The WSFA Journal, December 1992

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December 1992

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WSFA Celebrates 25 Years at Chez Gilliland


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WSFAns Become Pros ........................................ Page 3
The Australian Ballot (Not!) .............................. Page 7
Simple Majority Picks Peacock ............................. Page 7
WSFA Meets in Catcave ..................................... Page 8


Season's Greetings from the Staff of The WSFA Journal ..... Page 2


Aladdin, by Robin Williams and Walt Disney ............... Page 11
Bram Stoker's Dracula, by Francis Ford Coppola ........... Page 11
Indiana Jones and the Inferior World, by Rob MacGregor ... Page 12


Chicken City: Good Food and No Ambience ................... Page 5
WSFA Press Layaway/Takeaway Plan ......................... Page 13
Space Pirates: Looking for a Few Good Fans ............... Page 14


Long time WSFA member Joe Mayhew recently received two pieces of good news about his budding science fiction career.

First, Joe announced at the First Friday in November that he had sold his first science fiction short story to a professional outlet. Alexis Budgys, editor of Tomorrow, commented, "I don't know what it is, but I'll buy it." Tomorrow is published by the Pulphouse chain. The club applauded Joe's breakthrough into professional writing.

Second, Joe recently received an advance corrected proof copy of Gene Wolfe's latest novel. To Joe's delight, the novel is dedicated to him. The wise cracking raconteur was rendered speechless by the honor.

While Joe is neither the first WSFAn to become a pro author nor the first WSFAn to become the dedicatee of a major novel, he is certainly one of the very few WSFAns who have achieved both distinctions, and in such a short timespan. The staff and readership of The WSFA Journal offers its congratulations to Joe this holiday season.

"It's another 'two for the price of one' deal," commented Hillary Rodman.

Joe has been a member of WSFA for many years, was previously the Secretary of the club, and is the principal author of the WSFA By-Laws. He is also known for his wry comments during meetings and his hobby of wood carving.

The staff of the Journal notes with pride that Joe Mayhew was first published in the Journal. His short fiction "The Elephants of Lost Virginia" was the best Journal fiction of 1992.


from the Readership and Staff


The WSFA Journal:

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hanukkah!

Harmony at Kwanzaa!

Joyous Yule!


Another Coup d'Etat?;

Many Motions to Adjourn

Slow Process


Elections Yield Jokes, Winners


'93 Finds a Home;

'94 Finds a Chair


Fast Forward to Interview Lynch Mob

The regular First Friday in November business meeting convened at 9:16, 6 November 1992, in Chez Gilliland.

The WSFA tradition of attempting a coup d'etat against the sitting President was carried on by usurper Covert Beach sitting in the Presidential chair. Standing President Steve Smith allowed that he would not sit on Covert. The latter quickly vacated the throne.

Steve surveyed the audience, declaring that there were "an awful lot of people here." Elspeth Kovar noted "[They're] All waiting for you." Steve sighed, "Ah, power!"

Mr. President then exercised his power, declaring "Let's have a meeting!" Lee Uba promptly moved we adjourn. Alexis Gilliland noted we couldn't adjourn until we convened. Steve ruled Lee out of order. Lee claimed that everything worked just fine. Steve noted that she was using a cane so something must be out of order. Steve then opened the now traditional bhottle of bheer and the meeting.

Steve asked Secretary Lee Strong for a report. Lee bragged about The WSFA Journal correctly predicting the Federal election 18 days in advance. Lee Uba claimed that some editions of the Journal predicted victory for Bush and Perot. Lee Strong dismissed those as "souvenirs of alternate timelines".

The Secretary then introduced the minutes of the previous meeting printed in a nice pink issue. Joe Mayhew asked if the Secretary was tickled pink. Robyn Rissell moved to waive the reading of the minutes. Covert objected, which brought proceedings to a halt. The Zipsers suggested that Covert be required to read the minutes. Covert withdrew his objection and the minutes remain pink because they weren't red.

Treasurer Robert MacIntosh reported $6981.88 worth of green in the bank. There was a call for a party but that failed for lack of a second. Joe suggested giving the money to Moonies. Upon questioning, he stated he meant NASA's Return to the Moon program.

Alexis, Chairfan of the Entertainment Committee, reported an election, a change of administration, and a hostile takeover bid for the Republican Party by H. Ross Perot. The club cheered the report. "Can things get more hostile?" wondered one. Harrison Fnord revealed that the Illuminati refused to sell the Republican Party to Perot.

