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September 1993

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More WSFAns Become Pros


Empress, Prince Consort and Secretary Become Pros ......... Page 2
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To Be Published in Small Press


And Gets Paid for It

The regular First Friday in August business meeting convened at 9:23 exactly on 5 [sic - 6] August 1993 in Stately Ginter Manor. President Steve Smith presided over a state of "utter chaos". <No news there.>

Steve asked Secretary Lee Strong if he had some minutes, and he did in the latest issue The WSFA Journal. He was more than happy to read them, but the club wasn't. Reading of the minutes was waived.

John Sapienza asked if we could wave the Treasurer? Well, you're the lawyer, John. You tell us.

Robert "Guy" MacIntosh reported $3629.80 in the WSFA Treasury. There were two calls for a party but neither was seconded. The motions therefore died for lack of seconds.

Disclave Past Chairfan Covert Beach was hiding behind Dan Burgess. Covert talked to Tom Veal who sent something to John. He is wrapping up the Virginia sales tax and the honoraria. See Covert off line for the latter. Virginia is easy about sales taxes. Virginia is for money lovers.

Disclave Present Chairfan John Peacock said, "Hi!" Perrianne Lurie asked if he had anything to say about Disclave? John proclaimed, "We are still having a con and we need help." Giggles greeted this self-analysis. As long as you have a Ph.D. or the requisite number of arms and legs, John and Paula Lewis will be glad to accept your help.

Covert related Evan Phillips' note that the soda machine wasn't delivering very cold sodas. It needs main tenance. Covert suggested we take the cost out of the Disclave Past funds.

Alexis Gilliland, Chairfan of the Entertainment Committee, stated that the Committee went to Europe and had a good time. Was there anything for the rest of us? Alexis announced that Lee Uba will tell you that. Lee said "What?!" rather sharply.

Trustee Dan Burgess reported, "We have nothing to say and we say it well." There were no further committee reports.

Old Business

Steve brought up the site of the Third Friday meeting and the fact that we haven't got one. John Peacock suggested a field at the intersection of I-95 and I-495. It may come down to that. It's been tried with a certain Worldcon bid. "A Field of Fans," suggested Dan Hoey. "It you hold it, they will come."

Alexis volunteered Chez Gilliland. Lee has to vacuum it later. "Oh, that sucks," stated Mike Walsh.

The First Friday in September alternative meeting will be at Worldcon. Perrianne asked if anyone was interested in hosting an area meeting then? "I'm not one of them," she clarified. This produced a wave of laughter. Robyn Rissell asked for a show of hands who might attend an area meeting. He will check with his housemate.

New Business

"We could amend the constitution," suggested Alexis. Several people brought out their quill pens and started writing but no one had their powdered wigs ready so we dropped the idea.


A certain person nagged the President until he remembered the First New Tradition. This upholds the Second and Third New Traditions <which everyone else has forgotten>.

The New Tradition

Patty Jones, formerly of the University of Illinois and currently with NASA, was here for her first time. "Hi, Patty," went the club. Mike Walsh stated, "Most of us have had our shots." Steve advised, "A rolled up newspaper works with the rest of us." Rachel Russell, Empress of WSFA, stated, "She's married." (What difference does that make?) {Well, it makes a difference who holds the rolled up newspaper.}

Linda Melnick was attending her second meeting in about 10 years. There were no sucker here tonight for their third time.


Rachel burbled, "Oh, boy; oh, boy; oh, boy...." Erica Van Dommelen called for the tranquilizer guns, and Rachel did calm down somewhat. First, Prince Consort Eric Baker's third sale & first publication "Uncertainty and the Dread Word Love" will appear in Amazing in October. Rachel sold "If You Can See Her Now" to The Urbanite for money....

Perrianne asked if you could sell something for other than money? Rachel ignored the economist. The title may be changed upon publication. It was noted that all Rachel's sales have been to magazines with letter "U" in the title. I guess we can forget about Amazing, Analog, Asimov's, F&SF, and Galaxy. Her editor called her on the phone from Iowa. Must be a serious publishing house if they have a phone. Rowdie Yates asked if they were underwater? Someone suggested rooftop publishing instead of desktop publishing.

Rachel also sold her little condo. Her new address will be [censored], Vienna, VA 22181; telephone (703) 281-7955.

