The WSFA Journal, Virtual July/August 1994

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Virtual July/August 1994

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Disclave Says "Thank You" to Judy Kindell and Other Neat People


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"Thank You, Disclave", by Lee Strong ...................... Page 14



The regular First Friday in June business meeting of the Washington Science Fiction Association -- WSFA to our friends -- convened at 9:15 give or take a minute 3 June 1994. Newly elected President Covert Beach presided. Mike Walsh asked, "Who are you?" Let it be known that Covert's first official act was to drop the gavel.

Before the meeting, the crew entertained itself reading a sleazy tabloid other than WSFA Journal which alleged that 12 US Senators are actually space aliens.

Covert asked if Secretary Lee Strong had the minutes. Reading of the minutes was waived. "The waivers have it." Joe Mayhew suggested a procedural change. "It would be a good idea to actually repeat business transacted." Erica Van Dommelen stated, "That's New Business."

Continuing with Officer Reports, Treasurer Bob MacIntosh reported $3297.19 on hand. There were several calls for one or more parties, but none were seconded. Bob found another penny, raising the Treasury to $3297.20.

When asked for a report, the Trustees officially said, "Huh?"

Moving along to Committee Reports, Alexis Gilliland, Chairfan of the Entertainment Committee, commented on the Virginia Senatorial race, "What a mess!"

John Peacock, Chairfan of Disclave Past, was hiding in the corner with a smile on his face. "I am never going this again. It seemed to go pretty well. We had about 900-1000 attendees."

Paula Lewis, Vice Chairfan of the same con said, "We would like to thank everybody who did work and not thank everybody who didn't." There will be a make up party next year.

Dan Hoey, Chairfan of Disclave Future That Is Metamorphosizing Into Disclave Present, sold 93-94 memberships. The worst thing we did was have a loud party. We will probably be in the same hotel.

"I'd like to thank every one who will work for me. Optimism is the only thing that keeps me coming back." Covert stated that Baltimore In '98 volunteered their press gang.

Covert then returned to Disclave Past [1994] to thank Judy Kindell for her many acts of fannish heroism. Among other things, Judy hosted our Guest Of Honor, Lois McMaster Bujold, worked long hours on the Information Desk, sorted out much craziness, generally busted her fingers for Disclave and made it all seem easy. The club broke into applause for Judy's dedication and true fannish spirit.

The Fine Arts Committee is off... in Pennsylvania. The Poker Committee will meet tonight.

Paula Lewis returned to Disclave Past business noting that the Puzzle Room lost 4 puzzles. Please help retrieve them. "What a puzzle!" commented Mike Walsh.

Old Business

There will be a Fourth of July Party at Eva's. There will be a spare Barney piñata. Three Barneys down; one to go.

New Business

Mike ___ reported that a postage stamp has been nominated for a Hugo.

Joe delivered an Auction Report. The Committee To Investigate New Storage Horizons auctioned off the C-clamps, hot plates, a fan, little tables, fountain benches, and other material, earning a grand total of about $74.

* [Inserted] Steve Smith was observed grinning like a loon. He doesn't have to run this zoo any more.

The Now Ancient and Hoary Tradition

Laurie Lowe was here for her first time. Most of the club chorused, "Hi, Laurie!" Joe Mayhew said, "Hi, Lowe!" Laurie noted that that was the 10,456th time that someone has said that. No one was here for a second time.

Miles Weissman was here for his third time. It's a scary thought. People began chanting, "Meat, meat!" Some one else warned, "You're doomed, you know!" Trustee Paula Lewis showed up. See her and talk to Bob.


The Secretary announced the usual announcement. Lee also announced that an Australian fanzine Fanthology 1990 published some of his 1990 WSFA Journal writing. Brian moved that the work in question be published in TWJ. Covert quickly stated, "No recursive journals." Spoilsport.

Lee Gilliland asked the club not to allow the Chez Gilliland cat, Critter, out. Critter has no front claws, and cannot defend itself.

Dan Hoey announced that Franklin Hummell has disassociated himself from the Gaylaxians to the relief of everyone. The Gaylaxians wish to repair any breaches with us. Approximately 69 comments were then made followed by laughter. Covert stated, "The Chair wishes the house to come to some semblance of order."

Dick Lynch announced Corflu Nova T-shirts modelled by Alexis Gilliland. Sizes include XL, XXL and XXXL. The Gaylaxians will want the XXX models.