Covert, Chairfan of Disclave 1993, reported a contract has been signed with the Dulles Marriott. Rooms will cost $79/night. The club Oooohhed. There are only 4 more meetings left to obtain the $20 membership rate. Steve asked Registrar John Sapienza to wave so that people would recognize him. John turned around and waved towards Washington.

Steve asked Covert if Disclave 1992 had any leftovers? No. How about Disclave 1994? No contract yet but maybe a chairfan later in the evening.

There were no other committee reports. The Fine Arts Committee is... somewhere. James Barrie theorized that Lance Oszko was taken away by pirates and raised to fight fairies and Indians. Rowdie Yates theorized that Lance might have enjoyed too much rum.

Covert asked if anyone going to Psicon would host a Disclave 1993 party. Perrianne Lurie suggested a "two for the price of one" deal with Baltimore Worldcon.

Old Business

In the absence of any Old Business, we proceeded to New Business.

New Business

In the absence of any New Business, we will be having an election. "We just had one," noted one citizen. "WE are going to have one," stated Steve. Very firmly, I might add. In the absence of any New Business, we proceeded to Announcements.


Steve got the word "Announcements" out of his mouth before Lee Uba reminded him of The New Tradition. This is the Second New Tradition.

The New Tradition

Uba reminded Steve, so this must be the Third New Tradition. Someone asked if this was an announcement? "Sort of a meta-announcement," declared Steve.

Kyle McAbee is visiting for his first time. He says that Tom Schaad said poker was no longer played here. <Just parliamentary Calvinball.> The club chorused "Hi!" to Kyle.

Fred Stringfield is here for his first time, after being invited twice. He is a book seller. Steve noted that it was nice to have a pusher of one of our main habits here.

No one was here for the second time. "We scared 'em off!" exulted Steve. No one was here for the third time. "Good job, folks!" congratulated Erica Van Dommelen.


Steve noted that we would make announcements "in the usual way." (As opposed to making them in an unusual way?)

* The Secretary regrets to announce that Presidents who ignore the Secretary when the Secretary would like to make some announcements will become Tom Schaad.

* The Secretary would like to announce that those who would like their announcements to appear as they would like, rather than as the Secretary would like, should submit copies of their announcements, written the way they would like, to the Secretary after the meeting. If you like.

Tom Schaad proposed to go out of order by having the list of eligible voters read at the end of the regular meeting.

Terilee Edwards-Hewitt announced that she was very excited. The club went, "Woo, woo!" Jim and Terilee bought a house in Branmar Park, also known as "Edsel Park". The settlement date is 21 November. It will be possible to have WSFA meetings there. (A new toy... and just in time for Christmas, too. Woo, woo!)

Terilee also handed out flyers for Intercon VIII, an interactive literature role playing con.

 [ Down Home Food graphic ] Alexis had dinner at Chicken City. It had very good barbecue and chicken, and no ambience. Just the way fans like it.

Eva Whitley announced that Nuevo Rancho had a new hot tub. The club made a lot of comments that the Secretary was too bemused to record.

Mike Zipser has the schedule for Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), including the Turkey Day Marathon and the rest of the season.

He is also going to Indianapolis, Indiana. Please give him tips on survival there, including how to find local fans and good Chinese restaurants.

Tom noted that MST3K will present a Behind the Scenes special, which looks at production of this cultural landmark and some of the early episodes.

Peggy Rae Pavlat is gathering and reusing the better SF authors used and thrown away by the Smithsonian Associates. Tom interviewed Douglas Adams of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fame for Fast Forward. Mike will shortly interview Larry Niven. Other big names scheduled to appear on Fast Forward include David Brin, Lois M. Bujold, and Hugo Award-winning Dick and Nicki Lynch. Joe dubbed the latter the "Lynch Mob". Rowdie proposed that Joe be lynched.

Mike noted that Fast Forward has doubled its markets, and is now playing in Eerie Carmel, Indiana.

Steve asked if Peggy Rae wanted to respond? She brought flyers for Worldcon and Smofcon. Now you can learn how to run a con! "Or seek psychiatric help," concluded Tom.

John Peacock and Paula Lewis were selling books at $1 each.

Dick and Nicki Lynch were selling books at $1 each or 3/$2. John broke in to match the offer. Competition in action!

