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Virtual June 1994

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"Dan! Dan! Dan!"


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Boston (Mountains) in 2000! ................................... Page 8


Sinners, Arise!


WSFAns Become Groupies

The regular First Friday in May 1994 business meeting of the Washington Science Fiction Association convened sometime on the evening of 6 May 94 in the basement of Chez Gilliland. Before the meeting, President Steve Smith muttered, "The natives are getting restless. A meeting is insipid incipient."

Steve asked Secretary Lee Strong if he had any minutes. Lee did so they were waived. Steve pontificated, "The WSFA minutes: long may they waive."

Treasurer Bob "Guy" MacIntosh reported that we were "Flush." "Cool!" cooed Lee Gilliland. Guy continued, saying that Disclave 1993 made a transfusion, leaving us with $4541.45. There was a call for a SERIOUS party, including a suggestion that we get a sailboat and go out on the Bay. These ideas failed for lack of seconds.

John Peacock, official Chairfan of Disclave Imminent, said, "Hi!" The club said, "Hi!" John commanded the sinners present to "Flay your skin! Rise, rise! We haven't filled the block [of rooms that Disclave promised to fill]. Go home and make reservations." He has a communication from the hotel not written in English. Dr. Perrianne Lurie noted it was written in Hotel. John noted, "Not a base 10 math, either." He went on to request, "We need badgers." Candy Gresham identified herself, "I'm a Drunken Badger." Paul Lewis, actual co-chairfan of Disclave Imminent, said, "We have flyers."

Perrianne, Program Book Editor, needs the staff list tonight. Our President owes her an article on WSFA. The 1994 Discave © TM needs gofers. Further comments were cut off by a strangling noise.

Dan Hoey, Chairfan of Disclave Future, has firmed up his guests. Charles Sheffield will be the Writer Guest Of Honor (GOH); Bob Eggleton the ____ GOH; and former WSFAn David Bischoff the Special GOH. He is negotiating with the present hotel to become the future hotel.

Trustee Dan Hoey reported that we will have an election. The official slate is President, Covert Beach; Vice President, Terilee Edwards-Hewitt; Secretary, Lee Strong; Treasurer, Bob MacIntosh; and Trustees, Dan If You Don't Burgess, Lee Gilliland and Perrianne Lurie. Nominations from the floor are welcome.

Dan Hoey, member of the Committee to Investigate New Storage Horizons, talked with Martin Deutsch, President of BISFIS about storage. BISFIS is willing to rent us space in their clubhouse for $1000. The committee will have a motion later.

Dan Hoey Alexis Gilliland, Chairfan of the Entertainment Committee, had a bimbo attack. Lee Gilliland, Alexis' favorite bimbo, wondered if Paula Jones could describe Bill Clinton's shorts.

Dan Hoey Steve asked are there any Committees That I Am Forgetting About? No. Or, at least, I forgot if we did.

Old Business

Dan Hoey said, "One more time! I move...." Perrianne then seconded Dan's motion. Dan then moved that the club rent storage space in the BISFIS clubhouse at a rate of $1000 per year. Joe Mayhew proposed a friendly amendment that rental be with standing renewal. Barry Newton moved the question. The Secretary read the motion back. The vote was unanimous save for one abstention. Steve declared that the motion passed monogamously. {Well, Robert's Rules do say that you can only have one motion at a time.}

Dan Hoey Paula Lewis is 21 today and is therefore Old Business. The WSFA Glee Club sang Happy Birthday straight. Further verses were referred to the Entertainment Committee.

New Business

Speaking on behalf of the Disclave 1995 Committee, Dan Hoey Peggy Rae Pavlat request ed $500 front money. "We'll take $1000," she added. Joe Mayhew seconded the motion. Perrianne offered a friendly amendment that the money be repaid when Disclave 1995 finances permit. The friendly amendment was accepted by unanimous consent. The amended motion was then adopted unanimously save for two abstentions. Steve declared that this motion passed subcutaneously. It got under my skin, too.