Fanthology 1990 is available for $5 (US).

He is going to Russia, south central Siberia to be more exact, for 2 weeks. Mike Zipser asked if Dick would be coming back. Dick didn't know. Mike suggested he take food and water and toilet paper.

Rebecca Prather found a wooden chest in Dayton, Ohio. She needs a translator. Bryan Lewis announced a new magazine entitled CD Rom Today. Each $9.95 issue includes a CD Rom disk.

Dr. Perrianne Lurie is back from Seattle. She brought back a T-shirt and a cold.

Terilee Edwards-Hewitt celebrated her 10th Year Anniversary Reunion and a cold.

John Lechner (?) produced Four Weddings and a Funeral. He is no longer publishing The Vorpal Bunny.

Mike Walsh called for Covert to recognize, "Me! Me!"

Covert stated, "I'll get to you later." Mike blrrrrrrrrrrrpped a truly magnificent blrrrp.

Joe Mayhew discussed the NESFA Clip Art book.

Paula Lewis announced that she keeps remembering chunks of Disclave Past business. Three hotel employees and one security officer asked about joining. The club applauded Paula's salesmanship.

Kitty ___ announced that Laurie Haldeman is getting married. She is Jay Haldeman's daughter.

Robyn Rissell appeared. The club went, "Hi, Robyn!" "I'm another Trustee: come pay me money." Robyn is also having a Rockin' Robyn party 25 July to celebrate graduating 19 July with a Bachelor's degree.

Two new attendees showed up. I didn't catch their names.

Mike Walsh announced books for sale after the meeting. He attended the American Booksellers Association fun filled convention in Chicago on the weekend after Disclave.

The Los Angeles Convention Center is the "biggest darned thing I've ever seen. It holds 30K people easily. Don't vote for it."

Walter Miles is now a jock. "Ron made me play volleyball."

In a flurry of parliamentary chaos, the club unanimously adjourned at 9:47.

* After the meeting, Covert displayed his memory upgrade.

* Rebecca Prather would like to borrow SF tapes for entertainment on long car trips.



The regular Third Friday in June business meeting of the Washington Science Fiction Association convened at 9:15 on 17 June 1994 in Stately Ginter Manor. President Covert Beach declared, "It's time to have a meeting." Before the meeting, someone wondered, "Is it soup yet?"

Hostess Erica Van Dommelen announced that much of Ginter Manor's furniture was valuable vintage Fifties furniture. Dan Hoey was sitting in another valuable piece.

Secretary Lee Strong claimed to have minutes from the previous meetings. Someone noticed that the minutes had not been translating into WSFA Journals recently. Lee confessed that he was months behind on that process. However, he really did have all the minutes saved up and they would appear in one or more copies of the Journal. Covert said "Let's not have a policy of quarterly Journals." Further reading of the minutes was waived.

Treasurer Bob MacIntosh reported $2924.85 in the Treasury. There was a call for a small party, but this idea failed for lack of a second. There are no expenses in sight. The Disclave 1994 hotel said the bill's in the mail. If WSFA runs short, Disclave can do an immediate transfer. Disclave has about $14,000 stashed away.

Covert asked if the Trustees had "Anything to report; didn't think so." This produced laughter at the condensed version of WSFAn parliamentary procedure. Trustee Dan Burgess rose to request, "Any Virginians running for the Senate, raise your hands." Several did.

Alexis Gilliland, Chairfan of the Entertainment Committee, stated that Marshall Coleman was back for the 4th time. He faces Robb, the incumbent; North; the challenger; and Whatshisname, the spoiler." There will be a debate in October with cream pies. A question was posed: with or without razor blades? We'll get back to you on that.

Disclave Past is... recovering.

Dan Hoey, Chairfan of Disclave Present [1995], reported that the Sheraton Premiere rented its ballroom. We are looking at the Mark Radisson in Alexandria, VA, which looks really good. Joe Mayhew said, "I know a Ramada that's really hungry." The club laughed at Joe's jape.

The Radisson has parking and food problems. It also has a pond, beavers, and a semi attached block of executive rooms. We could have a real bar for our bar. The club Ohhhed at the thought. A room rate of $85/night is possible as is parking at $6/day. Covert will talk to them about that.

Disclave Future

Are there any other committees? Didn't think so.

Old Business (I)

There will be a Fourth of July Party at Eva's. Lee Gilliland is the coordinator for Virginia people while Eva is the coordinator for Maryland people. Brian offered to build a map.