Dick also plugged A Wealth of Fable again.

He then announced that the U.S. Post Office is offering neat looking "space fantasy" stamps. <Not in Bailey's Crossroads!> These are "spah-fah" stamps, not "sci-fi" stamps.

In addition, Dick's voice will appear on Science Fiction Buzz on the Science Fiction Channel.

Perrianne Lurie is wearing a lovely, decorative cast on her wrist. This fashion was introduced by Judy Newton at a previous WSFA meeting.

Perrianne has one copy of the Babylon Five newsletter and a Starlog article on Babylon Five. The newsletter features really neat computer graphics.

Jack Chalker returned from the World Fantasy Con in Mountain Heights, GA. The entire county closes at 10 p.m. It's also not really near Atlanta. Tom asked if the lights really did go out in Georgia? Oooggh.

Rachel Russell had a tiny little announcement that she is putting her tiny little condo up for sale so she can move into a less tiny, less little place.

Matt Leger announced that he had 3-4 announcements. "One, I have had a major life change.." Joe cut him off, saying, "Two!" The club laughed at Joe's editing. Not dismayed, Matt continued with announcement one, part two. After three years employment with the World Bank, Matt is moving to Advanced Computer Systems where he will have more MacIntosh graphics and more money.

Two, Matt now has enough money to spring for gas money for trips to the Third Friday meetings. See him off line if you would like an interesting co-traveler from Arlington to Beltsville and back.

Three, Matt shamelessly plugged the "other" Star Trek fan club in Northern Virginia: STANCR [Star Trek Association of the National Capital Region].

Four, Matt has the Comedy Central schedule for November including MST3K.

* December 1992 will mark 25 years of WSFA meeting in Chez Gilliland.

Alexis then moved we adjourn. Steve took the motion under advisement.

Tom then attempted an election announcement. In the course of his effort, he referred to candidates in the masculine gender. The club hooted since two of the candidates were feminine. Tom suggested he be castigated for political incorrectness. This provoked a flurry of interest and more laughter. The services of a veterinarian were offered.

Tom then explained our system of voting reasonably well. However, he incorrectly referred to the system of reallocating ballots as being an Australian ballot. Tom continued, "This is one of the few times we're relatively serious. The Disclave Chair will be signing contracts and committing a big chunk of our money. Take it seriously, folks." Steve Chalker began crying.

Robert MacIntosh read the list of eligible voters. A couple of people moved to recess the meeting, but Steve ruled them out of order since the election required a separate meeting. He invited non-voters to relax upstairs so that the voters could do some democracy.

At this point, there were four motions to adjourn on the floor. The club unanimously adjourned at 9:45, 9:46, 9:47 and 9:48.

The Australian Ballot (Not!)

The mysterious Australian Ballot continues to perplex even the best informed of WSFAns.

The Australian system of voting, commonly known as the "Australian ballot", consists of the requirement that votes be secret, rather than publicly declared. The WSFA By-Laws require that our elections be by Australian ballot.

Our By-Laws also require a specific method of counting the ballots which is not "Australian". When there are three or more candidates, voters should list them on the ballot in order of preference. If no candidate obtains a simple majority in the first counting of the ballots, the candidate who finished last is eliminated from contention and the ballots listing that candidate first are reallocated to the second choice listed on the ballot. This process continues until one candidate achieves an absolute majority of the total vote. This system forces a decision without requiring the voters to cast multiple ballots.

The "cascade" system of ballot counting is NOT "Australian" and people should not be confused by these two, separate requirements.


The WSFA Journal is the official newsletter of the Washington Science Fiction Association (WSFA), Inc. All material (C) WSFA, Inc., 1992, except as noted.

Publisher .......... Steve Smith
Editor-in-Chief ..... Lee Strong
Bill Clinton's Economic Plan ...
Find a Lamp with a Genie in It


"Two for the Price of One"?

The Disclave 1994 Chairfan Election Meeting convened at 9:50 Eastern Fannish Time. Trustees Robyn Rissell, Tom Schaad, and Mike Zipser presided. Lots of people were moving around up front, delaying the election. Tom bellowed for order and eventually we achieved some.

Robyn announced that the nominees were John Peacock, Lee Uba and Eva Whitley. John and Lee had previously announced that, if elected, they would be assisted by Paula Lewis and Alexis Gilliland respectively. However, the Trustees clarified that only one person could be elected Chairfan for legal reasons. (Only one signature on the contract.) The Chairfan's staff would be determined later.