Secretary Lee Strong had four announcements. He started on the traditional one but Dan Burgess recited it word for word. Lee thanked his new assistant. He replied to Perrianne that one can sell and be paid in copies of the publication.

Lee then announced that he is now also a pro. He recently acted in a movie in production, Twilight of the Dogs, and will be paid for his performance. The check is in the mail. Lee would like to speak to the other WSFAn actors about how they can get paid for their efforts.

Lee Uba announced the Smithsonian Associates are showing off their private collection of SF art in McLean, VA Worlds of Wonder.

Dick Lynch announced the Perseid meteor shower on the 11th. John Peacock claimed that NASA turned the Hubble space telescope end on. "Is there no lens cap?" wondered John Sapienza.

The US Army Band will present the 1812 Overture on the Mall. Will they have the traditional cannons? You bet: in downtown D.C., that's the only way to be safe!

Dan Burgess baffled genealogists by starting, "My future father-in-law... one of them...." "Huh?" went the club. Anyway, Mr. Burgess' future relative gave him a collection of Galaxy and F&SF magazines spanning 1951-72 in mint condition. This includes the first publication of Starship Soldiers, Parts I and II, by Robert Heinlein. You may borrow them with a receipt. They are wrapped in plastic to keep the drool off.

George Shaner has a friend who is giving up 2 of 6 altered cats. Please see George offline.

Mike Walsh shouted, "Good! I have books!" "No!" shouted everyone else in amazement. Books include The Rediscovery of Man, the complete Cordwainer Smith collection published by NESFA Press, and Oracle, a very strange work by Theodore Sturgeon.

Linda has some good news. She has a new job. She thought good things about the place when the first tech lead said, "All the people in this office are flakes." The second tech lead had SF posters in his/her/its office. {Must be a flake, then!}

Lance Ozsko announced a Baltimore Worldcon meeting at Marty Gear's house on 19 September. Covert announced that permanent officers for the bid have been elected. He is President for Life. Marty is Vice President in charge of General Operations. Lance is V.P. in charge of Special Operations. (It's kind of hard to imagine Lance in a green beret.) "Mr. MacIntosh" is Comptroller while "Mr." Thomas Harmon of Baltimore is the Treasurer. Jul Owing is the Corresponding Secretary. I forgot to record who is Recording Secretary.

There was a motion to please adjourn the club. The club was pleased to unanimously adjourn at 9:54.

* After the meeting, Lee Uba announced that she is not "slinky". She lost 10 pounds in Europe. She did not say whether they were American pounds or English pounds.

Why Map Y?

The Y chromosome, found in Rodney Dangerfield and all other men, don't get no respect. Many geneticists have dismissed this stunted scrap of DNA as a genetic junkpile--mostly filler. But when recent research suggested that the Y may carry scores of genes after all, no one was less surprised than geneticist Jane Gitschier of the University of California, San Francisco. In fact, she had already come up with her own map of the Y, shown at left, which combines cutting-edge genetics with classic seat-of-the-pants behavioral empiricism. Shown by Human Genome Project head Francis Collins at a recent meeting, the map is the careful product of years of observation and the contributions of many colleagues. Not all males will display all traits, of course, and expression is variable. For example, Gitschier notes that air guitar in men over 50 is usually expressed as air violin.

Are there any other loci on the Y? Fax suggestions to Random Samples Genome Initiative (RSGI), c/o Science, Fax: 202-371-9227.

Testis Determining Factor (TDP)
Gadgetry (MAC-locus)
Channel Flipping (FLP)
Catching & Throwing (BLZ-1)
Self-confidence (BLZ-2) (note-unlinked to ability)
Ability to Remember & Tell Jokes (GOT-1)
Sports Page (BUD-E)
Addiction to Death & Destruction Movies (T-2)
Air Guitar (RIF)
Ability to identify aircraft (DC10)
Preadolescent fascination with Arachnida & Reptilia (MOM-4U)
Spitting (P2E)
Sitting on the john reading (SIT)
Inability to express affection over the phone (ME-2)
Selective hearing loss (HUH?)
Total lack of recall for dates (OOPS)




"I knew it!" Shouts Schaad

The regular Third Friday in August meeting came to "what passes for order at 19 after 9" on 20 August 1993. Before the meeting, President Steve Smith opined, "I think we can have a meeting. I'm here; you're here [Guy MacIntosh]; he's here [Lee Strong]." "I brought extra pens," noted the Secretary. Alexis Gilliland suggested we "Walk this way...." The meeting opened with the opening of the Official Presidential Bheer.