New Business (I)

Erica observed, "It's almost August. Many people go to Pennsic...." "Or Worldcon," noted Perrianne Lurie. Erica resumed, "Is the traditional August Switcheroo okay?" Lee and Alexis Gilliland debated calendars. Alexis is the Guest Of Honor (GOH) at Mythcon. The Switcheroo works. Covert announced that the Switcheroo will be on "unless some idiot objects... in which case the idiot gets to hold the meeting that he objects to."

Old Business (II)

Jack Chalker and Eva Whitley arrived, with maps. All those years in the Scouts paid off. Eva also had a list of suggestions printed on bookmarks.

New Business (II)


The Ancient and Creaky Tradition

No one was here for his first or third time. James ___ was here for his second time. His first meeting was in April.

Kim Lively was here on behalf of Candy Greshem. "Hi!" chorused the club. "Candy threatened to have me fired," revealed Kim. The club laughed at Candy's recruiting technique.


The Secretary attempted the traditional announcement, promising publication sometime this century. Brian had to help the senile Secretary.

Karl Ginter asked for Lee's now traditional second announcement. Lee said that he was rooting for the Mark Radisson Hotel since it was across the street from his apartment. Weird noises ensued. Erica asked, "How much crash space do you have?" Lee retorted, "How friendly are you?" The club went into gales of laughter. Lee continued, "Islata, Islar Karl and yourself have a room in my house any time."

Joe Mayhew suggested a round of applause for Erica's air conditioner. The fans applauded the air conditioner.

Eva announced David Chalker finished 7th grade. Steve Chalker has educated himself out of Special Ed.

Robyn Rissell's parents say "Hi!" He's graduating. There's a big bash at his place. Drive by the party site and park on a sidestreet. "Trying to get out of your lease?" asked Mike Walsh.

Chuck Divine noted the great joy that his previous winter vacation plans brought. (Death threats, actually.) He will be skiing in Vermont next.

Bryan announced that the Poker Committee will meet if we can find space. There will be a Saturn Homecoming Party for all you Saturnian-Americans.

Perrianne announced a Baltimore Worldcon meeting at the BISFIS Clubhouse. Officers will be elected.

There will be a pirate filk contest for all you closet filk writers. Send your entries to Perrianne. The prize is a bottle of Tullamore Dew.

Mike Walsh has boxes of books. He is chairing the World Fantasy Convention for 750 people at $85/pop. Toast master will be Ed Bryant; Art GOH is Rick Berry; and Writer GOHs are Terry Bischof, Lucius Shepherd and Howard Waldrop. This con is very heavily pro oriented. No costumes. This con is for people who read.

Evan Phillips bought a place and got a job. The latter is with HRV Systems.

Brian moved that we adjourn but....

Someone announced that a Play MST3K For Me tape would be shown after the meeting. It's the lowest uncommon denominator.

Covert will be Parking Chief for the Highland Games in Alexandria, VA. He needs Parking Nazis. Erica asked if you could toss the caber at scofflaws? No, but you can toss the Alexandria Police at them. This produced some laughter from the non-Scots in the room.

Alexis and Joe moved adjournment and the club unanimously adjourned at 10:00 Lee Strong's Watch Time.


Lee Strong's Watch is set five minutes fast so he can live in the future all the time!


The WSFA Journal is the official newsletter of the Washington Science Fiction Association (WSFA), Inc. All material is © WSFA, Inc. 1994, except as noted.

Publisher ......... WSFA, Inc.,
        Covert Beach, President
Editor-in-Chief .... Lee Strong
Social Editor ... Stanley Ipkis
Security ........ Dr. Jack Ryan
Computer Sales Reporter ...
            ... Harry Rehnquist
Ecology Reporter ... Simba Lyon


Disclaves I, II and III?

The regular First Friday in July business meeting of the Washington Science Fiction Association came to order at 9:15 p.m., 1 July 1994. "Knock, knock," started President Covert Beach. "It's July First: it's time for a WSFA meeting." It's a bad sign when the President knocks his own meeting.

Covert asked Secretary Lee Strong if he had either minutes or a WSFA Journal? Lee first noted that Covert had been setting policy for the Journal and that the publication had been following Presidential policy.

The club went "Ohh!" in amazement. Lee then allowed that he had both. Since the newly released Journal was published in July but contained March and April news, Lee designated the issue as "Virtual April/May 1994." The next issues will be "Virtual June 1994" & "Virtual July/August 1994."