The floor was opened for nominations but none were made from the floor. Covert Beach was suggested but he declined to run for 1994. Erica Van Dommelen moved that nominations be closed, and they were closed.

Tom Schaad again discussed the WSFA election procedures, which call for an Australian [secret] ballot, and for "cascade" ballot counting. The ballots were then cast and counted.

Robyn announced that John Peacock had been elected by a simple majority. Lee Uba and Eva Whitley led a round of applause for the winner. Mike Zipser suggested we holler "Sucker!" at John and we did.

The election meeting was unanimously adjourned at 10:05, Lee Strong's Watch Time. After the meeting, one person volunteered to work on John's con.



"Stately Ginter Manor"

Proves to be a Cover


Finances Dominate Meeting

The regular Third Friday in November business meeting convened on 20 November 1992 in the House of the Drunken Badger Stately Ginter Manor. President Steve Smith ejected an interloper from the official chair and bellowed, "Yo! Let's have a meeting!" A chorus of "Why?" went up from the audience.

Undismayed, Steve called the "quote meeting unquote" to order at times ranging from 9:29 to 9:18. "Nine o'clock sounds about right," declared the punctual President. The Secretary was instructed to pick a time. Nine o'clock sounds good to me, too.

Secretary Lee Strong tried to read the minutes but they were waived on the grounds that we have hours rather than minutes. My notes say that "Lady Chatterly went to the barn...." Sounds like a mainstream novel to me.

Mr. Treasury Robert MacIntosh reported $7601.04 in the Treasurer or something like that. There were calls for a party and a wedding, but each suggestion failed for lack of a second.

[This is second time recently that there has been a suggestion for WSFA to have a wedding. This is now an old fannish tradition.]

Michael Walsh, Chairfan of Disclave Past, deferred his report until the Publications Committee. Vice Chairfan Covert Beach has unearthed a list of worker bees who will receive honoraria, specifically a paid membership in Disclave 1993. He did not find the Con Suite list. "Possibly, I made a mistake," he allowed. The club immediately said, "No!" in astonishment.

Covert Beach, Chairfan of 1993, has a hotel contract for 1993. He will be trekking out to the site with an Away Team of department heads to inspect the hotel.

Steve called for the Chairfan of Disclave 1994 to report. To the surprise of almost everyone, this person was not Covert! Non-Covert Chairfan John Peacock reported that he and his staff would leave everything undone, wait until the last minute, and then pull out, leaving Covert to step forward and save the day. Steve noted that pulling out early doesn't work too well. The club hooted at Steve's insight.

Fine Arts Chairfan Lance Oszko received a letter from Don Bates asking if it were too late to participate?

Entertainment Committee Chairfan Alexis Gilliland reported that the December meetings would be reversed in location. The Nondenominational Solstice Tree Trim will be held at Chez Gilliland on the Third Friday rather than the First Friday. Erica Van Dommelen confirmed that the First Friday in December meeting would be in "Stately Ginter Manor". Susan Cohen asked where the Catcave was? "The whole darn house," purred Erica. Steve asked if this was just a manor of speaking?

Steve asked for a Publications Committee report. Chairfan Lee Strong quickly passed to Mike Walsh who spoke on bills due for our previous book publications. We have been weaseling and weaseling but one bill remains outstanding. Thomson-Shore (T-S) wants $2923.63 for printing. Mike has another list of potential buyers to flog, one from the Science Fiction Research Foundation. "A bunch of boring academics," characterized Mike. "Anyone we know?" asked Susan. Mike also plugged the WSFA Press End of the Year Layaway/Takeaway Plan. (See flyer elsewhere in this issue.} Eight cartons of books were done poorly and republished at T-S's expense.

Lee Uba moved that the club pay the outstanding T-S bill. Erica asked if this would present a cash flow problem? It costs about $4000/year to run WSFA. That plus the bill would just about wipe out Mr. Treasury. Alexis saw no problem. We have a year's reserve and Disclave is only 1/2 a year away. Covert added that Disclave 1992 would contribute an estimated $1500-$2000 to Mr. Treasury.

After further discussion, Alexis moved the question. The motion passed 17-2-1. Steve directed, "Mr. Treasury, you can write a big check."

Steve then stated that we had "migrated" into Old Business.

