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August 1993

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Slinky Blonde Grateful for Mysterious Turn of Events

The regular First Friday in July 1993 business meeting of the Washington Science Fiction Association convened sometime on 2 July 1993. President Steve Smith presided, saying, "O.K. Let's have a meeting!" The club responded, "Babble, babble." Alexis Gilliland hollered, "Heads up, you guys!" Steve declared the meeting in "whatever semblance of order it gets to around here." Lee Uba began laughing at the thought of WSFA being in order.

Secretary Lee Strong had the minutes in the latest WSFA Journal. The club still wouldn't let him read them. He also introduced his 1993 WSFA First Contact List (c). Joe Mayhew offered some changes and additions. Joe further suggested that a revised edition be published in a few months, before seasonal card season.

Robert "Guy" MacIntosh reported $3624.80 in the Treasury. "Let's have an audit?" suggested one. Joe Mayhew suggested we spend it all on extravagant items. Dan Hoey cited a New York Times article on black market amber.

Covert Beach, Chairfan of Disclave Not Present, reported that he had nothing much to report. He hoped to wrap things up in a month or so.

Steve called for a report on Disclave Future. Eva Whitley reported that she was running for Chairfan for 1988. {That was not a misprint, people.} We have no future. We need presents.

Alexis, Chairfan of the Entertainment Committee, reported that there would be a Fourth of July Picnic at Eva "Chalker's" place. {I just write them down, folks.} Lee Uba said we need hamburger buns... She declared WSFA men have no buns. Bring bananas and other fruits, cole slaw, poultry, etc., etc. Lee's request set off some really foul chicken jokes. No geographical directions are available.

Lance Oszko, Chairfan of the Fine Arts Committee, asked "Where?" when asked about fine arts.

Trustee Robyn Rissell declared the Trustees "open for business."

Eva, Chairfan of the Committee to Discuss Science Fiction, reported that Mike Resnick is appalled at Even the Queen. Eva is available for

Steve asked if there were any other committees, but no one answered him.

Old Business

Eva, Hostess of the Fourth of July Picnic, announced that you can park on her lot again.

Steve noted an oddity in the month of August. Alexis stated that the First Friday will be at Karl and Erica's place while the Third Friday is TBA [To Be Announced].

Joe Mayhew suggested we have a Fifth Friday party at Eva's and clean up from the Fourth. A person who wished to remain anonymous declared, "I'll take the Fifth on that."

Dan Hoey was uncertain if Peggy Rae's Place would work as a Third Friday habitat. Steve asked that anyone interested in hosting a Third Friday party please contact someone and set things in motion. No motions were made.

New Business

Lee Uba said "Get Alexis." We have had a problem with kid control in the past. Food is "drifting upstairs" to the main floors of Chez Gilliland. Virginia is the Roach Capital of the Worlds (Honorable Mention). Therefore, the top levels are off limits to food and sodas [except for the kitchen]. Kids must know the limits.

Kate Terrell agreed with Lee's policy. "It sounds reasonable to me. Adults should help the kids to remember." The upstairs level is a food free level. Tom Schaad suggested, "Just consider it to be Mary Morman's piano." Kate asked, "Do we owe you a couple of clean rugs?" Lee replied, "No; not yet."

Steve declared, "We are meeting in people's homes; not public facilities. What the host/hostess says, goes."

Moving on, Mike Walsh got a mailing from the Confrancisco program book. He suggested the club take out a full page ad for $120 advertising WSFA Press books and Disclave 1994. Joe remarked, "We don't get that much business from California." Dan Burgess asked how many books would we have to break even? Mike said about 10 books. Joe expressed concern that this would throw good money after bad. Winston stated, "Our books are selling." Alexis asked how many. Mike was not sure. Covert noted we have "no shortage of Shiners. We can flog it to a new market." Joe stated that this could be very extravagant. Lance asked if West Coasters have access to WSFA Press books. Mike stated that access was limited but "yes." Discussion ended without any motion being made.

Discussion reverted to the Fifth Friday in July. Is anyone insane enough [to host a party]? Eva is interested. If you're going to do this, do it while you're hot.


Not even close this time.

The New Tradition

Ann And I'm Robyn's Friend was visiting WSFA for her first time. The club went, "Hi, Ann." No one was here for her second or third time.