Joe Mayhew suggested that we should briefly review the most important business items before waiving the reading of the remainder of the minutes. Lee stated that storage issues had dominated the last two meetings. There was some discussion about which issues should also be mentioned. The reading of the remainder of the minutes was then waived.

Lee Gilliland, hostess of the evening, reported that she is bringing the wieners to the Fourth of July Picnic. The club began laughing at the thought of Lee's wieners. Lee previously stated that WSFAn men had no buns. Yes, but we're still hot dogs!

Covert asked for a Treasurer's report. Mike Walsh asked, "Are we broke yet?" Mr. MacIntosh reported, "We're working on it. We have $2717.67." There was a call for a small party but someone said, "Naw."

Old Business

Committee Reports

John Peacock, official Chairfan of Disclave Past, reported, "It happened." Covert asked, "Are you recovered?" John said, "Yes." Paula Lewis, unofficial co-con chair, reported that, in a fit of post-con enthusiasm, she wrote up an extensive series of notes on how to run everything at a major con. However, she lost them all in a tragic formatting accident.

John hopes to pay the hotel bill. We need someone to repel down the wall, break into the hotel, and thoroughly trash the place. Several people volunteered -- mostly other people -- before someone asked, "Why?" <So we'll look good by comparison. Wieners.>

Dan Hoey, Chairfan of Dis clave Present, reported that Bob MacIntosh was now the Con Suite Head. The wieners members applauded. Most of the committee has been set up. Dan spoke a little too soon at the last meeting: we don't have a hotel. A wedding party booked a significant amount of the available space, namely the projected Art Show and Dealers' Room.

Joe reminded Dan about a Ramada in New Carrollton, producing some laughs. Covert stated that it is even more of a dump than before. Joe thought that impossible.

Covert spoke to the Marriott Regional Manager about Disclave. The Manager objected to public nudity at cons. Steve Smith pointed out that nude people don't have con badges. This produced laughing and a series of suggestions about badges that were large enough to cover key portions of the human anatomy.

Alexis Gilliland, Chairfan of the Entertainment Committee, pronounced himself disappointed in the four Virginia Senatorial candidates. They had a public debate and none of them brought up the character issue. Some one suggested they didn't have any characters. {On the contrary, they're all characters!}

Lee Gilliland, Vice Chairfan of the Entertainment Committee, reported watching 15 minutes of television not covering the O.J. Simpson trial. The club applauded the seemingly impossible feat. There will be a Fourth of July Picnic: see Lee off-line.

Old Business

The traditional August Switcheroo is On. The First Friday meeting will be held at Stately Ginter Manor while the Third Friday meeting will be held at Chez Gilliland. There was some checking of calendars to insure that things worked out.

New Business

John Peacock opened a can of worms, stating that we should start looking for a '96 hotel now. We may have to change the by-laws to have a Disclave chair elected 2 years out, but this is necessary to insure the chair can find a hotel in a timely manner. The current case of the wedding party knocking us out of the Sheraton Premiere proves this.

Covert noted that he had done some advance work for 1994 previously but that historically the positions of Disclave Chair and President have been kept separate. Joe saw some danger of saddling a Chair with a hotel he/she doesn't want. Lee Gilliland suggested giving the incoming Chair some OJT [On the Job Training]. Alexis said the idea of taking a longer look is not a bad idea. We should consider electing Chairs for '96 and '97 this October. We should put a notice in WSFA Journal, discuss the idea, think about it,....

Covert interrupted to ask people to clear the steps in order to improve the air circulation. Candy Greshem moved from the steps to a guy's lap, thereby improving his circulation.

Brian Lewis resumed debate, suggesting we elect 2 Vice Chairs and move them up. The Vice Chairs would have no specific duties; the Chair would use them where needed. Rowdie Yates said, "More vice is good." Dane Hoey did not believe that a hotel could be imposed on an unwilling Chair.

Terilee Edwards-Hewitt suggested that the issue be bumped to the Executive Board of Trustees and officers. There was applause at this suggestion. Lee Gilliland so moved but there was no second and the proposal died. [Terilee did not put her suggestion into the form of a proper parliamentary motion nor did she second Lee's motion .] John noted that the hotel this year was booked a year and a half out. We will fight the regional soccer players every year. <Do we get our choice of weapons?>

Covert stated, "Hotels say 'Move your date'." Memorial Day is a busy time. Joe Mayhew said that Joe Haldeman looked for the slowest weekend of the year when picking the now traditional Memorial Day date. The constitution places the necessary power in the hands of the Con Chair. We should leave it there. Joe favored three standing con chairs.