Robert brought up a storage bill of $1194.52 to store our Disclave and miscellaneous stuff for the next 14 months. This is a slight increase over the last period. He moved payment. There was no discussion, and the motion was approved unanimously except for 2 abstentions and Lee Smoire who can't vote. Steve directed Mr. Treasury to write two big checks.

George Shaner asked if it was worth it? Steve noted that there was no philosophical portion of the meeting.

New Business

Lee Strong moved that we create and distribute flyers to some of the science fiction bookstores in the area. The head salesperson at Hole In The Wall bookstore in Falls Church, VA requested a flyer with directions to WSFA. He gets numerous requests from people seeking an SF organization in the area and would like official directions.

Alexis, Steve & Erica volunteered their home telephone numbers to answer questions about the club. Alexis volunteered to actually design the flyer.

Lee Uba suggested that we also distribute the flyer in local libraries. "This is where most of us started reading science fiction," she noted. Lee Strong suggested that we start with bookstores, see how we do, and then add the libraries and the rest of the universe. The club adopted the motion unanimously.

[When advised that the club had adopted his suggestion, the Hole In The Wall salesperson expressed his thanks to WSFA.]

The New Tradition

Steve remembered. This is not traditional.

No one was here are the first or second time. Gary Erlich of Columbia was here for his third time. He tried to escape but was restrained. <Anyone who comes here three times deliberately needs to be restrained.>


Hostess Erica Van Dommelen reminded people of the house rules. There is a large black and white cat named Skepna [Icelandic 'monster'] which is an inside cat. If picked up without permission, he will escavate you. In addition, there is a small, inexpensive Taiwanese imitation cat who is an outside cat. Do not let the imitation inside.

Children are not allowed to run and stomp inside the house. Screaming is sort of allowed. {After all, we might need to do some ourselves.}

Joanne's Books is located on Route One hiding behind an Amoco gas station and a Jerry's store. They're nice people and donated some bookmarks.

Eva Whitley made a cryptic announcement about Thomas Aquinas Mumblemumble. Ask her. Covert Beach noted that membership rates go up at the end of the calender year. He is accepting money in lieu of John Sapienza.

Paula Lewis has old Disclave 1993 flyers and a watch left at the Lewis/Peacock house.

Lee Uba held up Kindra Greshem and asked if anyone owned this child. {Ah, Lee? People are not owned.} Candy and David Greshem claimed Kindra as their own.

George Shaner talked to Bill Taylor of Moonstone Computers.

Mike Walsh plugged The Rude Astronauts, Tomorrow by Pulphouse, Pulphouse by Pulphouse, and two new hardcover books by Terry Pratchett.

The 1995 World Fantasy Con will be in Baltimore, Halloween weekend. Attendees will be limited to 750 @ $100/membership. No costumes will be allowed. The 1993 and 1994 World Fantasy Cons will be in Bloomington, IL and New Orleans, LA.

Walter Miles is considering making a major life/style change: from Walter Dangerfield to Hoppy Harrington.

A toy lion made his appearance, roaring and purring when stroked. Lee Uba and Susan Cohen fell in love with him at once <So did Lee Strong. (Snicker.)> **We'll discuss this later. In private. --LS**

The Secretary made the usual announcement about announcements.

Lee Strong extended his personal congratulations to the Clinton team on their election victory and best wishes in meeting the challenges ahead. The club applauded Lee's good sportsmanship.

Richard Segal thanked Lee for the lead-in. He will be attending one of the 6 Inaugural Balls and is looking for period costume. Kimberley's father is a big political bigwig. Rowdie Yates suggested some major sucking up. This produced a round of squeaking.

Lance plugged Baltimore Worldcon, which will have a Kelly Freas T-shirt. He also offered a flyer for a band of Philadelphia based space pirates. We printed it elsewhere in this issue. Lance is also selling Amber at reasonable prices.

Lee Uba is off her cane. Susan Cohen may need it.

Steve announced that he had an announcement.... Mikey asked if he was pregnant? "No. I pulled out in time," rejoined our careful chief. Steve is offering 15 years worth of collected Byte magazine on an all or nothing basis. See Steve after the meeting.

Erica reminded the horde about proper use of the recycling bins. Trash goes into plastic.

The club unanimously adjourned at "whatever time this is". The Secretary picks 10:15 as a good time to adjourn.

* After the meeting, Steve Chalker spilled Fresca on the minutes of the meeting. They're usually much older before they become critics.

