

Credit Card Information: The Housing Bureau is authorized to use the credit card information below for the required one night's deposit per room to guarantee reservations.

[ ] Master Card     [ ] American Express     [ ] Visa     [ ] Diners

Card No. ____________________________________________________________

Expiration Date: ____________________________________________________

Cardholder's Name: __________________________________________________

Cardholder's Signature: _____________________________________________

All Charges And Cancellations Should Be Made With The Bureau.