Alexis tried a Vice Chair previously. The personal chemistry has to be right. Let's not try to legislate the Vice Chair. Mike Nelson said that we could give up bheer in the future if that would help. Dick Lynch moved to table the discussion. John noted that there was no second.

Covert reiterated, "We need to find a hotel now. My inclination is to appoint a Hotel Search Committee... to search and negotiate but not sign anything." Covert suggested himself, John Peacock, Tom Schaad and Dan Hoey for the committee.

Joe raised a point of order. Dan objected, stating that Joe was actually offering further debate under the guise of a parliamentary inquiry. The issue was dismissed by unanimous consent.

Covert then officially appointed the Hotel Search Committee as described above. A motion to table further discussion was then offered, seconded and passed unanimously.

The Now Ancient and Creaky Tradition

Covert asked if anyone was here for her first, second or third time. Deb Mayer was visiting for her first time. "Hi, Deb!" chorused the club. Laurie Lowe was here for her second time.

Candy announced that "a couple of them" were here for their third time. This was greeted with applause and cries of "Fresh meat!" Kim Lively joined our lively crew for her third time, and James _____ was also here for his third try. The triple timers were directed to talk to the Trustees.


The Secretary made the traditional announcement. We won't tell you what it was because you should have been listening when he announced it.

James Uba got his white belt in Tae Kwan Doh karate.

Terilee has flyers for Ecumenicon VII. She is their token Christian.

Red Dwarf fan John Peacock has located some sites on the Internet with information on season 6 -- officially unseen in this part of the universe.

PC Magazine notes that "Information Superhighway" makes a lousy name but a GREAT acronym: Interactive Network For Organizing, Retrieving, Manipulating, Accessing, And Transferring Information On National Systems, Unleashing Practically Every Rebellious Human Intelligence, Gratifying Hackers, Wiseacres, And Yahoos."

Rachel Russell said, "Hi!" She had an announcement and a sharing. Many shouts went up, imploring Rachel to share with us. First, Eric Baker and she took Anders, 14, to Disclave with them. Second, she got married. The club applauded. However, it was quickly noted that Eric was not here. Is the honeymoon over already? No, stated the new bride, the groom is busy writing science fiction. {At least he has his priorities straight.}

Dick Lynch announced that Mystery Science Theater 3000 will show Girls' Town on 16 July. He, Dick, has returned from Siberia. He has pictures. They are all solid white.

Dan In the Back got laid off last week. It was suggested that he look behind him. A former employer was sitting on the steps behind him... grinning.

Brian Lewis announced that Hillary had cured Bill of his Big Mac habit. McDonald's delivered 30 cases of veggie burgers to the White House. Lee On The Right opined that that was just the fixin's for Bill's regular 30 cases of Big Macs.

Brian survived a hurricanoid. He has completed certification as a computer systems administrator but not as a systems engineer yet.

Vickie Smith announced that Bob Shea died, not Robert Anton Wilson as rumored. The Illuminati had nothing to do with either the death or the confusion. Sure, they didn't! <Actually, Vickie's report is a rumor being spread by the Illuminati to divert attention from the FNORD.>

Terilee moved that we adjourn and the club unanimously adjourned at 9:53, the same day we started.



1997 Disclave Chair to be Elected in November 1994


The regular Third Friday in July business meeting of the Washington Science Fiction As sociation convened at 9:22 by Bob MacIntosh's Watch. Treasurer MacIntosh presided in the absence of the President and Vice President, and due to the Secretary's preference not to preside over this zoo. The coup was over real quick, tho.

Bob asked Secretary Lee Strong if he had any minutes. Lee did, offering to read the 5 pages of minutes. A motion to waive reading was offered. Dan Burgess moved that the club take Lee up on the offer. Joe Mayhew offered an amendment that Lee read the minutes to himself off-line. This was adopted. (And I did read them to myself later. I always enjoy great literature.)

Speaking as Treasurer, Bob reported $2736.20 in the Treasury. Joe suggested that our funds be wisely invested. This radical departure from WSFA tradition was not adopted.

Disclave Past was not present.

Dan Hoey, Chairfan of Disclave Present (1995), stated, "We haven't been turned down by any hotels recently."