The Secretary announced that anyone who wishes their announcement to appear as they wish it to, rather than as the Secretary might recall it, should write it down and submit it to the Secretary after the meeting.

Lee Strong said something that I didn't bother writing down.

Martin Wooster announced a SF movie for dyslexics. Somtow Sucharitkul has a role as Buddha. A weighty role.

Martin is the Sherwin Williams Sure Win winner of some tickets and/or a painter's cap.

Mike Zipser announced that Fast Forward host Tom Schaad will interview Tad Williams. Tom announced that Fast Forward will be broadcasting in Washington, DC in July at 5 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Winston has visited the New Orleans Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival. Nolacon was no fluke. This provoked howls of laughter. (Tough audience.) The program book and pocket program were replete with flaws. See him off side. {Not a misprint this time, either.}

Joe recounted a letter from Gene Wolfe. Three huxters were selling T-shirts "I was robbed at the Clarion Hotel and they did nothing."

Mike Walsh got another telephone call from the Sheraton New Carrollton. They are really desperate for our business. Mike insisted on a really great offer. He will send any offer to Mr. Smith for a giggle. A suggestion was made to send the pyromaniac soccer fans over there. [See the last issue of The WSFA Journal for details.] "No, [send] Tailhook!" shouted another.

Mike has books for sale. Old Earth Books will publish Murder in the Gun Room, by H. Beam Piper.

Eva's neighbor, Fred Gwynn died. He was most famous for playing Herman Munster in the Sixties horror comedy show The Munsters.

Dan Hoey has summaries of the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem. There was a riot of the math bugs when this was announced.

Dick Lynch announced there is now a second con in the Washington area: Corflu Nova. There should be a flyer somewhere in this issue of The WSFA Journal.

Lance announced a Baltimore Worldcon meeting. There will be a $64 million pirate movie made in the near future. Several themes were suggested, including "Thelma and Louise Meet Captain Morgan," "The Last Action Pirate," and "Jurassic Pirates."

Several people made corrections to the WSFA First Contact List (C). Lee attempted to explain why it looked as it does, but he was ignored. Errata comments have been consolidated elsewhere in this issue.

Steve announced that he had an announcement. "You're resigning?" asked Mike Walsh. "No, he's resigned," rejoined Beth Zipser. "There is a difference." Steve asked that anyone who know Charlie Butler's phone number see him off line.

The club unanimously adjourned at 10:03 p.m.

* Following the meeting, Lee Uba noticed that her copy of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes was back on her bookshelf. Someone had apparently borrowed this book without informing the book owner (Lee) and had now returned it. Lee expressed her thanks to the person who returned the book.


The WSFA Journal is the overblown newsletter of the Washington Science Fiction Association (WSFA), Inc. All material (c) WSFA, Inc., 1993, except as noted.

Publisher ......... Steve Smith
Editor-in-Chief .... Lee Strong
Host & Hostess, "Chez Gilliland
         ... Alexis Gilliland
          and Lee Uba
Host & Hostess, Stately Ginter
Manor ............. Karl Ginter
         and Erica Van Dommelen




"Ask me or Karl."

The Third Friday in July business meeting convened at 9:23, 16 July 1993 in Stately Ginter Manor. President Steve Smith opened the meeting by popping his top in the now traditional manner.

Before the meeting, Linda Melnick arrived and asked, "Did I miss it?" Upon being informed that she had missed nothing yet, she declaimed, "You were waiting for me!" "Yep," confirmed Steve.

Secretary Lee Strong introduced his 30 page WSFA Journal, the thickest in recent history. In addition, he introduced his 6 page 1993 WSFA First Contact List (c). WSFA Journals then fell on his foot, illustrating a little known peril of publication.

"Guy" MacIntosh reported $3554.80 on hand. There was a quiet call for a party. "We're working on it," whispered a reply.

Covert Beach, Chairfan of Disclave Not Present, reported that Nesfa sent the check. Evan Phillips has the deposit for unused soda, and is holding it hostage for his check. This news produced chuckles. Honoraria are To Be Determined (TBD). The con will yield "35-38" to the club. Covert did not specify the units to be yielded.

Disclave Present was not present. Steve proclaimed the function to be Disclave Absent.

Alexis Gilliland, Chairfan of the Entertainment Committee, is being entertained in Europe. {The whole continent???!!!}

Trustee Dan Burgess reported that plans for a large outdoor pool in the central part of the country were well underway.