* After the Fresca spilling, hostess Erica Van Dommelen led a tour of Stately Ginter Manor, including the Catcave, the wallpaper, and the bowling alley.


by Robin Williams & Walt Disney

What a wonderful genre it is that includes both Aladdin and Dracula in it!

The basic story of Aladdin and his Magic Lamp is, I think, familiar to everyone on this side of the Andromeda Galaxy. The Disney studios have done a brilliant job of bringing their G+ version to the screen in this delightful epic.

While Robin Williams naturally takes first place as the incredibly versatile genie, both Aladdin and Princess Jasmine are excellent as well. The scruffy hero has to grow into his assumed role as prince, and does so well, while the refined heroine has to break free of stuffy tradition, and likewise does so with wit and charm. Equally interesting are the other major human characters, Jasmine's loving father the Sultan and his villainous vizer, Jaafer. Except for the Sultan, the major characters all have animal sidekicks who compliment their masters well. Watch for the scene where the parrot Iago tortures the captive Sultan!

Naturally, animation techniques are brilliantly done, with a clever blend of computer and traditional animation. Even the slums of mythical Aghrabad are neat and interesting places to visit, not to mention the treasure filled Cave of Wonders. The songs are also nice, altho I found them less inspiring than the same studio's hits from Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast. A very minor shortcoming.

Remember, the late shows have fewer juveniles attending, and therefore, more room and peace for the serious fan!

I rate Walt Disney's Aladdin, as an Excellent fantasy. --LS


by Francis Ford Coppola

Elsewhere I take Mr. Rob MacGregor severely to task for attempting to substitute shadows and funny noises for real menace. This movie shows how to do these things right.

This is a very good film, full of life and energy. The characters are deep and deeply moving. The plot has logic and subtlety. The dialog is crisp and vigorous. The costuming and attention to detail are fantastic. Even the sexuality is appropriate.

The story is, of course, the archetypic vampire story done as a love story. Vlad Tepes starts off as a faithful son of the Christian Church who turns against God because his wife commits suicide. The rest of the story revolves around his search for love.

Filmmaker Coppola does not neglect the vicious and nasty sides of the vampire. A lot of people get hurt really badly along the way. It is a sign of Coppola's genius that we simultaneously want the Count to succeed and fail!

If this film has a weakness, it's in the pacing. There is a LOT of story here and sometimes the effort to pack it all in shows. The transitional devices vary widely: some, such as the roast beef, are brilliant while others are weak. The device of reading letters and diaries also seems somewhat overdone.

Nonetheless, this is a good, if horrific, film.

I would caution that the subject matter will not appeal to everyone, especially those who are nervous about blood.

I rate Bram Stoker's Dracula as Superior literature. --LS


by Rob MacGregor

Indiana Jones is a wonderful character who has wonderful adventures that most of us only dream about. Unfortunately, most of the written literature about this whip-slinging superstar has failed to capture his true potential. Sadly, this book is no exception to this rule.

The basic concept here is that Indy finds an "interior world" exists inside the Earth and some of its inhabitants threaten the exterior world he knows. This once legitimate concept has been used by past masters such as Burroughs and Wells, but comes a cropper here.

The overriding failing of Mr. MacGregor's effort is the lack of excitement throughout the story. Indiana Jones stories are (or should be) roller coaster rides of adventure which touch on extraordinary things that underlie the "real" world. Whenever our hero touches down in the mundane world, it is (or should be) a only pit stop before a new challenge looms.

In Mr. MacGregor's hands, the ordinary overwhelms the extraordinary all too often. When MacGregor's Indy makes a voyage of discovery aboard a ghost ship, for example, the hero is comatose for most of the ride! Where's the sense of discovery? When the male and female leads explore a maze which is the Hell of the Interior World religion, very few actual menaces materialize. There's only so much you can do with shadows and funny noises. Sooner or later, you have to bring the hideous monster on stage so the audience can appreciate how nasty it is. Mr. MacGregor conspicuously fails to do this. Even Adolf Hitler, dragged in for effect, elicits only the mildest interest.

Much of this lack of excitement stems from MacGregor's depiction of the intrepid professor as a very passive figure tagging along after the deceptive female lead. The true Indiana Jones takes decisive action to resolve plots and to escape from peril. The pale imitation found in this effort seems to wander around, unable to cope with the situation or to display real gallantry. Of course, if she would share her knowledge with him before they get knee deep into quicksand rather than after they do, maybe he could live up to her expectations. Perhaps Mr. MacGregor should read up on some of Burroughs' heroines as well as his landscapes.