At this point, President Covert Beach arrived & assumed control of the meeting. <He assumed that he was in control of the meeting.> La Plata Grande was slower than he thought. The Scottish Games are next weekend. Dan Burgess stated that the alternate name for Scottish Games was "sweating in wool."

Alexis Gilliland, Chairfan of the Entertainment Committee, announced, "To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of humanity's landing on Luna, Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 will impact on Jupiter. Better Jupiter than Luna." It was pointed out that major cometary impacts on Luna would do wonders to revive the US space program.

Old Business

"The Trustees are feeling snubbed," declared Dan Burgess. "We have nothing to say; just snubbed."

Old Business

The Big August Switcheroo is on. The question of electing two Disclave Chairs was deferred to New Business.

New Business

Joe Mayhew moved that the Disclave Chair for 1997 be elected in November of this year. Sam Lubell noted, "That was tabled." Covert stated, "Yes, he's able to bring it up [from the table]." Joe's motion was seconded.

Alexis suggested Joe write his motion up and submit it to The WSFA Journal. Evan Phillips stated that the motion was not that complex. Lee Gilliland said, "Jobs change; we need to have a back up." Perrianne Lurie said, "We need ongoing procedures. Joe's motion was a one time thing." Joe agreed with Perrianne's assessment. Covert stated, "The Disclave Chair is elected at the whim of the club." This produced some giggles.

Brian Lewis stated, "No offense, Joe. I would like to table this until we thrash it out." Joe replied, "This discussion is thrashing it out." Brian then withdrew his motion to table.

Perrianne asked, "What is the problem with this year's Chair signing a multi-year contract?" Covert stated our laws place the power in the hands of the Disclave Chair and let's keep it there. Sam noted, "Two years in advance also allows more time to get guests, etc." Dan Hoey asked, "Shouldn't the club have authority before the Disclave Chair is elected?"

Erica Van Dommelen stated, "This can be put off a little longer. This is a disaster waiting to happen. A bad chair can ruin things thru inaction or misaction." Elspeth Kovar asked if anyone is against the motion?

Perrianne said "We might go 2 years without elected a Chair." Sam asked, "Is there a recall procedure?" Yes.

Erica suggested maybe we should have a Vice Chair. Joe suggested we might require the Chair to designate a Vice Chair. That preserves the power of the Chair to select his/her own staff. He then moved the question. This motion was not adopted at this time.

Dan moved that we table discussion until the next meeting since people are expecting to discuss the issue then. Perrianne seconded the motion to table. Joe Mayhew and John Peacock suggested that we do it now and get it over with. The question was then called on the motion to table. That motion was defeated.

The question was then called on the main motion. This motion was adopted with 4 opposed and 1 abstention. The Disclave Chair for 1997 will be elected during November 1994. No change was made to the regular election of the Chair of Disclave 1996 scheduled for October 1994.

Committee Reports (II)

Business was then returned to committee reports by unanimous consent. John Peacock, Chairfan of Disclave Past, has a big stick and a hotel bill. We will pay the bill. The bottom line is that we did well. "Thank you, Disclave, for enabling Paula Lewis and John Peacock to buy new windows for our house." This jape produced some giggles.

Perrianne reported a rumor that the hotel was unhappy with us. John stated that there was no definite news on that point. There were no damages. "The people we were working with were happy with us. Several hotel employees were interested in joining WSFA. Paula really kept it together." Perrianne said, "Everyone liked the hotel."

New Business

Chuck Divine volunteered his place for a Fifth Friday party.

The Creaky Tradition

Paula ___ and Liz ____ were here for their first time apiece. The club greeted, "Hi, Paula!" and "Hi, Liz!" No one was here for her second time.

John Ellis was here for his third time in quite a while. John was previously a regular member of WSFA but dropped out for a while due to other commitments. John is currently directing and editing the science fiction film Twilight of the Dogs, which features a number of WSFAns in various roles.


Secretary Lee Strong announced that those who wanted their announcements to appear as they would wish it to appear rather than as he might record it should submit their announcement to him in writing after the meeting. * The same is true of other club business.

Erica announced that Stately Ginter Manor had several physical bottlenecks, notably the doorway between the kitchen and the dining room, and the kitchen-library area.

Please be aware of the potential problems and don't block the bottlenecks. John Peacock offered the use of his big stick.