Lee Gilliland noted that Corflu Nova convention will be next weekend. (And it was, too.) There are 2 shy people here. Good segueway for the New Tradition.

The New Tradition

Dan Hoey William J. "Jake" Keaton was dragged here by Candy Gresham. His Genie handle is "W.Keaton". He was greeted with cries of "Hi, Jake!" and "Fresh meat!"

Bert ____ and Paul Myers, the brother of "that thing", were also here for their first time each. Mike Weisman was here for his second time. No one was here for his third time.


Secretary Dan Hoey Lee Strong had 8 announcements... all of which he wrote down and submitted to himself after the meeting so he can't mess them up. Much.

His second announcement... Lee Gilliland interrupted to ask what the first announcement was. Several people figured it out and told her.

His second announcement was the usual one about submitting to the Secretary if you don't want to be messed up.

Third, he won a tee-shirt in the Babylon Five contest. Perrianne Lurie, Doctor of Babylonian Archeology, asked how he did it. By sending in 16 entries....!

The Library of Congress' new Recommending Officer for Science Fiction persuaded the Library to have science fiction koffee klatsches about once a month. They invited Tom Schaad to speak on Fast Forward next month.

Joe Mayhew reviewed science fiction for The Washington Post Book World a few weeks ago. He gave his occupation as book critic for Fast Forward.

Someone named John Pomeranz sent an invitation for the University of Southern California Law Center Commencement Ceremony for 13 May 94. There was a handwritten note saying "Tell the world." However, he forgot to say which one.

The locally produced film, Twilight of the Dogs, is making a casting call for 21 and 22 May. We need nuclear attack victims in modern clothes, post-nuke survivors in ratty clothes, dazed survivors of a burning church building, and witnesses to the Crucifixion of Christ.

Disclave 1994 will include a showing of several John Ellis films, including Starquest: Beyond the Rising Moon, Invader, and the trailer for Twilight of the Dogs. These have seldom been seen at cons before. There will also be a panel discussion on low budget filmmaking featuring WSFAns John Ellis, Nancy Handwork, Tim Sullivan, and Lee Strong.

Bert ____ handed out flyers to Explorerfest. The club chanted, "Bert! Bert! Bert!"

Terilee Edwards-Hewitt will be exploring the Wonderful World of Root Canals. She will return calls sooner or later.

Joe Mayhew plugged his telephone list.

Robyn Rissell said, "Hi, there!" The club said, "Hi!" right back. He was on his last class of an 8 year degree search -- 12 years calendar time. He graduated 19 Jun 94 with a B.S. in Computer Science. There was a big bash on 20 Jun.

Perrianne announced that there was a laundry product in the mail. It's yours.

Another chant arose. This time it was, "Dan! Dan! Dan!" Dan Hoey rose to announce that we would be moving our stuff the Thursday before Disclave. There will also be an election meeting tonight.

Dan Hoey Nicki Lynch announced that the latest issue Mimosa is out. Dan Hoey and Joe Mayhew announced that Mimosa is in. Joe is a third year Hugo nominee.

Dan Hoey Burgess announced that benzene is fun stuff. Benzene was involved in a tanker accident that closed the Inner Loop of the Beltway at Van Dorn Street.

Candy Gresham is going to Fort Meade for Halloween '95.

Lance Oszko offered crash space at Disclave in the Baltimore Worldcon space. Also Westercon. He has season 6 of Red Dwarf not previously seen in the USA. Lee Gilliland was shocked to note that Lance had no amber!

Eric Jablow is diabetic.

Again, the chant arose, "Dan! Dan! Dan!" Again, the ever popular Dan Hoey rose to announce that he needs a roommate at Disclave.

A Backlit Hand on the Stairs announced a couple of concerts at the National Institutes of Health and at the Church of the Pilgrim. The South Coast Poetry Journal accepted a poem of his.