Steve asked for Committees That I'm Forgetting About. No one remembered to report.

Lance Oszko, Chairfan of the Fine Arts Committee, still hasn't written to the Hirshhorn. Dan Burgess suggested that the Committee slap itself around. Lance has some 35 millimeter slides. Steve stated, "Mr. Oszko will let me know if there are any fine arts."

Old Business

There will be a Fifth Friday in July and a Third Friday in August, and we don't have homes for either of them. The next meeting is here (in Stately Ginter Manor). This is to really confuse accommodate the locationally challenged. Steve asked for volunteers. There was a prolonged silence. Oh, well.

New Business

There was none. "Oh! Scary, scary," commented one.


Why do we even try?

The New Tradition

Bob Rissell, Robyn's dad, and Ellie Rissell, Robyn's mom, attended their first WSFA meeting. They have us surrounded. (And outnumbered!)

Ann And I'm Robyn's Friend appeared for her second appearance. "Hi, Ann!" chorused the club.

Judith Chapman appeared for her second ideration. She is the computer widow of John Chapman. No one appeared for her third time.


The Secretary recommended that everyone who wished their announcement to appear as they would wish it to appear should use the Hal Haag method of writing the announcement down and giving it to the Secretary after the meeting in contrast to the Eva Whitley method of announcing it and relying on the Secretary's memory and notetaking.

Lee Strong stated that principal film production had concluded on Twilight of the Dogs, an independent film whose actors include several WSFAns. The plot is a post apocalyptic scenario in which a non-denominational church fights for survival against a pack of scurvy "Dogs", hence the title. It was hard work and great fun, except for the part where some scoundrel clubbed Lee over the head. "And who was that?" asked Dan Hoey slyly. Read a future issue of The WSFA Journal and find out.

Steve noted that a "non-denominational church" sounded like a contradiction in terms. That's shorthand for the fictional church combining Christian and pagan traditions to offend everyone equally.

Erica Van Dommelen, hostess for Stately Ginter Manor, stated, "Please don't eat the daisies." "How about the violets?" asked John Sapienza, his keen legal mind quickly noting an apparent loophole. Erica ignored him, continuing, "Don't try to pick up the almost all black cat with a white spot." "Or try to lick him," added Robyn. "What have I missed?" asked Linda. "Oh, just a little pussy licking," purred Erica. She has pictures, too. In any event, treat the cats with respect.

Erica continued, "Please don't open our refrigerator and eat with your hands. If you are hungry, ask me or Karl." Several WSFAns expressed dismay that someone would actually do such. Unfortunately, such an incident actually happened after a previous meeting.

Steve followed up, "This is a private residence, not a dormitory or a Federal building." This comparison produced some giggles and light laughter. Erica reminded the disbelievers, "Just because this is where WSFA is doesn't mean I have to let you in." Madeleine Yeh expressed concern that she might have accidentally offended but Erica firmly specified that Madeleine was not the guilty party.

Moving on, Dan Hoey announced that there would be a Boston bid for 1998. "A new generation of Boston fandom" has arisen to validate the tradition that "N = 4". This group is Eastlakers, not MCFI, which has no official comment.

Ms. Melnick has a Winnipeg membership for sale and books for sale. She announced, "I've been surplussed, but I'm a critical surplussed." Rowdie Yates noted this sounds like a bad horror movie: They Saved Linda's Brain! Linda pronounced herself a "dinosaur in the computer business: a mainframe programmer."

Ms. Loomis is now the wandering midwife, traveling all around with Texas Matt.

John Sapienza announced that Peggy Rae Pavlat is a grandmother via Missy Brice, who gave birth to a bundle of loud noises. This was previously announced in the worlds' smuggest best informed newsletter, The WSFA Journal.

Lance announced flyers for the Baltimore Worldcon bid. Officers have been elected and dues collected. He is selling new bright and shiny things.

He is also considering a trip to Poland be a a Fan Guest of Honor (FGOH). He will try to bring lots of amber back thru customs. One WSFAn suggested Lance claim it's for D&D research. Elspeth Kovar pointed out, "You're a pirate! Smuggle it!"

Baltimore will save Boston from the N = 4 curse.

Dick Lynch announced that Mystery Science Theater 3000 will start with Hercules.

Perrianne Lurie announced the Wheaton Library Book Sale.