Secretary Lee Strong didn't have any real minutes... <No news there.> they were virtually waived.

Treasurer Guy MacIntosh reported $3477.55 on hand. There were three calls for a party but none were seconded so the motions died for lack of seconds. Rowdie Yates suggested we have a tatoo. Someone else suggested we find an airport runway and get a haircut. Alternatively, we can all get a ticket to Cleveland! "Why????!!!!" demanded many.

Alexis Gilliland, Chairfan of the Entertainment Committee, provided an amusing little article on the human Y chromosome "which we will slip to the Secretary for possible publication" on page 4 of this issue of The WSFA Journal.

Steve asked for a report from Disclave Past. Covert Beach arrived to massive laughter at his perfect timing. Covert advised, "As a matter of fact, I do have a check." He also has the list of honoraria. He still has to track down who to track down who to pay the sales tax to. (I just write these things, folks. I'm not being paid by the word.)

John Peacock, Chairfan of Disclave Present, said, "Hi! There is nothing really to talk about. There are plenty of good positions open." The members eagerly discussed several positions they would like to be in. Alexis offered, "Glory, honor, sex, opportunity for malfeasance...." The club laughed. John Sapienza stated, "The lawyers perk up." Alexis said there was, "No good graft." "No good sex, either," said Peggy Rae Pavlat.

Steve asked if there were any Committees That I'm Forgetting About? No, they all forgot.

Old Business

Meetings: Next 2: Where?

The First Friday in September (Worldcon observance) will be held at Lance Oszko's suite at the Park Center hotel at Worldcon. The Baltimore Worldcon bid party will be the entertainment portion of the meeting.

The First Friday in September (Washington area observance) will be held at Robyn Rissell's and Al Bradford's place. Steve Smith will draw a map. Are you easily entertained?

On the Third Friday, we will be back to our regular schedule. (Nothing around here is "regular".)

New Business


The New Tradition!

Karen Buchard was here for her first time in a long time. She previously attended at Alexis' old place at 21st and Pennsylvania.

Ann Bilodeau attended her second WSFA meeting. No one attended her third WSFA meeting.


Alexis put a new roof on his house.

Dick Lynch is selling issue #14 of Mimosa.

Kitty announced new Baltimore in '98 T-shirts with a new design.

Rebecca Prather will probably retire by 30 August 1993. Her General Services Administration office is shrinking and offering early outs.

Matt Leger got a job. His temp position at a Rockville lab became permanent. He is moving out of his Virginia apartment, probably to Silver Spring. He also mentioned Hard Drive, a techno-thriller by David Pogue about a computer virus on a MacIntosh platform.

Lee Uba will re-do the White House interior design.

Mike Walsh has books in a box, including Virtual Light by William Gibson.

Alan Huff has books, too, at $1/each or 3/$2.

The Secretary has interrupted by Peggy Rae Pavlat doing a Confrancisco count. He then admitted he was "like an idiot...." Tom Schaad felt satisfied. Lee gave the traditional announcement and stated that Lee Uba was now an Assistant Secretary.

Lee Uba moved that we get out of here. The club unanimously got out of here at 9:42.


by Steven Spielberg

This show is proof of the old saying that, if you wait long enough, anyone once popular will come back in style. Mr. Spielberg's show is rather obviously derived from Irwin Allen's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea of 1960s fame. I'm not sure that 30 years of improved technology have resulted in a better show.

The duplications between the two programs are numerous, including the dual command structure, the mixed scientific and military mission of the wonder submarine, and even the mid-decks swimming pool. Mr. S is justifiably known for his creative work. Here, it appears lacking.

The characters also struck me as rather cliched. The reluctant captain and the veteran petty officer are bad enough, altho they were well played. However, most of the other major characters, including the toy soldier Number One, the computer wirehead, the bitchy scientist, and the bitchy "rebel" pirate captain, were not only stereotyped but poorly done. Bring back the dinosaurs!

I also had trouble with the submarine interiors which looked techno-geekie but not very functional. The exterior shots appeared well done, but my ancient black and white set probably missed some fine cinematography.

Still, Mr. S deserves some credit for tackling a frontier other than space. And, who knows? This fish may fly rather than floundering around.

I am leaving SeaQuest DSV Unrated. --LS