The Washington Science Fiction Association unanimously adjourned at 10:05 p.m.


Following Election Meeting

The regular 1994 Washington Science Fiction Association election meeting convened at 10:19 p.m. 6 May 94 by Lee Gilliland's Watch. Trustees Dan Burgess and Dan Hoey, and counter George Shaner, presided. The club begin chanting, "Dan! Dan! Dan!"

The Trustees' nominee for President was Covert Beach. Lance Oszko moved the nominations be closed. This was unanimously adopted. Mike Walsh moved Covert be accepted by acclamation. This was adopted unanimously.

The Trustees' nomination for Vice President was Terilee Edwards-Hewitt. Judy Kindell nominated Robyn Rissell, who accepted the nomination. Lance moved the nominations be closed and they were closed. The winner of the secret ballot was Terilee. Robyn led a round of applause for the winner.

The Trustees' nomination for Treasurer was Mr. MacIntosh. Lance moved the nominations be closed. Perrianne Lurie and Mike Zipser moved Mr. MacIntosh be accepted by acclamation and this was unanimously adopted.

The Trustees' nomination for Secretary was Lee Strong. Lee Gilliland moved that nominations be closed and this was adopted. Mike Zipser moved Lee be accepted by acclamation and this was adopted. John Peacock moved that Lee be acclimatized. This failed for lack of a second. (Actually, I'm pretty well acclimatized to WSFA by now, anyway.)

The Trustees' slate for Trustees was Dan Burgess, Perrianne Lurie, & Lee Gilliland. George Shaner nominated Paula Lewis, who accepted the nomination. Mr. Bob MacIntosh nominated Steve Smith but he declined the nomination. Peggy Rae Pavlat nominated Robyn Rissell, who accepted the nomination. Lance moved that the nominations be closed and they were closed. Joe Mayhew acted as counter. Robyn was elected to the first Trustee position.

The floor was reopened for nominations. Mr. MacIntosh nominated Judy Kindell but she declined. The second ballot was cast. Joe announced that the Trustees were going upstairs. The WSFA Glee Club sang &So Long, Farewell&. Dave Grim observed, "Ah, democracy in/action." Our nude new Trustee is Dan Burgess.

The floor was then reopened for additional nominations. Joe Mayhew nominated Maura Scharadin, who accepted the nomination. The third ballot was then cast. The third Trustee was Paula Lewis. Lee Gilliland, Perrianne Lurie and Maura Scharadin led a round of applause for the winners.

The presiding Trustees announced, "We're out of here!" The new officers will assume the position on the First Friday in June.

--- *** ---

The WSFA Journal is the official newsletter of the Washington Science Fiction Association (WSFA), Inc. All material is © 1994 WSFA, Inc. Disclave Science Fiction Convention, Discave and DisCave are © TM1994 WSFA, Inc. Hey! We're nice people! We're just not abuser friendly.

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Publisher .......... WSFA, Inc.
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Parliamentary Editor ...
          ... Rufus T. Firefly



Club Cheers Accomplishment



The regular Third Friday in May business meeting of the Washington Science Fiction Association (WSFA), Inc. convened at 9:00 WSFA Time on 20 May 94. Vice President Terilee Edwards-Hewitt presided in the absence of President Steve Smith. "Knock, knock," she said. "It's time for the meeting thing. Starting at this time.'

Secretary Lee Strong didn't have any minutes again so they were waived.

Treasurer Robert "Guy" MacIntosh reported $4516.41 in the Treasury. There was a call for a Disclave, but this idea failed for lack of a second.

John Peacock, Chairfan of Disclave 1994, seemed to be asleep. Mike Walsh told him to "Wake up!" John announced he was tired. The club Ahhhed in sympathy. Paula Lewis, Vice Chairfan, reported, "At this point, Disclave is inevitable. If you requested a sign, please request one again." Perrianne Lurie suggested that who didn't have a sign but wanted one should also request one. Paula noted that cons run on their volunteers. Please volunteer for another 2-N things to do.