Erica moved that the club adjourn and the club unanimously adjourned at 9:45.

* Following the meeting, the individual who previously ate Karl and Erica's food directly out of their refrigerator reappeared briefly and then left. On his way out, he did not shut the front door! This allowed air conditioning to escape; allowed the cats a chance to escape; and allowed wild animals (e.g. raccoons) that live in the neighborhood a chance to wander into the house. Fortunately, the cats and the raccoons showed better manners than the human. There was a witness that the individual in question was the guilty party. Karl spoke to the individual so he has been specifically warned about his behavior.


WSFA First Contact List (c) Errata and Additions August 4, 1993

Sarah Cole, [censored], New Carrollton, MD 29784. Phone number is (301) 459-4037.

Hal Haag's home phone is (410) 646-5728.

Dan Hoey's work phone is (202) 767-2882.

Dick and Nicki Lynch's electronic address is "".

Robert Martinez, [censored], New Carrollton, MD 20784. Phone number is (301) 459-4037.

Darren Mayhew is Bill Mayhew's cat. Bill's wife is named Maren Mayhew.

Jeff Olhoeft's area code is (410).

Eva Whitley's Zip Code is 21158.


Hah! Bet you thought I was going to review Jurassic Park, didn't you? Instead, let's try something a little more subtle.

This is an excellent movie. Basically, it's a love story set in Mexico spanning the Revolution of 1910. What moves it into the realm of fantasy is that the heroine, Tita, has a magical power to transmit emotion thru food that she prepares. When she bakes a wedding cake in a sad mood, all the wedding guests break down in tears. When she prepares roast quails while overflowing with love, .....!

This is a very well made film with a solid plot motivated by a strange family custom and exploring unrequited loves. Tita, as her mother's last child, is bond in virtual bondage to Mama. As a result, her love for Pedro is thwarted, doubly so when he marries her sister -- allegedly to be near her. The characters are well drawn if rather hidebound by US standards. I especially enjoyed the kind and chivalrous doctor who proposes to Tita only to fall victim to the cultural expectations of the day. Anyone who enjoys a first rate love story will appreciate this rare offering.

A word of caution is necessary. This is a Spanish language film with English subtitles and narration. This can distract, but I found the look into a different culture well worth the effort required. In fact, I cried tears of joy at the end!

I rate Like Water for Chocolate as Excellent. --LS


Ah! Another love story! But totally different from Like Water for Chocolate! This rollicking romp tickles the funny bone rather than stroking the tear ducts.

The plot here is not a little contrived. The fun comes in watching the color and emotion as the two pairs of lovers navigate the great author's snares and toils.

The "main" plot deals with the innocent love of Hero and Claudio, which is broken up by the young oaf's petty jealousy. While true love triumphs in the end, I think the Bard rather blundered by making the female Hero "die" in order to be "redeemed" in the idiot's eyes. Still, it works out with the aid of some comic constables and a dose of luck. I suspect Michael Keaton accepted the role of Constable Dogsberry to be as different from Batman as he could be. By contrast, the "sub" plot shows witty antagonists, Beatrice and Benedict, being drawn together by the machinations of their friends. Again, rather obvious, but well played and delightful to see. The scene where Beatrice demands that Benedict kill his friend Claudio adds a chilling contrast to the generally light mood. The portrayals and mood swings overcome the artificial nature of the plots to very good effect.

The cinematography and simple grandeur of the country setting adds much to the tale here told.

I rate Much Ado About Nothing as an Excellent film and literature. --LS




It was another good year for short-story collections, and once again many of the best of them were published by small presses. The best collections of the year were: Globalhead, Bruce Sterling (Ziesing); the massive The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg, Volume 1: Secret Sharers (Bantam Spectra); Home by the Sea, Pat Cadigan (WSFA Press); Slightly Off Center, Neal Barrett Jr. (Swan Press); Meeting in Infinity, John Kessel (Arkham House); and Speaking in Tongues, Ian McDonald (Bantam Spectra. Also excellent were And the Angels Sing, Kate Wilhelm (St.

xliv     Summation 1992: Horror


Honeymoon with Death by Bridget Penney was published by Polygon in Scotland. A mainstream collection with dark, edgy material that might interest readers of Mary Gaitskill, although not as consistently violent and flaky.

Bantam published The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, translated and with an introduction by Jack Zipes. This trade paperback includes eight stories not in the 1987 hardcover edition.