Chuck Divine announced his Annual Summer Party for 6-7 August. He has announcements with information on his party and house, the Maryland Home for the Prematurely Tall.

He also related a story about CBS News. Connie Chung did a story on the subject "Space: Last Frontier or Lost Frontier?" Goddard Space Center preempted room for Connie to interview Senator Barbara Mikulski. CBS News was not please to find a Democrat who supported a vigorous space exploration program. The interview mysteriously did not appear on the air.

Perrianne got a pink card from John Pomeranz and Kathi Overton. There will be a Baltimore in '98 Worldcon Bid Committee meeting. Vote for Covert or Perrianne. She has an almost official job offer from the Pennsylvania Department of Health in Harrisburg. Judy Kindell announced that one of Eric Baker's stories made Honorable Mention in Gardner Dozois.

Robyn Rissell announced that Sylvia is not here as she is attending Lojbancon. "Lojban" is an artificial language derived from Loglan. "A more successful splinter of Loglan." See Sylvia for more information on the Lojban fan group "La Lojbangirz."

She is also interviewing with Honda of Ohio. Give her good thoughts.

Dan Burgess announced Elspeth Kovar's birthday.

Steve Smith thanked everyone for thinking of electing the Disclave Chair after Disclave (i.e. after he was out of office).

There will be a S*F* symposium at the Library of Congress on Columbus Day weekend 1995. Our National Library is really coming out of the closet on S*F*.

Joe Mayhew will chair a readercon in 1995 that will have lots of Library of Congress involvement. There will be a strong focus on books and reading. NESFA will put out a book. More details to follow.

Covert needs Parking Nazis for the Scottish Games. The Boy Scouts deserted him.

The mob club unanimously adjourned at 10:18 p.m.


      Revenue Accounts

Membership Dues  $ 275.00
Book Sales         662.07
Disclave 1992     1411.98
Lighting Rental     75.00
TOTAL REVENUE    $2424.05

      Expense Accounts

First Friday Mgts $ 1091.36
Third Friday Mgts    809.00
Fifth Fridays        127.92
4th of July Picnic   148.19
Insurance            490.00
TOTAL EXPENSES    $ 2666.47

               ... ($242.42)


by Lee Strong

Thank you, Disclave, for...

... a really nice hotel. The scenery was really great, as was the hotel food. On the down side, the food was, as usual with such hotels, pricey and the building could have used more elevators.

I especially enjoyed (hearing about) the midnight purge of the cyberpunks. Too many hotels in the past have shoved this problem off onto us, and I, for one, think that this sort of "ethnic cleansing" should be an annual event.

... a super Guest Of Honor. I had never met Lois McMaster Bujold before and was warmly pleased by her gracious manner, lively wit, and ready smile. I hate to admit it, but I've not read any of her works. Swept off my feet by her charm, I hastened to purchase Barrayar without further delay.

... the usual tremendous dealers' room. I came with four books and left with twelve. I came with no buttons and left with fourteen. I was especially impressed by the dealers who were willing to research obscure volumes and help me track them down... even if it meant referring me to another dealer's table.

... a nice art show. Again, I bought nothing, but enjoyed the show for itself.

... for a superlative con suite. Tremendous in size, it also offered areas for small groups & private conversations. I can see why people try to sleep there! Kudos for the puzzle room: let's have something new and different every year.

... an enjoyable film program. But, why were all of my "must sees" on so late at night? Some of us keep regular hours!

... interesting, entertaining and informative panel discussions. As a wannabee writer, I learned a lot from the discussion of What Not Do If You Want To Be Published. It also settled my longstanding question Are Superheroes Science Fiction Or Fantasy?

Of course, my greatest thrill in a panel discussion came when I stepped out of the audience to become an actual panelist -- a supposed expert on Small Budget Filmmaking. Ghod bless! It's scary on that side of the room! I must still be a neo 'cause I'm so thrilled at the thought of being a pro.

... ego-boo beyond words at being mentioned in the official Program Book, and for terror beyond imagining when I was accidentally listed as Security Chief! Where is Arnold when you really need him? Thank you, John and Paula, for the quick midcourse correction!

... quiet times, just talking with people like Maura Scharadin, Chris Callahan, Dick Roepke, Bob MacIntosh, Karl Ginter, Jim Uba and the Gillilands, and, of course, the lady of the hour, Judy Kindell. No matter how often WSFA meets, you never get enough of these people.

Thank you, Disclave 1994, for making all these things possible.