Dan Hoey stated that some attendees were quoted a different group rate. Dan Burgess noted, "Well, we're a different group. Possibly, [we should get] a herd rate."

Dan Hoey, Chairfan of Disclave 1995, came out of the shadow to repeat, "Be nice to the hotel. Don't go right thru the wall." Robyn Rissell reported that Disclave 1995 has a bank account established.

Covert Beach reported that Disclave suffered a sudden space telescoping, but we worked it with the hotel.

What about water? John Peacock suggested drilling for it.

Perrianne reported that the Entertainment Committee was at Corflu Nova entertaining themselves. {AND a cast of hundreds!}

The Trustees reported having an election. Terilee stated, "That was entertaining. Who all won?" Robyn, Paula and Dan Burgess are the Trustees-elect. Covert Beach is the new President-elect. "Also known as the Corn King," said Mike.

Old Business

New Business

Mike reported "word from the north." Jack Chalker and Eva Whitley are interested in hosting the Fourth of July party on the Fourth of July. Amazing how that works out! Terilee asked if, "Any other people interested [in hosting this WSFA tradition]?" This provoked serious laughter. Jack and Eva won by default.

The New Tradition

Marilyn Mix moved here from Dayton, Ohio about a year ago, and is attending WSFA for her first time. "Hi, Marilyn!" chorused the club.

Winner Number Two was Reese Stryer. "Hi, Reese!" chanted the members. Reese's excuse to come is that he wants to help with Disclave. A Chairfan in the making.

Steve _____ was here for his third time. All 3 Trustees are here. Steve is now eligible to become a member of this motley crew. "Try to contain your excitement," advised Erica Van Dommelen.


The Secretary requested that all who wished their announcement to appear unedited should submit their announcement to him in written form after the meeting.

Lee Strong, Executive Producer of Twilight of the Dogs, made a second announcement of the casting call for the film's secondary shooting the following two days.

Paula announced that the Disclave Art Guest of Honor (AGOH) is considering a limited edition print of his newest painting, which is the cover of our Disclave Program Book.

Perrianne needs volunteers staying at the hotel on Thursday to accept incoming items. She has achieved a laser printer. Staples had a crazy sale and sold her a laser printer for $400. Moved by an unidentified emotion, the club went Oh!

Chris Callahan reported for Maura Scharadin that Jane Gifford died very suddenly a few days before the meeting.

Dan Hoey announced that Corflu Nova was meeting this weekend at the Crystal Gateway hotel.

Robyn Rissell was halfway thru his last class. There was a big bash 25 June at his place to celebrate. Maps to follow.

Robyn is running films at Disclave. He needs volunteers.

Perrianne tried to sneak in another announcement, but was forced to go to the back of the line.

Mike Walsh has books for sale on the floor. William Gibson sold a new novel to Ace for $850,000. The agent gets 10%.

Erica's books are on the table.

Perrianne finally got to announce that John Pomeranz is now a lawyer. This occasioned major applause from the audience. He graduated on Friday the 13th. Kathi Overton and he went to the Joshua Tree National Monument to celebrate. They are trying to get a van out of California.

Brian Lewis moved to adjourn. Terilee asked, "All in favor...." The entire club said, "Aye." Terilee protested, "You didn't know what I was going to say!" The club cruelly laughed in her face. Guy MacIntosh sneered, "We've been this way before." The club unanimously stood adjourned at this later time.

A Cultural Note

Devotees of Lewis Carroll may have discovered the model for the Cheshire Cat, whose grin remained after its body disappeared. Joel Birenbaum, a member of the Lewis Carroll Society, approached an altar at St. Peter's Church in Croft, North Yorkshire, where Carroll worshiped as a boy. Birenbaum saw a small cat crudely carved in relief on a stone wall panel. He started to kneel, and, as his perspective changed, the cat began to vanish from view, until all he could see was the strange grin on the creature's face. :-)




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