Carroll & Graf published The Collected Ghost Stories of E. F. Benson edited by Richard Dalby, claiming that this is the first time the stories have been "reprinted in one volume, bringing together material that has not been available for over forty years."

Mercury House brought out a beautifully illustrated edition of I. U. Tarchetti's Fantastic Tales, translated from the Italian by Lawrence Venuti. Written in the nineteenth century, Tarchetti's eerie and macabre stories were the first Italian Gothic tales. This is their first publication in English.

Ecco Press published a new collection by Joyce Carol Oates, Where is Here? including stories from such diverse venues as Omni, Self, Triquarterly, Yale Review, Seventeen, and Savvy.

CALYX Books published Kathleen Alcalá's collection Mrs. Vargas and the Dead Naturalist. It has original fantasy stories with occasional horrific elements and reprints from Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Black Ice, The Seattle Review and other magazines and anthologies.

Jack Cady's The Sons of Noah & Other Stories came out from Broken Moon Press. These are mostly reprints by an underrated crossover writer who started in the mainstream with quirky novels like The Man Who Could Make Things Vanish, The Well, and McDowell's Ghost but only began attracting attention in the horror field with his short fiction, specifically his powerful Vietnam novella "By Reason of Darkness," published in Douglas E. Winter's anthology Prime Evil. Since then his short fiction has been published in Omni, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Final Shadows, and Glimmer Train. $13.95 from Broken Moon Press, P.O. Box 24585, Seattle, WA 98124-0585.

Cemetery Dance's first foray into book publishing is Ed Gorman's cross-genre collection Prisoners and Other Stories. These stories, mostly reprints, give the reader a good overview of Gorman's style and range. $20.95 plus $1.05 shipping and handling. Trade hardcover. CD Publications, P.O. Box 18433, Edgewood, MD 21237.

In conjunction with Pat Cadigan's guest of honor appearance at Disclave in 1992, WSFA Press published a collection of four of her stories, Home by the Sea, illustrated by David R. Works, in a 500-copy edition signed and numbered in slipcase. $49.95 plus $3 shipping. WSFA Press, Box 19951, Baltimore, MD 21211-0951. A beautiful piece of bookcraft as well as good fiction.

In honor of Jane Yolen's guest of honor appearance at Boskone in 1992, the


CALLING ALL FANZINE FANS! You know, it's been a while since there's been an east-coast Corflu, longer still since there was one in the Washington, DC area. It's time to do something about that...

CORFLU NOVA (as in NOrthern VA), aka Corflu 11, will be held May 20-22, 1994, just across the Potomac from Washington, DC, in Arlington, Virginia. The hotel is the Crystal Gateway Marriott, conveniently located for air travelers at the Crystal City Metro Station, one metrorail stop from Washington National Airport. If you're planning on driving, the street address is: 1700 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA 22202. Hotel rates are $79 single/double (tax not included); hotel parking is $5 per day. Make reservations by calling (703) 920-3230, and mention Corflu to get the convention room rate.

WHO ARE WE, ANYWAY? This seems a little late for a colophon, but Corflu Nova is being brought to you by the friendly triumvirate of Dick Lynch, Nicki Lynch, and Alexis Gilliland. And a cast of ones.

SO WHAT'S PLANNED? Well, Crystal City is a little too congested for a softball game, and we couldn't get a good rate on RFK Stadium. But we will have other usual features, including the Party Suite (hosted by Lee Uba), fanzine-related programming, rare fanzine auctions, and a not-a-huckster-room fanzine sales area. For completists, we'll also have a specially-designed Corflu 11 shirt and a Fanthology (year TBA) for sale. And this year there will be a special feature...

THE RETURN OF THE FAAN AWARDS. We've decided to revive the Fanzine Activity Achievement Awards (for the year 1993) at Corflu Nova. There will be three categories: Favorite Fanzine, Favorite Fan Artist, and Favorite Fan Writer. More on this in our next progress report. ..

MEMBERSHIP RATES for Corflu Nova are $10 supporting; $37 attending (advance); $42 attending (at the convention). Attending memberships include the traditional Sunday luncheon at the hotel. Please make checks payable to Alexis Gilliland.

Fans Along the Potomac #1a

Corflu Nova, c/o [censored], Arlington, VA 22204 U.S.A.