However, the thing that I liked least about this work is the epilogue in which Indy's friend, Marcus Brody, strongly suggests that the whole thing was a drug induced hallucination. To me, this unnecessary scoffing at the hero's adventures by his own sidekick denies the magical nature of the Indiana Jones universe, in which marvelous things are quite real, if not always appreciated or documented. Has Mr. MacGregor ever heard of the Willing Suspension of Disbelief? It's hard for the readers to enjoy the novel when the author's mouthpiece assures us that it's all a mistake!

Deconstruction of literature is almost always destructive without being useful. Sadly, Mr. MacGregor's effort is no exception to this rule, either.

I rate Indiana Jones and the Interior World as an Inferior version of the real thing. --LS


As Ross Perot (you remember him) would say... Here's the deal:

You say you want to help support the club - beyond the consuming of mass quantities of food and drink! But gosh, wow the WSFA Press books though ever so wonderous in beauty, are not cheap!

Now, here's your chance to own one - or more!

You take the book or books you want and you agree to pay WSFA for the books on a meeting by meeting basis, with the total paid off no later than 15 January 1993 (the meeting of third Friday in January 1993).


Your name __________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________

City _________________ State ________________ Zip __________________

Telephone __________________________________________________________


CADIGAN/Home By The Sea $49.95 x ______ = ______

SHINER/Edges of Things $45.00 x _______ = ______

RESNICK/Through... $35.00 x ___________ = ______

Amount Due by 15 January 1993:

I agree to pay for the books. as noted above, by the 15 January 1993.

Signature ______________________________ Date __________________

Date Paid _________ Amount ________ Treasurer's Initials ______

Date Paid _________ Amount ________ Treasurer's Initials ______

Date Paid _________ Amount ________ Treasurer's Initials ______

Date Paid _________ Amount ________ Treasurer's Initials ______

Date Paid _________ Amount ________ Treasurer's Initials ______

How would you have liked to have been there, 25 years ago, when Star Trek was just beginning?

How would you have liked to have helped get it on the air?

Well, now you have the chance with "The Privateers" ... to be there at the start, and, to actually help get it on the air. {No, we're not ST. There's only one ST. Two including STNG.) We are something new and exciting. Give us a chance.

We are filming a 10-minute trailer, which will be used to sell the series. And which, when completed, we will show to you at future conventions.

We are pitching the series to the Science Fiction Channel and to general syndication. We have the director, the actors, the script, etc. ... and good reception from the TV Industry.

We need your enthusiastic support and your monetary support. It won't hurt much at all ... $7.50 admission to an SF con. Read on and see what we offer. ...

In brief, the concept is that a small alliance of planetary systems hires a band of pirate captains who'd been plaguing their ships as their protectors. The architect of this agreement is a pirate captain named Aran Dravyk, the lead character.

It is a view of the future that has a generally darker sense of humor and outlook as compared to other televised SF series. There is a great deal of political intrigue amongst the pirates, the leaders who hired them and between the two groups. Not to mention an evil government leader who sits one step from the presidency of the interplanetary council, or the pirate captains who want to kill Dravyk and return to their old, more unrestrained plundering days. Of course, there is much swordplay, gun play, lots of humor and beautiful women.


Portraying Captain Aran Dravyk, series lead: RICHARD COX, played Finn, terrorist leader on STNG: "The High Ground", and who for the past year has played Giff on the soap LOVING,

VIC NOTO, star of the film STREET TRASH, currently movie INNOCENT BLOOD, as Captain Kreel, one of Dravyk's greedy and ruthless "co-workers".

JENNY WEIL as Kayla Lascar, counselaar leader, and inspiration for William Goldman's film THE PRINCESS BRIDE.

Director FRANK FAREL, producer and writer of SPOOKIES (aka TWISTED SOULS), winner DELIRIUM AWARD, International Festival of Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy.

The Privateers'


SF Convention

Philadelphia Nov. 15th

2 - 8 pm $7.50

Holiday Inn City Line

4100 Presidential Blvd.

Meet the Producers, the Director, some of the castmembers -- Find out how such a project is created -- set designs, artist renderings, models, read the pilot script, series bible -- PLUS: Strategists & Role Players with new rules, Vendors & More!!!

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